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Introducing the OfficeNinjas Con Scholarship Program for Admin Week 2020

Whether you’ve been a member of the OfficeNinjas community for years or just a day — you probably know that we’re deeply committed to helping administrative professionals (aka Ninjas) build peer networks and develop skills needed in the rapidly evolving workplace.

When we started OfficeNinjas seven years ago, there weren’t many opportunities to do that.

Creating those opportunities became our mission. Since then, we’ve produced over 75 events across 11 major U.S. cities, attended by more than 7,500 vibrant executive assistants, office managers, and workplace operators.

And in early 2019, during a record-setting Admin Week, we hosted our first-ever OfficeNinjas Conference, a sold-out event attended by admin pros from around the world.

Now, as we reveal our first save-the-date announcements for Admin Week 2020 events, we’re thrilled to introduce our new OfficeNinjas Con Scholarship Program, wherein three recipients will receive full access to attend OfficeNinjas Con and Admin Bash 2020, and dive headfirst into some serious learning. Also, some serious celebration.

Welcome to the Era of the Office Ninja

Administrative professionals have led their workplaces from the beginning — from behind the scenes — using resourceful problem-solving to quietly amass meaningful victories for their businesses.

They’ve steadily expanded their roles with new skills and streamlined processes by taking the initiative to educate themselves and mentor each other along the way.

Every single day, Ninjas bravely stride toward the future of work. It’s time for their employers to join them.

The Era of the Office Ninja starts now. And this Admin Week, we’re going to make sure that everyone knows it.

Mark Your Calendars For Admin Week 2020

Experience Admin Week 2020 IRL with OfficeNinjas Con and Admin Bash in San Francisco, California. Save the date now and start planning; more details soon to come.

Collaboration is key to evolving your role.

2nd Annual OfficeNinjas Con

April 21–22, 2020 | San Francisco, CA
After the success of last year’s inaugural ON Con, we realized that one jam packed day just wouldn’t be enough for ON Con 2020. So, this year we’re planning two full days of deep learning.

Super Early Bird Price for ON Con and Admin Bash starts at $1,250.

Save the date for the 8th Annual Admin Bash on April 22, 2020.

8th Annual Admin Bash

April 22, 2020 | San Francisco, CA
For nearly a decade, we’ve hosted the biggest Administrative Professionals Day celebration in the world, and each year we make it our mission to devise fun, indulgent ways to honor you. This year will be no different.

Super Early Bird Price starts at $50.

Save the date for Admin Week 2020, on April 20-24, 2020.

Admin Week 2020 Virtual Experiences

April 20-24, 2020
Experience the annual week-long celebration of admin pros and workplace operators with exciting 2020 All-Star reveals, over-the-top online giveaways, and Ninja-only perks. There’s no cost to participate.

All-Star nominations open this November, and we’ll be sharing giveaway details over the coming months!

Apply for the OfficeNinjas Con Scholarship

Today, OfficeNinjas is the fastest-growing global community of ambitious administrative and operations professionals ready to transform their traditional skillset to help teams and executives lead organizations into the future.

And because financial barriers can often block access to high-quality professional development for many motivated career admins, we’ve always worked hard to keep our program costs as low as possible.

As the incredible deep learning opportunities of Admin Week 2020 approach, we thought we could do even better. So, we created The OfficeNinjas Con Scholarship Program.

Scholarship Criteria + Details

We’re eager to understand how our Scholarship will help you accelerate your learning journey and achieve your career goals. So, don’t hold back!

  • Each application will be carefully reviewed by the OfficeNinjas Education Committee and our founders, Nancy and Edwin. We’ll be looking for applicants who show initiative, curiosity, growth, and passion.
  • The OfficeNinjas Con Scholarship will cover the cost of the two-day OfficeNinjas Conference and Admin Bash celebration on April 21-22, 2020 — a $1,650 value. (Travel and accommodation expenses are not included.)
  • Three Scholarships will be awarded.
  • Eligible applicants include career executive assistants, office managers, executive business partners, and other workplace operators or administrative professionals with similar roles.
  • No purchase is necessary to receive a scholarship and there is no cost to apply.
  • Scholarships are non-transferrable and recipients must be able to attend OfficeNinjas Con and Admin Bash on April 21-22, 2020, in San Francisco.

Scholarship Recipients

We’re thrilled to announce the first-ever winners of the OfficeNinjas Con Education Scholarship. Congratulations to:

  • Ross G., Workplace Experience Manager | New York City, NY
  • Amanda P., Administrator | Cincinnati, OH
  • Sabrina P., Administrative Analyst | San Jose, CA

We were blown away by your passion for the Ninja role and commitment to bettering yourself and those around you — we can’t wait to see you at Admin Week 2020!

Want to help us celebrate these amazing Ninjas? Congratulate them in comments!


  1. This is the first I’ve heard of this group, but I’m old and out of the loop! What an amazing group and opportunity. I’ve run our small family business for 28 years and from experiences on boards, the best ideas and solutions come from networking. Congrats to Ross G (well deserved), have a wonderful conference.

  2. Hello All,

    I am an Officeninja newbie but not a newbie to the admin world. I love the energy of this group and I hope to not only learn but also be a resource for someone in the community. I look forward to the new year and I expect nothing but great things!

  3. Hi all,
    I am from Brazil and I excited about the opportunity to enjoy the event in 2020 and take up this cause (Edutainment). It is going to be my first Admin Week.

    1. hello Ana,

      I want to visit Brazil hopefully live there one day, but welcome. This will be my first admin week as well. Look forward to hearing more about you!

  4. What an amazing opportunity! I have not been fortunate enough to attend but it is on my bucket list! I love being an Admin and learning new ways to find creative solutions to the challenges all admins face. You definitely cannot underestimate the value of like-minded people coming together to share ideas.

  5. Greetings from STEELERS Country.
    I am a Newbie to Office Ninjas, I must say though I Unofficially have this roll at my current job at Allegheny Family Network where I balance a plethora of responsibilities for all of our department heads, CEO, and staff. I am particularly proud of the fact that I (before having this position) was a client of this agency. Leadership saw potential in me, and I have to say they where right. I would have never guessed that my skill set at that point in my life would have been favorable to being a Admin Professional, but I am sure glad now because I have a Job I love, and there is not a single person at my agency that I have a bad or indifferent re pore with. Every day going to work is a great day for me at Allegheny Family Network. I am very excited and consider myself blessed to even have a opportunity to be considered for a scholarship and come to the Office Ninjas National Conference in San Francisco. In closing I would love to come and sharpen my skills and fully understand what I am doing in a new way. In a earlier life I was a over the road Trucker, so yes I have come a long way, and want even more to go farther in my current career as an Admin – Office Ninja!!!

    1. Hello, Justin from Cowboy Nation! Congratulations on your current position, I am sure you are knocking their socks off. I am with you in regard to building up my skills especially since I am more virtual than in the office. Look forward to seeing you at the conference!!!

  6. I am an Office Ninjas Admin newbie.

    I am currently the Executive Assistant to the CFO at Saint Laurent and I am always looking for ways to grow and I’m always striving to better the organization. Based off of the content I’ve seen from the Office Ninja website and what I’ve heard from my other EA friends, Office Ninja is a good source to help you elevate your career and truly become a valuable asset. I hope to have the opportunity to attend and to learn how to be a better liaison and leader for my organization.

  7. I am a newbie!! This will be my first time attending this conference. I found out about it last year and have been wanting to attend ever since that. I have been in the Admin field for about 9 years now and love what I do!! I even started my own business doing just that. So at my 9-5, I am an office ninja and from 5-9 I am a home ninja. I love being an Admin!!! I can’t wait to experience this amazing conference next year!

  8. Hello! Like many others I am also new to Office Ninjas but and new in my EA role due to size no other EA to mentor me. I learned about the group by doing research and looking for people, places and ways to better myself. I work for a non-profit Community Health Center and we need help. This opportunity will allow me to bring ideas, innovation and resources to help my organization. Thank you for creating this amazing group and for your consideration.

  9. I’m an Office Ninjas newbie but a veteran Executive Assistant. As the only EA in my company of 600+ staff, I help lead a big team. I would love to be able to attend the ON conference in CA to meet with other EA’s and learn from the best.

  10. Hello, all! I’ve been following Office Ninja’s for a couple of years but haven’t been able to attend any of the events, yet. The newsletters you send out have such great information in them and I love being able to share them both with the team of admins I manage as well as the people managers who are my peers. I’m currently working as a Business Manager in a high paced, tech driven environment and really feel that this convention would help to improve some of my skills and give me knowledge I can bring back to the teams I work with. It would also be a great opportunity to expand my network and broaden my horizons.

  11. I am an Office Ninja Admin Bash newbie. I have participated in one of the local events and that was great to see a little insight in what the Admin Bash would be like. Being in the admin field, there are not many opportunities for training like there is for other fields. Being able to attend Admin Week would be a great opportunity to get refreshed and learn from other people in the field, and improve your skills, new ideas or look at situations differently. It would be a great learning opportunity and being to network with others.

  12. I am admin bash newbie, even though I’ve been following OfficeNinjas for a while now. I am so thankful for this site and the weekly newsletters that keep updated on all the new happenings in the admin world. I would love to attend the bash to be able to hear the information onsite and to be able to network with other great admins alike. Being in an organization with all Lawyers who get to go out and network and mingle with their counterparts and not do the same, sometimes leaves me a little envious and I would like to change that.

  13. I’ve been following OfficeNinjas for about two years now and I love the resources they’ve been putting out – a ton of them!

    I’m a career EA and I can’t wait to see what is offered in the realm of Strategy & Management and Finance & Business Acumen. I think we’ve seen enough how to block your executive’s calendar and minimize the amount of time you spend on expense reports and are moving into a more strategic partnership era where we are capable of standing in and making business decisions of our own.

  14. I joined OfficeNinjas just this spring, so I am a newbie! I am an Office Manager and EA to the Founders, but I also work broadly on Operations via website management, event planning, CRM database management and whatever else gets thrown my way!

    I am seeking community, an opportunity to find my tribe and contribute to said tribe in any way I can.

  15. I am new to Office Ninjas Admin Week. I am an office manager/executive assistant and would love to learn everything I can at your event.

  16. Newbie here! I’ve never been able to attend a career development conference, as an administrator. It would be so major to participate! I don’t even know what to expect, but I’m excited!

  17. Hi, I am newbie! I discover Office Ninja through a vendor that we were working with and they invited us to this past admin bash and my coworker an I loved it!

    I work as an Operation Managers for a growing start-up and love to expand my knowledge on learning how to create a better and productive work environment for everyone. I love how this past admin bash it was just full of excitement and knowledge from all different types of fields and location. My coworker and I are excited to learn more!

  18. I have been an Administrative Assistant/Office Manager for over 30 years. I love this role and enjoy using my gifts and talents to help others shine. I am committed to excellence and work hard to improve my skills and remain current. I currently work for a small private liberal arts university in Southern California underwent a program review this year that brought layoffs and a strict tightening of our belts. Being able to attend the Admin Bash would provide me the ability to network with other administrative professionals, learn best practices, and sharpen my skills. Another benefit would be renewed creativity and rejuvenation that comes from these events.

  19. Hi! Newbie here. I’m an Office Manager/Executive Assistant/HR Coordinator/Event Planner/”Office Mom” for a startup in San Francisco and hope to learn more tips for efficiency in managing all the different hats that I wear. I’m excited at the possibility of meeting and networking with others in similar roles to share stories and trade intel. I’m passionate about growing our company’s onboarding and culture programs to attract top talent and keep our current team happy and engaged. I hope to attend this conference and see how others are making it happen at their companies.

  20. I am an OfficeNinja newbie. I became engaged with this group earlier this year and I think it is fantastic. I am the office manager and executive assistant to the provost and executive vice president for Academic Affairs at a university in northern Kentucky. I would love to participate this upcoming year because I am working on creating a brand new admin network on our campus and I would love to network with others in person and see what ideas and techniques I can utilize to make our network strong. I already enjoy reading about the amazing things going so it can only get better by experiencing this is in person.

  21. I work full-time in Office Management cleverly disguished as a Receptionist for a nonprofit serving the needs of NYC disabled and elderly consumers. I attended the NYC Admingling event back in 2018. The very next day I went back to my office feeling refreshed with a capacity of new tools for engagment with my colleagues. Sadly, based on a scheduling mishap I did not attend the 2019 Admingling gathering. But this is how I began reading Office Ninja content and looking at celebratory photos of engaged Administrative Professionals supporting each other – over and over again. You know, wishing I too could be there capitalizing on professional engagement.

    1. Continued…
      I would love to travel across the country to the Bay Area and attend the second Office Ninja Admingling Convention. It’s perfect because in 2020 I’m planting a career seed preparing myself for a higher level of professional accountability. I can budget for a plane ride and find a deal on room and board. But the sustainable financial tool which supports my professional growth would come in the form of an Admingling Convention Scholarship. Please consider my application.

  22. I have been reading the Office Ninjas newsletters for a few years now and happily an ambassador. Sadly, I haven’t been able to make a live learning and collaborative experience. I recently attended a conference geared for special governments… the problem is that topics are general, introductory and dare I say boring. I’m dying to be submersed in useful, advanced information and think tank conversations with my peers. I truly feel Office Ninjas are experts, force multipliers and the hub of all business. I wish it was in my budget to outright attend ON-Con next year but I am excited to have an opportunity for a scholarship. I know I and my company would benefit sooo much!

  23. Office Ninjas Newbie here! I started working as an EA and OM in June of this year and finding Office Ninjas has been the difference between surviving and thriving at my job. The resources and community has definitely eased the learning curve, I cannot wait to meet more members of this community and glean from each of our experiences! There is so much love here for this field and I am grateful you all opened my eyes.

    1. If any community members are in Chicago and would like to connect before the next event here feel free to hit reply here, I’d love to meet!

  24. Hi! I have been enjoying the Office Ninja articles for at least two years now. I even attended an Admin event here in Denver! It was so wonderful to meet other admins with the same passion for the profession. I would love to attend the next conference. I believe it will be another great vehicle for furthering my career through added knowledge about new technology and soft skills.

  25. Hello!! Newbie here. I’ve been looking for an organization like this for a while and just happened to stumble across this organization! I am an Administrative Analyst at San Jose State University who is constantly looking for the most efficient ways to be as productive as possible at work and at home. As a full-time working mom, living in the heart of Silicon Valley, in this fast-paced digital age, it can be near impossible to manage everything! By attending ON Con in 2020, I hope to develop some fresh, new (or updated) skills needed to stay prepared and focused in our “rapidly evolving workplace”. I hope to get the opportunity to attend!

  26. Hey there! Office Ninja newbie here! I have been navigating the site for a year or so now, but just became “official.” What an awesome opportunity the corporate Ninjas are giving! I would love to attend to network with you all! I know it can be so hard as an Admin to take time to talk to your peers, when it can seem like you are taking care of everyone else on your team. It is so important to take time for yourself to learn, grow, and network. It will only benefit you! I hope to see everyone there and exchange some knowledge!

  27. I am one of you Office Ninjas, I am very much interested in this group. I’ve read so many good things that can motivate me in my line of duties. Coming from another part of the world that is still to develop, I’d very much love to attend this type of conference so I can learn as much as I can and also I can help my colleagues to excel in their careers. Its one way of connecting.

  28. Pick me, pick me! I am an Office Ninja and an Admingling attendee. I get a lot out of this group and would love to attend the Admin Week in SF 2020. I work in the the amusement park industry (one that is not often attended by other admins) and enjoy meeting other admins with different backgrounds. I love the support and encouragement that Office Ninjas offers and am VERY interested in being picked as a scholarship recipient to next years event.

  29. I’m an Office Ninja Admin newbie! In my current role I serve as executive assistant to our President and CEO among other things I do here. I’ve been in office manager/admin positions for the majority of my 26 year career. I would love to attend the conference and gather some new, creative ideas and connection with others in the field.

  30. I am new and I hope to learn how others have been able to form a true partnership with the c-suite.

  31. I am an Office Ninjas Admin Week newbie! I love the experience of getting together with like-minded Admin Ninjas to learn from their ideas, mistakes, collaborations, etc. I am the Executive Assistant for my company and I feel like you can never learn too much nor know too many people, especially in your field.

  32. Howdy! Nu was here… Thank you for allowing me to apply for the first-ever OfficeNinjas Con Education Scholarship!!

  33. Hello fellow Ninjas! I am always overwhelmed by the amazing and wonderful people I get to meet at OfficeNinja gatherings. I’ve had the good fortune to attend a few bashes and Adminglings. I hope to attend the OfficeNinja Con week to humbly learn from my peers and share my newfound knowledge with the next team I’ll be privileged to join. I am currently between opportunities and see this as a perfect time to learn new ideas and perspectives from the passionate and brilliant minds in the OfficeNinja community. I look forward to meeting all of you and having a wonderful exchange of ideas! Thank you!

  34. OfficeNinjas Newbie, here! My current Office Manager role is located in Seattle, though I am a recent transplant from Nashville, TN. Because of my recent move, financing for educational experiences is limited, but I am committed to furthering my skills and building a set of best practices to support those around me and my Home Office team. Your conference stuck out to me and I would love to be considered for one of your scholarship opportunities. Being able to bring back knowledge to my team would be such a great experience for me and I hope that if I am not chosen that I can attend later when it is more in my budget!

  35. OfficeNinja newbie here! I love the idea of getting together with other admins and learning from each other!

  36. Hello!

    I am an OfficeNinjas Veteran and am so happy I found this group so many years ago. I have gone to 2 of the Denver OfficeNinja Meet-ups and I was fortunate enough to get to go to OfficeNinja Con this year. It was such an amazing experience and I learned so much from it. I hope to further grow my OfficeNinja network , continue to absorb as much knowledge about office and business operations and learn how to continue creating an amazing culture for my office! <3

  37. OfficeNinja newbie here – although, I have been religiously following and reading the blog since last year’s event (which looked absolutely amazing BTW)! I hope to learn from the best at this year’s Office Ninja CON, bringing insight and inspiration back home with me!

  38. Scrolling through all of these energetic ninjas is the kind of excitement and drive that caught my eye with Office Ninjas in the first place. I’m an absolute newb to OfficeNinjas Con and Admin Bash but have been eating up the emails as a prime source for information, ideas, and strategy for the past year. Being somewhat new to the corporate world (leaving the Pastry Arts behind) I’ve found it somewhat tricky to envision where this new career will take me. I’ve turned down opportunities within my company to learn Digital Marketing because I cannot deny that corporate culture, wellness, and work/life balance are my passions, especially coming from a stereotypically rough work environment. The Office Ninjas are the resource, community, and positivity boost that so many administrative professionals need to see where they can go, and how to get there! I avidly want to build up my tool belt in my career and help spread the knowledge and fun to the other OMs within my company nationwide. We’ve got an unparalleled company culture and I’d love to continue to share with our team what awesome efforts the Office Ninajs are making for OMs such as myself. I want to further my own education, experience and increase my overall contributions to the workplace, and I know the Office Ninjas can help!

  39. Ive been reading Office Ninja newsletters and talk about similar topics in my admin weekly staff. Its great to bring this smart group of admins together to empower one another in all areas of work.

  40. As a Newbie of Office Ninjas, both IRL and online, I look forward to grow and develop in this community. I so far have enjoyed translating my skills from the Army and network with a whole new world. So far I have changed my salutations from V/R to “All the best,” and it has worked great!

  41. I am an Office Ninja’s newbie. I’ve heard of the group, but I’d never had the opportunity (nor the self willingness) to believe that I belonged in such a dynamic group. I’m so excited to be here. I feel like I’m finally in a place where I can look left and right and find a true peer on each side! I’m hoping to continue my journey of self improvement and thus be able to help others by getting more involved in the meetings. I’ve already poured over the articles that are sent via email as well as those in the resource section. I can’t wait to learn more and be there in person!

  42. Just the opportunity I am looking for! I am an older Exec Admin, but always soaking up the new and exciting ways other admins are ever-changing our field. I always look forward to the tips and tricks Office Ninjas offers!

  43. Being a veteran in various roles related to the administrative profession (Administrative Specialist to Director of Operations), I LOVE and appreciate the energy that ON brings to every event (in-person or virtual) and newsletter. Currently I work for a small non-profit that offers leadership training to healthcare professionals from around Maine and into New England. I consider myself the Air Traffic Controller; my job is to keep my planes in the air at all times. My faculty team needs to know where they’re going, that everything will be in place and ready when they arrive and that their training sessions will go off without a hitch. They should not have to worry about AV set-ups, the correct number of handouts, whether lunch will be served on time, or that the presentation clicker/laser pointer has batteries and will work when they press the buttons. Everything just falls into place. In our roles, we need to keep on top of new and fresh ideas, keep our momentum rolling as a way to keep our teams energized. We can’t rely on “we’ve always done it that way before”. I’ve never had the opportunity to attend an ON specific event before, but have seen them represented at other conferences sponsored by other administrative professional groups. I would be thrilled to come to California in April, 2020!

  44. I attended one ON event when I first started in this field and loved it, and have been waiting for the next one ever since. I had no idea what I was doing and felt like I had discovered a wealth of information and collaboration. It’s been a year in my job but I have so much more to learn and could really benefit from hearing about what works for other admins, since I’m the only one at my company. I’m ready to challenge myself more and discover ways that I can.

  45. I’m an OfficeNinja newbie but have quickly become obsessed with all of the resources and tips and tricks that I have received. I’m the Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director of Career and Technical Education for the largest school district in Kansas and we are doing amazing work for secondary students, and I want to do my part in taking it to the next level. Attending OfficeNinjas Con would provide me with so much knowledge, and resources that I might not of had access to otherwise.

  46. I am a Office Ninjas Admin Week newbie. I am working on my career in admin. I am part of a small company that is rapidly growing domestically and internationally. I WILL be promoting to Office Manager at the end of the year!! I am excited about stepping into my new position. I would love to be able to connect with people who share the same interests and goals. I would love to learn new innovative ideas I can bring back to my office. I subscribe to Office Ninjas newsletters in order to learn whatever I can. I have seen your events through the photos online and it looks like a blast. It is not like a regular boring seminar I am used to seeing. I love the new innovative ways Office Ninjas is using to teach office admins. It would be an absolute blessing to attend!!!

  47. I came across the Office Ninja’s site earlier this year. I was able to participate online in this year’s admin week but would love the opportunity to attend in person at some point.

  48. I’ve been subscribing to Office Ninjas since I found them several years ago. I’ve enjoyed the newsletters and am always wanting to learn new things and keep up with the latest trends. I would love to go to OfficeNinjas Con and Admin Bash to meet peers in the admin field, capture the energy that this group contains and learn new things!

  49. I am new to Office Ninjas Admin Week and would very much love an opportunity to attend in person. I am a career Executive Assistant, supporting C-level executives for more than 25 years and continue to strive to work more efficiently and effectively share my knowledge with my colleagues.

  50. I am new to Office Ninjas as well as new to the Business Admin Industry. I would love the opportunity to learn from Professionals in the Business Administration Industry.

  51. Just a months ago I came across the OfficeNinjas site and immediately signed up for the newsletters! I also spent time exploring the site and existing content. I knew the newsletters would continue to bring me valuable information and the the OfficeNinjas would be a go to resource for my in my executive assistant career! I expect to gain direction and knowledge to progress my executive assistant position, to educate myself on the best approaches to my work in supporting my CEO and the business, and to participate and learn from the entire community here!

  52. I am an ON newbie! Although I have been in the Admin world for over 10 years, I had no idea this existed. I would love to attend ON Con and be able to network with other Admins. I am always up for more learning and knowledge about how I can help my company grow.

  53. Hello, I am new to Office Ninjas! I found y’all when joking about how it should be our turn as Admins to attend a conference. As a newbie to the office world, I never knew there were these kinds of resources for Admin Assistants. Now that i’m learning more, I feel like this would be such a great opportunity for myself. I am a fast learner and for the past 2 years that i’ve worked in an office my Directors have had no real complaints, but I would love to learn more, and have more resources for myself to do better. I’ve asked my director about the possibility of one day attending ON Con or Admin Week but unfortunately we have no funds in our budget for me to attend. This would be the opportunity of a lifetime for me.

  54. I started out in the clinical realm – as a medical assistant, but found my true calling through a series of unforeseen events in administration and project management. I have been a Sr Administrative Professional for many years now in the healthcare and non-profit sect. I did not start networking as such until I was nominated and won the 2016 Admin Award for Administrative Excellence. Now I have found a love for it. I continued on to sit on the advisory board for the award group and hope to be a judge one day. Now I am an executive assistant in my free-time to the ED of a local non-profit group that travels to the Philippines once a year on medical mission. Joining the administrative side of the healthcare industry has truly opened doors for me.

  55. I am an ON newbie. I am hoping for personal development, and learning ways that I can help grow our team .

  56. I am an OfficeNinjas Admin Week newbie! I found OfficeNinjas earlier this year while looking for information on IAAP. I am loving the growing community of Admin Professionals and am looking forward in learning as much as I can in the upcoming year to stay up on current trends and doing what it takes to learn new techniques or refine current ones.

  57. I have worked in an administrative role for over 6 years now. This last year I took on my first role as an executive assistant, which I had been working towards for a long time. Now that I am truly coming into my role, I want to make sure I am using the best, most up to date practices to make my executive successful. I would hope that by going to OfficeNinjas Con 2020, I would not only learn new skills, but also build my network. I know that a good network, it was makes for a great admin and I think this would be a great place for me to expand!

  58. I’m a newbie. I would love the opportunity to network with other ONs outside of my own region/state. I belong to an admin group where I help others, but am having difficulty learning and growing myself. Therefore, I would love to attend ON Con and Admin Bash for some personal improvement opportunities. I am also interested in helping establish a BASH in the Cleveland OH area if there is ever an opportunity.

  59. I am a veteran OM but new to OfficeNinjas and networking. One of my professional goals this year is professional development in the form of conferences, seminars, etc. I’ve heard great things about NinjaCon!

  60. One of my goals on a recent review was to meet other EA’s and get myself out there. Office Ninja’s was just what I needed. Although I’m a newbie to the Ninja community, it has been so great to have them as a resource. The newsletters give me quick tidbits on what I’m thinking but never discuss. I’ve been to a few local events and every time I leave, I feel even more motivated and ready to take on the job. I’d love the opportunity to network and learn new ways of doing things so that I can raise my game and be considered a leader when I’m back in the office.

    1. Hello All. I am an OfficeNinjas Admin Week newbie, and I’m hoping to meet other talented admins, learn new tips, get fresh ideas, and share my own ideas.

  61. I’m a newbie! Looking forward to the newsletter and event information.

  62. I am a newbie and had never heard of this in my 30 yrs of working in this profession. I am so eager to learn more and see more.

  63. I am an Office Ninja newbie. Was introduced by my supervisor and have had a number of times I was able to utilize the lessons from ON in my work life.
    I would LOVE to experience ON-Con to gain even more skills and a fresh perspective from other Office Ninjas.

  64. Hi, I am an officeNinjas Admin Week newbie, i will love to be a part of the conference in 2020, my love for the admin profession has continued to drive me to look for a community of people where i can belong, totally be myself, gain new learning experience and form meaning relationships, and improve my skill set, it will be such an honor and privilege.

  65. Hello! I’m an office Ninjas Admin Week newbie! Well, I’ve been lurking in the shadows & participated in some of the virtual experiences last year, but still new! I seriously CRAVE the professionalism and true excitement & pride that I see from all of the ninjas! I have a very high sense of urgency and hold myself to the highest standards & oftentimes, those things set me up for failure. Because I expect those things of myself, I expect those things from my coworkers and administration. More often than not, I get “let down” because the others don’t meet my expectations so I find myself lowering my own expectations – which is not good! In my fast paced work world, I find a sense of calm when accessing & reading articles that I find on the office ninjas website & on Facebook. It is sort of this trusty extended family member that I can always count on for good advice. I am always seeking new ways to get people excited about the work that we do and I can’t think of a better way to get exposure to amazing people, ideas, and best practices than to attend Office Ninjas Con! About 12 years ago, I was laid off (along with 14 other people) from a job that I thought was solid. It was my career. I was going to retire from that job. I am a single mom of 2 teenage boys. My boys were little then & I desperately needed the income, insurance, and stability that came with that job. In an instant, I was blindsided and my world was turned upside down. I know that wasn’t my fault but that didn’t make it any easier. I cried as I drove myself home that day, opened the door to my home, and my oldest son asked why I was sad. I decided then & there that I would do whatever it takes to become an indispensable member of whatever staff I became a part of. I put my heart & soul into my job & I take great pride in what I do. The hard work I put into my career shows my children that you get what you put in. We are getting ready to go through some major changes at my institution in the upcoming months. The changes on the horizon have the potential to change my life & I’ll be able prove to myself that my years of running at top speed in my hamster wheel have been worth something. I want to lead. I AM A LEADER. I am SO READY for the next steps & I’m excited for the possibility to attend Office Ninjas Con through scholarship to help me get there!

  66. Hi my name is Chantel Wilkins, and I am an Office Ninjas Newbie! This scholarship will not only help me participate but, gleam from all of the administrative information that is out there. I currently work for an non-profit that goes by the 2-Gen model to reduce poverty in the southern region by 2%. We services children and family with education, living arrangements, and personal development skills. I recently got promoted to being the Administrative Assitant for all Sites of the company. I am always attending trainings online and webinars that offer great insight. It would be a delight to be able to bring back new ideas, and team building activities for the company. It’s great to be an Admin but even better being in a community of them.

  67. I’ve been experiencing OfficeNinja for about a year and a half. I haven’t had the opportunity to attend an in-person event since there isn’t one within a reasonable driving area though (East TN), but I have participated online with Admin Week events. One thing I love is the excitement that OfficeNinja invokes in it’s events like Admingling, ON Con and Admin Bash. I can see why these events are so popular! And with so much news and info in the emails, I can only imagine what the in-person events are like. I would so love to attend an event and network with other Ninja’s, as well as brush up on my current skills or learn somn new skills but, unfortunately, my organization doesn’t provide funding for these types of events for my position. So… here’s hoping for a scholarship!!! Woohoo!

  68. I am an Office Ninjas Admin Week newbie, but I have been following along for over 2 years now. Being able to get together and collaborate and learn from like-minded individuals. Being able to improve myself as an administrative assistance and improve my worth to my company has been a big thing for me this year, and with coming up on 7 years in my current position, I am hoping to be able to attend and come back armed to the hilt with tools to help me re-energize my love for my job and to better support my co-works and management.

  69. *WA-POW* That’s the sound of me karate chopping my way through Admin responsibilities like a true Office Ninja. I have been an Office Manager for a little over a year in Washington, D.C., but I also act as the HR, Legal, Finance, Event Planning, and Travel Coordinator for my small office of 24. I am a relative newbie to this group but am hoping to be able to attend Admin week this year in order to grow my network, meet like-minded admins, learn about career development, and much more!

  70. I’m an ON veteran. I enjoy reading the newsletters and would love to attend an in-person event. I attempted to get an event coordinated in my location, but it was not approved.

  71. Newbie here!! Hi everyone! My name is Bri! Representing Cleveland, Ohio….. born and raised, on the playground is not where I spend most of my days though! I am the office manager/administrator for an IT company and thought “how cool would it be if I, the office manager, could attend a conference of my own. I mean everyone else here gets to attend tech conference all the time, what about us!! How cool for us managers, assistants, executives and the like getting to be able to collaborate, learn and teach some of our office practices, share lessons learned & share cool upbuilding experiences. Also, of course, getting a little break, refreshment & encouragement from our regular every day grind in the office (yes, please get me away from all these IT guys for a few days). Bring a little west coast thinking to my east coast office and vice versa! I didn’t think anything was out there and the google taught me otherwise! I found Officeninjas about a month ago and love it! I hope to be able to attend an AdminBash soon, hopefully 2020, and meet some of you in person!

  72. I feel like a newbie, but I have now attended two events in Seattle, WA. I am an introvert and I was extremely nervous to get out there and network. The first event I attended I felt very welcomed and I enjoyed the way the mini workshops were handled. I came back to work the next day and was excited to share all that I had learned. I have been at the same company for almost 19 years (November 20, 2000 start date), I started out as reception moved to admin then 3 years ago now executive assistant but I still do reception and office manager as I am the only admin in our office. It was great to see I wasn’t alone on all of my assigned duties and I walked out with helpful tips that I am using to make by job easier. I am very thankful for what I have gained from Office Ninjas. I obtained a wood like Office Ninja sicker that I put over the Dell symbol on my work laptop and everyone that see’s it asks about it and I love to share my experience.

  73. I am a career Executive Assistant. I have been to 1 local Office Ninja’s Happy Hour here locally where I live. I really enjoyed meeting some of my local peers and networking with them. The energy was fantastic! I have also met with Edwin and Nancy to discuss the APC conference that I do attend on an annual basis and what they offer vs what Office Ninja’s can offer in coordination with a California University. It was really nice to meet with them and discuss what their thoughts were and how I might be able to offer my thoughts in their process. I look forward to getting my emails from Office Ninja’s with all the helpful tips & tricks as well as great articles on processes, self-growth and career development. APC is the only conference that I currently attend. I would love to experience another to get a different perspective on my career development and self-growth as well as networking which is always my highest priority when it comes to these events. I am limited as to my training budget allowed here at my company and therefore would love to receive a scholarship to attend. In the future, I would love to be able to rotate my conferences that I attend to get a deeper insight into the administrative field.

  74. I’m relatively new to office Ninjas, but I attended an Admingling Office Ninja training and networking session when I started as an executive assistant in DC and knew this would be a great professional community! I’m excited to keep meeting and learning from other administrative professionals and am ready to jump into trainings specific to our roles.

  75. I am fairly new to the Office Ninjas website. I subscribed to your emails about a month ago. I am an Administrative Assistant; I serve as the front office manager and principal’s assistant in a middle school. Over the summer my coworkers and I joked around, introducing ourselves to the staff as the “office ninjas.” Then I found your website! Lo and behold, Office Ninjas ARE a thing!! :) I would love to be able to attend your conference, and a scholarship would really be the only way to do so. Not much funding for things like this working for a municipality!

  76. I love Office Ninjas! I found their site almost 3 years ago when I was a brand new office manager for a start-up in Boston and I’ve used them ever since. I attended an Admingling in Boston and utilize the resources available on the site (and in the newsletter). Since moving to Burlington, VT last year, I have brought Office Ninjas with me to my new job and now there is a whole Office Ninjas squad! I would love the opportunity to network and celebrate all things admin at the Office Ninjas Con this year!

  77. I am a newbie!!! My name is Ashley, I am an EA to our Senior Leadership Team which is made up of 7 people! My job is busy, challenging, stressful and I am so excited to be a part of this community. I am looking forward to learning, giving support and encouragement!

  78. Hello Office Ninjas! I LOVe being a part of this group! Receiving this scholarship would be Admin-Azing! If selected, I would be a newbie attendee at On-Con as well as a first-time visitor to the West Coast! I was fortunate enough to be a virtual winner during office Ninja admin week last year! I have participated in a NYC ADmingling event last spring and am attending the upcoming event at the end of this month! I am also interested in volunteering in the local events to get a well rounded Office Ninja experience.

    Good luck to ALL!

  79. Hi fellow Office Ninjas! I am a hybrid Ninja versed in all the newsletters that have been published since I learned about this amazing powerhouse last year, but have not attended and IN-PERSON event – YET! I am the Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Home Appliance Sales, and office manager, for a global tech company. Attending this year’s event will not only be a dream come true for a young female business professional in the tech industry, but also an opportunity to contribute to the social conversation about the dynamic and important role that admins have within the BIG MACHINE (aka the workplace). Meeting others who’ve honed in on being the most informed, reliable, organized, and hardest working person in the room would be an experience that would be instrumental to my mission to humbly connect, serve, and continuously evolve.

  80. Office Ninjas! I’m looking forward to harnessing my skills and honing in on winning strategies I haven’t thought of yet, hanging with my people who dedicate their lives to service, doing the little and big things that make their companies thrive.

  81. I am a newbie to OfficeNinjas Admin Week and OfficeNinjas in general! My career path led me to People Operations this year and I am loving everything I’m learning! Most of my knowledge so far has come from past experience, direct mentors, and my own research and personal development. I would love the opportunity to network with veterans and other newbies at next year’s OfficeNinjas Admin week – the experience would help push me to my full potential in this field and as a result, benefit my entire team.

  82. I have read OfficeNinjas for a couple of years now but have never attended Admin Bash though I would love to attend. I work for a city municipality and the city never seems to have a large enough training budget for admins to attend anything out of State. I have been in the admin field for over thirty years and I am always searching for training that can better myself and my Department. To receive a Con Scholarship would be the ultimate in training I long for and a chance to interact with others in the same field.

  83. I love this community and everything about OfficeNinjas. My mentor was a winner and was one who introduced me to this. I salute all that OfficeNinjas does and how you guys support the Admin community! Giving a hi-five to all the Admins/EA those who are in this field, you all rock!

  84. I’ve been receiving ON emails for a few months, and have dug around the site, but I’m an AW newbie! I would love the opportunity to attend, and this scholarship would be a game-changer. I work at a community college and the professional development budget for exec/admin assistants is not much. The opportunity to network and connect with other Office Ninjas and learn from a group of people like this would be awesome!

  85. Hello Ninjas!!! I am a newbie, I’ve been signed up to receive the newsletters for a couple months now. I had never heard of Office Ninjas before until the wife of our Board Chairman called me and said I should look it up. Once I looked on your website, I knew this was a place for me. I work for a Credit Union and support the CEO, Executive Team, Board of Directors, Supervisory Committee, Nominating Committee, and my fellow 300+ family members. We are a family here and believe in supporting each other every step of the way. We support each other with encouragement and also by being accountable for our own actions. We celebrate all wins as each win is a step towards growth. I would love the opportunity to attend ON Con and Admin Bash 2020. I think in our rolls, we can become robotic in our tasks if we don’t look outside the box and find better and more enthusiastic ways to approach each day. I have shared with our E-Team a few of the Office Ninja newsletter articles and they were warmly received. I am looking for ways to encourage all to tackle each day head on, to turn every perceived obstacle into a possibility, and to never doubt their potential. We follow the mantra of “Believe It Before You See It”, so I am looking forward to receiving the notification of my being one of the winners. Thank you for all you do for us Office Ninjas!!!

  86. I’ve been an Office Ninja for 2 or 3 years now. Ninja outings are never in my town, so I’ve never been able to attend, but would love to have one come here to Vegas. I learn a lot from the articles that are sent out weekly, and would love to attend the conference. I’m always reading articles to improve my skills, but hands on learning would be so much more valuable! I’ve been blessed to attend one huge conference in my career two years ago, and I brought so much back to my company. I’ve since switched companies, and my current company doesn’t believe the ROI equates. I would love the opportunity to show them how wrong they are, and hopefully open up opportunities for myself and the other admins to have learning opportunities supported by our company.

  87. Hello there! I have been following OfficeNinjas for a little over a year now, and I am so thankful for this community. It has helped me with the consolidation of lunch orders through the office via Typeform and has presented a lot of interesting approaches to work that I currently do. Because I live in the Midwest and a very isolated area, it would greatly benefit me to travel to the conference to enhance my networking, as well as the opportunity to learn from some of the best on how I can become the best Executive Assistant possible and benefit not only myself but my company!

  88. I’m an Office Ninjas conference newbie. I have been participating online for some time now but was not able to attend the first conference. I want to participate in this years conference to network, meet those in my career field and to learn new skills that I can use in my job everyday. We truly are the glue that holds the office together!

  89. As a new office manager, I am excited to learn even more from OfficeNinja and hopefully the Admin Week! I have been loving the free articles I receive. It has already provided lots of resources for me, like my personal favorite – taking two hours each week to professional learning/development.

  90. Salutations! I am Keely, an OfficeNinja veteran seeking to continually learn and share knowledge, resources, and wisdom with our ever-growing community of passionate administrative professionals! In roles where we are often dubbed as “jills/jacks of all trades” and stretched thin, I am grateful for the OfficeNinja community’s support and energy!

  91. I have been following Office Ninja for years. I have not previously been to a live event, but I am thrilled by the prospect of doing so. As a career assistant, I have much to share with others and would welcome the opportunity to provide guidance where it is desired. At the same time, I am constantly looking for ways to improve and welcome the wonderful, exciting ideas of those new to the profession and the wisdom and expertise of others who are not. I would love the opportunity to join, and hope that I may be considered for a scholarship position which would enable me to do so!

  92. Hi! I’m Diane and I’m an Office Ninja Admin Week Newbie. I believe that community is essential when trying to balance, and navigate through, work and life. If able to participate in ON Con 2020 I hope to both gain from and contribute to this amazing community. I hope to meet like-minded peers, learn new skills and techniques, gain from others’ experiences, share my own experiences, and participate within this community in a positive way.

  93. I’ve been in Office Management for about a decade, but found Office Ninjas about a year or 2 ago. Since then I’ve mostly been an observer, but am excited to jump in and start participating more!

  94. I am totally new to this field and everything I’ve learned up to now has been from a growing list of personal connections I’ve made with the wonderful people in this community. I’d love the opportunity to connect and network with others to see how they run their businesses, as well as make friends with people who know what it’s like to do what we do!

  95. Hi!
    I’ve been a ninja for almost 15 years, but only recently found this community.

  96. I am a proud Ninja and have been for about 2 years now! I was able to attend ON Con last year and it was so incredibly valuable and exciting to meet so many Ninjas from all over the country! I stepped into a new role 2 months ago and would love to attend next year to gain and share insights with others in similar admin-centric roles!

  97. If awarded a scholarship I would be an OfficeNinjas Admin Week newbie. I’ve only attended one local Admingling event and have already gotten so much out of joining this community. I can only imagine what I could learn and share while networking with members from across the country!

  98. Hi, everyone! I’m an Office Ninjas Admin Week newbie! I have been an Office Ninja for fourteen years and I feel like I’ve hit a lull. I’m hoping by participating, I can gain some new perspectives and ideas that I can take back with me.

  99. I am an OfficeNinjas Admin Week newbie! I found out about the event just earlier this year, right after the event had passed. I was really bummed to have missed it. I am hoping to attend the 2020 Admin Week to engage in discussions and learn new ideas on how to be a better leader, as well as building and strengthen my leadership skills by networking with other office professionals!

  100. I am an Office Ninja Admin Week newbie although I’ve been following online for years. I am hoping to get the opportunity this year to soak up some information. I’ve been an EA for almost 20 years and the thing I have learned is that you never stop learning! Great events like this that allow you to mingle with your peers and soak in some best practices are always great opportunities.

  101. Hi everyone! I’m an ONAW newbie! I recently became a Ninja and have already learned so much! Attending ON Con would be an amazing oportunity! I am a state employee in KY. There is virtually no money for training those of us in administrative areas. Meeting others and learning from them would be a priceless tool to bring back and share with my coworkers.

  102. Hi! I’m an OfficeNinjas Admin Week newbie from Seattle, WA. While I’ve participated in Admingling events, I’m interested in attending this year’s Admin Week. This year – I’m looking for experiential ways to educate and up-level Event Managers, Office Operations Staff, and EAs on a global level. Our company is expanding to 4 new countries and we’re needing new and exciting ways to reach these individuals across cultural barriers.

  103. I’m a veteran ON. I started following you in the early days and became an ambassador for the brand (miss the collaboration of that :( ). I have continued to share your best practices and tips and tricks with my fellow EA from my past company and my peers in our local EA group, that get together once a quarter. I would love to expand my network along with my knowledge and experience in the yearly ON-Con. So I can bring all that back to the South East coast. Maybe use that to expand and co-host the first Florida Admingling. ;)

  104. Thank you for doing this! As a person that is getting back in her feet (single mom and 6 yrs of under employment) I would love this opportunity. I would in the future love to find out if I can help some one in the same spot as myself.

  105. I am an ON veteran. I have been following ON for a couple of years now but have yet to experience ON-Con which I get excited about every year. I have been in the profession for 18 years and just recently learned the power of networking with other administrative professionals. I am the only admin in my company and I support the CEO. Being able to attend ON-Con would be a fast way to learn tricks and trades of others like me from other veterans and higher level admins. ON-Con 2020!!

  106. I’ve been receiving the OfficeNinjas newsletter for a while now, but am new to the conference! I’m excited to network outside of my company, and learn where the admin industry is going. What are the latest trends??

  107. As an experienced Admin and avid learner in northern New England, it would be amazing to be able to attend an ON-Con. The opportunity to interact with my peers from across the country, to share best practices and hear about the newest tools available to work smarter, not harder. Throughout my admin career I have made it my goal to learn everything I can, and to share those learning and mentor other admin to be the best they can be! This would be another step in continuing to reach that goal.

  108. ONAW newbie here! However, stumbling upon the OfficeNinjas during a time of transition earlier this year (Promoted to a director during a merger and office relocation) has been beyond refreshing. It’s a great place to find new ideas as well as a sense of community in an often times thankless profession.

  109. WOW, I wish you had an Office Ninja group here in Atlanta. I love attending conferences and the ON Con and Admin Bash seems like a great networking event. It’s great that you all will be putting on this event every year. Reading the comments, it sounds like you learn a lot and meet some awesome like-minded folks.

  110. I’m a conference newbie (but have been reading your newsletter for about a year). I kind of fell into the administrative/office manager profession while I was in college, but never had any formal training for it. I’ve been in the field off/on since 2005. I would love to go to a conference to meet others in the same field and to elevate my skills.

  111. I’m an OfficeNinjas Admin Week newbie, but OfficeNinjas lurker since Jan 2019 – I watched Admin Week 2019 from afar via invites and updates (major FOMO!) and hope to be able to participate in 2020 for laser-focused PD and community building. Always be learning!

  112. I am an Office Ninja veteran. I look forward to the newsletters and emails and thoroughly enjoy receiving these. Unfortunately, living in New Zealand, I have been unable to attend conferences offered by officeninjas. The relevance of topics is vast and very relevant to what an Executive Assistants’ role and tasks is. I believe conference attendance is necessary for networking purposes as well as listening to experiences of other Executive Assistants, and of course, learning new and updated information.

  113. I am a proud OfficeNinja veteran! I went to the very first admin bash and attended last years inaugural Officeninjas Con. I appreciated that it branched out beyond the general office duties that are associated with being “just” and admin and continues to shine light on the fact that we are so much more. I look forward to being enlightened and challenged at this coming years events!

  114. Hi!
    Cristina A. here! I’m an Office Ninja Admin Week Newbie! I have been very blessed to have found this role I am in currently now as an Office Manager for Moogsoft. I was introduced to this great community by my Manager which truly inspires me to learn and grow. I know for a fact that without my manager having shared her knowledge about Office Ninjas I would be in the complete dark about this great community that exposes you to so many great people that are willing to teach you and share insightful tips. I will be attending my very first Admingling Event in SF this month and I am very excited! I would love to attend Admin Week to feel inspired and confident that I am not alone in this field and that I can connect with others on how to develop and grow within this field. I have so much to learn and I feel that Admin is the perfect place to help me gain the knowledge I need to succeed.

  115. Hey Y’all! I am an Office Ninja Newbie! I would love ❤️ the opportunity to participate in your event this year. I feel like this would be a unique experience to network with other admins and renew my spirit as an administrative professional.

  116. I’ve been an Office Ninja for almost 2 years now, and I’ve enjoyed all the content and education I’ve received. I’ve not had the opportunity to attend ON Con, and I would be thrilled to go. I’ve been focusing this past year on bringing my career to the next level, and I think this would be a tremendous step for me. Meeting other individuals in the same field and learning specific skills for my role would be a game changer.

  117. I am totally an OfficeNinjas Admin Week newbie, but not a newbie to this blog! I am always get super awesome tips and ideas and love it. I can only imagine what would come of attending a large scale admin event – the networking, all of the top & tricks of the trade, and enhancing some of the skills I’ve already got. I would love to have an opportunity to attend!

  118. I am an Office Ninja newbie!! However, I am a Veteran Admin Assistant. This group was introduced to me by a co-worker new to my place of employment and I am excited to attend my first AdminglingSF on Tuesday, Oct 22. A few of us are attending and I feel that this is what we need, something for just “us”. We are often thought of as just an assistant, it’s our time to shine and celebrate who we are. We are so much more, actually we the foundation of their success!!

  119. I went to an Admin Bash a few years ago and it was wonderful! I have changed jobs a couple times since then and would LOVE the opportunity to go again!

  120. Office Ninjas Admin Week newbie here! I’m interested in Admin Week as I would like to continue my professional growth. I’d love to learn more about resources to do so, and gain knowledge on project management, leadership, and developing workplace culture.

  121. Hi,
    If accepted, I would be an OfficeNinjas Admin Week newbie! I have followed OfficeNinjas for a couple of years now, always receiving great advice and tips. I have been an administrative assistant for 20 years now, with most of my work experience being in Peru. I am fortunate to be now in Baltimore, serving as the Executive Assistant for the Maryland State Library Resource Center Chief. This profession has taken me to great places, and I can’t wait to see what else I can do! Thank you for your consideration, and hope to see all your wonderful team next year.

  122. I’ve been in this profession nearly 20 years now, but I’d like to nominate a fellow employee for this scholarship. She is just beginning her career, and she is SO eager to learn and improve. It makes me smile to see how much effort she puts into the smallest tasks, wanting to provide the best possible service to our office. I can’t think of anyone I know that would treasure this opportunity more than she would!

  123. I’m an Office Ninjas veteran “from afar”, as I don’t live anywhere close to Ninja events/big cities. I read every email and/or newsletter and have benefited greatly from links related to computer tips/tricks, catering companies, educational resources, etc. I’ve shared this information with my fellow Executive Assistants/Administrative Assistants so we can all be more productive and efficient. I would LOVE to attend Admin Week 2020 – it’s on my bucket list and it would be awesome to attend and bring back information to share with my peers. Budgets just keep tightening and educational offerings for support staff are one of the first things to be cut, so winning one of the three scholarships would be great!!!

  124. I’ve been a member of Office Ninjas for about a year now but wasn’t able to attend last year’s big event. I have had the pleasure of attending two local Admingling events in Seattle though, and these have been valuable social and professional engagements. As my company continues to grow and launch into the next phase of their new-ish journey, I am always learning everything I can to help improve and innovate alongside the company. Attending the 2020 Conference would be a great opportunity for me to expand my network beyond my local group and learn from a wide range of professionals.

  125. I didn’t get to go to ONCon last year but the Admin Bash was super fun! I guess that makes me an Admin Week veteran. As I approach the completion of my first full year of being an office manager, I’m hungry for best practices around facilities and culture.

  126. I am an OfficeNinja Admin Week Newbie. I am currently an Office Manager for a marketing agency in Boston, MA and found out about OfficeNinjas through an online Google search actually. I really do enjoy reading the different articles on day-to-day office admin life and see how it can fulfill my goals in the workplace as well as personal. I do wish however, that there were some Admingling events in the Boston area so that I can also network with other people in my type of role. I really do hope to attend the conference in CA next year though and meet others!

  127. I am new to Office Ninjas, but not to the profession. I want to learn from others who share my passion for being a strategic partner with an executive.

  128. I am a newbie to Office Ninjas and the Admin Week associated with it. I was promoted from Executive Assistant to Office Manager in April of 2018 and have been using this site among others to provide additional resources and educational opportunities. I work for a small law firm and am the first Office Manager the firm has employed so this is truly a learning curve for me and my team. I would love a hands-on opportunity to gain new skills and insights that I can bring back to the firm.

  129. I’m an officeninjas newbie and have enjoyed your email updates. I do not live in a city that has admingling but I am from Seattle, now in Raleigh NC. I wish we had something like this here. I sometimes feel out of the loop and when it comes to finding a job or changing jobs. Seattle was easy North Carolina not so much, it seems like you need to know someone. I would love to gain more information for myself to make myself stand out from the crowd and not have to count on someone word of mouth to get me an administrative position. I want to feel like I’m current and up to speed which I’m not feeling right now in fact I feel like I’m losing confidence in myself. Admin Week might be a great recharge and confidence builder for me! Would be fantastic to get a scholarship as I know my company would not be willing to send me to Admin Week and I know I can’t swing the funds myself…

  130. I’ve followed Office Ninjas for over 2 years in hopes for an event closer to Atlanta. Office Ninjas is always providing great articles/resources for our field, as Admins (all types). It’s great to see hard work pay off and to see that 3 lucky Admins will have an opportunity to winning a seat at the Conference and Admin Bash, is amazing! What a great gift!! Thank you for keeping our field up to pace!

  131. 2020 will be the third Admin Week for me – I’ve never attended ON Con but one day, I will get out there. I find reading about the experiences of other ONs makes me feel like part of a community that I would be honored to hang out with in-person. Thank you for always sending me the best tips and tricks for running an office with grace and intelligence.

  132. I’m a semi-newbie. I read all the emails from Office Ninjas and am so excited when they arrive. I have not attended an in-person conference yet and would absolutely love to if possible. I’m a veteran EA with some other roles mixed in the middle. I adore my team and my company and would truly love to bring back some new and exciting ideas to help further assist my team of seven plus a department of 40.

  133. I am an Office Ninjas veteran but have been a “stalker” of the group for quite some time. I have been the Assistant to the Director of Environmental Health & Safety for the last 10 years and have been in admin positions over the past 30 years. I love the energy this organization has and would love to see it first hand. The Director is also the Fire Marshal for the University so I work with all men and would love a little “me” time. California is a world away from upstate New York but I am up for a wonderful adventure. Thanks so much for your consideration!

  134. I am new to OfficeNinjas, Admin Week, and being an Executive Assistant. It has been an interesting and educational 5 months. I hope to attend the conference in SF to learn from my fellow admins how to excel in this field.

  135. I’m an Office Ninjas Admin Week newbie! I’ve participated online, but haven’t gotten to go in person yet, it’s definitely something I have been working towards all year with my company, so fingers crossed! I love attending Admingling Seattle, even though it’s a 4 hour drive from Salem, OR- every time I go I come back energized, with new ideas and a better mindframe for work. I had an awesome time this July when I brought a current and former coworker with me. I can’t wait to experience ON-Con and come back totally jazzed and armed to the teeth with new ideas and skills.

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