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Flash Raffle #5: Win a $500, $300, or $100 Shopping Spree from Token!

2018 Flash Raffle Token

Corporate gifting doesn’t have to be a chore. If you want to send thoughtful, unique gifts that build and strengthen professional relationships, look no further than Token!

Token is an online professional gifting assistant with a unique collection of high-quality gifts. From selection to ordering and delivery, Token offers tons of time-saving features—streamlining the entire gifting process. No more wasting hours researching and organizing corporate giving. Token will take your gift-giving game to a whole new level.

The Top 5 Reasons Ninjas Love Token

OfficeNinjas Admin Week Flash Raffle Token

1. Little Details = Big Impact

Token’s gift wrapping is on the “This is so beautiful I almost don’t want to open it” level. Each premium gift box is tied with a satin ribbon and adorned with a decorative To & From tag. And tucked inside each package is a handwritten note in a gold debossed envelope, sealed with a wax stamp. The unwrapping experience is unforgettable (and 100% Instagram-worthy).

2. Gorgeous Gifts Handpicked by Experts

We’ll get to all the ways Token makes corporate gifting easy, but can we talk about their stunning inventory?! On-staff experts work with some of your favorite designers and brands (and some you’ve yet to discover) to create a curated online catalog of unique gifts. From elegant business card holders to travel yoga mats (two of the most loved products in our 2018 Admin Day Gift Guide), you’re sure to find the perfect gift for clients, potential clients, employees, and anyone you want to feel appreciated!

3. Gift-Giving Guidance

What do you send the board member with everything? The client you’ve met once? The fellow Ninja who says to not worry about her? Token’s gifting algorithm uses multiple variables, including price, occasion, and the recipient’s interests to build a personalized selection of gift options.

4. Ordering Ease

Choosing gifts is the fun part. Collecting address info, scheduling deliveries, and staying on top of important dates and events? Not so much. Sweat the little stuff no more! Token takes care of all that with built-in event reminders, advanced scheduling, and email ordering and delivery. Not sure the best address to send a gift? Send the gift via email, and let the recipient choose the destination.

5. Bulk Gifting

You haven’t experienced ultimate efficiency until you’ve sent 10,000 carefully chosen, beautifully packaged gifts with one simple email. Token’s Gift Experts make sending between 10 and 10,000 gifts (think holidays and company events) a breeze. Just say the word, and they’ll take care of your whole list all at once!

What Ninjas Are Saying About Token

Peter R., Executive Assistant to the CEO and Office Manager, New York, NY

I used to choose gifts myself and would have to figure out best shipping methods, whether I wanted to wrap them, remember addresses, etc. Token has made the entire experience much easier and more efficient. My experience with Token has been nothing but seamless from day one. Their process is easy to understand and navigate, their gift recommendations are always on point, their catalogue of available options is ever-growing, and the few times I’ve reached out to customer support, they have always responded quickly and effectively. I truly cannot recommend Token enough to any admins who frequently send corporate gifts. Try sending one, and you will see how easy and enjoyable it is!

Congrats to the Flash Raffle Winners, Hosted by Token!

Token gave away $500, $300, and $100 in curated gifts to three lucky Ninjas!

OfficeNinjas Admin Week Token

Let us know in the comments what gift from Token YOU would love to receive!


  1. Will definitely be checking out Token!

  2. I like the gold pencil sharpener. I like the fact that you can order it and the recipient of the gift can choose where they want it sent. If I read the right article.

  3. I haven’t heard of Token before now but I’ll learn even more if I win!

  4. I have never heard of token before and need to check it out!

  5. I’ve received from Token but have not had the joy of ordering from them! How can that be??!!

  6. A tabletop mini unicorn pinata? Yes please!

  7. I’d looooove to go to the Small-Batch Organic Chocolate Making Class…. Although I’d be tempted to eat more than learn :) Will definitely have to look into Token more for gifts!

  8. I would love to win and get to sample some of Token’s offerings.

  9. Gosh, that was difficult, I can use some headsets, so the Bluetooth Troubadour or something that’s totally not needed but will be fun, the unicorn neon desk light.

  10. De-stress Bath and shower oil. Aromatherapy Associates.

  11. Will definitely be checking out Token!

  12. Token, where have you been all my life! Can’t wait to order gifts on your site!

  13. Oh why did I not know about this before!?! It is always a challenge to find the right gift for each of our 35+ boards of directors every year! Packaging and sending over 100+ items is tediuous and this would be a much more efficient use of time! Tucking this info away for the end of year!

    1. We’d love to help you out and surprise your board of directors with beautifully wrapped Token gifts!

  14. So many gifts to choose from — I’d love to receive the Yellow Leaf Hammock!

  15. Wow! This sounds like the place to go for everything! I can’t wait to share this with our HR director and other gift-givers on staff! Now, all i have to worry about is how to keep from giving to me?!?!?

    1. Token is great for gifts inside and outside the company. Let us know how we can help your team our, Judith!

  16. This is a great option for corporate gifts! Will check it out .

  17. I like it that they have gift ideas. I also like that they wrap the gifts. I love pretty wrapped gifts, but I’m not any good at it.

  18. very informative. good to know Token is out there.

  19. This sounds like a great idea, and any of these prizes would be great to win!

  20. It has been a great week, everyone! I hope you all have felt very appreciated!!

    1. Woo, create an account and start saving your favorite gifts for easy access in the future! Can’t wait to see what you pick, Michelle.

  21. I’ve never heard of Token until today. I’m a horrible gift-picker. I mean husband gets socks for Father’s Day kind of gift-picker. Colleagues get pens. This is perfect! Can’t wait to try it!

    1. Father’s Day is coming up and every day is Colleague Appreciation Day. Surprise someone with a Token!

  22. Love your site! I went big with my wish and chose the “T3 Addon Portable Green Speaker”

  23. Wow, this would be awesome!

  24. Sounds like a great concept! Need all the help I can get in this department! :)

  25. Never heard of Token but will check them out. The art sets would be a nice gift to win.

  26. Love how you fill in the categories for the type of person you are buying a gift for to get customized ideas.

  27. I love the Bolt Wireless headphones! I can take my run and escape a hectic day. Funny that my Dad sold Starkey hearing aids years ago – I was surprised to see the name again. Good times…

  28. I also wanted to add to my previous comment that mentioned this is EA heaven for me; would love to receive anything from their bridal/ wedding category since I am soon to be married! So excited.

  29. I just really need to k now more about this. Sounds too good to be true and maybe it is just that great!

  30. This is EA gifting heaven! A little something for everyone whether personal or business and still with the personal feel touch.

  31. This could be the answer for so many situations! I am impressed and, although we don’t do a lot of gifting, could see myself turning to Tokens often.

  32. I love the Portofino travel set. When you are traveling it would be nice to have a luxury travel companion!!

  33. The “gift giving guidance” would be enormously helpful!

    1. Try out our Gift Finder or browse many of our gift categories to discover and send beautiful gifts!

  34. Cant wait to try this out. Looks so awesome!

  35. This site is well curated! Favorite part: price range :)

  36. This would be an awesome win!

  37. I spend way too much time trying to find the perfect gift. I’m definitely going to be looking into this!

    1. We did too, until we developed the Gift Finder. Try sending a Token and see how they react to the gift wrap!

    1. Absolutely! Shouldn’t every day be Employee Appreciation Day?

  38. The Original Ostrich Pillow please!

  39. Can’t wait to begin using Token! I’d be excited to receive several of their unique gifts, especially anything food /kitchen related!

  40. I would love the light up unicorn slippers :)

  41. WOW….how does one pick just one thing! The smoking gun….what?!?! Fun, great gifts on this site for sure!

  42. The “Yaas Queen” neon desk light is something I would love to have!!

  43. Gifts are always great and even better when they’re relevant to the recipient! Great ideas!

    1. We love to help companies find gifts that are the right match for their customer.

    1. Tell us about it haha. With the Gift Finder, you can easily find great gifts and we’ll take care of the wrapping ;)

  44. This would be a great resource for all kinds of corporate gifts.

  45. I am going to have to try this service for our next give aways in our department. Sounds like they do everything.

    1. One stop shop, you got it! We love making giveaways and office traditions extra special with our beautifully wrapped gifts.

  46. fun gift ideas! and the search function is pretty cool, too.

  47. Choosing and delivering clients gifts at the holidays is always an overwhelming task! Token sounds like a dream come true!

    1. I put myself in the gift finder ….the 50 piece mixed art media set would definitely be my choice!

    2. Holiday gifting is our specialty! We can’t wait to help you this year, Lisa.

  48. Gifts are a nice way to recognize and appreciate staff!

    1. Absolutely, Bianca! We’re here to make your job as a Ninja easier.

  49. Mother’s day is approaching – some great ideas!

  50. Gift procurement is a nightmare of mine, and we typically rely on traditional pen sets for clients young and old, YAWN! It would be great to get some new ideas.

  51. What a fabulous idea! Will keep Token in mind for special gifts!

  52. The gardening and art sets are amazing ideas!

  53. I love Token’s gift model!! I can’t wait to try it out next time we need to send a gift, what a great idea!

  54. Nice website–nice gifts. Will definately try to use.

  55. I love how you can tailor your gift searches to personality & themes. The yellow leaf hammock looks so welcoming right now, I could nap in that all day! lol I just came back from a conference

  56. What an awesome idea and it takes the guess work out of shopping.

    1. Exactly! Rest easy and know that we’ve got all your gifting needs taken care of.

  57. I forgot to put what I like. I like the hammocks. Looks so relaxing!

  58. Never heard of this. Sounds like a great service!

  59. I will definitely check this out bc I am always having issues find the perfect gift.

  60. So glad I found about about Token! Great presentation for gifting!

  61. What a fun way to shop! I would love the Sous Vide Immersion Circulator.

  62. I love the cubes with plants and the art sets. That’s probably what I’d get.

  63. This website is so cool – no more boring gifts for anyone! Would LOVE to get that ultimate matcha set, I’m transitioning from my usual coffee to green tea so that sounds like a perfect thing to help :)

  64. I love the variety! The grey glass carafe and cup stood out as something I’d love to keep on my nightstand.

  65. I would love to receive a book or pampering related gift from Token :)

  66. Loving the neon ‘hustle’ desk lamp – that’s our unofficial office mantra

  67. Wow, everything looks amazing! I would love to win the Matcha Starter set.

  68. I wish I had known about Token a few weeks ago! Thank you, officeninjas, for introducing me to so many excellent vendors at AdminBash!

    1. Aw man, sounds like we missed out on an awesome opportunity. To the next event together!

  69. I love the crystal ball! It will go nicely with the magic wand I keep at my desk, because you know… ;)

  70. Thank you Office Ninjas for this great idea and week!

  71. They have so many things that I would want gifted to me that I can’t imagine I couldn’t find the perfect gift for my boss, clients or for our staff.

  72. Never heard of Token, but can’t wait to try it!

  73. Token really does have so many thoughtful gifts. I have never used their website, but I have heard of it, and I think I am going to start using it even if it is for gifts for family/friends.

    1. Happy to hear we’re back on your radar, Michele! Can’t wait to help you surprise everyone with beautifully wrapped gifts.

  74. I love this idea! Will definitely check them out.

  75. This sounds like just what we need!

  76. Going to try Token for our next baby, marriage, etc. Another option to make life easier!

  77. The XXL Parachute Camping Hammock looks awesome!!! Wonderful article !!!

  78. MMM the Cookies & Coffee box from Kerber’s Farm!

  79. It’s not really waiting for approval, it’s taking it to my CEO for approval and then they start throwing out other ideas – it just delays the decision making, and often I’ve already considered their “new” ideas and discredited them already! I’ve been there, done that, trust me :D

    1. Good to know. If you had ideas on how we can help you convince your CEO and get approval faster, we’d love to hear from you! Email us:

  80. I would get a ripple opener for my boss. There are so many options it is nice to be able to get suggestions based on each individual person.

  81. Great gift ideas for coworkers and family!

  82. I’m definitely passing this along to my Office Manager. :)

  83. Can’t wait to check out the options!~

  84. Great variety of gifts!

  85. Great concept! As we send out annual holiday gifts to our members, I am definitely putting Token in my contacts for future reference.

    1. Creating a Token account let’s you create event reminders, and when the time comes, we’ll give you recommendations too! Can’t wait to help you with holiday gifting.

  86. So glad I came across this!

  87. Wow, Token has some great gifts! I’d love to get something like The Organic Culinary Herb Box to grow food.

  88. Have never heard of this site before! I look forward to learning more about you!

    1. We’re the best way to surprise and delight your colleagues and clients. Check out our website, and try sending a gift!

  89. I was at the store with a calculator for how many minutes trying to figure out how many square feet of wrapping paper and ribbon I needed for boxes that were a particular size, ordering the boxes, bubble wrap, the time it takes, paper cuts you get trying to measure, cut, wrap, and now I have an excess of boxes, not to mention figuring out just the right gift… It’s all such a major headache! This service sounds great!

    1. We’re happy to take that headache away for you, Veronica. We ensure every gift is beautifully wrapped and delightful to open!

  90. Token – the answer to my prayers! would love the Cherry Blossom Room Spray

  91. We always like to give thoughtful gifts to our staff on their big anniversaries, when they get married or when they have babies. We spend a fair amount so we also like to provide quality items.

    1. I think we can make Token work for you ;) we only work with high quality brands and make sure the presentation is fabulous. Let us know if you wanted to pick out signature work anniversary gifts!

  92. While I don’t need corporate gifts that often, I love the selection!

  93. I’d love the Hustle neon desk light. (It’s what I do as an admin and I have several “hustle” items on my desk including my coffee mug).

  94. I’m really excited about this company. Definitely going to check into it more.

    1. We believe in paying it forward and building stronger relationships through gifting. Hope we’ve inspired you to give a gift to someone you want to get closer with!

  95. So many awesome gift ideas!!

  96. So cool! Definitely will keep Token in mind for my next corporate gifts.

    1. Looking forward to helping you with your corporate gifting ;) We have handy reminders system to help you keep track of important occasions too, check it out!

  97. So many wonderful options! I like the mixed media sets, the herb box, and the salt set! Wow!

  98. What a great idea! Definitely something to consider for future gifting

  99. Gifting is such a valuable way to say thank you and show appreciation for someone. I love how Token puts so much thought and class into corporate gifting.

    1. We agree! Relationships are the most important thing in business, and we’re here to help you in becoming a more thoughtful Ninja.

  100. I love the details in the One Stop Shop method!
    I will definitely be bookmarking this for use in the future!

    1. You can bookmark / heart your favorites gifts too! After you create an account, any items you’ve favorited will show up in your dashboard to make it easier to send as a gift in the future.

  101. I would love the Victoria Six Small Small Pearl Necklace. Simple and elegant.

  102. Loved the Administrative Professionals Week gift suggestions so I’ll be sure to check out Tokens!

  103. Never heard of Token! They have such cute things for gifting to team members or for raffling.

    1. Our gift wrap will make your colleagues feel appreciated, guaranteed. The cute gifts help too ;)

  104. I like the different options for gifts and the gift wrapping is very well done.

  105. I love that the “little details” are listed as having a big impact. I agree 100%!

    1. As a Ninja, you know that details matter! Our handwritten notes and wax seals created a beautiful and unforgettable unwrapping experience.

  106. I have been searching for the “perfect” gift for a dozen people and am hoping this site will come through for me.

    1. We think our collection of gifts can help you with that problem ;) Happy gifting!

  107. I’m sad too – that it is the last day of Admin Week! I love the energy and positivity in my daily Ninja emails!

  108. Would love to learn more! Fabulous idea!

    1. Check out our website, and create an account to stay up to date with our newest gifts!

  109. This would be great for special occasions!

    1. You should see their reaction when it’s not a special occasion, the gift wrap blows them away.

  110. Chambray blanket, beautiful desk organizers, Bees Knees honey… really, I’d gladly accept any gift from Token’s lineup!

  111. Great gift ideas! I would get the Vein Turquoise 5″ Santoko Knife

  112. I’ve never heard of Token, sounds Amazing though!

  113. Great resources. Love to save more of my time.

    1. We’re all about helping you save time and giving thoughtful gifts!

  114. Never heard of them, I’ll have to check it out…Boss’s day is coming soon.

    1. Imagine the look on their face when they walk in the morning of and see this beautiful gift on their desk…

  115. Just checked out a few options, but they were great! Will definitely be looking at this more closely!

    1. Create an account to save your favorite gifts and stay up to date with our latest tools!

  116. Great article, will check them out! Thanks!

  117. Amazing selection! I would totally love the 15 minute timer. if you’re procrastinating something, or overwhelmed by a large task, I once read you set aside 10-15 minutes and just start taking a baby step. This gift is perfect when you need a jumpstart!!! <3

  118. I love the Decision Making Coin. My dad once told me (when I was having trouble deciding between two things) to flip a coin. A great way to get your guy reaction and know deep down how you really feel. It’s been 25 year since he gave me that advice and I haven’t forgotten it yet.

  119. Wow! This is a great site! The IZOLA
    24oz Gold Cocktail Shaker looks awesome.

  120. Wrapped gifts ready to go…what a concept! And I love the rich burgundy color of the ribbon! ZHUZH IT UP!

    1. Not sure zhuzh it up means, but we think it’s a good thing ;) Can’t wait to zhuzh your colleagues and customers! (Did we use it correctly?)

    1. Check our website and start favoriting your favorite go-to gifts!

  121. Never heard of this. Will be spreading the word!

    1. Let us know if you’d like a referral code to give to friends, Emily!

  122. I’m interested in just about all the food items, but the apple wood smoked maple syrup really intrigues me.

  123. Excited learn more about Token

  124. LOVE the Charlie Tote! Now THAT’s a GIFT!

  125. This sounds amazing! Can’t wait to check them out!

  126. I haven’t heard of them before and am very thankful for the information. Great ideas that will make our corporate gift giving much easier!

    1. Yes! That’s what we aim to do. Can’t wait to save you time and help you impress clients and customers!

  127. So many awesome gift ideas! Personally I love the mixology kit or the kitchen torch for making creme brulee!

  128. Thank you for this great company. The caramels look wonderful

  129. What a wonderful website. Gifts galore!

  130. Happy Admins Week to all! Thanks Office Ninjas for your support of the admin role :)

  131. This is such an interesting company! Hope I have a chance!!

  132. I would love the Strawberry Window Box. I love strawberries and I don’t have much space to garden, so it’s a win-win!

  133. Give me any Maple Syrup, and I am a VERY happy man. Fingers crossed!

  134. The jewelry is gorgeous! I love the Nastia Lukin star pendant.

  135. This sounds like an incredible idea. I am researching now and can’t wait to learn more!

    1. Did you know you can favorite gifts and save them for future gift giving? Create an account and simply click the heart!

  136. Love how Token helps with choosing the perfect gift!

    1. We aim to save you time and help you build stronger relationships!

  137. I want the Louis Sherry Chocolate Truffles. Can’t go wrong with that!! ;-)

  138. Everybody needs a Token! Pick me, ohhhh please pick me! :-)

  139. Great gift ideas and such classy packaging. This is a wonderful idea for corporate gifting made easy.

    1. Excited to work together and help you level up your gifting game!

  140. I’ll check this out for sure as I find corporate gift giving is difficult. What do you get someone that has and can afford anything?

  141. This looks very intriguing. Have to look into this further!

  142. This is great… I can never find the “right” gift!

  143. Token is awesome. I can’t wait to use it.

  144. I am amazed by their vast selection of gifting options!

    1. Our Gift Experts work hard on finding unique, high quality items that make great gifts. Hope you find a good gift to give!

    1. Right? With just a few minutes of work, you can send hundreds of gifts to anyone you’d like. If you want to learn more about bulk gifting, send us an email:

  145. And I think the Bluetooth Troubadour headphones look like something I would love to own.

  146. Wow, Soooo many things I’d like from here! Candles, and lotion, and just about any of the food items. And some of the bar glasses for my husband. :-)

  147. I love the names you guys came up with for the prizes.

  148. Loved the Token website. If I had to select a gift, it would be a toss-up between the keychain that says something that I don’t think I can post here, but ends with the “it” or the flip top card case that starts with “talented” Loved them both and they would fit my personality perfectly!

  149. If I’m splurging, I love the gold half-moon earrings or the pineapple earrings. I also like the Addon T5 Bluetooth speakers or the wireless earbuds (those always come in handy!)

  150. Informative article for a great gift giving option. Thank you for the article!

  151. There are so many lovely things at Token, but I’d probably go for the Strawberry Window Box kit. it just seems so whimsical and practical at the same time (kinda like me!)

  152. What a great way to show appreciation to your clients!! I never knew about Token but I’m glad I do now!!

    1. We are too! The gift wrap alone will make any client feel appreciated and loved. Can’t wait to help you level up your gifting game.

  153. I love the Neon Lightbulb desk light.

  154. Token sounds great! Can’t wait to check them out!

  155. It’s such a challenge to find something a little different but appealing and still within budget.

    1. You can sort gifts by price to make it easier for you to shop within a budget!

  156. This is a great site I never heard of. I will have to give it a try. I love the gift boxes the gift comes in. I really like the handmade horizontal horn bar necklace.

    1. We love our gift wrap too. Hopefully we can surprise someone for you soon!

  157. I had not heard of your service so am pleased to know about it! Makes everything so much easier from a corporate standpoint!

    1. We’re here to help, Sharon! Looking forward to upgrading your corporate gifting game.

  158. I’ve never heard of this company before, but I will not forget Token the next time I need to send a gift, or treat myself!

  159. Corporate gift giving is always such a challenge. I appreciate the help!

  160. Corporate gift giving is always such a challenge. Looking forward to a little help here. Thanks!

    1. From picking the gift to wrapping and sending it, we take care of everything corporate gift related. Excited to help you out, Deborah!

  161. This sounds like a great idea. I need all the help I can get when it comes to selecting the right gift!

  162. Token is such a cool gift service. I wish I knew about them years ago. I cannot wait to share Token with my colleagues. I am sure they will love it too. Love the jewelry travel case or portfolio.

    1. Spread the word amongst your team and we’ll help everyone level up their gifting game!

  163. This would be a dream. Wish I would have known about this before now!

  164. WOW! This site is amazing! So many options to choose from!

  165. I had not heard of Token. What a great looking website!

  166. Very interesting, a lot of nice gift ideas. I will use this site in the future.

  167. I never heard of Token and I am amazed. I wish I found them years ago. I can’t wait to share Token with my colleagues.

    1. Now we’re on your radar, and we can’t wait to help you out!

  168. Can’t wait to see what They have to offer for an employee event for our departmentthis year!

  169. This puts the “fun” into “functional”, practical shopping for the office (and home) :)

  170. How would i even choose just one item? Looks like so many fun things to choose from! Chocolate make classes?! Gold Pineapple tumbler?! Wine aerator?! So many options!

  171. Ahhh! I LOVE TOKEN. Would love to win their geo set of business card holders or the pineapple stationery. I. LOVE. ALL. THINGS. GOLD. #obsessed

  172. My boss and I are always looking for unique gifts to recognize our team! What a great selection they have.

    1. We believe in unique and beautifully wrapped experiences. Can’t wait to help you and your boss out!

  173. I have enjoyed entering the daily raffles even though thus far I haven’t won anything it is still good to be a part of OfficeNinjas. Thank You!

  174. OMG there are so many GREAT items on this website!!! Who doesn’t want to have items to pamper themselves, or a great art set, or a cool kitchen torch for creme brulee, or a geode that you can crack open yourself (how cool to anticipate what you will see), or……should I go on? LOVE this website!!

  175. Appears to be a great option for companies who send gifts to clients and customers

  176. This would make for a fantastic gift!

  177. This is going to boost up my gift giving skills!

  178. Fantastic – thanks OfficeNinja for sharing this awesome service!

  179. These are amazing gifts! My struggle is finding a nice gift at the end of our fiscal year to present to the Board of Directors (8 men/women). It has to be a nice gift that is appropriate for all, but still interesting as well.

    1. High quality and impressive gifts is what we do best. If you wanted to reach out for inspiration, let us know!

  180. Our company never gives out gifts but I think it is something we need to do for our loyal clients as they’ve stuck with us during a lot of transitions!

    1. Customer retention is one the most important aspects of business, and gifting is proven to help! If you’re interested in learning more about Token Pro, send us an email:

  181. I do think this site will become my new secret weapon for gifts!

  182. Forwarding this info to our Event Planner- great idea!

    1. We do gifts for all occasions including events. Shoot us an email and we’re more than happy to help out.

  183. Great options! I personally love the Spicy Honey.

  184. A little appreciation would be awesome.

  185. Great site, love the yoga mat or the mixed media art set! Both are calming!

  186. The Polaroid camera is amazing! (Just like Token and its services)

  187. This was an awesome article. Will definitely check it out!

  188. I love the gift finder tool! Now I want to send gifts to everyone :)

    1. Power to you! We love setting aside time every Friday to give gifts to those that have helped us over the years.

  189. Checked out Token! Would love that Addon Bluetooth Speaker so I can listen to my lady jams ;)

  190. What a great gift for a lucky winner and such unique items Token has on their website.

  191. Looking forward to using it!

  192. Token’s site is great! I will definitely be sharing that site. Oh Wait! Maybe i should keep it to myself and let people wonder where I get all the great ideas. :)

    1. Haha, we believe in sharing the love, but hey, we all have our secrets ;) You’ll have everyone wondering, “How does Melissa always give the best gifts?”

  193. I love the mixed media art set. What a cool carry case and gift for anyone who has the creative itch.

  194. So many cool ideas – not only for work but family events too – think bridal party gifts, wedding favors, anniversaries, etc!

  195. Love the variety – not only business but also family oriented – think bridal party gifts, wedding favors, etc!

  196. The coolest idea! Would love to use!!

  197. Oh my, what presentation of a simple gift! Very impressed with what you have to offer. Glad I checked it out!

    1. Our gift wrap is like none other ;) can’t wait to surprise your colleagues and customers with beautifully wrapped gifts!

  198. What a great article. I will have to check them out!

  199. Thank you office ninjas for once a finding a solution to an aged issue! Love the bulk options, the assistance & advise and the options and possibilities!

    1. You could say we’re your one stop shop for all gifting purposes ;) Looking forward to helping you out, Kristianne!

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