Welcome to OfficeNinjas!

There’s no question that Office Ninjas—executive assistants, office managers, and admins—support entire teams and busy leaders with flawless execution. But who supports them, when they’re often a department of one?

In 2013, we founded OfficeNinjas to breathe fun energy into and provide resources for this overlooked profession. But the Ninja community wasn’t born from a stroke of genius, it was derived from a major problem. Admins lacked recognition for workplace contributions and access to quality info on office management and career development. So OfficeNinjas stepped in to connect them with tech resources, educational content, networking events, and trusted vendors to keep “Ninjas” ahead of the game.

Serving the Ever-Changing Admin Profession

Administrative professionals are not what they used to be, and that influx of new responsibilities has business implications beyond the front desk.

To reflect this change, we deemed them “Office Ninjas” and set out to deliver industry specific content fit for their modern spread of duties—in addition to events that introduce A+ resources, career development opportunities, vetted vendors, and fellow Ninjas.

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Inside Our Ninja Hub


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It’s true that our events have a signature party vibe—but we never cut corners when it comes to stellar resources, next-level discussions, and peer-to-peer networking. Whether it’s a huge shindig or a local quarterly gathering, Ninjas attend to make connections with like-minded people who have the same goal of reaching workplace mastery.


We aim to write, curate, and share content that gives Ninjas a leg up, whether they’re introducing new software to the team or helping run a board meeting. By sharing everything from technology tools to communication hacks, we give admins a go-to resource that speaks the same way they do—candid and smart, with a bit of good-intentioned sass.

Admin Week

Ninjas are given one official day of the year, but quite frankly, we don’t think that’s enough. During April, we celebrate administrative badassery for an entire week. There are no dollar-store carnations here—we’re more on the level of international, virtual All-Star Awards and an enormous recognition party tucked between daily online raffles.

Curated Vendors

Ninjas make decisions that affect entire organizations—so one crummy vendor can ruin a lot of people’s days. Not only does the product or service need to be great, but the vendor must be committed to providing top-notch customer service. No easy feat. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for standout options for our community.