April 23–27, 2018

2018 Flash Raffle Results Are In!

Who Lucked Out?

Our 2018 Flash Raffle Winners Revealed!

We don’t call ‘em Flash Raffles for nothing! Thanks to our generous Admin Week partners, we just gave away 15 incredible prizes faster than you can say “administrative badassery”… and we loved every second of it!

Below is a recap of our Flash Raffle winners and sponsors. And, regarding our sponsors, we’ll let you in on a not-so-secret secret: each one of these companies is deeply committed to the Office Ninja community. They sponsor Admin Week activities because they want to better understand the administrative role and offer services that make our lives easier and our offices more efficient. So the next time you’re on the hunt for a go-to vendor, show them some love!

Day 1, April 23 – Delta Air Lines

Delta’s SkyBonus program makes the most of your office’s travel budget—no matter your size. Enroll in their SkyBonus program, and each trip, earn points redeemable for flights and upgrades with each trip. Signing up is quick, easy, and free.

Congrats to these three lucky Ninja winners:

1st: The Great Escape -> $500 Delta Credit

Tiffany Bohland
Executive Assistant, La Farge, WI

2nd: The Luxe Getaway -> $300 Delta Credit

Jessica Marucci
Director, Employee Experience, New York, NY

3rd: The Duffle Shuffle -> $100 Delta Credit

Denise Erwin
Administrative Assistant, Orlando, FL

Day 2, April 24 – Bevi

Say goodbye to restocking the fridge, placing beverage orders, and emptying overflowing recycling bins. Bevi is your all-in-one hydration solution—providing customizable still, sparkling, and flavored waters that never run dry. Internet-connected, this smart water cooler notifies technicians whenever your machine needs servicing—making service and stock management a breeze.

Congrats to these three lucky Ninja winners:

1st: Wellness Whisperer -> $500 Wellness Gift Set

Megan Coffey
Senior Executive Assistant, Worthington, KY

2nd: Holistic Hotshot -> $300 Wellness Gift Set

Kyle Jepson
Administrative Assistant, Columbus, OH

3rd: Clean-Eating Champ -> $100 Wellness Gift Set

Heather Kangarloo
Workplace Services Manager, Los Altos, CA

Day 3, April 25 – ezCater

ezCater elevates the team lunch experience by partnering with over 60,000 caterers and restaurants in 22,000 cities. Looking to delegate? ezCater’s new White Glove service offers customized, recurring order options and provides you with a dedicated account manager. Call and a Catering Ninja will pick up. No “Press 1” nonsense.

Congrats to these three lucky Ninja winners:

1st: Office Epicure -> $500 ezCater Credit

Theresa Kelly
Office Manager, Warren, MI

2nd: Gourmet To-Go -> $300 ezCater Credit

Lynna Trinh
Office Manager, Huntington Beach, CA

3rd: Lunchtime Hero -> $100 ezCater Credit

Debra Benjamin
Coordinator, Dallas, TX

Day 4, April 26 – TripActions

Stop sifting through multiple sites to compare prices on flights, hotels, and cars. TripActions offers a comprehensive, real-time inventory for all your travel needs, so you can find and book the best options for your team in a matter of minutes.

Congrats to these three lucky Ninja winners:

1st: Nomadic Ninja -> $500 TripActions Credit

Deborah Adelman
Executive Assistant, Chicago, IL

2nd: Jetsetter -> $300 TripActions Credit

Jessica Rodriguez
Office Manager, Allen, TX

3rd: Daytripper -> $100 TripActions Credit

Katherine Cochran
Operations Manager, Washington, DC

Day 5, April 27 – Token

Token is your one-stop corporate gift shop for every occasion, from employee anniversaries to client appreciation. Order gifts one at a time using Token’s easy email delivery option, or schedule automatic deliveries up to a year in advance.

Congrats to these three lucky Ninja winners:

1st: Very Gifted -> $500 Gift Card

Denise Labrado
Executive Assistant, Arlington, TX

2nd: Presents of Mind -> $300 Gift Card

Denise Wildish
Executive Assistant, Oshkosh, WI

3rd: Kind Gesture -> $100 Gift Card

Melissa Lonoza
Office Manager, Irvine, CA

“GAH! Seriously, I won?! I woke up in the middle of the night and saw this half asleep. Woke up this morning and went “hey wait … nah … must have been a dream”. BUT IT WASN’T!!! OMGOMGOMG You guys are THE BEST!!!”

Michelle B.
Executive Assistant to CEO
Flash Raffle Winner – Seattle

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2. Enter to Win

Follow the simple entry instructions in the email alert, but do it ASAP—you only have 24 hours!

3. Make a Wish at Midnight

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4. Repeat Steps 1–3!

We’ve got one raffle a day with three prizes per day. That’s 15 chances to win (and no limit to how many times a Ninja can win)!

Flash Raffle FAQs

Q: Do I have to be an “Office Ninja” to win?

A: Yes—and we do triple-check that all winners are currently working in an Office Ninja capacity. Applicable roles include executive assistant, office manager, administrative assistant, receptionist, operations manager, and people operations manager.

Q: When does the raffle period start?

A: It starts Monday, April 23 and lasts through Friday, April 27. We’ll have five raffles total—one each day of the week that lasts for 24 hours. There will be a total of 15 prizes (three per day) valued at more than $10,000 combined.

Q: Where do I enter the raffle?

A: Online at OfficeNinjas.com. Just follow the link in your morning email alert! Be sure to subscribe to OfficeNinjas to get notified if you haven’t already.

Q: How many raffles can I enter?

A: All of ‘em! And there’s no limit to how many prizes one Ninja can win!

Q: Do I have to be in the United States to win?

A: Due to shipping restrictions, you must be based in the US or Canada to win.

Q: When will the winners be notified?

A: Flash Raffle winners will be announced on OfficeNinjas.com the following day.

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