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Admin Day Gift Guide Part 2: The Interactive Edition

Ask an Office Ninja to wrangle a gnarly schedule, execute an office-wide system, or find the best vendors for everything from electrical work to healthy snacks. Go ahead and ask! We guarantee you will be thrilled with the results.

But do NOT ask an Office Ninja to sit still. It’s simply not in our nature. We’re addicted to productivity. We’re high-energy fidgets that need to be doing something at all times—even when we’re relaxing.

Show your favorite Ninja that you get what makes them tick with one of these interactive Admin Day Gifts. Every item on this list is activity-based—they’re gifts that keep on giving! And be sure to check out Part 1 of our Admin Day gift guide. It’s filled with go-to gadgets for tech-lovin’ Ninjas!

1. Pucker Up

DIY Lip Balm Making Kit – $31

About: If you ask us, that whole “phone, keys, wallet” universal checklist needs an amendment: lip balm. Ideal for frequent appliers or homemade gift givers, this DIY lip balm kit includes everything you need to make 12 tubes and jars (24 pieces total) of lip balm crafted from beeswax, shea butter, almond oil, and flavors like peppermint and dark cherry.

Review: “I had so much fun making lip balm!!! Seriously…this was the most fun I’d had making something in a long time! I didn’t think it would be as easy as it was but it was so easy and really a lot of fun!” – Amazon Reviewer

Price: $31

2. Get Granular

Kinetic Sand Activity Gift Set – $56

Sand Gift Set

About: Sand sifting through your fingers: therapeutic. Sand stuck in between your keyboard keys: annoying. If you’ve always wanted a Zen garden but worried about your desk getting gritty, this activity set is the answer. The minimalistic wooden box and accessories are sophisticated, and the sand is kinetic, which means it sticks to itself—and nothing else.

Review: “I have bought kinetic sand for myself and a friend to use at our desk. it calms me down from a stressful day and it doesn’t make a mess. let your inner kid out at the office!” – Ennie T., OfficeNinja Ambassador

Price: $56

3. Bowled Over

Unzipped Hand-Blown Glass Bowl – $17


About: Yes, we consider eating snacks to be “interactive!” Snacking is a time-honored Ninja pastime that should be celebrated with this clever hand-blown glass bowl from Fred and Friends. Fill it with organic nuts, healthy trail mix, dried fruit…or candy. Make this sweet gift more personal by bundling it with customized M&M’s featuring your favorite ninja’s face.

Review: “I saw this candy dish on Pinterest and knew I had to have it. It looks exactly as it is pictured! It’s such a fun little candy dish!” – Amazon Reviewer

Price: $17

4. You Thready for This?

String Art Kit – $17

About: 3D art has more energy than flat prints, which makes it perfect for a cubicle or work space. This kit has a funky, retro, summer camp craft vibe that’s playful, but the rich colors and modern design templates will help you create pieces you’ll want to look at for eight hours a day. Includes string, pins, templates, and three foam canvases.

Review: “Craft-tastic String art is a classic art activity that was just made easier for kids or anybody who wants to tinker with it for the first time.” – Amazon Reviewer

Price: $17

5. ABC (Always Be Changing)

Be… Inspirational Paperweight – $68

Be Cards

About: Ninjas are dynamic, complex, ever-evolving beings. What we find inspirational will change from day to day, which makes this customizable paperweight an ideal resource for positive thinking. Whether you’re striving to be “bold” on Monday or “adventurous” on Thursday, this pewter sculpture with flow with your roll. Includes 72 cards.

Review:  “Bought this for a friend/coworker who was moving out of state. She was excited to put it on her new desk. It is heavy metal (no pun intended), and the cards are similar to cards that come with board games. I like the idea that you could just make your own cards to add into it – or even photos!” – Uncommon Goods Reviewer

Price: $68

6. Shapeshifter

Cubebot Puzzle – $13


About: You know what might make being on hold with the phone company for 20 minutes more tolerable? A Cubebot. He rests in a neat little cube, but he comes to life once the muzak starts. His wooden limbs and elastic-band muscles can be manipulated into dozens of funny poses and dance moves. We like the natural finish, but Cubebot comes in multiple colors and sizes.

Review: “Gave this as a gift for Christmas, it sits on our dispatchers desk and everyone that walks by cannot help themselves from playing with it.” – Amazon Reviewer

Price: $13

7. Reap the Benefits

Funky Veg Kit – $19

Funky Veg Kit

About: If your resident green thumb gets a kick out of purple carrots and red brussels sprouts, this funky vegetable gardening kit is a guaranteed winner. Grow five different farmers’ market-worthy mini crops using the included seeds, soil, and starter pots.

Review: “This is a good gift for that person who has everything. The packaging is great, very minimal design makes it look fancy!” – Amazon Reviewer

Price: $19

8. Mini Marquee

Lite-Brite Magic Screen – $36


About: Kudos to the design pros who created a massive Lite-Brite for adults. However, considering we could buy a mid-size SUV for the same price, we’ll stick to the old-school magic screen. We firmly believe the original is FUN FOR ALL AGES. This mini version comes with 200 colorful pegs and is the same size as a piece of copy paper, which obviously means it was intended to be used by adults in offices.

Review: “Super fun toy with hour of enjoyment!” – Amazon Reviewer

Price: $36

9. Makes Scents

DIY Body Lotion Home Kit – $34

DIY Home Lotion

About: Spend a small fortune on one tiny tube of boutique hand cream, or get everything you need to make six bottles of all-natural, artisanal lotion for under $35? We know the answer to this one! This kit has everything required to mix a base lotion (just add water) and create dozens of signature scent blends. Essential oils come in lavender, blood orange, and cedarwood.

Review: ”I purchased this as a gift for my sister that wanted to make lotions using her own essential oils. After my sister has made her first hand lotion she is extremely happy with the quality of the lotions.” – Amazon Reviewer

Price: $34

10. Put Down Roots

Bonsai Tree Forest Kit – $50

Bonsai Tree Forest Kit

About: Can you see the forest for the trees? This bonsai kit is perfect for meditative Ninjas who like to keep things in perspective. The beautifully packaged gift box (which doubles as a steel planter) contains three seedling training pots, tree and moss seed, river stone, and special bonsai scissors. The tiny trees are actually ancestors of the giant California Redwood!

Review: “I purchased this for my friend who is very difficult to shop for. He loved it! Great gift for anyone that appreciates nature.” – Uncommon Goods Reviewer

Price: $50

BONUS: Pop Art

3D Greeting Card – $13

Love Popcards

About: These origami-like pop-up cards are a gift in and of themselves, but they also make a great add-on. Love Pop Cards makes hundreds of designs, so you’ll be sure to find one that will surprise and delight your hardworking Office Ninja.

Price: $13

Don’t forget that Administrative Professionals’ Day is Wednesday, April 27th! Which of these interactive goodies will you get for your go-go Ninja?


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