Our Mission

When we started OfficeNinjas in 2012, there weren’t many opportunities for administrative professionals to build peer networks and develop skills needed to thrive in the rapidly evolving workplace.

Creating these opportunities became our mission. Since then, we’ve produced hundreds of networking events across the country for executive assistants, office managers, admin pros, and workplace operators.

In 2019, we doubled down on our commitment to education. We hosted the first annual OfficeNinjas Con, a sold-out conference attended by admins from around the world. And we presented the inaugural course of our Education Program in partnership with UC Berkeley Haas School of Business.

Meanwhile, each week, we share our carefully curated newsletter with a community of more than 60k dedicated readers — providing a deeper understanding of the business landscape through actionable frameworks, emergent tools, and workplace trends.

Today, OfficeNinjas is the fastest-growing global community of administrative and operations professionals.

With every new member, we gain another unique perspective — and together, we become more influential in our mission to elevate the perception of the admin role.

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Career Building in the New Era

Want to establish powerful peer networks and develop skills needed to thrive in the rapidly evolving workplace? Join us!

  • Admin Week // Our annual global celebration is five days of activities, awards, and giveaways honoring the important work of administrative professionals. See the festivities.
  • Weekly Newsletter // Researched and relevant professional development content curated and delivered to engaged subscribers each Thursday. Get our free newsletter.
  • Education Program // Developed in partnership with the Executive Education team at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, the OfficeNinjas Education Program is a course of study for administrative professionals to thrive in today’s evolving business landscape. See the curriculum.
  • Vendor Marketplace // Hand-selected vendors providing the best solutions for admins and workplace operators. (Some even come with exclusive offers!) Browse workplace solutions.
  • Admingling Event Series // An evening of peer networking and learning just for executive assistants, business partners, office managers, and admins, hosted in 11 major cities. Learn more.


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