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Admin Day Gift Guide Part 3: Last-Minute Gifts That Don’t Suck

Admin Day (April 27) is just days away, and you’re just realizing that you forgot to find the perfect gift for your resident Office Ninja. You had every intention of snagging something really special weeks ago. You even bookmarked your favorite items for parts one and two of our three-part gift guide! But… you spaced.

Here’s the thing: no one has to know! Part three of our Admin Day Gift guide is stuffed with tried and true ninja-approved gifts that can be purchased and gifted in a matter of minutes.


SpaFinder Gift Card

Consider this a PSA for all future Ninja-related gift-giving occasions: you can’t go wrong with massages and spa treatments.

SpaFinder works with over 25,000 spas and salons across the country. With a SpaFinder gift card, Ninjas can choose to treat themselves with their favorite treatment at a location that’s conveniently located.

Personal Shopping

TrunkClub and Stitch Fix Gift Cards

Trunk Club (2)

Stylists aren’t just for celebrities and red carpet divas anymore. Thanks to services like TrunkClub and Stitch Fix, the average Ninja can refresh their wardrobe or completely revamp their personal style with the help of a fashion pro. Both services use simple questionnaires to collect info about each of their customers, and, based on what they find, put together a selection of new clothing and accessories. The recipients keep what they want and send back the rest.

Give your Ninja the gift of style with a gift card from Stitch Fix or TrunkClub. Both companies work with moderately-priced labels, so we recommend an amount of at least $100.

Candy Crush

Sugarwish or Treatsie Sweets

If there’s ever a time to enable your Ninja’s sweet tooth, it’s now. Sure, green juice is anti-inflammatory, and almonds are a good source of protein. But sometimes a Ninja just wants a candy bar!

Sugarwish – $16.50 – $95

Sugarwish Card

Sugarwish will literally make your Ninja feel like a kid in a candy store. A Sugarwish e-card comes with a link to a virtual candy shop filled with over 80 classic candies ranging from root beer barrels to Reese’s Pieces. The recipient uses their e-card to choose their favorite candies, which are custom packed and shipped in a cheerful gift box.

Treatsie – $69 – $249


Treatsie is for the candy connoisseur who’s always on the lookout for the newest artisanal treat. This subscription service delivers a monthly box that’s filled with gourmet goodies from some of the best small-batch sweets makers in the country.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Tinggly Gift Card – $79 – $279


Give your Ninja a special experience they never knew existed for a vacation they haven’t yet planned. Sound crazy? With a Tinggly gift card, this is 100% possible. Tinggly giftees choose from over 350 different travel experiences in over 70 countries (think rock-climbing in Ireland or a craft brewery tour in Colorado). All experiences are valid for up to two years, so there’s plenty of time to plan a trip and redeem an experience. Plant a seed for wanderlust!

Best Foot Forward

Foot Cardigan Subscription – $33 – $121


Sock gifts get a bad rap, but we blame those generic multi-packs of white tube socks. Foot Cardigan’s socks are the antithesis of your grandma’s go-to gift. Their quirky, festive designs for both men and women are FUN to receive – especially on a monthly basis! Gift your Ninja a three, six, nine, or 12-month subscription.

Wine and Dine

OpenTable Gift Card

Opentable (2)

Dinner and drinks? Cocktails and apps? Coffee and dessert? With an OpenTable gift card, it’s Ninja’s choice! OpenTable works with over 3,500 restaurants, so they can enjoy a night on the town that suits their unique tastes.

For the Well-Read Warrior

Amazon Kindle Unlimited Membership – $60 – $240

Kindle 2

If your Ninja is the first person you think of when you need a book recommendation, get them ALL THE BOOKS with an Amazon Kindle Unlimited Membership. A membership comes with unlimited access to over one million books and thousands of audiobooks. Books can be read on any device, but Kindles start at just $50 (and ship the same day). Bundle for the win!

Makers and Shakers

Craftsy ($20 – $50) or Etsy Gift Cards


Is your Ninja a DIY-er? Or a DIY admirer? If they’ve been touched by the maker revolution in any way, a gift card for Craftsy or Etsy is guaranteed to make their Admin Day. Etsy’s online marketplace is filled with one-of-a-kind, handmade gifts from all over the world. And Craftsy offers online craft classes, making it easier than ever to learn new skills like knitting, woodworking, and jewelry making.

Straight Muggin’

Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug & Coffee Gift Card – $80

Coffee & MugThis stainless steel, vacuum-insulated travel mug is winning the coffee game – it has almost 2,000 five-star reviews on Amazon! And same-day shipping is available in most cities. Pair it with a gift card for your Ninja’s favorite roast (Starbucks, Peet’s, The Coffee Bean, or your local cafe are all easy crowd pleasers). We recommend loading a gift card with at least $50 so they can enjoy a few specialty drinks.

The Next Best Thing

AMEX Business Gift Card

AMEX gift card

Cash is king but a wad stuffed in an envelope doesn’t really scream “I appreciate you” (at least not in the way you intend it to). That’s why an Amex Business Gift Card is the next best thing. Not only does your Office Ninja get to shop for whatever their heart desires, but they can use these anywhere where AMEX is accepted (that means everywhere). Bonus: if the funds are ever lost or (worse) stolen, don’t fret—AMEX allows you to replace funds in those situations, making it safer than cash.

See that – there are lots of last minute Admin Day gifts that are worthy of your favorite Ninja. (We told you we’ve got your back!) And, if all else fails, go with one of our OfficeNinjas Ambassador’s suggestions: an IOU for a future lunch and a handwritten note expressing your sincere gratitude.

Which of these last-minute (but still awesome!) gifts do you think your resident Office Ninja would like the best?


  1. Not having had the opportunity or means to have an adventurous getaway since my grown kids were little, my mind went right to “ooo, with Tinggly, some crazy socks (I LOVE crazy, comfy socks), a good book, some snacks and a cup of good coffee, and my gift card, I’d be so relaxed and having so much fun, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself!” Great sites. Thank you for the ideas and the mind vacation. Plus I’m sending Tinggly’s link to my faculty so they can plan awesome summer adventures of their own.

    1. That sounds like the best mind vacation ever, Carolyn! Here’s to hoping you get at least one of those for Admin Day :)

      Let us know if any of your colleagues try out Tinggly!

  2. Awesome ideas, thanks for sharing. Too bad I will be having my last week at current employer that week and don’t get a chance to celebrate with my admins :(

    1. We’re sorry to hear that, Julie! You can celebrate with us here online for our daily flash raffles :)

  3. So many great ideas! Tingly sounds so amazing. I started looking at some of the experiences. They are all sound so fun – it makes me want to become a world traveler! There are a few admins in my office that the Sugarwish or Treatise would be perfect for. They have such a huge sweat tooth! Can’t wait for next week to see what it brings to everyone.

    1. Here’s to hoping your office execs see this article, Kim ;)

  4. Fab list!! My faves are the Spa Finder gift card, Kindle Unlimited, and OpenTable gift card. All say “have a well deserved respite, oh Rockstar Ninja” :)

    1. What a perfect combo for a super relaxing weekend that would make any Ninja happier to wake up on Monday morning :)

  5. I’m excited about Admin Week. We all know that Office Ninjas rock! These are great gift ideas. I would love an adventure via Tinggly! I must check into their offerings.

    1. Agreed, Karen! We really hope someone in your office treats you to a gift on Admin Day :) Let us know what you think if you look around Tinggly’s site!

  6. What a great list of ideas! Tinggly – is it really a full ‘trip’? (I’m guessing airfare is separate) Hotel, too? Oh the adventures I could plan!

    1. Deborah – the Tinggly gift includes a travel “experience” of the giftee’s choosing (all experience options are available to browse on their website and include tours, adventure experiences, relaxing experiences and more in the destination of choice). Hotel and airfare are up to you!

  7. Oh yeah, where has Tinggly been my whole life? As someone who is in charge of creating an experience people enjoy in the office and at events it would be great to experience something just for me. I’ll have to check them out for my trip to France next month!

    1. We agree, Tinggly is awesome! Let us know if you end up testing them out, Melissa :)

  8. As an admin these are the kind of gifts that we would hope to get! Let’s get the word out so no one gets stuck with a company mousepad!

    1. YES! We wholeheartedly believe a Ninja’s awesomeness deserves to be recognized with something much better than a company mousepad ;)

      Here’s to hoping you get a great gift for Admin Day, Melissa!

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