An Important Announcement From OfficeNinjas Founders →We’re Taking a Hiatus

About OfficeNinjas

We exist to empower millions
of administrative + operations professionals.

And that starts with dispelling outdated notions about the role. Why? Because companies don’t invest in what they don’t understand. Administrative and Operations professionals are increasingly challenged to assume greater leadership responsibilities on behalf of their executives and teams.

Ongoing professional development for the Admin+ workforce is a necessity for companies to run efficiently and succeed. We provide advanced programs and experiences that create high-value contributors equipped to lead in today’s workplace.

To grow and thrive, Admin+ professionals need two things: support from each other and OfficeNinjas®.

Creating opportunities is what we do at OfficeNinjas. Since our founding nearly a decade ago, we’ve created hundreds of career advancement opportunities for tens of thousands of administrative and operations professionals.

Simply put: we believe that today’s executive assistants, office managers, Admin+ professionals, and workplace operators have a tremendous amount to contribute, and yet don’t always get the chance to do so.

We are committed to giving administrative and operations professionals the opportunities needed to enrich their careers and be in strategic lockstep with their organizations.

Edwin and Nancy, OfficeNinjas Founders

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