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Let’s Advance the Administrative+ Profession

Admin+ Month Recap

A look back at all the fun, learnings, highlights, and giveaways of OfficeNinjas Admin+ Month 2022.


All-Stars Recap

Get to know the 2022 OfficeNinjas All-Star Award winners — inspiring leaders in the Administrative and Operations profession.


We amplify positive change in organizations

Leading-Edge Education

Our curriculum is built on the latest research in organizational management. We develop training programs with partners like UC Berkeley Executive Education.

Thriving Community

We’re fierce advocates of nurturing a community that leverages each other to learn, develop, and improve — because together we go faster and further than we do on our own.

Global Recognition

Honoring the Admin+ profession is the heartbeat of OfficeNinjas — from a national awards program to education scholarships to our annual Admin+ Month celebration.

Modern upskilling and development for teams

Setting professional development goals is easy. The real challenge? Putting them into continuous action to get high-impact results — because training without implementation is worthless.

We go beyond conceptual learning to create an agile professional growth environment that aligns with core business objectives. Working with us is saying “yes” to a partnership with our highly-skilled consultancy team that ensures results are efficient and effective.

We’re by your side every step of the way. Together, let’s propel you and your organization forward.


As we evolve as executives and business leaders, we’ve got to pause and ask ourselves: Are we ensuring the people who work alongside us keep evolving, too?

Doy Charnsupharindr, CEO
Lead Instructor,
Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute,
UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

Proud partner of OfficeNinjas®

Professional development programs for Admin+ individuals and teams

We believe that career growth should be a mix of many things. Challenging and enjoyable. Professional and intimate. Deep and digestible.

Our programs are designed for enthusiastic participation, with deep-dive discussions, guided breakout sessions, and peer-based accountability.

OfficeNinjas + UC Berkeley Executive Education

This unparalleled leadership and communication program just for Admin+ professionals was created in partnership with UC Berkeley Haas School of Business.

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Skill-Specific Learning Programs

Our 6-8 week live cohort programs take Admin+ teams of ten or more on an accelerated, guided training path to improve a specific business skill.

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Cohort-Based Career Accelerator

OfficeNinjas Collective is a membership program that prepares Admin+ professionals to better represent their managers in a variety of career-building contexts.

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OfficeNinjas stands out because it provides educational tools and experiences that help you advance your career, gain new skills, and really lean into your strengths like you never thought possible.

OfficeNinjas partners with institutions like UC Berkeley to bring executive-level education to our Administrative community, connecting us to one another along the way. But the thing, in my mind, that really makes them special is that they don’t just ‘tell you’ what it takes to succeed or tell stories about how others did it. Instead, they give you step-by-step frameworks with examples and tools to set you up for success.”


Danielle Hill
Chief Administrative Officer
Knox Lane

Our commitment to supporting the Admin+ Profession

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Annual Admin+ Month Festivities

Join thousands of peers in April for a joyful celebration of your profession.


The OfficeNinjas and UC Berkeley Leadership & Communication Program was my first learning experience with OfficeNinjas, and it exceeded my expectations.

For me, the main difference with this program is that it wasn’t about technical knowledge — rather it was more about the critical soft skills of leadership. In fact, some of the communication and coaching strategies I learned have already helped me level up in an important conversation with our VP of HR regarding upcoming organizational changes.

I was also highly impressed with the caliber of my cohort members and moved by the depth of the openness, honesty, and vulnerability they showed.

The insights I gained from this program helped me understand that I am a leader in more ways than I realized, and will serve me well in both my personal and professional life.”


Jackie Smith
Executive Assistant
Southwestern Energy Company

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