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Admin Day Gift Guide Part 1: Go-To Gadgets that Ninjas Will Love

Office Ninjas are a gracious people. They will accept your drugstore chocolates with a sincere-sounding “Thank you.” They will pretend to like that corny, oversized coffee mug, even though they have nineteen others collecting dust at home. And if you dare hand them a cluster of helium-filled balloons tied to a teddy bear, they will grit their teeth and smile as best they can.

But, wouldn’t you rather get your resident Office Ninja an Admin Day gift they’ll actually like?

Here’s a hint: Ninjas love tech. So, when in doubt, go gadget. And if you’re still in doubt, check out our go-to gift guide for Office Managers, Executive Assistants, and Administrative Assistants.

The Big Picture

Professional HD Camera iPhone Lens Kit $25


This clip-on HD lens kit is fun for part-time shutterbugs or Ninjas who consider themselves #nofilter purists. Compatible with most smartphones, the Techo HD lens allows you to take detailed pics of tiny objects…or wide, panoramic photos of groups of people and sprawling landscapes.

More than Meats Expectations

iGrill Mini $25


Ever catch your ninja scrolling through marinade recipes? Or detect the faint whiff of barbecue sauce after a long weekend? If so, you may have a secret grill master on your hands. Why so secret? They simply can’t deal with being gifted another novelty grilling apron. But they will totally appreciate this clever (in a useful way) high-tech meat thermometer. The iGrill Mini syncs with a special app that notifies you when your steaks, chops, or wings have reached the desired temp.

We’re all Thumbstruck

Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard $35


Designing an ergonomically optimized workspace only to type every email with your thumbs is kind of like washing down an entire cheesecake with a diet soda. This Bluetooth multi-device keyboard from Logitech will spare your Ninja’s digits without slowing them down. It’s super lightweight and can easily switch between computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Mood Lighting

Smartphone Notification Light $50


Why save all our “Oohs” and “Aahs” for the fourth of July? Give your favorite Ninja a daily light show with the NOTTI Smart Mood Light. With over 16 million color LEDs, this sleek light can be customized to match (or improve) any mood. And it can be programmed to pulse or glow in sync with social media and calendar notifications.

Rise and Shine

Bluetooth Color Changing Alarm Clock $59

alarm clock

Who ever thought we’d describe an alarm clock as “fun?” Believe it or not, this Bluetooth color changing clock from iHome is a little ball of delight. It has all the standard functions of a traditional alarm clock, but it can also stream music through a smartphone, and it’s equipped with a microphone, which means you can take calls like Charlie from Charlie’s Angels. Plus, the LED color display can be customized to glow or rotate between six different colors.

Art Therapy

Chunky Drawing Stylus $60

Pencil FiftyThree

If your favorite ninja has hopped on board the adult coloring book trend, they’re going to find this Stylus Pencil by FiftyThree Digital even more exciting than a fresh box of Crayolas. It’s chunky design is super easy to grasp, and the pencil’s unique tip can create lines of all sizes. Flip it over and it’s an eraser!

Just Like Old Times

Giant Wall Flip Clock $68

wall clock

We love this gadget’s retro vibe. Like the departure board in an old-school train station, the numbers on this giant clock automatically flips to display the time. It’s a conversation piece that will add character to any Ninja’s workspace.

Style is Power

Stylish Portable Battery Pack $80


Ever notice how we’re not happy with a phone unless it looks like a tiny spaceship, but we’ll settle for a brick-like power bank? Moshi’s stylish portable battery pack addresses that issue, giving your Ninja portable power in a slick design. The ionbank is made from soft vegan leather and gives the average iPhone 120% extra battery life.

Insta Fun

Polaroid Mobile Printer $130


We love the funny faces and goofy props, but the best part of a photo booth is walking away with an actual printout that you can frame, pin, or hold onto as a keepsake. With this Polaroid mobile printer, your Ninja can make memories any day of the week. Using Bluetooth technology and Zink (zero ink) papers, you can print out full-color, smudge-proof 2”x3” prints of photos you take with your phone.

Java Genius

WiFi Enabled Coffeemaker $130

Coffeemaker They say it’s impossible to improve upon perfection, but apparently coffee can get even better. Mr. Coffee has stepped up his game with this smart, Wi-Fi enabled coffeemaker. The WeMo app allows you to schedule brew times in advance or start a pot before you even get out of bed. And the 10-cup thermal carafe keeps every batch hot and fresh.

It’s a Wrap

Bonus: Personalized Wrapping Paper $15

wrapping paper

Ninjas are ALL about the details, which is why yours will be super impressed when you package one of these fun gadgets in wrapping paper that’s been personalized just for them. Minted offers tons of different designs that can be customized with your Ninja’s name and/or photos of them, their family, or pets. Throw in an extra roll for their own gift wrapping station at home (you know they have one).

Remember: Administrative Professionals’ Day is Wednesday, April 27th! There’s still time to get a gift your resident Office Ninja will love (and not just politely tolerate).


  1. OMG! The keyboard and the Bluetooth printer are the best! Would love to win this stuff.

  2. I actually have the keyboard already!! It is as awesome as it sounds and looks!

  3. I am ordering the other keyboard with side keypad. Cannot wait.

    1. Our fingers are crossed that you get at least one item from the list for #AdminDay, Karen!

  4. I’m ordering the keyboard on the next supply list :-)
    I love getting emails from Office Ninja!

    1. We LOVE hearing that, Vonette! Let us know how you end up liking the keyboard :)

  5. Wow; the more I read, the more I oohed and aahed. Love the camera lens, drooled over the keyboard (hope it’s water resistant!), and can’t wait to order and give the wrapping paper!!

    1. Haha!! We hope someone gets you the camera lens, the keyboard, and maybe a couple of napkins for #AdminDay, Karen ;)

  6. I NEED that stylus. The keyboard too. Everything else is rad but that one is a necessity….here’s to hoping I get a sweet admin day/birthday present! I agree with Leticia, these posts are dangerous for my bank account!

    1. Fingers crossed someone in your office sees this post and gets you the stylus and keyboard for #AdminDay, Aeryka :)


    1. That’s amazing, Jill! Please let us know how you like it! :)

  8. I kind want ONE OF EACH! ;-)

    1. We hope one of your coworkers sees this article and gets you something for #AdminDay, Candi :)

  9. I spend more money clicking on these posts! I hope someone starts gifting them to me instead! The keyboard caught my eye.

    1. Haha! We hope someone in your office gets you the keyboard for Admin Day, Leticia :)

  10. Oooooooh! That Logitech keyboard has my heart going pitter-patter!!!

    1. We hope your office gets it for you for Admin Day, Nicole! :)

    2. Me too Nicole!

      And I’m trying to figure out why in the HECK I didn’t recommend Ringly ( to OfficeNinjas?!?!?!? I totally love my notifier ring and it’s a totally beautiful Labradorite stone too!

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