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Hacks to beat distraction

October 18

Reminiscing About Admin Week — Is it April Yet?

Admin Week 2018 was out of this world, and we couldn’t have done it without you. So take a stroll down memory lane with us, and relive all the best parts of last year’s epic week. Rockin’ theme? Check. Swoon-worthy flash raffle prizes? Check. Excitement for an even bigger and better Admin Week in 2019? Check.

Hacks to beat distraction

October 11

Get Emotional About Bad Habits

Willpower. Grit. Determination. That’s what it takes to break a bad habit, right? Actually, those alone can leave you physically and emotionally drained if you aren’t careful. Try tuning into your own gratitude, compassion, and pride for motivation (not intimidation) to help you take the right steps.

Hacks to beat distraction

October 4

Tips for Finding Phone/Productivity Balance

Our phones are filled with breaking news, heartfelt messages, and cat gifs — which makes them almost impossible to put down. So, how do we live in today’s phone-centered world and still get stuff done? A mixture of phone swaps, spring cleaning, mindful thinking, and good ole airplane mode.

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Admingling Event Series

Cozy Local Events with a Big Impact

More structured than a happy hour but more social than a workshop, an Admingling event harnesses the power of our community’s collective intelligence. Every after-work event is unique; we work with Ninjas in each host city to pick a space that’s both comfortable and inspiring. Everything from the discussion topics to the cocktails are chosen with local perspective. Attendees share ideas, trade tips, and walk away with actionable solutions and a stack of new professional contacts.


Resources, Tips, and Stories for Office Pros

The Countdown to Admin Week 2019 Begins NOW (and a Giveaway!)

We’re kicking off Admin Week 2019, our five-day celebration of admins and workplace operators, with some big announcements and a jetsetter giveaway!

Think Bigger (and Better and Deeper)

Elevate your levels of thinking by learning to incorporate analysis and interpretation into your decision-making processes.

How to Wrangle in Your Distracted Mind to Get More Done

Before we can beat distraction, we need to find its source. Sure, tech and coworkers can hijack our flow, but the real culprit? Our own brain.