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Hacks to beat distraction

August 16

Swap FOMO for JOMO to Save Your Positivity

Constant screen time is to mental health what a breakroom donut is to physical health: delicious... with no nutritional value whatsoever. And even though we can’t realistically cut out tech (or junk food, let’s be honest) all together — we can become more mindful and embrace the joy, not the fear, of missing out.

Hacks to beat distraction

August 9

4 Ways to Shift Your Mindset for Better Productivity

Drowning in to-dos? Try thinking about each one as an agreement, not a task. It’ll remind you that you can say "no" to requests that don’t align with your goals, or renegotiate them so they do. This simple change in thinking (and three others) can boost your productivity — no new systems, tools, or apps required.

Hacks to beat distraction

August 2

Overcome Communication Missteps with These 4 Strategies

Attempting to see a situation from someone else’s point of view, while admirable, can be misguided. Perception is reality, and each of us experience the world through our own lens. So how can we improve workplace communication? Listen more, talk less, ask more than we answer, and check our personal baggage at the door.

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Admingling Event Series

Cozy Local Events with a Big Impact

More structured than a happy hour but more social than a workshop, an Admingling event harnesses the power of our community’s collective intelligence. Every after-work event is unique; we work with Ninjas in each host city to pick a space that’s both comfortable and inspiring. Everything from the discussion topics to the cocktails are chosen with local perspective. Attendees share ideas, trade tips, and walk away with actionable solutions and a stack of new professional contacts.


Resources, Tips, and Stories for Office Pros

Think Bigger (and Better and Deeper)

Elevate your levels of thinking by learning to incorporate analysis and interpretation into your decision-making processes.

How to Wrangle in Your Distracted Mind to Get More Done

Before we can beat distraction, we need to find its source. Sure, tech and coworkers can hijack our flow, but the real culprit? Our own brain.

17 Slack Bots and Apps to Supercharge Remote Teams

When it comes to meetings, celebrations, and team-building activities, remote teams need to get a little creative.