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Hacks to beat distraction

June 20

Relax: Before an Important Conversation

Want to be better prepared to navigate big discussions? Turns out, physically slowing down your body before an important conversation dissolves reactionary energy from your brain and allows more space to think logically when you need it most.

Hacks to beat distraction

June 13

Give Up a Goal That’s Weighing You Down

When should you give up on a goal? When that goal: a) doesn’t match your current priorities, b) is actually keeping you from your purpose or c) when it’s just not gonna happen. Here’s how to know.

Hacks to beat distraction

June 6

Do I Aim for Fewer Weaknesses or Stronger Strengths?

We humans are excellent at focusing on our shortcomings, aren’t we? What happens if we devote more of that (mostly wasted) time to getting better at something we’re good at? Studies say faster growth, confidence, and happiness, that’s what.