We Connect Brands and Workplace Buyers

Brands that understand the decision-making power of admin pros (we call them “Ninjas”) come to us for help building meaningful relationships with this awesome, engaged community.

We create custom, multi-touch marketing campaigns and provide a variety of B2B consulting services that bring partners closer to their goals. Most importantly, we offer a direct line to some of the country’s most powerful workplace buyers: office managers, executive assistants, facilities managers, and operations pros.

“Working with OfficeNinjas is an exercise in Thought Leadership.”

Click the video to hear more from partners on the value of working with us. Spoiler: it’s all about the perks.

  • Elevated brand awareness and affinity among workplace buyers
  • Customized market insights for impactful product development and promotion
  • A meticulous, thoughtful collaboration process that is unmatched
  • Years of dedicated audience-specific marketing experience

Our Services

No matter where you are in your marketing program — research, strategy, planning, or execution — we can help you reach your business goals.

Brand Partner Marketing

We integrate brands into our ongoing conversations with Ninjas which produces memorable, high-value touchpoints throughout the customer journey. We offer:

  • Onsite brand activation
  • Lead generation
  • Giveaway and promo campaigns
  • Product sampling
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing

Ninja Labs

We provide consulting services to companies that want to deeply understand workplace decision makers. That means Ninja-tested, approved methods and access to targeted audiences. We offer:

  • Market research and insights
  • Focus groups
  • Product development
  • Custom surveys

How We Work

We don’t use the term “partner” lightly. Brand alignment is the foundation of our business, which means we only work with companies whose products and services would be most valuable to Ninjas.

We guide you through a meticulous collaboration process that provides all the benefits of a typical marketing agency, but with deep, Ninja-specific insight.

Our Collaboration Process

  • Creative Brief: We work with you to develop a creative brief that clearly defines your goals and key aspects of your business.
  • Customization: Our brand partnerships team crafts custom campaigns to elevate your brand and build loyalty.
  • Activation Plan: Our internal creative team — marketers, copywriters, event pros, and a focus group of Ninjas — proposes messaging and a customized activation plan.
  • Close Collaboration: We keep you engaged every step of the way, using tools, frameworks, and workflow processes that facilitate ongoing communication and status updates.
  • Results: Upon project completion, we’ll provide your team with a polished post-campaign report to inform your company’s product, marketing, and sales strategies.

Interested in Partnering With OfficeNinjas?

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Who We’ve Worked With

We’ve partnered with over 300 exceptional brands through meaningful sponsorships, customized marketing support, and industry-specific research programs.