Flash Raffle #2: Win a $500, $300, or $100 Spa & Wellness Package from Bevi!

All this Admin Week excitement got ya feeling a little parched, Ninja? We hope you brought your refillable canteen because today’s Flash Raffle is brought to you by Bevi—our favorite workplace hydration solution!

The Top 5 Reasons Ninjas Love Bevi

2018 OfficeNinjas Flash Raffle Bevi

There’s so much for Ninjas to love about this tech-savvy, eco-friendly company and their products, but we challenged ourselves to narrow the list to our top five. So, without further ado…

1. Endless Beverage Combinations

It seems like no two employees prefer the same things when it’s time to stock the office kitchen. With over a dozen unsweetened and low-calorie flavors (you have to try cucumber!) and the option to enjoy them either still or fizzy, Bevi will put health and hydration into your employee’s own hands.

2. An Option for Every Kitchen

Bevi understands that offices come in all shapes and sizes. Got a full kitchen? Standup Bevi fits in just four square feet of floor space and easily hydrates up to 200 people. Working without the floor space? Countertop Bevi provides the same variety and benefits with a smaller dispenser. (The hardware stays hidden in the kitchen cabinet!). So whatever your office’s design, Bevi has the perfect version for your space.

3. Convenience and Ease

From installation to reordering, Bevi makes everything EASY for Ninjas. In fact, there is no actual “reordering” process to worry about. Bevi’s smart water cooler technology senses when it’s running low on flavors or CO2 and alerts the Bevi service team. Time to permanently cross beverage restocking off your to-do list.

4. An Eco-Friendly Solution

How many cans, plastic bottles, and boxes does your office currently go through on an annual basis? Bevi eliminates needless waste (and you no longer have to deal with piles of empties).

5. Hydration, Health, and Happiness

A hydrated office is a healthy (and happy!) office. Drinking enough water helps with everything from digestion to concentration, yet so many people fall short of their daily requirement (or default to sugary alternatives). Bevi makes it easy and fun to stay on top of your daily intake.

What Ninjas Are Saying About Bevi

Carolyn W., People Operations Manager, San Francisco, CA

We love Bevi here at our office! One of my main priorities in working with them was to reduce our environmental footprint, and Bevi has definitely helped us do that. We now use much fewer plastic bottles, which has the added benefit of lowering costs and increasing fridge space! Bringing in Bevi was one of the more popular decisions we made last year. Folks love the rotating flavors (peach and cucumber are office favorites) and the creative ways they can be combined. For folks considering Bevi, go for it! Your teammates will thank you.

Congrats to the Flash Raffle Winners, Hosted by Bevi!

Bevi gave away spa and wellness-themed prize packages to three lucky Ninjas!

OfficeNinjas Admin Week Bevi

Pop over to Bevi’s website, and check out their options. Then let us know in the comments how a Bevi would improve your office!


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  1. Tracey Cuba

    This would be a great addition to our green office space.

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      You’re in luck, Tracey! We’re currently running a special offer that’s for Ninjas only: bring Bevi to your office before July 31st and you’ll receive a $100 gift card all to yourself (because you totally deserve it 💁)

  2. Meg Maurer

    Fingers crossed!

  3. Mary J

    This looks interesting. Would love to try this out.

  4. Mary J

    Congratulations to Kellie.
    This is my first time hearing of Bevi. I would love to be able to try it.

  5. Bobbi Klebenow

    The office will be well hydrated!

  6. Maya

    Sounds fantastic!

  7. Taylor Ellis

    Would love to see Bevi in our office some day. I’m sure it would be a hit for our team as we go through a ton of water.

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      You’re in luck! We’re running a super special offer that’s for Ninjas only: bring Bevi to your office before July 31st and you’ll receive a $100 gift card all to yourself (because you totally deserve it!) 💁

  8. Elizabeth Nadler

    This looks like a great product. I’m particularly impressed with how it enables you to reduce your environmental foot print and still enjoy delicious drinks and stay hydrated.

  9. Melissa Haas

    Would love to reduce waste using the Bevi!

  10. Kristin Studer

    We’re looking to add variety to our office. This would be a fantastic option and our office would love it!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      Have you heard? We’re running a super special offer that’s for Ninjas only! Bring Bevi to your office before July 31st and you’ll receive a $100 gift card alllll to yourself 💁

  11. Cha a.

    Excellent product!

  12. Janna

    This is a great way to stay hydrated!

  13. Liz

    Bevi seems amazing, I’ve never heard of it before, but I’ll be looking into it now!

  14. Vesna Cottrell

    An easy and quick way to stay healthy when time is lacking.

  15. Alyssa CJ

    This is so cool! I love the idea of the customization options. Definitely looking into this further!

  16. Loretta A.

    Nice prizes this year! I like the healthy options such as the prizes from Bevi.

  17. Brandy Mauldin

    A great, healthy, sustainable option for the office!

  18. Chrishelle

    This is a great way to get our library team to drink more water while also using less plastic!

  19. Megan Gonzalez

    Fantastic way to get my team to drink their water!!

  20. HawaiianEA

    A Bevi drink would certainly encourage people to keep hydrated during the day. I’m sure my colleagues would enjoy having this as an alternative to coffee and hot water.

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      Have you heard? We’re running a super special offer that’s for Ninjas only! Bring Bevi to your office before July 31st and you’ll receive a $100 gift card alllll to yourself 💁 Check it out: https://www.bevi.co/office-ninjas-bevi-raffle/

  21. Ashley Abele

    I love that it doesn’t crowd your entire kitchen. Ours is not small, but the layout is not my favorite, so this makes a lot of sense.

  22. Amanda B.

    My office would love this! Our beverage company is constantly never leaving us with enough drinks

  23. Kristianne Solchaga

    Our office would greatly benefit from a Bevi as we are non profit and are always looking to be more eco friendly. Our office is lent to teachers, leadership groups, other non profits, interns and staff. We’re very happy with water, sparkling water for sure, but a sweet Bevi would help eliminate that extra aluminum , keep our office stocked, save some cash and satisfying all!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      Wow Kristianne! This sounds like a really cool space :) Just wanted to give you a heads-up that we’re currently running a special offer that’s for Ninjas only: bring Bevi to your office before July 31st and you’ll receive a $100 gift card all to yourself. This is your chance to have save your office some cash and eliminate bottles & cans!

  24. Kimberly

    Looks super cool!!!

  25. Zorina Mercado

    Can’t wait to hear more about Bevi.

  26. LisaM

    Excited to learn more about Bevi! Looks like a nice alternative to normal canned soda!

  27. Cindy Beauchamp

    I need this in my home office! I work with my head down so often I forget to take a break and hydrate.

  28. Emily Donald

    We love Bevi!

  29. Tina Piety

    Bevi sounds really good.

  30. Leticia V

    Healthy, hydration, eco-friendly, many taste possibilities?! Sounds like a win to me!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      Thanks Leticia! 🙌😊

  31. Delia Barret

    It would be so cool to have a sparkling water option in the office.

  32. Jen Magana

    Gratitude Bevi!

  33. Alison Januzelli

    Hope to get Beau when our office expands!

  34. OK

    Gots to try this!

  35. Sarah

    We have Bevi in my office. Love it!

  36. Connie

    Interesting product- would be down to try it!

  37. Karen Tedeschi

    We are currently working on wellness projects. This would rock our office!

  38. Lane Gallett

    Bevi would totally help re-energize that mid-afternoon slump! So many great options!

  39. Stacey A.

    I LOVE Bevi!!!

  40. Heather

    I’d love to have one of these at home! I have 3 adult children…

  41. Sarah e.

    I love how this reduces the need for plastic water bottles!

  42. Ali S

    We LOVE our Bevi- We have one on EACH floor! These are THE BEST!

  43. Jessica Dahl

    What a fun way to improve our water cooler!

  44. Tigress

    I think our office is too small for a Bevi, but I will definitely recommend to other folks we partner with (so I can sneak over to their office and use theirs!)

  45. Anita C.

    What a GREAT prize!!

  46. Ashley Thornton

    OMG! So many amazing flavors!!

  47. Nicole BH

    We spend a great deal of money buying cans of flavored sparkling water – this would save our team some $$, comes in fun flavors and is more eco-friendly than individually packaged waters.

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      Hey Nicole! Just wanted to let you know about a super special offer that’s for Ninjas only: bring Bevi to your office before July 31st and you’ll receive a $100 gift card all to yourself! Now’s the time to start to save your team some cash and eliminate those bottles and cans!

  48. Renee Powers

    Very Cool!! :) 2 thumbs up

  49. Joanna

    Our office is starting to get more healthier choices in our vending machines and I think winning this spa and wellness package from Bevi would be a great addition.

  50. Kim Rosenthal

    This is my first time to hear of Bevi and for those in our office trying to get off of sodas, this would be the perfect way to help! I’m a plain soda water drinker and the options to add flavors would make me to cartwheels!

  51. Nicole Headdings

    Bevi helps you drink the 8 glasses of water a day easily with their amazing flavors and changes it up with the sparkling water. My favorite is the Blackberry Lime YUM!

  52. Minnie

    Love the idea of Bevi! I saw a floor model at Coffee Ambassador in San Diego and was obsessed. Would love to get rid of our Costco orders and soda fridge by replacing with an office Bevi and Wandering Bear cold brew. This would save hours each week in eliminating restocking!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      Have you heard? We’re running a super special offer that’s for Ninjas only! Bring Bevi to your office before July 31st and you’ll receive a $100 gift card alllll to yourself 💁 Check it out: https://www.bevi.co/office-ninjas-bevi-raffle/

  53. Denise Labrado

    I’d be a shiny star if I got this for our office!

  54. brookdilworth

    This would be so awesome to win! I need a zen day!

  55. Crystal L

    Fingers crossed!!

  56. Gabby S.

    This is a really cool product!

  57. Chloe

    love, love, love Bevi…and all their employees are great. saddest thing about moving companies recently is not working with Bevi team regularly (hoping to change that ASAP!)

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      Thanks so much for your kind words, Chloe! 😊 We hope to see you back around the Bevi block soon 😀

  58. Aubri Levens

    This is so awesome I would keep it at my desk under a folder fort and only let my fave co-workers in on my little secret. BAM!

  59. Tonja Lombroia

    This looks great! I can’t wait for the office to try it! I’ll be the office hero!

  60. Jonelle Burke

    We just secured new office space and the first person I’m going to call is my BEVI rep for immediate install!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      We look forward to hearing from you, Jonelle! 😊

  61. Lindsay

    Would love a Bevi for our office!

  62. Kelly Deutchman

    Would really like to add this benefit to the office!

  63. Mackenzie Doheny

    What a great way to celebrate wellness!

  64. Mackenzie Doheny

    What a great way to celebrate wellness and health!

  65. Jonelle Burke

    We just found new office space and my first order of business is to call my BEVI rep for install!!!!

  66. ASamayoa

    We have Bevi at the Cafeteria here at LPCH and we all love it! Our office is a bit of a walk from the Bevi machine but we all take our big tumblers to fill up for the day!

  67. Angie D

    T.H.I.S. would be in constant use at our offices. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  68. Andrea Estrada

    I had never heard of this company/product before this Flash Raffle. That is one of the things I love about you guys! I always learn something new about the latest and greatest gadget or technology out there! Thanks!

  69. Erin F.

    This is my first time hearing of this company. I can’t wait to learn more!

  70. Stephanie W

    Love all of their options!

  71. Morriah

    Never tried Bevi but the reviews are all good.

  72. Melony Menard

    Just tried Bevi for the first time at an awesome event hosted by EA’s for our EA’s. Delicious & refreshing!!!

    1. Darla TeVogt

      The system does not let me comment unless I comment under someone already. I have not heard of Bevi, but it looks awesome.

  73. Rachael Abood

    No doubt Bevi would make our office healthier and help us reach our goal to reduce our waste.

  74. meganaquino

    Woohoo! Fingers crossed

  75. Heather S.

    I’m always looking at how to continue the healthy lifestyle that our employees are striving for, either a healthier lunch options or beverage options.

  76. Elizabeth Miller

    I’ve never heard of this before but it would be really nice to have!

  77. Emily Stember

    I would LOVE to have Bevi in our office, I’ve been trying to convince finance for some time ;)

  78. Melissa Dill

    It would give more options and a refreshing twist to hydration!

  79. Nikki Senenesky

    Bevi would extremely make our workplace better! Offering clean solutions and many varieties!

  80. Amy C

    I’ve seen Bevi in action and it really does replace everything!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      We have that effect on offices 😉

  81. Mariah

    I would love to have Bevi in the office!

  82. Mary H

    Awesome idea for office!

  83. Mariah

    I would love to have a bevi in our office!

  84. Katie B

    We don’t currently have ANY beverage options, other than the water fountain and the vending machines. Bringing in healthy fizzy water would make everyone’s year! (Fizzy is obviously the only option here.)

  85. Bre

    Love our Bevi! Would be great to win!

  86. Rebecca C

    Sounds fabulous! My office would love to have this!

  87. Beth Savitzky

    I really would love this in the office!

  88. thea

    I would love to never run out, stock and have everyone happy :) Our office drinks 95% sparkling water only anyways.

  89. Sarah S.

    Looks like a great brand!

  90. Lynn

    Refreshments for our employees has a limited budget, but this looks like an interesting item to check out. I’ve downloaded the brochure and will be looking into it.

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      Thanks for your interest, Lynn! Just wanted to let you know about a super special offer that’s for Ninjas only: bring Bevi to your office before July 31st and you’ll receive a $100 gift card all to yourself (because you totally deserve it 💁)

  91. Laura Key

    Time to upgrade the office space!!

  92. Ingrid

    Anything related to spa services and well being is very good thing. Every office should have such services.

  93. Darcy P

    Bevi is great. I love this product!

  94. Cassie McG

    Our office wellness committee would totally appreciate a Bevi machine! Keeping everyone hydrated is super important for brain, body and office function.

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      We totally agree Cassie! 🙌 That’s so awesome that your office has put a wellness committee together 😍

  95. barbara cohen

    This would be a very cool thing to have at the office.

  96. Windi Hornsby

    This would save us so many trips over to the hospital cafe to get a drink! I love that it makes a variety of drinks.

  97. Tammy Goodman

    Looks like something we need to tryout!!

  98. KrystleW

    Thanks for posting!

  99. Ross G

    Wow! So many options! Love the idea behind Bevi!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      Thanks Ross! 🙌 We do our best to help ninjas save time and the environment

  100. carmel dula

    Thanks for the winning opportunities OfficeNinjas!

  101. Rhea S

    We’ve got so many Bevi machines in the office. At least three! Helps keep me and everyone environmentally conscious, with yummy water to boot!

  102. Amber Wheeler

    THis system would be perfect for our office. What an innovative concept!

  103. Emily Harvey

    This looks interesting

  104. Sherri Gowins

    Love this! It would be quite a healthy addition to our office!

  105. SophiaB

    At my office we have the standard water dispensers, however the optional flavors would be a cool addition..

  106. lory c

    My staff would love this

  107. Renee Viens

    I love Bevi–so many options and choices of flavors!! A must for every large office!

  108. Leslie Hall

    I want a Bevi machine at home too!

  109. Remy M

    Fun and practical addition to any office

  110. Leisa V.

    Working for a local health department, we encourage our staff to stay hydrated! We also discourage the use of single-use containers, so a Bevi machine would hit both targets! Also as government employees, we do not get many perks that other offices could afford, so this would be a rewarding treat for our employees, especially when we move to our new headquarters building next year.

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      You said it, Leisa! Bevi is an easy perk that can help your office reach its eco and health goals 🌎✨

  111. Brittney B.

    Fun, fun, fun!! :)

  112. Kelly W.

    This is SO COOL! IT would be awesome for the office!!!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      Thanks Kelly! 😍✨

  113. Valerie

    So neat! A Bevi machine could help my office break the soda habit that so many of us have!

  114. Joan Feifar

    To think of healthy flavored water available at work and, better yet, carbonated! Mondays may not be so bad….

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      Sometimes, a bit of sparkling grapefruit water is all you need to get through Monday! 🍊💧

  115. Jean Weaver

    With Bevi, we could reduce waste of plastic bottles, even though water bottles are recycled and soda pop bottles can be returned for deposit.

  116. Dawn Gamble

    What an awesome prize….water and spa…yes please!

  117. Sal

    I just want to see the pricing and not have to be “sold” or pushed to buy anything.

  118. Cassandra Anderson

    WOW!!! What an interesting concept. I could use this. I drink flavored water. I have never heard of Bevi, but glad Office Ninja is partners with them..

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      We 💙 Ninjas, what can we say? 😅

  119. Melissa Ferrell

    This would be a HUGE hit in my office! I love how the system has a little something for everyone!!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      Thanks so much Melissa! We love helping others crush their hydration goals 💪😍

  120. Kerry R.

    Love this! and I know my Team would too!

  121. elizabeth tseng

    I aim for 90 oz of water each day and sit right next to a cooler. I would love to upgrade to a Bevi in our office <3

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      90oz, that’s awesome Elizabeth! 🌟

  122. Myka

    This is a great concept!

  123. Jaime B

    Another employee saw the email about Bevi and insisted I enter this flash raffle…even though I was already planning on it. :) Winning would make for happy employees!

  124. Shannon

    I love this. I’ve been trying to raise $$ for my daughter’s school to put one of these in. Would love to win it :) Good for kids and the environment.

  125. Amanda Fingerhut

    I hope I have the Midas touch today

  126. Elizabeth Kapuniai

    Healthy option!

  127. Netters

    Love Bevi! Everyone here raves about it – Makes drinking your water fun.

    1. Austin @ Bevi

      That’s awesome!! Glad your love it!

  128. Starin

    Very cool!

  129. Samantha S.

    This looks like such a great item to have in the office! It is so important to stay hydrated throughout the day and this would make that much easier!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      Hydrated employees are happy employees for sure 😍

  130. Amber

    This is a pretty cool concept and I think our office would love it!

  131. Becky Burden

    What a great option for water lovers and non-water lovers alike! Ditch those full sugar and diet sodas FOREVER!

    1. Austin @ Bevi


      1. Dana @ Bevi

        See? You don’t need sugar to be energetic! 😉

  132. Rhea Barfield

    I can’t even image the looks on everyone’s face if they saw this in the break room!!!

  133. Meagen Agopsowicz

    This would be a fantastic improvement in our office and would help us in keeping people healthy by lowering the amount of sugary pop and juices consumed, as well as our carbon footprint from the cans and plastic of these drinks!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      You said it, Meagen! 💪😍

  134. Alice H

    I really like the idea of Bevi but the cost doesn’t make sense for our 26 person office :( Maybe one day when I manage a bigger office.

  135. Angie Roby

    I would love this in the office – and would save on plastic! Would love one in my home too! :-)

  136. Michelle H

    Bevi would allow for unique, customizable drinks in the office!

  137. Sarita Ochoa

    This is something we are considering for our office. It’s a cool system! I think staff will enjoy it!

  138. Dana

    Super excited for this week!

  139. Suchitra Kamath

    Looks like a great option for a small business office as well and corporations plus environmentally friendly.

  140. LizV3

    This is a great eco alternative!

  141. Sarah N

    This would be a rad addition to the office!

  142. Josie McCoy

    Bevi seems so fun! I want to try!

  143. Mia C.

    I would be a Rock Star if I won this for our office! Out with the plain water and in with Bevi!

  144. Jeanne

    Ever since we switched to Bevi our employees have really enjoyed it. We did a taste testing with employees first before signing up with Bevi and then had their favorites put into the system. We save time, space and resources which ends up saving us money. The flavors are great! And we love the option of choosing ‘flat’ or ‘bubbly’. Thanks!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      Thanks so much, Jeanne, for these thoughtful comments! It’s always great to hear feedback from Ninjas 😊

  145. Nikki

    Bevi is amazing! Imagine never running out of flavored water ever again… and think of the environmental impact without going through all of those plastic bottles and cans!

  146. Nick Tubbs

    Thirst be gone!

  147. Ebonie Alicesun

    A non plastic office would be wonderful!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      We like the way you think (green)! 💚🌎

  148. William Price

    Gotta keep the team hydrated!

  149. Frances

    Wow, this would be so cool for our office! We drink tons of la croix so this will be an awesome alternative while saving the environment

  150. Jenny

    Love that you don’t have to reorder and it alerts the service team to do the job! Time saver and it makes sure to keep the office “stocked” and hydrated!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      Our service superstars will *never* leave you high and dry! 🌟🚀

  151. Stephanie

    Looks like an awesome product! Thank you Office Ninja’s for all the recognition this week!! :-)

  152. Jenny Chin

    Love that you don’t have to reorder and it alerts the service team to do the job! Time saver and it makes sure to keep the office “stocked” and hydrated!

  153. Theresa Rivas

    This looks like a great product and service for the office. All I drink is water at work, this would be great for the days I want to be adventurous with flavors!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      We’ve got a flavor for any type of day you’re having! 🍉🍑🍋

  154. Martha Mosley

    Perfect for the office. I would love to have one at home too.

  155. Jennyfer

    Amazing Prize.

  156. Angela H.

    This would be perfect for our new office (we are moving at the end of the year)!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      Congratulations! It’s always very exciting to move into a new space 😃

  157. Mia

    Want to get Bevi for our office!

  158. Nancy

    My faculty and I would love this – so much better than the bottled water I’m always buying for meetings. So many of them bring their own drink containers, it would be nice to have flavor options.

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      That’s awesome they already bring their own reusable containers! 🌎 ♻️

  159. regina marie sanchez

    I could use a little spa time for myself!

  160. Stacey J

    This would be a great addition to our office. I think everyone would love it.

  161. Stephanie

    We would save a whole bunch of plastic and glass bottles.

  162. Crystal Mann

    This would be Amazing!!!!

  163. Claire McMullan

    Bevi is amazing!

  164. Kristy

    This is such a cool modern design and function. Its a win win!!

  165. Marlene McGill

    This would look great in my office.

  166. Marlene McGill

    Flavored water always is more tasty than regular water

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      True 😊 *sips watermelon sparkling water*

  167. Ryan H.

    It would be great to stop buying mountains of La Croix…

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      We can tell you that it has saved Ninjas a lot of floor/storage space in the past! 😊

  168. Lauren

    We’re not as lucky as the tech companies out here with amenities galore – so this would be an awesome gift for us!

  169. Sylvie

    Bevi would definitely reduce the use of cans and reoccurring orders in our office. Would definitely be a great addition!

  170. Grace

    I have actually used Bevi at a previous office, and it was very nice. The flavored, sugar-free, sparkling water was a huge hit, and we didn’t have to worry about recycling cans.

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      Thanks so much for sharing, Grace! Great to hear you had a positive experience 😊

  171. Heather

    I feel like this could make everyone happy in my office!

  172. Ellen

    Bevi would give my office clean, safe water with flavored variety options.

  173. Sharon Williford

    Because of the mental strain that working with children who have been abused or experinced some type of trauma, it’s so wasy for us to grab that soda, tea, or coffee for that pick me up energy boost we sometime need. Having a healthy alternative in the office, would be ideal and help ius to reamin on a healthy track.

  174. Michelle Yang

    Interesting product!

  175. LaVonne

    Pick me

  176. Eileen McDonnell

    I like the option of flavored water without additional calories.

  177. Janelle S

    We have a Bevi in our office and everyone loves it! I did not know they had a counter-top size, so I am emailing our contact now to see options. We love the different flavors – my favorite is blackberry cucumber!

  178. Robin M

    This is a great alternative to sugary drinks!

  179. Veronica

    My office is too small to really make use of such a big machine, but great idea for larger corps.

  180. Kristen Sporbert

    With Bevi we could cut back on our daily can “consumption”. Very environmentally friendly!

  181. Faye DeBard

    Working for a healthcare organization that is striving to change the way we focus and care for patients, this is fantastic!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      Thanks for all you do, Faye!

  182. Tracy Collymore

    I like the idea of still or fizzy flavored water. This would definitely be nice to have in our office

  183. kd

    Great innovative way to upgrade the office & add to a positive culture.

  184. Barbara Smith

    Hydration Station!! Yeah Baby!!

  185. Devin Cecere

    This is an awesome prize. Fingers crossed!

  186. Toddy

    This would be an awesome prize!

  187. Thuy

    Nutribullet for the office… game changer!

  188. Kim L

    Awesome idea for a break room and so much healthier than sodas.

  189. RJay

    I think it’s a cool system! Slick design and I think everyone would enjoy the variety of flavors/options. Definitely better than the Lipton ice tea that we make every day!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      Why thank you! 😊 We love giving people the power to customize their own drink

  190. Carla H.

    This would be a great tool to support our employees have a healthy office lifestyle!

  191. Sandy Stevens

    Our office goes through water like it’s… well, water. Something like this would be amazing.

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      😂 You’re in luck–Bevi never runs out!

  192. Lorna Handa

    Having this would be a great addition to our office kitchen!

  193. Lisa Indrieri

    We have two Bevi machines in our office and we LOVE them!

  194. Debbie Cardenas

    This is an amazing prize!! I could definitely surprise the team with the blender!! They’ve been begging my executive for one! I’d be a hero!

  195. Lisa

    We have two Bevi machines in our office and we LOVE them!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      That’s so great, Lisa! Thank you for sharing 😍

  196. Melissa

    This product looks cool and environmentally friendly. Would love to try it.

  197. Valerie Osserman

    Would love to trade this in for all the sodas we provide!

  198. Kerry Simmons

    Great addition to any office!

  199. RB

    Love it!

  200. Debra Burruss

    This looks very refreshing! I’d love to have it here in my office to share with my coworkers. It would elevate our office!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      There’s no denying it, everyone loves an extra work perk! 😁

  201. Mo Alston

    So many choices! Who wouldn’t want this?

  202. ninja oliver

    I have sent this article over to my office lifestyle team.

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      That’s so cool your office has put a lifestyle team together! 😲

  203. Madeline Ginn

    What an awesome package and service!

  204. Murphy Jones

    My office loves flavored water. We are always adding fruit to the water pitchers. This would be a great addition to the office environment.

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      Flavored water is all the rage right now 😅

  205. Ana Weddall

    Awesome idea! Would love to try this.

  206. Susie

    Who wouldn’t love this?!!!

  207. Taylor R

    This would be great at our office!!

  208. Coren T.

    I would love to get rid of our overuse of bottled drinks, especially bottled water!!!

  209. Bonnie Horne

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  210. Angel Marino

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  211. Jessie_dc22

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  212. Rebecca Robinson


  213. Chanelle M

    This would be great for our office.

  214. Kristiana

    This is awesome! We’ve been looking for ways to reduce our footprint as well as flavor up our office.

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      We’re on a mission to reduce plastic use, one pour of flavored, sparkling water at a time! 💧

  215. Demita Villaruel

    I hope we win this for the office! Switch up things around here a little!

  216. Rachel Jacobson

    Congrats! I love that you have shared your knowledge and talent with others by walking alongside them to help them grow professionally; THAT is the sign of a great leader!

  217. Meg White

    Love me some Bevi!

  218. Amber M

    We use Bevi in the cafeteria of our main hospital. Staff and families love it. I work off campus at a separate location and am so jealous! I would love to have a Bevi in my current office location!

  219. kelly ramirez

    would love to have this at work or home.

  220. Victoria Henderson

    A Bevi would be great addition to the company breakroom for drink selections. Good bye to the water dispenser :)

  221. Lori Daveggio

    our office is moving, and this would be a great upgrade for our new kitchen! I’d love to know more!

    1. Austin @ Bevi

      Hey Lori! How exciting that you’re moving to a new office. I’m happy to connect you with someone who can tell you more about Bevi.

  222. Bobbi Klebenow

    Never go thirsty again!

  223. LeToya Austin

    Bevi could save us in reduced recycled waste, money, and time spent shopping for drinks!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      You betcha! 😉

  224. Charlette R

    I would love to try Bevi! I think this could be a great fit for our office!

  225. Kelly O'Connor

    The Bevi is one of the best addition we’ve made to the office!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      This just made our day! 🙌 Thanks so much, Kelly!

  226. Bridgette Mason

    Curious to hear more about Bevi! We go thru way too many sodas everyday!

    1. Austin @ Bevi

      We’re happy to answer any questions you might have! Would you like me to connect you with someone?

  227. Kari Alway

    Love all the flavors.

  228. Jess R

    Love Bevi! We use them nationally!

  229. Jess

    Love Bevi! Use them nationally!

    1. Austin @ Bevi

      Awesome! Thanks for making a positive change to help our environment 🌎!

  230. Dianne

    Bevi Machines are the BEST. We love ours

    1. Austin @ Bevi

      That’s awesome, Dianne!! We’re glad you and your office love Bevi!

  231. monica m

    Bevi would make providing a variety of choices much easier!

  232. Emily W

    We’ve been piloting the Standing Bevi in one of the offices at my company, and it’s been a hit so far. Looking into countertop Bevis for the rest of our buildings, which are tight on space. Love this product!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      So glad the pilot has been going well so far 🙌 We’d love to hear your feedback, Emily!

  233. Rachel Jacobson

    I’m thinking of all the aluminum cans that could be eliminated! A Bevi would be a great solution for that!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      We 💙 helping ninjas rescue their beverage budget from the recycling bin!

  234. Tran Huynh

    Very cool! So many flavors to choose from!

  235. Roxanne Ray

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  236. Jenn B.

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  238. Bryan B

    A Bevi would keep all of us as hydrated as we should be!

  239. Charlene Coleman

    Bevi seems like a cool eco friendly idea.

  240. Laurie L Nowak

    A little expensive for our needs but a very cool concept. Maybe someday!

  241. Renee Roberts

    Hoping everyone reading this blog has a Terrific Tuesday!!!

  242. Sarah Walker

    I feel like the Bevi would positively impact our office! It will be new and fun to have a wide variety of flavors to choose from! I ran the idea by the Vice President of our company and we are highly considering it!

  243. Kimberly

    So cool!

  244. Donna Carriker

    I would love the Bevi drink dispenser and gift card!

  245. Mary Wahed

    Bevi was a hit at my last office and would love to bring it to my team at Google!

  246. Sandra Gilbert

    A Bevi system would be a wonderful addition to our office. We are a medical practice and we need to offer beverages to our patients as well as our employees.

  247. Kathy Whelan

    I’ve never heard of Bevi – they have so many services to offer! This would be a great addition to our office.

  248. Bobbi Klebenow

    What a fun gift.

  249. Donna Gehlken

    I’d love to have Bevi in our office, everyone can have what they want and we’d be reducing our environmental footprint. Win-win!

    1. Dana @ Bevi


  250. mj

    Sounds like a great service

  251. Laura D

    Delicious options!

  252. Yvette Rivera

    I need one of these for my office, my church and my home!

  253. Melissa Frates

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  256. Staci Gra

    Definitely going to bring this up to my office’s HR department I think this would be a great addition to our office.

  257. Colette

    What a great way to encourage staff to drink more water!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      Thanks Colette! As many Bevi-using Ninjas have told us, a hydrated employee is a happy employee 😊

  258. Trish

    Would be a great addition to our office beverage menu!

  259. Trish

    This would be a great alternative to all the La Croix my co-workers drink!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      We totally agree! Get all the bubbles you love, without any additional waste 😎

  260. Katie Graves

    Would love to get this in our office!

  261. Monica Van

    I need and want a Nutribullet! I want to try something different regarding my health!

  262. Chandra

    This might be fun for the office!

  263. Janelle Cook

    Very cool! like it!

  264. Monica Van

    I just mentioned to one of my coworkers about a Nutribullet so I can make smoothies. I want to try something different regarding my eating habits…Come oonnnn raffle, momma needs a Nutribullet! Ha!

  265. Leah

    Bevi could save me from stocking up on La Croix!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      Say goodbye to bottles & cans and hello to endless sparkling water 🌊

  266. Denise W.

    Wellness is an objective of mine and our team. These prizes would help us in our journey.

  267. Yvette Rivera

    I need this for my office, church and home!

  268. Katie K

    What a great idea to get people to drink more water!

  269. Gina

    Excited for change to win and try the Bevi!

  270. Judith

    Given the chemicals floating around in our water, a purifier would be great. A purifier that offers flavors….excellent!
    I work for a non-profit, so funds are tight and to have this would be great for the office moral!

  271. Kristen

    Would love either Bevi machines!

  272. Kiley

    I looked into this for our office, we are too small to cover the costs but i love the idea!

  273. Susan Brimer

    This looks like a great product and one that would help all of us stay more hydrated. Would love to have one in the office.

  274. Hannah

    Having a Bevi in our office would be ahhhhmazing! Love that there’s a variety of flavors and carbonated vs still.

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      We love to help people pour something good! 🙌

  275. Anita Maasen

    I really like the idea of reducing our waste/cans/bottles!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      So do we, Anita! Together we can make a huge difference and divert tons of waste from our landfills 💪🌎

  276. Lesa Redfield

    What a great idea, I have seen similar in fast food restaurants, but not the smaller versions for home and office, what a great idea!

  277. Shelley McGinn

    Wellness is my life lately. And I’m trying to teach others in my office.

  278. Lori Paiz

    Bravo! Ironically, I have been researching the Bevi line for our office. Timing is perfect!

    1. Austin @ Bevi

      That’s great! Let us know if we can answer any questions you might have about Bevi.

  279. Rachelle V

    We got a Bevi for our office last year and it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Everyone really loves the endless sparkling, flavored water and voting for what flavors to choose next.

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      That’s amazing, Rachelle! So great that you let the office vote on flavors 🙌🍉🍑

  280. Aaliyah Krzyzostaniak

    Can’t wait to use Bevi in our new office!

  281. Trish S.

    Awesome Ninja products this week!!

  282. Kelly Alexander

    This looks like a great system that would be a really nice addition to my office!

  283. Veronica R.

    Thanks for the 411 on Bevi.

  284. Sherryvonne

    This would be such an amazing product to share with my coworkers!

  285. Kinnari Manek

    Would love to have a personal desk option! My own little Bevi station! <3

  286. Teri Clanton

    This is a neat product. Thanks for sharing about it and for the giveaway opportunity.

  287. Jordan MacDonnell

    I’m really looking forward to learning more about the bevi system!

  288. Felicia Foster

    My job has a tall Bevi machine in our lobby. I love the flavors and it’s a big hit. Would be cool to have one at home.

  289. Sandra Draude

    Tried Bevi out at the Silicon Valley Admingling Event and LOVED it! Would invest in it if so many of our employees weren’t remote.

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      So glad you enjoyed it, Sandra! 🙌

  290. Michelle Roesner

    This would be awesome in our office!

  291. Andrea G

    Bevi is an awesome waste-saving drink alternative, especially for an office!

  292. Tina

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  293. Ali M.

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  294. Paula Shreve

    Great prize package for my office. I’m learning about Bevi now.

  295. Kelly J

    Bevi would be great in our staff lounge. Going to rally for one.

  296. Amanda

    This looks like a perfect fit of our office culture! :)

  297. Erin

    Checking out Bevi right now :)

  298. Stacy Flaherty

    We have one in our office and everyone loves it!

  299. Lisa Segroves

    The thought of having Bevi in the office — a dream come true! Our boss stopped providing soda for the office a little over a year ago after a wellness seminar, and since then we’ve struggled to find a replacement drink that pleases the masses!

  300. Serena

    I’m looking into Bevi right now!

  301. Sharon Shaffer

    Woo hoo endless Bevi combos coming right up!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      That’s right–the power to customize is in your hands! 🙌

  302. Lisa H

    Having a Bevi in the office will cut down on buying bottled water and soda’s from the vending machine and/or cafeteria.

  303. Kelli W

    Good luck everyone!

  304. Emily Fair

    This would be great!!

  305. Jenny Stewart

    Wellness is so important to the workplace, whether you work in a large office or a small office. Looks like Bevi works for everyone!

    1. Austin @ Bevi

      Thanks, Jenny! We agree! We’re trying to deliver healthy alternatives to as many offices as possible!

  306. Rebecca Lane

    A great addition to our office.

  307. Rebecca Lane

    This would be awesome!

  308. Marianne

    My work is too cheap for something this cool.
    Not to mention they are all slaves to their caffeine.

  309. Christie

    Love the idea of not having to think about re-stocking the beverages!

  310. Jolene Bleistein

    I love refilling my glass Bevi bottle with one of their unsweetened flavors (sparkling, of course!).

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      Bevi bottle and sparkling flavors?! You’re a power user! 🤗💪

  311. Shari Rector

    Bevi would be great for our company. Everyone tries to be healthier in choices we make and Bevi would make the choices so much easier.

  312. Leslee Bachus

    Loving this week long celebration!!! #ninjalife

  313. Elizabeth Noelk

    This would be awesome for our office team! Who doesn’t love to win health and wellness!

  314. Amber H.

    This would be an amazing addition to our Sales Office! Good Luck Everyone :)

  315. Rebekah Garfein

    This would be a great healthy alternative to coffee and soda.

  316. Dianne Richards

    Unfortunately we do not offer beverages and snacks at my office, but if we did Bevi would be at the top of the list!

  317. Shana Brewton

    As a campus we are always looking for ways to make an impact on the environment and go green. Bevi is a great environmental sustainability item.

  318. Col

    This look awesome! Going to price out Bevi when my current water filtration contract ends.

  319. Tanya F.

    Wow! This is awesome! I would love to have this in our office.

  320. Emily

    Neato! Even water can be revolutionized lol.

  321. Grace Margaret Pollert

    Fabulous prizes for fabulous people

  322. Jenn Strange

    I got to try Bevi sparkling watermelon at an admin function in Seattle last night, it was awesome!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      So glad you liked it! 🙌🍉

  323. AJ

    Wow, this is pretty cool!

  324. Beverly Jones-Gibson

    Everyone would love this!

  325. Christine Garcia

    What a cool idea! This would be a big hit in our staff lounge!!

  326. sarah Stegmiller

    BEvi would help centralize a location for drinks options. Also, save the planet with no more cans!

  327. Vivian Mickelson

    Wow! I was the queen of the office when I found a ordinary water cooler for us. This would help keep our faculty happy, and hydrated, which would help them teach better! I am putting this on my wish list.

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      We wish you the best, Vivian! 😁 That’s awesome that you’re investing in the healthy & happiness of your faculty

  328. Tiana

    Such an awesome idea for the office!

  329. Robin

    This is so cool! People would drink more just to have the opportunity to play with the machine :)

  330. Linda Flewellen

    Thank you for offering this raffle. Prayerfully I hope that I win!

  331. Tina Wheeler

    Haha – I love this for the office, though I think I’d love it more at home :). Definitely would like to try the blackberry lime flavor, sounds yum.

  332. Linda Flewellen

    Thank you for inviting us to participate in this raffle. I have registered and prayerfully would like to win!

  333. Helen Ma

    I love that Bevi would reduce waste in the office while taking one task of reordering drinks off my list.

  334. Kelly Neely Olsakovsky

    The Bevi would not only save us countless water bottles that are not always recycled properly but would provide options for those of us cutting out sodas and excess sugar/artificial sweeteners.

  335. Amelia

    This would so much money and waste on water bottles, and might even convince some of our pop lovers to drink more H2O!

  336. Cherie M

    This would save on the countless number of bottled water packs we go through in our office

  337. Tammi Fletcher

    Everyone in our division would love Bevi! We have a new workroom with enough space in cupboards that the countertop version would be perfect!

  338. DeAnna Jefferson

    This is a very innovative way to save money, be creative and satisfy the needs of every employee. Long gone are the days where we’re told that we cannot please everyone.

  339. Monica Riskay

    This would fit into our company culture, as we support the natural food industry and everyone here is pretty health conscious!

  340. Kara Carper

    We could get rid of our vending machine that is always down for maintenance.

  341. Angela Matthews

    I would love to have this for my team!

  342. Sarah Watson

    This would be so fun in the office!

  343. Julie B

    Bevi sounds like a wonderful solution in every office. Reduced waste, variety and cost savings can’t be beat!

  344. Becca

    So much better than the water cooler we have in the office now. We have sparkling but we don’t have flavors!

  345. Sarah Kotila

    Time for smoothie Mondays!

  346. sonja j jacobson

    Day 2. Grateful to be an admin today.

  347. sonja j jacobson

    I have always wanted a nutri bullet! thanks for the chance.

  348. Stacy

    Bevi sounds refreshing and a great alternative to bottled water! Tell me more!

  349. Karon McMakin

    Bevi is such a great concept. Hoping it will become more economical for small offices in the near future!

  350. Stephanie Aschenbrenner

    Our school would LOVE this! we spent last Friday with our kids presenting sustainable and eco-friendly products to our community. This would fit right along with our mission.

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      What a great thing to launch on Earth Day weekend! 🌎 🙌

  351. Tamiesha Stevens

    Bevi looks to be pretty amazing option that my office could really use. We are doing our best to get healthy and we are a company full of water drinkers. Having a flavored alterternative to soda would be awesome!

  352. Mercy

    OOOH, must have! This is definitely going on my birthday list.

  353. Mercy

    OOOH, must have! This is definitely going on my want list.

  354. Katie S

    This looks amazing!

  355. Deborah Dees

    We have a variety of personalities in our office and it sounds like Bevi would have something for everyone, yay!

  356. Jilene

    Bevi sounds like a great alternative to the refrigerator water that’s currently available in our office along with Powerade and assorted sodas from the machines.

  357. Shannon Lashley

    I’ve never heard of this before, but am loving it!!

  358. Melissa Anthony

    Happy Admin’s Week!!!!

  359. Cindy McGinley, CAP

    YUM!! Healthy living sounds great!

  360. Pam Kevil

    Love these giveaways! Good Luck everyone!

  361. Pam Kevil

    Fingers crossed! Love these giveaways!

  362. Katie M

    Very neat company!

  363. Lorelei

    We’re going through a remodel. This would be a great addition to our new kitchen area

  364. Jodi Governatori

    Happy employees… happy admin! I’d love to have one for our group.

  365. Meredith T.

    This looks delicious! I love the idea of people being able to customize on demand.

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      I personally love controlling flavor strength and mixing flavors–it’s super refreshing to have the power to customize! 🍉💧

  366. Jessica Schock

    Bevi has really been such a hit in our office. The team loves it!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      That’s great to hear, Jessica! 🙌 Thanks so much for your kind words!

  367. Jaclyn Swencki

    I love the idea of having a variety of flavor options for our office!

  368. Emily Collins

    I would love to have Bevi in our offices!!!

  369. Lisette Ortiz

    My team would love to have so many options! It would be perfect in our new office!

  370. Megan Coffey

    I think the countertop option would be great for our office and would likely improve things by saving us a ton of space and money – and time restocking the courtesy fridge with soda and water. Might be a new project for me to take on… Project “Save with Flave!” ;)

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      Omg that is a great name! 😂

  371. Bailey Ismail

    We are currently making the switch over to Bevi and I can’t wait until it’s in our office!!! The coconut flavor is SO refreshing!

    1. Austin @ Bevi

      That’s great to hear! I love Coconut too!!

  372. Jennifer B

    Great concept for an office. Unfortunately I work remotely.

  373. Teri Robertson

    Our office would flip out! This would totally blow the little coffee maker we have out of the water!

  374. C Taylor

    Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! And a Bevi would be an awesome way to help do just that!!

  375. Bianca Constance

    You are most fortunate to have an executive to shares your enthusiasm for your work and gives you space to really bloom! Outstanding! Congratulations!

  376. Barb P.

    Great prizes!!!

  377. Val P

    Our vending machine just left this world…so it’d be awesome to replace it with this!

  378. Tracey Dillon

    I am not familiar with Bevi, but it sounds amazing! And…who couldn’t use a spa gift certificate?

  379. Layne Lynch

    What a neat concept! My office would love this :)

  380. Austin @ Bevi

    Good luck everyone!! We’re so excited for this raffle today!

  381. Jenna Dunham

    Love the prizes!

  382. Sharyn W

    I enjoyed reading this and learning about Bevi. Going to look into it for the office!

  383. Chasity brown

    The office would LOVE to have one of these… In our never ending quest to eat and drink right in our office this would help us all!!!

  384. Amy H

    I love the flavor options available!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      Thanks so much Amy! (Have you heard about Watermelon? 🍉😉)

  385. Cathy Teese

    I went with the Quench 523 in our office and it’s been a bit of a headache. I’ll def be checking out Bevi when our contract is up- informative article!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      Thanks so much for your interest, Cathy! We’re super excited to meet you 🤗

  386. Kristie W.

    Great idea for diverse offices

  387. Laura V

    More ways to stay hydrated and less plastic bottle waste – that’s a great combination!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      Thanks Laura! We think so too 🌎🌱

  388. Tracy Painter

    This would be a great addition – we could reduce our footprint with a lot less plastic bottles!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      You sure can 💪 We believe in you!

  389. Austin


  390. Amber Muendel

    This is awesome!

  391. Amy Jordan

    Providing a healthier option to drink would help to keep our leaders hydrated and feeling great.

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      Hydrated leaders = happy leaders for sure! 😊

  392. Kelsey Kubale

    We are very conscious about reducing the amount of plastic and waste our office produces with snacks. This would be a great beverage option to reduce more plastic water bottles floating around the office!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      That’s awesome Kelsey! We feel the same way. We have recently invested in a terracycle box for all of our snack wrappers–the less plastic, the better! 😄

  393. Tanya K.

    I think our people would definitely drink more water if we had this option!

  394. Dawn Mlejnek

    We are looking for ways to become more healthy in our school district, and this is a great way to start!!

  395. Brianna Reed

    I would love to be able to reduce the plastic water bottle waste that goes on in my office! We use a ton, and I think our clients would prefer a Bevi!

  396. Brandy Hughes

    Healthy new options are always helpful to keep us on track mentally and physically. Thanks for a great product idea!

  397. Debbie K

    My office would love this have one of these machines! This would make everyone more apt to drink water when you can flavor it to you liking!

  398. Carla

    This is amazing. I would really love to have this in the office.

  399. Nancy Sweeney

    The amount of plastic water bottles used is so wasteful. This Bevi system is a great alternative. I’d love one at work and at home!

  400. Roseanne M

    This seems like a pretty awesome way to stay healthy and hydrated!

  401. Laura Swallows

    Health & Wellness is a huge priority for us as a B-Corp organization. This aligns perfectly with our values and would add some fun new technology to our office space.

  402. Colleen McKendry Cera

    I would love to reduce the amount of plastic used in our office. Bevi could help us do that.

  403. Colleen

    I was not aware of Bevi before reading the article. It sounds like a good system to look into. Our only constraint would be getting it approved hospital wide through our Corporate Materials Management Department.

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      That’s so great you’re looking into healthy options for your hospital! 🙌

  404. Kyle

    Would love one of these to reduce bottle waste!

  405. Adriana

    This is perfect for our office, it would satisfy all of our different needs.

  406. Carrie

    I would love to try the NutriBullet Balance Smart Blender!

  407. Carley Hanson

    So cool!

  408. Ann

    I want to try Bevi so bad!

  409. Courtney Arena

    This is awesome!

  410. Carley Hanson

    We have been wanting to try Bevi forever!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      🙌 Get ready to pour something good 😉

  411. dadams

    this would be such a great soda alternative!

  412. Christine

    I’m not a coffee drinker, so this would be a great product to give me (and my co-workers) some new options each day!

  413. Debbie Hickly

    Great prize!!

  414. tracy stevens

    Would love this for the office

  415. Mary Bastian

    I will be giving the information on Bevi to management for consideration. I love the availability of diet and unsweetened options. Love it!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      Thanks Mary! We 💙 giving people the ability to customize their own healthy drinks

  416. tracy stevens

    hope to win!!!

  417. Soula

    Would love this!

  418. Danielle Geissinger

    This would be sooo awesome! My coworkers already love these drinks so it would be fabulous to actually have one in the office.

  419. Michelle M

    This would be so popular in our office! We have quite a few who are pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Can’t wait to share with our ordering manager!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      Cheers to a healthier, happier office! 🥂

  420. Katie Mussman

    Our office doesn’t even have a water cooler. My coworkers would flip if we had a Bevi.

  421. jessica morgan

    Looks amazing

  422. Sheri Mohar

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    1. Dana @ Bevi

      That’s awesome, Sheri! So glad your company is investing in the health & happiness of its employees 🙌

  423. Marissa Luttrell

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  424. Tiffany

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  425. Jessica

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  427. Donna

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  428. Heather fields

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    1. Dana @ Bevi

      That’s awesome, Heather 💪 Go get ’em! (and let me know if you need back-up 😉)

  429. Carrie C.

    We have two Bevis and it helps reduce waste and saves money!

    1. Dana @ Bevi

      That’s great to hear, Carrie 😀 A huge thank you to you & your office for helping us save the planet, one pour at a time!

  430. Jessica M. Wilson

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    1. Dana @ Bevi

      Thanks so much Ali for your kind words! 😀 Best of luck to you and your growing office 🙌

  435. Ericka Best

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      Thanks so much Nathalie! Our goal is to always put health & hydration where it belongs–in your hands! 🙌

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