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19 Gift Ideas for Administrative Professionals Day!

Editor’s Note: This Admin Week (April 23–27, 2018), let’s harness the power of Ninja-to-Ninja recognition and use it to strengthen our tribe. Let a fellow office manager, executive assistant, or administrative professional know they’re crushing it. Or take it one step further by giving them a thoughtful gift from our handy Admin Day gift guide! Buying through the links on products with asterisks helps us keep the lights on :)

Where would you be without your resident Office Ninja? Lost? Confused? Hungry? You appreciate everything they do to keep your workplace running efficiently, so make sure you show your thanks this Admin Day, April 25!

Because Office Ninjas can be a little tricky to shop for (they’re always so organized and in control—what could they possibly need?), we assembled this handy guide filled with Ninja-approved gifts at every price point. Happy shopping!

Admin Bash Ticket $70

Dare we say it’s the hottest ticket in town? We do. General admission at Admin Bash gives you access to unparalleled networking opportunities (we’re talking hundreds of Ninjas from every industry in one room), delicious local eats, an open wine bar, a curated vendor market, the massage lounge, raffle prizes, and our legendary swag bag. Join us on April 25, 2018 in Silicon Valley to celebrate Administrative Professional’s Day!

Business Card Holder from Token $60Token Georg Jensen Business Card Holder OfficeNinjas

Bring your A-game to your next networking event with this super-sophisticated business card holder. Constructed from mirrored stainless steel, its simple design is both striking and timeless. A fab find thanks to our Admin Week partner Token!

Custom Duo Jam from Woo Garden $22

Woo Garden Custom Duo Jam OfficeNinjas

Instagram called. They want their avocado toast back. But, seriously, smother your bread, bagels, and muffins in these tasty (but not too sweet) small-batch preserves, and you’ll forget all about the green stuff. Woo Garden artfully packages two jams of your choice. The hardest part is choosing from their unique flavor combos, like pear/lavender and strawberry/balsamic vinegar.

Soap Sampler Gift Set from Yuzu Soap $22

Yuzu Soap Set OfficeNinjas

We are beyond lucky to have Yuzu Soap as an Admin Week partner and year-round supporter (you may have sniffed their delicious line of bath products at our Admingling events in San Francisco, Chicago, and Seattle). Like everything they make, each soap in this delightful little sampler is handcrafted from all-natural ingredients and smells absolutely divine.

Fisher Space Pen* $19


Fisher Space Pen OfficeNinjas
The Fisher Space Pen is light-years ahead of other writing instruments. This pen—comes in 12 colors—writes at any angle and holds up in extreme temps (-30°F to 250°F) so you could literally take notes on the moon. Or on a recliner in the desert … or hanging upside down in Antarctica. The point is this pen is super durable, dependable, and leak resistant.

Stance Sock Subscription $19/month

Ninjas cover a lot of ground in a day, so well-constructed socks are a non-negotiable. Stance socks are made to perform (wear them to the gym too!), and their funky, unexpected designs add personality to your outfit, whether that’s a tracksuit or head-to-toe business casual. Buy or gift them by the pair, or sign up for a monthly or quarterly subscription.

Bullet Journal $25

Bullet Journal OfficeNinjas
Photo Source: Bullet Journal

Created by a digital product designer, the Bullet Journal provides an analog system that allows you to track the past, organize the present, and plan for the future. (Diehards swear it will change your life.) The journal itself has a simple, sleek design and includes 249 pages of dot grid paper, a gusseted pocket, and an elastic enclosure band.

OfficeNinjas Canvas Duffel Bag $36

OfficeNinjas Duffel Bag

Our classic OfficeNinjas duffel bag is the perfect fit for your carrying needs. Use it as a gym bag, day bag, or carry-on. Made by Scarborough & Tweed, this bag is built to handle everyday wear and the toughest travel experiences—with style.

Plat Culinary Tote from àplat $46

Plat Culinary Tote from àplat

Spilled casseroles and mangled pies are a thing of the past, thanks to the Plat Culinary Tote. Made from 100% organic cotton canvas, this clever carrier fits round or square dishes up to 13 inches. It’s machine washable, and both straps are reinforced. Ideal for office potlucks, dinner parties, and picnics in the park.

Pantone Mini Notebooks* $18Pantone Mini Notebooks OfficeNinjas

Research shows you’re more likely to remember something you handwrite versus something you type. And you’re even more likely to remember something written in a cheerful little notebook … OK, we made up that last part, but aren’t these Pantone Mini Notebooks fun and perfectly portable? Fill them up one by one, or use them to color code your notes and ideas.

Book of the Month Club Subscription starting at $45

Book of the Month Club OfficeNinjas

Want to see a Ninja geek out? Give them a subscription to the Book of the Month Club. Book club members receive access to author debuts and early releases, and they can select each month’s shipment from five critically acclaimed titles. (As if the smell of a freshly cracked hardback wasn’t enough.)

The Breakaway Gift Set from Clif Family $85

The Breakaway Gift Set from Clif Family

Perfect for an impromptu, in-house happy hour … or a private Netflix marathon. Admin Bash partner, Clif Family’s maple curried cashews and blend of peanuts, almonds, and pistachios pair beautifully with their 2016 Rte Blanc Sauvignon Blanc and 2015 The Climber, a delicious Bordeaux-style blend. Sip, snack, and be merry!

Amber Glass Soy Candle from Token $34

Token Amber Glass Soy Candle OfficeNinjasThanks to Token for researching the zillions of scented candles out there and giving us a winner. Summon those cleansing nature vibes with the woodsy aroma of this hand-poured candle from Brooklyn Candle Studio. Made with zero added chemicals or dyes, this soy candle burns up to 65 hours. And the rustic gift box is so pretty that you won’t need extra gift wrapping.

Caramel Gift Box from McCrea’s $55McCreas Caramel Gift Box OfficeNinjas

You haven’t fully experienced caramels until you’ve tasted a McCrea’s caramel. The makers of these small-batch candies spent years perfecting their recipes, and we’re happy to report that they nailed it. This elegantly packaged gift box includes three 5.5 oz. tubes of their most popular flavors: Classic; Spring is in the Air, which contains notes of rosemary truffle sea salt and vanilla; and Taste of New England, a distinctive blend of vanilla, maple, and Cape Cod sea salt.

BookBook CaddySack from Twelve South* $50

Twelve South Caddy Sack OfficeNinjas

Traveling with your MacBook Pro can feel like wrestling a small octopus. Earbuds + a charging cable + a power adapter + a lighting cable = SO MANY CORDS. The CaddySack keeps all your gear untangled and in order, and it zips up into a smart leather case.

Many Thanks Gift Package from Packed with Purpose $45

Packed with Purpose Many Thanks OfficeNinjas

This gift box is stuffed with goodies like cinnamon pecan granola, chocolate-covered espresso beans, and dark chocolate–covered peanut butter bites. What’s even more satisfying than these tasty treats? Each gift from Packed with Purpose includes products sourced from social enterprises committed to serving their communities through employment, skill development, and sustainability efforts.

SuperLite Travel Yoga Mat from Token $42

Token Eko SuperLite Yoga Mat OfficeNinjas

A score for the mindful Ninja, thanks (again) to Token. Commuting with a typical yoga mat is a less than zen experience, but the Manduka eKO SuperLite isn’t your typical yoga mat. The mat weighs in at just two pounds, and its ultra-thin, eco-friendly material can be folded up and tucked into your tote bag (no need to fumble around with a three-foot cylinder). And, like all Manduka mats, the SuperLite is grippy and supportive.

Tea Collection from Socola Chocolatier $28

This 12-piece gift box from the Bay Area’s award-winning Socola Chocolatier is the ultimate indulgence. Each artfully crafted truffle is made with all local ingredients, including butter and cream from Straus Creamery. Tea-infused flavors include Jasmine, Earl Grey, Matcha Green, and Masala Chai.

National Parks Foundation Notebook from Autumn Summer Co. $35


Autumn Summer Co National Parks Notebook OfficeNinjas
This beautiful notebook from Autumn Summer Co. is special for a couple reasons. First of all, its handcrafted wooden cover can be monogrammed with a custom message or logo. Secondly, 20% of all proceeds from the sale of this design are donated to the National Park Foundation.

It’s Giveaway Time—You Must be a Ninja to Win!

As a warm-up for Admin Week, we’re giving away items from this gift guide to 3 lucky Ninjas! If you like free stuff and surprises, you’ll definitely want to enter ASAP—the gift packages will be revealed after we’ve chosen a winner.

How to Enter

To enter, you must be an Office Ninja (we triple check!). Submit your entry below! Increase your chances of winning by sharing this giveaway with your entire admin network!

Enter for free! Entries close on Thursday, April 19 at 11:59 pm PDT.

#AdminWeek Gift Guide 2018 Giveaway


Good luck! And before you go, let us know in the comments: Which items are you most excited to win and why?


  1. All of the prizes look AH-MAZING. QQ for you all – I have my ticket to Admin Bash, but it isn’t registering in the “raffle entries” up above. How do I reconcile?

  2. I am most excited about the space pen – I have heard so much for years about it and would love to have one of my own – great conversation starter in meetings with Vendors or just about anyone.

  3. I’m most excited to win any of these gifts – they’re all amazing!

  4. Everything looks amazing! But I already won something priceless… being a part of an AMAZING group of Ninja’s in the building!

  5. A nice water cooler for our team would be great, but of course any prize we would love

  6. It’s so thoughtful of you to offer these prizes…any one of them would be welcome!

  7. Any gift is a win, they all look amazing! The socks look like a lot of fun, and the book of the month is everything because I love to read.

  8. So many great gifts! The CaddySack, Pantone notebooks, and space pen are way practical and the perfect tools to help me during a busy day. The snacks, chocolates, and jams are a great way to keep a ninja going! The yoga mat, candle and book subscription are the best way to decompress when I need it. Great job curating these gifts! You know us so well :)

  9. i think that yoga mat would be amazing! this is such a great thing that office ninjas does from year to year. even if you don’t win it’s fun to just be a apart of and to be happy for a fellow ninja winner!

  10. Spa package would be absolutely amazing! But any prize is worth while!!

  11. I would be happy to win Any of the prizes, especially one that I could ‘show off’ at work for being a fantastic Admin!

  12. all the gifts look great but love the idea of the yoga mat

  13. They all look awesome but I’d be most excited to win the duffel bag

  14. I’m most excited to win the yoga mat! Having a more lightweight one for travel would be awesome!

  15. I’d be happy to win anything. The BookBook CaddySack piques my interests.

  16. These products all look AMAZING!

  17. I would love to win any of these admazing products (fingers crossed!)
    OfficeNinjas, you rock!

  18. I would be excited to win ANY of the awesome prizes!

  19. All of the prizes look great! I would be happy to win any of them.

  20. I would love to win any of the notebooks or pens, and of course chocolate!

  21. The BookBook! I already have them for my cell phone and iPad, adore their products!

  22. I’m most excited to win the mini Pantone Notebooks! I love to write everythiiiiiinnnnnng down and think the color-coded notebooks will bring me to a new level or organized!!

  23. I’m most excited to win anything technology related to help me in my position

  24. I’m most excited to win the SuperLite Travel Yoga Mat.

  25. Would love to win the Many Thanks gift package and the bullet journal! Good luck to us all!

  26. The Plat Culinary Tote or the Bullet Journal would be my first choices, great ideas that would be so useful!

    The National Parks Foundation Notebook, the Card Holder, and the Breakway set look fabulous too, as do the others.

  27. Most excited to win the yoga mat!

  28. Most excited to win the yoga mat!!!

  29. All are great items. For me, the book of the month club or the duffle bag would be great!

    1. For you (and hopefully all the Ninjas out there)! Good luck, Corri!

  30. All of these gifts are amazing, and I would be happy to win any of them. If I HAD to choose, it would either be the books or the duffle bag!

  31. Would be thrilling to be on the receiving end of: A Ninja SHOUTOUT, An “Adda Girl, or ANY of the awesome prizes (BookBook Caddysack is my fav). I appreciate the OfficeNinjas Community! You are ALL heroes! :-)

    1. Ninjas like you are OUR heroes, Bethany! Here’s hoping you get all the recognition you deserve ❤️

  32. Thank you for the great list of gift ideas!
    I love the Bullet Journal. If, by chance, I don’t receive one as a prize or a gift, I may go ahead and treat myself. :)

  33. I’m excited about the travel Yoga Mat, or the Fisher Space Pen
    and love the National Park Notebook

  34. So excited for next week! Too many awesome giveaways to choose just one :-) I would be happy to win anything.

    1. Happy to hear you’re ready for #AdminWeek! Good luck, Sherrie!

  35. Book of the month club! Love this concept and love to read but I don’t always make the time to pick up a book.

  36. Book of the month club! Love this concept and love to read but I don’t always make the time to pick up a book.

    1. It’s a gift that keeps on giving! Good luck to you, Jess!

    1. Aren’t they so cute? Fingers crossed for you, Gina 🎉

  37. I would love to have the Plat culinary tote! I’m from Portland Oregon where we have a ton of food carts to choose from for work day lunches. This tote will go perfectly with my GO Box, bamboo utensils, and washable hand towel. The perfect complement to a healthy, tasty, waste-free lunch!

    1. Sounds like the perfect fit for an *admazing* Ninja! Good luck, Leisa 🎉

  38. Packed with a Purpose! Great food that supports entrepreneurs; you can’t go wrong there.

  39. They are all great prizes I’d love to win any of them.

  40. The Plat culinary tote is a must-have for all Office Ninjas out there, it can be used for virtually any food source you must transport from Point A to Point B. Go Ninjas! HAPPY ADMIN’S DAY TO ALL!

    1. And to you, Laurie! Thanks for all your support and admazing work!

  41. Facing a milestone birthday this year (sigh!) and looking to do it AWAY from work. Delta would be AH-MAZING but honestly that wooden notebook had me swooning. :)

    1. Hoping you get to take some time for yourself…win OR lose, Susan! Good luck 🙌

  42. The Breakaway Gift Set from the Cliff family would be an awesome gift to unwind and relax for an office ninja as myself!!

  43. I would be happy with any of the gifts but the favorite would be the book subscription. Looking forward to Admin Week Giveaway except I will on a plane most of Thursday.

    1. Well we’ll make sure we celebrate extra hard on Wednesday 😉 Good luck to you, Mary!

  44. It all looks so great! Will have to make notes for my own gift giving list!!

    1. That’s what we were hoping for! But remember you deserve a few treats too, Robin 😊

  45. I’m most excited to win … anything!! They are all awesome prizes :)

  46. Honestly, I would be happy to win any of these awesome gifts! However, if I had to choose just one…well…the socks of the month would be fun.

  47. All the prizes are so fun! The Clif Family gift set is top of my wish list though, wine and snacks, what more could a girl want at the end of a long day?!

    1. Our thoughts exactly, Amelia! Fingers crossed for you 🍷

  48. Yoga mat, so I can get my butt ready for the summer. But also the socks, books, etc!!!

  49. I would be most excited to win the Book-of-the-Month Club (for me and my book club)! I love to read, and having monthly suggestions, in addition to my choice of book, would be great! I’m also forwarding this link to my bosses…do you think they might take a hint? ;-)

    1. That’s what we’re hoping for, Mary Lynn! Here’s hoping you win (and they get the hint!) 😊

  50. These are all such thoughtful gifts!! I would love to win any! Great ideas for gifts for the other Admins in my office!

    1. And for you too, Heather! You deserve ALL the treats and recognition 🙌

  51. I would love to win the Book of the Month Club- I enjoy reading so much in my off time and the thought of getting a new book each month by snail mail is fun!

    1. There’s a special kind of joy for snail mail…and books! Good luck, Karla!

  52. Would love to win any of these. And definitely love to attend one of these events.

  53. All of the options are great and I would be happy to win any of the them.

  54. You put such thought into everything you bring to us – much appreciated. I would love to pack the duffel to come to an Admingling or Delta would be great to visit loved ones who live too far away!

  55. I would be happy to win any of them but if I had to select one it would be the hardwood notebook! Nature and giving back! Best of luck to everyone!!

  56. You put such thought into everything you share with us – many thanks! Would love the duffel to pack to attend the next Admingling or the Delta to see loved ones who live too far away.

    1. We love spending time on our Ninjas ❤️ Hoping you get to see your loved ones, Sandy!

  57. I would be ecstatic to win any one of these wonderful prizes!

  58. I’d be excited to win anything! Thanks for the support and encouragement!

  59. Oh…how to choose? I’d love the Ninja travel tote – a beautiful reminder of how special ON’s are every time I travel – but I admit I’d also love eating the caramels while writing in the National Park Foundation’s notebook! (smile)

    1. All that sounds fantastic to us, Karen! Fingers crossed 🤞

  60. I’m most excited to win the Ninja duffle bag or the Bullet Journal! I’d be excited no matter what I win! I’m a winner every day I wake up and have a job!

  61. Choosing a favorite prize is like asking me to pick a favorite puppy- they are all amazing!

    1. Maybe we should include puppies next time… 😉 Thanks for being an admazing Ninja, Danielle!

  62. Since I never win anything – I would be happy with any of them :)

  63. They are all amazing and would be exited to win any of the giveaways.

  64. It’s hard to choose! Everything looks great.

    1. Glad to hear it, Lisa! Thanks for being a part of our community!

  65. I’m most excited to win the Book Book! Or the journal. Or the food….

  66. Wow! The BookBook CaddySack is awesome. It will be on my wishlist for sure if I don’t win it.

  67. So excited to meet other admins in the area and network! :)

    1. Yes! Can’t wait to see you at the party of the year, Cora 🎉

  68. I’d love the beautiful and professional looking business card holder or the duffel. All the gifts are well thought out and will be greatly appreciated by the winners!

  69. Would love to win the golden giveaway of ticket to attend the Admin event next week.. Oh who am I kidding, I would be grateful for any of the items… Being recognized is admin bliss.

    1. And you totally deserve that recognition, Brandy! Good luck!

  70. I’m most excited to win that duffel bag! I can never have enough bags! :)

  71. I would like to win the Bullet Journal or that beautiful card holder. I love Bullet Journalling but have not tried the name brand journal before.

    1. You roll with the best of them, James! Thanks for all your hard work 🙌

  72. I need that duffle bag in my life!

  73. I’m so excited to win the Stance Sock subscriptions…fun:)

  74. Looking forward to the Admin Bash next week. All of the raffle prizes look great!

  75. I am most excited about the Culinary Tote bag and Yoga Mat!! Fingers Crossed! :) :)

  76. They are all pretty cool prizes. I would be most excited to win the Duffle bag, I love toting around all my junk and that is a cute duffle :)

    1. And the fact that it’s Office Ninjas bag is just an added bonus 😉

  77. I would be happy to win anything because these prizes all look wonderful but organization freak in me would LOVE the BookBook CaddyShack!

    1. Isn’t it wonderful?! Fingers crossed for you, Enid 😊

  78. Delta would be awesome to win so I could visit family and friends!

  79. I would be so excited to win the travel yoga mat.

    I sometimes take mini meditation or yoga breaks on our office room to refresh and re-energize.

    1. Sounds perfect, Liz. Glad you give yourself time to refresh!

  80. I’m not picky, I’d be happy to win anything!

    1. We’d love to provide any of them! Fingers crossed for you, Sandy!

  81. All these prizes look great – I’d love to win anything!!

    1. It’s hard to compete with a getaway ✈️ Good luck, Sarah!

  82. I would love to win! I probably would not be able to attend a “Bash” since this is a busy, busy time at our university, but otherwise, I’d love any of these neat prizes!

    1. Glad to hear it, Sarah! Hopefully you can find time one year to make it out…it’s one hell of a party 😉

  83. I’m most excited to win a subscription box! And next week, some much needed airfare! :)

    1. Glad to hear you’re ready for the Flash Raffles! Good luck on both giveaways, Melissa 🎉

  84. I look at this list and see perfect gifts for some of my favorite people!

  85. I have been eyeing a Manduka mat for a while now! I love yoga because I get out of my head and just breathe for what seems like the first time that day.

    1. Relaxation and time for yourself is SO important. Good luck, Michelle!

  86. I’d be excited to win any of these wonderful prizes!! But I must admit I would love to win the Tote Bag! It’s gorgeous!!

  87. I’d really be excited about winning anything but the book of the month sounds like it could broaden my mind!

    1. That’s exactly what it would do! Great choice, Melissa!

  88. Thank you for always making Admin week so much fun and for all of the give aways. I am most excited to win the Pantone mini notebooks and the Office Ninja duffle bag.

    1. Our pleasure, Lisa! Thank you for being one of our GREAT Ninjas 🙌

  89. All the prizes are amazing! I would love the Office Ninja Duffel Bag or the Bullet Journal or…I can’t decide.

    1. Both would be super useful! Thanks for all your work, Amy!

  90. I’d be most happy to win the National Parks Notebook as I work for a Parks and Recreation Department and love Parks. I’d also love to win the socks subscription because socks are like hugs for your feet.

    1. A perfect fit! Fingers extra crossed for you, Brandy 🤞

  91. The National parks notebook – my faculty do research on our national parks.

  92. All of the prizes are fantastic! I would love to show any of them off to my co-workers. Being the only Office Manager has it’s advantages.

  93. All of the prizes are fantastic and I would enjoy showing them off to my co-workers.

  94. I’d be happy to win anything, especially since I’m the Office Momager, supporting all the Exec’s and co workers. I love keeping my office happy and on track.

    1. Sounds ADMAZING, Kimberly! Thank you for all your hard work 🎉

  95. I would like to win a ticket to Admin Bash somewhere in the middle of the country!

    1. We’re always trying to expand, Jennie! Hoping to see you at one of our Adminglings!

  96. So many awesome choices, but either the “Book Book” caddy or the book of the month club would be at the top of my favorites list!

  97. Excited for all the giveaway options.

  98. I’d be thrilled to win any gift … what an awesome giveaway!!

    1. Awesome gifts for awesome Ninjas! Good luck, Sharon 😊

    1. Here’s hoping you can bullet your heart out ❤️ Good luck, Martha!

  99. I’m most excited to win…everything!! Well, maybe the Delta credit most!

    1. Every Ninja deserves a trip ✈️ Fingers crossed for you, SRB!

    1. Aren’t they beautiful? Fingers crossed for you, Laura!

  100. So happy I found OfficeNinjas! This looks like a great site with lots of wonderful people.

  101. So excited to find OfficeNinjas! What a fun group this seems to be.

    1. So glad you found us, Morriah! Thanks for joining our community of *admazing* Ninjas.

  102. These are wonderful prizes!! I would love any one of these!! Thanks OfficeNinjas!!

  103. I would love to win the Fisher Pen Set! Who doesn’t love a GOOD PEN!?

  104. Great gift ideas…love the bullet journal

  105. All these prizes look so great, anything would be wonderful to win but I could use the duffel bag or the mini notebooks the most.

  106. These gifts are all AWESOME! So many ideas for the range of delightfully diverse Office Ninjas universerve! For me,the Bullet Journal Notebook or the Pantone notebooks, and the Space Pen, along with the Tea-infused Chocolates … to start. :)

    1. It’s like they’re all good or something 😉 Good luck to you, Lynn!

  107. Gee, so hard to choose only one!! I’m book nerd, plus I adore the National Parks Foundation Notebook; however, I’ve always wanted a Space Pen – I never knew they made them in colors, and they even have my favorite – fuchsia!

    1. Both would be the perfect Ninja fit! Good luck, Jules 🙌

  108. I am most excited about the Fisher Space Pen and the National Parks notebook!! You always need a GOOD pen and TRUSTY notebook for inspiration!!

  109. Oh my, so many amazing prizes. I love tote bags so first for me would be the Canvas Duffel Bag to store my Bullet Journal, Space Pen, the Breakaway Gift Set and Business Card Holder. Any and all of the prizes are fit for a Ninja like me!

    1. Amazing prizes for ADMAZING Ninjas! Good luck to you, Rosalind!

  110. Such amazing ideas for gifts for my fellow ninjas

  111. The Yuzu Soap set looks great! Thanks for giving admins a chance to be rewarded for all the work we do!

  112. I would love to win the BookBook Caddy Sack, cut any of the prizes would be great! Thanks for another contest!

  113. I’m excited to win a Pantone mini-notebook. Thanks officeninjas!! You encourage me to become a better admin and leader!

    1. Glad to hear it Laura! Ninjas like you inspire us everyday 😊

  114. I’d be excited to win the Breakaway Gift Set from the Cliff Family.

  115. The Book of the Month club looks REALLY nice. But anything on this list would be ok by me.

    1. A gift that keeps on giving 📚Happy almost #AdminWeek, Bianca!

  116. Great ideas all around! I really like the idea of admins personally recognizing our fellow admins! :)

    1. We’ve come to realize our Ninjas have huge hearts ❤️ Thanks for being a part of our community, Christina!

  117. The book subscription would be awesome! Although those tea-infused chocolates….mmmm.

  118. Oh gosh! Which one is best? The space pen – no the duffel bag, ummm, the business card holder (honestly gorgeous!). The book-of-the-month club? Though, that’s an awesome yoga mat. But… jam. Okay, this is hard.
    Deep breath…
    “I am most excited to win the space pen.” Yeah. That bad-boy is awesome!

    1. Haha, we’re right there with you, Tina! Fingers crossed for you 🤞

  119. I love that you do this! What a cool way to honor and encourage admins.

    1. Just trying to show our love for awesome Ninjas like you, Debbie ❤️

    1. The prizes fit the Ninja 😉 Good luck to you, Rebeca!

  120. I have been looking for something just like that culinary tote – extra points in awesomeness to office ninjas for the find!

    1. We knew it was a Ninja treasure! Good luck to you, Laura 🙌

  121. They are look amazing! BookBook is intriguing, caramels, soaps – great choices!

  122. Chocolate . . . mmm, books . . . ahhh, snacks . . . yum . . . . Is there anything on the list that’s not to like?

  123. Either the Woo Garden jams, the Stance Socks or the BookBook…all for very different reasons, but all would make me smile.

  124. What amazing prizes!!!! I’d would be happy to win any of them!

    1. Amazing prizes for *admazing* Ninjas! Fingers crossed for you, Kim 🤞

  125. So excited for a chance to win! Wooooo

    1. We’re pumped to give away something nice to a few Ninjas! Fingers crossed for you, Megan!

    1. Exactly right, Susie! Here’s hoping you get to unleash your awesomeness (in bullet-form!) 😉

  126. I would love to win the Fisher Space Pen. I am always looking for a great pen and this one checks all the boxes (and then some)!

    1. That’s what this pen was made for ✅Fingers crossed for you, Devin!

  127. All of it! Once again you all have done an amazing job!

    1. Just trying to recognize the *admazing* work of you and your fellow Ninjas, Terri! Thank you for all your hard work 🎉

  128. If I can only pick one, I guess the PlatCulinary Plate Tote – but the National Parks Notebok, business card holder and SuperLite yoga mat are calling my name, too!

    1. Glad to hear several are hitting your frequency, Dawn! Good luck 😊

  129. Would love to win the travel yoga mat!

  130. Great gift ideas! The organizing junkie in me wants that bullet journal. But more than anything I love the list of ideas. It helps the other executive assistants and I with ideas to spoil the admin assistants in our hospital. Thank you!

    1. Our pleasure, Faye! Putting together a Ninja-approved gift list was our own treat 😉Good luck to you!

  131. Love all the prizes! My favorites are the caramels and chocolates to share, and the wooden notebook because of it’s natural beauty and that part of it’s proceeds go to the National Park Foundation

    1. We loved that too! Hoping you’ll get to enjoy its beauty (and a National Park some time, too!) 😊

  132. All of the giveaways look awesome, would be happy to win any of them! #officeninjas rule!!

  133. All of the prizes are incredible, just like officeninjas!!!!!!!

  134. Give me that Plat Culinary Tote from àplat! How handy that would be when carting a dish to a work potluck!

  135. In truth, I would be delighted to win any of these prizes, however any of the book options (whether notebook, journal or book club) would be most appreciated.

    1. We figured Ninjas would dig the book-based gifts 😉Fingers crossed for you, Carmen!

  136. Everything looks super cool!

  137. You guys are amazing, any one would be appreciated :)

  138. Wait…you want me to make a decision on picking the most awesome of the awesome? I mean, I love cool socks (or warm; my office has a lack of heat), I love things made of wood, I love this type of pen, and I love different styles of duffle bags, food carriers, electronics cases, and don’t get me started on the food or drink stuffs! I’d be very happy and grateful for any of these.

    1. So glad to hear it, Carolyn. They were all hand-picked just for Ninjas like you! Good luck!

  139. I love your promotion of ninja-to-ninja recognition! Although we provide each other with plenty of mutual verbal support, we’ve only done token gifts throughout the course of the years. You’ve inspired me to gift my fellow ninja with the wood-cover notebook – I know she will love it!!! 😊

    1. Way to go, Kristin! Ninja love is one of our favorite things ❤️Make sure you get a little special treatment yourself!

  140. There are soooo many great prizes to choose from! I would love to win any of them!!!

    1. Glad to hear it Debbie! Thanks for being an awesome part of our community ❤️

    1. Inspired by our admazing Ninjas — including you, Michelle!

  141. The Book of the Month Club subscription or the bullet journal. {swoon}

    1. Don’t fall on us now, Kelly! Good luck and happy reading and writing!

  142. Anything with Chocolate, Wine, and Reading is the height of indulgence!

    1. Agreed, Tari 🙌Hoping you get to indulge a little this #AdminWeek!

    1. Not as amazing as our Ninjas! Thanks for everything you do, Erin!

  143. Any of the prizes would be Amazing!!

  144. I look forward to seeing all the cool things you all have for admin week every year. Ya’ll rock!

    1. Only because you are *admazing,* Michelle 😉Good luck!

  145. I would be most excited to win anything. I would be thrilled just to get picked!!

    1. Fingers crossed for you, Michelle! Thank you for all your hard work 🙌

    1. Glad to hear it Tanya! We’ll still wish you good luck 😉

  146. I’m most excited (and hoping to) win that candle! I am a candle freak! :)

  147. I would love to win the Many Thanks snacks!!

    1. They look absolutely scrumptious, Chris! Fingers crossed for you!

  148. Love the Breakaway Gift Set from Clif Family! Great company and great wine!

    1. What else could you possibly need? 😉Good luck to you, Lindsay!

  149. There is nothing better than Admins celebrating Admins! I love the notebooks and bullet journal – bullet journaling is a life saver for me and a great creative outlet.

    1. Good to hear, Julie! Fingers crossed that we can contribute to that outlet 🙌

  150. All are amazing, but the biz card holder and journal are top notch!

  151. I would be happy to win any of the prizes! You always find the coolest things. Even if I don’t win, I’m checking in to several of these very cool items. But first, I’m going to hope I win! :)

    1. Sounds like a plan to us, Barbara 😉Glad we can provide some goodies for your list!

    1. Agreed, Kennan! Here’s to bulleting your stress away!

  152. I’m most excited to win the candles or book club but really all of them would invigorate me.

  153. I would LUV the Breakaway Gift Set and/or the Pantone Notebooks

  154. Love the list, but I can’t even get my managers to ADMIT there’s such a thing as Admin Day. I’ll just have to buy myself the flowers again this year.

    1. We’re sorry to hear that, Deborah! Here’s hoping you win a little something from us 🙌And if not, know your hard work is appreciated — by us and your fellow Ninjas!

  155. I would love to win anything! But I do really like the BookBook CaddySack :)

    1. Isn’t it so cool? Fingers crossed for you, Tiffany🤞

    1. Just like we’re lucky and grateful to have you in our community, Stacey! Good luck 😊

  156. The yoga mat, because a part of being an Office Manager is making sure to honor your own health!

    1. Say it louder for the people in the back 👏Hoping you get to take a little time for your health and wellness, Sandra!

  157. I would be ready to go anywhere with the duffel bag packed with the caramels and Pantone Notebooks!

    1. Sounds like the perfect Ninja grab-bag! Good luck, Yvonne!

    1. Two of our favorite things 😉Thanks for everything you do, Sarah!

  158. I would be most excited to win the Breakaway Gift Set from Clif Family– what a perfect way to unwind on the weekend!

    1. We’ve been eyeing that one ourselves, Grace! Fingers crossed for a relaxing break 🤞

  159. I’ve been eyeing that travel duffel for a long time……..

  160. the chocolates and tea. Sounds like a relaxing moment in our busy lives!

    1. If we know anything about Ninjas, it’s that they could all use a little relaxation 😉Hoping you can find some time for you, Lee!

  161. Hmmmm. The BookBook looks handy.

  162. Hmmmm. The BookBook would be handy. Any gift would be fun. Thanks for doing this.

    1. Our absolute pleasure, Patty! Here’s to some organization and a little fun 🎉

  163. The super lite travel yoga looks awesome. Love Manduka!

  164. I would be delighted with any prize – because they would make my day!

    1. Ninjas like you make our day…every day! Fingers crossed for you, Betty 😊

  165. Caramels made with products from Straus Creamery – yum!

    1. 😍Agreed, Kim — making us hungry just thinking about them! Good luck!

  166. I’m most excited to win any of those amazing prizes because they all looked great!”

  167. I’m excited to win just about anything! My son is due DURING admin week, so I might not even get to celebrate in office this year.

    1. Wow — congratulations, Jaime! We think having a child is a pretty good celebration of your amazingness 😉 Good luck!

    1. Our pleasure, Patricia! Thanks for being an *admazing* Ninja!

  168. I’d be a lucky lady to win the bullet journal or book of the month prize. All prizes are great and terrific ideas which I will be using for my team. Thank you!

    1. And thank you for being a part of our community, Sarah! Good luck 📚

  169. Your team does an AMAZING job of keeping us NINJAS up to date on all the latest and always offer fantastic prize packs. I love being part of your community.

    1. And we sincerely love having you, Staci! Thank you for everything you do ❤️

  170. I would LOVE the business card holder or the book of the month club. Really any gift would make me happy

    1. We’re in the business of making Ninjas happy! Fingers crossed for you, Julie!

  171. I am open and receptive to anything and everything. Putting out an intention, the right person gets just the right prize.

  172. Love celebrating other ninjas! Good luck!

    1. And to you, BH! Thanks for being a part of our community 🎉

  173. I’d love to win any of these amazing gifts, but especially the Plat Culinary Tote. I love bringing those goodies into the office for my team.

    1. We love that you love spreading the love ❤️😉Good luck, Kathy!

  174. I’m most excited to win the bullet journal or the cedarwood vanilla candle. :) Fingers crossed

  175. I’m going to have to get those chocolates (or something like them at least) for my ninja!

    1. Glad you could use our list to support a Ninja, Hannah!

  176. While any of the gifts would be great. I would really like to receive the Space Pen, Pantone Notebooks, or the Yoga Mat.

  177. Anything from OfficeNinjas would be AMAZING!

  178. I would love to win the yoga mat and those amazing looking caramels. I love caramels!

    1. Sounds super relaxing! Fingers crossed for you, Michele!

    1. Good luck, William! We hope you can get your zen on 🙏

  179. I’m most excited to win…the duffel bag FILLED with all the goodies (can office ninjas do that?)…but would be just as happy with the space pen

  180. While every item is fantastic (seriously, who would not LOVE every single item offered??), if I was in a race with others to the table of all of the items displayed, I might knock someone down in order to grab the Breakaway gift set or the Packed with Purpose box. :-P

    1. Great choices, Rachel — snacks are life 😉 Good luck to you!

  181. I’m a pen geek, so of course, it would be nice to add the Space Pen to my collection

    1. We’d love to add to your collection! Good luck, Chris ✍️

  182. I’m so excited to win anything!

  183. Ahhhh those National Park and Pantone notebooks are so fun!

  184. Anything! Who doesn’t want to be a winner, winner chicken dinner?!?

  185. any of the prizes make for nice winnings! You can’t win if you don’t play – and all of these prizes are nice!

  186. …anything! You can’t win if you don’t play – and all of these prizes are nice!

  187. These prizes rock! I love the pen and the duffel bag!

  188. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe the gifts you have put together for us! Thank you, Office Ninjas!

    1. Our pleasure, Dianne! Thank you for all the work you do ☺️

  189. Too many fabulous gifts to choose from! Anything would be appreciated by my team of wonderful, hard-working admins.

    1. Well we appreciate you and your team, Robyn! Good luck to you 🙌

  190. All of the awesome products! Such great ideas and they are all fun! I love the BookBook Caddy and journals – always need organizational tools in my day to day! Great picks Office Ninjas!

    1. Stylish organization is our life 😉Thanks for being a part of our community, Charisse!

  191. I would love to get cozy in the sock subscription with the Breakaway Gift set for the ultimate in relaxation after a hard week at the office!

  192. Are you kidding me! I appreciate winning anything. :) Thank you!

  193. I will be excited to win something for my special day .

    1. You deserve the world, MJ! Fingers crossed for you 🤞

  194. I’m most excited to win the Book of the Month club!

    1. A gift that would keep on giving! Great choice, Anna 📚

  195. Oh the fun socks and the Breakaway GIft set are awesome!

    1. Both are great gifts for any Ninja (but our fingers are crossed for you, Gina!)

  196. So many gifts loaded with awesomeness ! Sweets & books definitely!

    1. Fingers crossed for you, Lisa! We could all use some sweets and books 😉

  197. I save your gift ideas! I have gotten so many of my ‘unique’ ideas from you and always get rave reviews on how clever the gifts are! Thank you and keep them coming!!!!

  198. I’m most excited to win Subscriptions Socks or Tea Collection from Socola Chocolatier! Woot woot <3 <3

    1. GREAT choices, Jennifer! We hope you can cozy up with any of those 🍵

  199. Anything I might win would go to my colleagues – have a team of 8 great admins who knock it out of the park every day.

    1. Love it, Paual! Thanks for spreading the support around (but don’t be afraid to recognize your work too!) ☺️

  200. I’m most excited to win the yoga mat to help me find my zen and de-stress.

    1. We hope you get some much deserved time to relax, Jean!

  201. I would welcome any gift…these are some great ideas for fellow co-workers

    1. That was the hope! Thanks for being a part of our community and supporting others, Brenda!

    1. Glad we could provide both 🍰We’re so glad you’re a part of our community, Maritza!

  202. I’d love the Book of the Month subscription, but I’m not picky!

    1. It’d be a great gift that keeps on giving. Fingers crossed for you, Becky!

  203. I’d love to win a new Bullet Journal. I’m totally obsessed!

  204. Those Pantone notebooks and the space pen look super tempting. Anything notebooks and pen is my cup of tea.

    1. Agreed, Amanda! Office supplies are just…tempting. Good luck!

  205. What a wonderful prizes! Any of the prizes would be great to have!

      1. 😉We’re not too concerned Celesta. Good luck to you!

  206. Anything. My work does not celebrate Admin Week.

    1. We’re sorry to hear that Janelle, but we’re incredibly glad to have you in our community. We’ll be celebrating all week long!

  207. I love the sock subscription or the book of the month club…the gift that keeps on giving all year! Way to highlight some awesome gifts, ON!!!

    1. Ninjas deserve some goodies every now and then, right? Fingers crossed for you, Emily 🤞

  208. I am not picky, just appreciative to win any of the prizes. I count my blessings as they come.

  209. Any prize I might win would be my favorite, but I do like the canvas duffel bag and the caddy sack.

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  211. I’m most excited to win the Book of the Month subscription!

  212. any because they are all awesome like all of us ninjas!

  213. Any of them would be welcomed :)

  214. WhoooHoooo Great gifts – and fun ideas for office gift ideas around the holidays! Thanks!

  215. I’d love any of the products, but my faves are the socks, the caramels or the Pantone journals. Love being an OfficeNinja!

    1. And we love having you, Debra! We hope you win one of your picks!

  216. I’d be excited to win those gorgeous pantone notebooks!

    1. We were so excited when we found them! Good luck, Miriam!

  217. Space pen and the bullet journal, two things I can’t live without and would use everyday!

    1. We’d love to add to your collection, Ava! Good luck ☺️

  218. Any of them would be great

  219. I actually love all the products on here! If I had to chose one, I would say the Caddy Shack because I am glued to my MacBook. I always end up stuffing my charger in a bag. So, therefore, having a specific place where I can nicely put it would be great!

    1. Agreed, Ogechi. Charges and cords are always getting jumbled. Good luck to you!

  220. Great prizes and will be happy with any of them but hope to win the travel lite yoga mat.

  221. The Pantone Notebooks are perfect! The bullet journal looks fun, and that BookBook CaddySack is exactly what I need! Thanks OfficeNinjas!

  222. I would love to receive the sleek business card holder because I actually DO carry my business cards and hand them out to build my network!

  223. That yoga mat looks like a great addition to my backpacking gear :)

    1. That’d be perfect! Fingers crossed for you, Willa 🤞

  224. I’m most excited to win the bullet journal! I have been wanting to start exploring that world and this would give a jump into it! but honestly, I would appreciate anything!

    1. Bullet journaling is a great way to get organized (and it looks beautiful!). Good luck to you, Carmen!

  225. I hope to win a practical product, or a fun product, or a tasty product, or a product to inspire me, or a product to remind me to take care of myself, or… any of the lovely gifts being offered by your AWESOME partners! Thank you for appreciating Office Ninjas this month and all year long.

    1. Our absolute pleasure, Colleen! We’re glad we got it right 😉 Good luck!

  226. Yoga Mat! or caramels…
    Thank you for the opportunity!

    1. Thank you for being a great part of the Ninja community, Denise! You can’t go wrong with some zen or sweets 😉

  227. I’d love to win that OfficeNinjas duffel bag OR that great bullet journal! Thanks so much!

  228. All the gifts look wonderful. I would be thrilled to win any one of them!

  229. I really wish I could be there to attend and meet more Ninjas! However, on Wednesday, my employer makes sure that the entire Administrative Staff gets an opportunity to move from serving to being served! We have a luncheon specifically for us, given corporate recognition and a gift. This year it will be off campus! I am so looking forward to attending our event!

    1. We’re so glad you receive the recognition you deserve, Leigh! Thanks so much for sharing and being a part of this community!

  230. Any of these would be awesome to win but the book of the month club or the bullet journal are right up my alley! But who would turn down snacks, chocolates or caramels! :)

  231. any one of those prizes would be so fun to win! I especially love the BookBook CaddySack!

  232. I would be excited to win any of the prizes! they all look awesome! ^-^

  233. It would be nice to win any of these but the sock subscription would be my favorite

    1. For fabulous feet all year long 😉 Good choice, Hope!

  234. well chosen items – I would be happy to receive any of the gifts!

  235. I’m most excited to win the book of the month subscription!

    1. A gift that keeps on giving 📚Thanks for being a part of our community, Ryan!

  236. I’m a sucker for journals so I’d love the Bullet Journal, but any of the prizes would be amazing.

    1. Bullet journals are life changing, Sandy! Fingers crossed for you ☺️

  237. I’m a bit obsssed in tasting the Tea Collection – Jasmine, Earl Grey, Matcha Green, Masala Chai, LOL!

    1. Yas, Yvonne! They look so soothing and delicious 🍵 Good luck!

  238. These products look awesome! Can’t wait to win!

    1. And we can’t wait to start doling out prizes, Stacey!

  239. Would love to win any of them but would especially love the Breakaway Gift set!

    1. Their snacks looks drool-worthy 👀 Fingers crossed for you, Karina!

  240. I would be excited to win anything! As the person always choosing gifts for others it would be great to be on the receiving end for a change!

    1. Exactly, Lisa! Ninjas (including you!) deserve a little thoughtfulness now and then too 🎁

  241. I’m most excited to win any of the prizes–they’re all super-awesome!

  242. I’d love to win the BookBook CaddySack from Twelve South as I’m always struggling with losing (forgetting) cords! Such a great idea to have them all tucked in together!

    1. Everything we do is with Ninjas in mind, Michael! Thanks for being a part of our community!

  243. I’d love the National Parks notebook or the space pen! I’m such an office supply nerd!!!

    1. Office supplies stores for Ninjas are candy stores for kids 😉 Fingers crossed for you, Debbi!

    1. Exactly, Amber! All Ninjas could use a little getaway ✈️

  244. A lot of really great prizes…winning any of them would be terrific!

    1. Fingers crossed for you, Karon! Thanks for being a wonderful Ninja!

  245. I would like to win anything!!! Liked the yoga mat.

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