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Leadership & Communication Program

Master the Art & Science of Administrative Leadership

The only executive-level program of its kind for the Admin+ profession

Through our exclusive partnership with UC Berkeley Executive Education, Admin+ professionals can now access the same leadership and communication skill training taught to top executives by UC Berkeley Haas faculty and coaches.

Ready to uncover your authentic leadership style?

By the end of this program, you’ll:

Transform Your Communication Challenges into Strengths

Venture boldly outside the status quo to uncover your authentic leadership presence while growing critical communication skills, like thinking on your feet and spontaneity.

Improve Your Communication Delivery and Timing

Master powerful techniques to actively communicate using voice, body, imagination, and energy, while confidently enhancing articulation and expression.

Use Storytelling to Connect With and Compel People

Engage in storytelling that moves people, creates influence over an audience, and leaves a lasting impression that impacts the performance of your team, executives, and organization.

Develop a Coaching Mindset

Learn how to pull insights from team members by prompting them to explore their thoughts and ideas more deeply. While Admins are wired to answer questions, solve problems, and fix issues, coaching others is essential for helping uncover business success.

Join a Supportive Alumni Community

Build a powerful network of excellence with other Administrative and Operations leaders with the common goal of building higher-impact careers through executive education.

What Participants Are Saying


From the exercises to the content to the faculty — I knew I was getting a top-notch education, with skills that I can apply to not only my professional life but also my personal life.

Wow! What an incredible experience. I was surprised to find a program that was tailored to my career as an Executive Assistant, let alone one that encouraged me to ‘think like an executive.’ Luckily, OfficeNinjas and UC Berkeley have come together to curate and execute such a world-class offering. Being in a ‘virtual’ room full of like-minded, high-performing Admin+ professionals confirmed that this career is important and pivotal in any industry.

Stacy Wall

Executive Assistant, Udemy
San Francisco, CA

It’s clear that the agenda is meant to dig deep and get to the heart of communication in leadership, and really teach us the skills we need to utilize in the workplace. It wasn’t just talking — it was DOING!

Attending the Program was so different from any other professional development course I’ve ever attended. The UC Berkeley faculty gives honest feedback about your work during the class, on top of popping into breakout rooms to give a hand when needed. Each professor brought something special to the table, and that really moved me. I felt honored that I was able to participate in a course taught to executives across the globe and felt successful at it with the encouragement of our professors.

Jessica Jones

Executive Assistant, Booz Allen Hamilton
Herndon, VA

I definitely see this Program being a major turning point in my career and am so thankful for the opportunity to learn alongside and from my fellow cohort members.

When enrolling in the Program, I initially had no idea what to expect. I was also concerned I would feel like I was back in college and was anxious about the idea of being in a classroom (virtual or otherwise) again. The faculty were all incredibly diverse and knowledgeable and made it feel more like a conversation than instruction. I learned so many incredible new tools and practices for communicating, more than I ever thought would be covered in a course like this. I have already begun implementing the tools I learned in the course into my daily work (and personal) life. Specifically, coaching skills, using storytelling as a tool in communicating with anyone, and how to gain or maintain trust with your coworkers. The cohort was incredible — such smart, thoughtful people who were all willing to let go of their insecurities and support each other during the process. It felt amazing to bring the community of OfficeNinjas and the educational background of UC Berkeley together and learn accessible skills that are ready to put into action.

Ross Greenberg

Employee Experience Manager, Kaia Health
New York, NY

Participants from all industries and company sizes

Inside the Program

Along with the two-day UC Berkeley course experience, you’ll participate in cohort events to prepare for the course and build high-impact relationships with your peers.

UC Berkeley Course


High-performing Admin+ professionals don’t sit back and watch — they make things happen.

Taught by world-renowned faculty from UC Berkeley Haas Executive Education, this two-day course is an exploration of your authentic leadership style to become a more strategic and influential collaborator at a time when executives and organizations need it most.

Course Schedule

  • Course Day 1: 9am-4:30pm PT
    Influential leadership begins with the power of storytelling and knowing how to connect with your audience. Learn the key communication principles, approaches to authentic leadership, and storytelling techniques. Then, immediately practice these learnings with your cohort and UC Berkeley faculty members.
  • Course Day 2: 9am-4:30pm PT
    Employ the art of giving and receiving constructive feedback, practice active communicating and coaching techniques, and engage in productive interpersonal exchanges with your cohort and UC Berkeley faculty members.

The UC Berkeley Difference


Two full days of an interactive learning environment with thought-provoking class discussions and executive coach-led breakout sessions.


Education is informed by the latest academic research in organizational management, with key insights from thousands of executives and administrative leaders.


Instruction by world-renowned faculty and executive coaches from UC Berkeley Haas Executive Education with a 6:1 participant-faculty ratio.


Upskilling a company’s administrative team is now a necessity, which when pursued, provides powerful results.

From informing strategy to representing executives in a variety of contexts — admin professionals must be empowered to step into these spaces with confidence and aptitude to help channel and guide the company’s vision.”

Richard Freishtat, PHD

Vice President, Curriculum,
UC Berkeley Executive Education

Cohort Events by OfficeNinjas


Your cohort is deliberately a diverse group of Admin+ professionals — in titles, locations, and years of experience — to allow for richer perspectives, collaborative learning, and quality relationship-building. While your cohort peers’ lives and experiences vary, they all are exceptional and passionate about growing their careers.

Join your cohort and participate in four unique events before and after the UC Berkeley Course to get you primed for program success.

Before the UC Berkeley Course

  • Cohort Event 1: Meet n’ Greet (60m)
    Introduce yourself to each other ahead of the course in an interactive activity.
  • Cohort Event 2: Program Kickoff (75m)
    Prep your mind for an eye-opening learning experience alongside encouraging peers.

After the UC Berkeley Course

  • Cohort Event 3: Insights to Action (90 m)
    Create a personal implementation plan for practicing your new skills.
  • Cohort Event 4: Program Finale (60m)
    Close a transformational learning experience in joyful reflection.

Certificate of Completion


Signal your professional achievement to your network and get recognized for your completion! Upon successfully completing the program, UC Berkeley Executive Education grants participants a verified digital certificate of completion.

At-a-Glance Details

Live Online

The 2022 program is an entirely virtual experience allowing participants from anywhere in the world the opportunity to attend.

2022 Program Date

The 2022 course date is June 2-3, 2022 with UC Berkeley, plus four cohort events before and after the course hosted by OfficeNinjas.

Program Investment

$3,450 all-inclusive for a four-week program that includes a two-day course with UC Berkeley Executive Education faculty and coaches, MBA-level curriculum materials, and four cohort events.

Application Required

Seats are intentionally limited to maximize your experience and interaction with the faculty and cohort. Applicants are admitted based on professional experience, initiative, and program fit.

Rolling Admissions

Qualified candidates will be accepted on a rolling, space-available basis. Submit your application early to increase your chance of acceptance.

Certificate Requirements

Full attendance of the two-day UC Berkeley course is mandatory to receive a certificate of completion — which will be awarded upon verification of completion.

Application Evaluation Criteria

While it’s important that the cohort is diverse in their experiences, perspectives, and accomplishments, they all share the following characteristics:

A Growth Mindset

This program is designed for those who passionately embrace new challenges, readily seek feedback, and appreciate all stages of the learning journey.

Community Enricher

We’re looking for participants who are humble and open to collaborating with others. Those that find value in both sharing and receiving knowledge.

Propensity for Action

Given that success for one is success for the entire profession, we look for participants committed to implementing the learnings in their workplaces to achieve organizational impact.

Don’t be daunted by the application process. There is neither an “ideal” nor a “typical” applicant. Reflect on who you are and where you want to go — and have confidence as you apply. We simply want to get to know you.