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Hacks to beat distraction

December 13

5G: When You’ll Have It and Why You’ll Want It

5G won’t just be about browsing faster on your phone. This new wave of wireless tech is set to hit the market at full-speed in 2019 and could jumpstart a range of game-changing new technology. Learn what exactly 5G is, who’s leading the charge, and how you can use it (hello, smart office!).

Hacks to beat distraction

December 6

Ninjas Were Born to Play the Long Game

The rules of the short game are simple. Do what’s easiest and has an immediate (but short-lived) benefit. The long game is complicated — boring even. But when you continually stick to decisions that will help your future self, instead of appeasing your current self, the results can propel you toward the life you truly want to be living.

Hacks to beat distraction

November 29

Next Stop: Discovery, Innovation, and Interestingness

They always say life is about the journey, not the destination. So, what happens if you set your heart’s GPS to arrive at Interestingness? You’ll diverge when your curiosity is piqued and take your time when you find something you like. And just maybe, in the end, you’ll arrive where you needed to go, exactly on time...