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Admin Week, April 2018

Brace Yourself for 5 Days of Awesome

Enter Giveaway: Pre-Admin Week Celebration!

Chock full of appreciation, OfficeNinjas’ Admin Week is the biggest celebration of office managers, executive assistants, and administrative maestros on the planet. Here’s the deal: Help us spread the word about Admin Week, and you’ll be entered into a drawing for the ultimate OfficeNinjas Prize Package. Giveaway ends Feb 22!


Casting Call: OfficeNinjas All-Stars

OfficeNinjas All-Stars is an online search for the best and brightest office managers, executive assistants, and administrative maestros. Kicking ass on a daily basis is the Office Ninja’s M.O., and All-Stars set the bar even higher with their creativity, resourcefulness, passion for efficiency, and can-do attitudes.


Celebrate IRL: OfficeNinjas Admin Bash

Admin Bash grows bigger and better every year—just like the OfficeNinjas community. Expect a party. Expect a crowd that likes to party. Expect to look around and think, “These are my people!” Expect to walk away feeling connected and inspired. We can’t wait for everything we have planned for you.


Latest Newsletters

Hand Curated Workplace News

February 8

Revolutionize the Way You Think in Three Steps

What sets apart successful Ninjas from those who are revolutionary? From embracing imperfection to treating knowledge as currency, the former Chief Evangelist of Apple has laid out three rules to revolutionize yourself and everything around you.

February 8

Learn to Stop Procrastinating from Jerry Seinfeld (We’re Not Joking)

Even in small doses, consistent action gets results. So how can you maintain your streak? Get a calendar. Choose a simple task that will produce the outcome you want. Then do it. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Check off each day with a big marker, and watch your chain grow.

February 1

Lay the Foundation for Long-Term Learning with the Spacing Effect

Cramming got you through college, but according to science, it’s a terrible way to actually learn a new skill. With a little planning and time management, you can teach your brain to work smarter—not harder—by taking advantage of the spacing effect.

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Admingling Event Series

Cozy Local Events with a Big Impact

More structured than a happy hour but more social than a workshop, an Admingling event harnesses the power of our community’s collective intelligence. Every after-work event is unique; we work with Ninjas in each host city to pick a space that’s both comfortable and inspiring. Everything from the discussion topics to the cocktails are chosen with local perspective. Attendees share ideas, trade tips, and walk away with actionable solutions and a stack of new professional contacts.


Resources, Tips, and Stories for Office Pros


Lead with Confidence with Your Unique Leadership Style

Being a leader in an office doesn’t just mean delegating tasks—it means having the desire to make an impact on the direction of the organization and the spirit of those around you.


Forget the Quick High—Here’s How to Build a Career for the Long Haul

Feel like you’re constantly chasing temporary work highs? Stop it! You’ll be much more fulfilled pursuing a wholesome career—let us explain how.


How Collective Intelligence is Powering Admingling

The first quarter of Admingling 2017 was spent uniting Ninjas in eight cities and exploring processes that skyrocket productivity. Take a look!