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Administrative roles
are evolving.

We upskill your Admin+ team
with modern training.

Education programs for Admin+ teams and individuals

The Admin+ profession is going through a frantic pace of change. There’s never been a greater demand for administrative and operations professionals to make higher-value contributions. And the need to develop cohesion and collaboration with their bosses and team members is more critical than ever.

But you already know this. (You’re here, after all.)

As a trusted partner of the Admin+ profession for over 10 years, OfficeNinjas works with individuals like you to deploy learning solutions that amplify positive change in the workplace.


Upskilling a company’s administrative team is now a necessity, which when pursued, provides powerful results.

From informing strategy to representing executives in a variety of contexts — admin professionals must be empowered to step into these spaces with confidence and aptitude to help channel and guide the company’s vision.”

Richard Freishtat, PHD
Vice President, Curriculum,
UC Berkeley Executive Education

Proud partner of OfficeNinjas®

Real, actionable results

OfficeNinjas Programs are based on a three-pillar system we call the Trifecta of Learning.


Growth Mindset

Our brain can either work for us or against us. When learning and practicing new skills, having the right mindset matters. That’s why all of our programs include exercises to guide individuals and teams to prepare their brains for continued growth.


Educational Content

OfficeNinjas isn’t an off-the-shelf program or coaching marketplace. Our curriculum is built on the latest research in organizational management, and collaboration with partners like UC Berkeley Executive Education.



It’s one thing to learn new information. It’s another to adopt it and apply it to your unique situation. Continuous iteration and experimentation are what produce results. We give you the tools and frameworks to do just that.

Collaborative, cohort-based training

Transformative learning is possible when you’ve got a dedicated cohort of peers by your side at every stage of the journey.

That’s why OfficeNinjas Programs are designed to be highly interactive, with thought-provoking discussions, collaborative breakout sessions, and cohort networking events.

Working with OfficeNinjas, in their words


Admins are all about efficiency and making the most of the precious commodity that is time.

I can say with 100% certainty that there’s no better investment of your time than participating in OfficeNinjas. It packs a powerful punch and leaves you feeling inspired and motivated to do the work to keep moving forward in your career.”

Erica Kelley

Administrative Support Manager + EA to CEO
Custom Ink

OfficeNinjas stands out because it provides educational tools and experiences that help you advance your career, gain new skills, and really lean into your strengths like you never thought possible.

OfficeNinjas partners with institutions like UC Berkeley to bring executive-level education to our Administrative community, connecting us to one another along the way. But the thing, in my mind, that really makes them special is that they don’t just “tell you” what it takes to succeed or tell stories about how others did it. Instead, they give you step-by-step frameworks with examples and tools to set you up for success.”

Danielle Hill

Chief Administrative Officer
Knox Lane

You’re in great company

We work with innovative companies of all industries and sizes.

Get a glimpse of our education programs

Each of our programs are uniquely designed to help organizations develop higher-value contributors.

OfficeNinjas® + UC Berkeley Executive Education


Admin+ professionals already perform some of the same competencies as the leaders they serve. Now, they can receive the same leadership training experienced by thousands of leading executives and managers worldwide.

The Program provides two days of intensive course training by UC Berkeley faculty — and four cohort events to prepare participants for program success.

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OfficeNinjas® Skill-Based Learning Programs


Built for Admin+ teams of ten or more, our 6-8 week live programs take the cohort on a guided training journey to improve a specific skill. Each program is designed to propel your team’s focus, collaboration, and accomplishments FAST. (Really!)

  • Core training modules
  • Working and problem-solving sessions
  • Ready-to-use frameworks and templates
  • Unlimited access to course materials

We teach topics that make the highest impact:


Architect Your Outcomes


Do you feel you and your team could do more… or be better? The solution isn’t trying to get more done. It’s about embracing a new paradigm that focuses on investing time and effort where it matters most. Learn to identify the right priorities — and successfully execute them.


Write For Results


In the hybrid workplace, it’s crucial to communicate with clarity and authority. Here’s a hot take: good writing is fundamentally an exercise in critical thinking. This program teaches participants to write smarter in order to inspire others to take action — and say “YES.”


Modern Meeting Mastery


When was the last time you had a really great meeting? The kind where everyone walks away inspired and energized because there’s a clear path forward. Access a 7-step process (along with proven templates) to architect highly effective meetings from beginning to end.

OfficeNinjas® Collective


OfficeNinjas Collective is a membership program that teaches modern business concepts and skills.

By providing the infrastructure to have peer-based accountability and engagement, the program challenges each member to explore their potential and execute at their highest level.

Learning alongside an invested group of high-performing peers helps empower members to make high-value contributions and better represent their managers in a variety of contexts.

Let’s partner to develop a custom solution

How are you upskilling your Admin+ team for the changed workplace?

We know there are many places you can get ideas and information for professional development — blogs, books, events, podcasts, colleagues, LinkedIn. These places help you acquire information. However, IMPLEMENTATION is what really counts — and it’s hard.

OfficeNinjas will help you put an actionable implementation plan in place for continued learning and growth long after a Program wraps. Your Admin+ team deserves more. And we’ll help you get there.

Get Your Free Custom Implementation Plan


1. Discovery Call

Let’s surface your biggest gaps and pressing challenges, and discuss the biggest opportunities to address them.

2. Custom Strategy

We explore the mix of training that’s most in alignment with your organizational objectives, current needs, and culture.

3. Implementation Plan

You’ll know EXACTLY where to take action in the next 100 days and how to upskill your team in the next 12 months.

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