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Hacks to beat distraction

June 21

Why Decisions are Best Made Early and Often

Hey, bad decisions are gonna happen now and then—you’re human! The good news? You can reduce the likelihood of making them. Through swift and frequent action, you can start building positive momentum early, to cut back on the unfortunate facepalming later.

Hacks to beat distraction

June 14

Success Lies in High Self-Compassion, Not High Self-Esteem

We’ve always been told confidence is the key to success, but it can be a double-edged sword. Put too much emphasis on self-esteem, and we become obsessed with seeing only pure wins and losses. When that happens, we give up what really matters: growth. How do we get it back? Self-compassion.

Hacks to beat distraction

June 7

Creativity Is a Skill Everyone Can (And Should) Develop

In an increasingly automated workplace, creativity is becoming a more valuable ability. And it’s one that anyone can develop—with the right shift in mindset. So unlearn (see article below) the perception that you’re not a "creative" person and future-proof your skill set.