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Automate Your Days with These 26 IFTTT Recipes

How many tasks does the average assistant complete in a day? And so often you find that those tasks come with a set of smaller tasks. Imagine if you could automate your subtasks, triggered by your main task. Well, IFTTT can do that for you (it stands for “If This, Then That” by the way) by using one action to trigger another (called recipes). It’s like your internet dreams have come true.

Our IFTTT tutorial gives you the tools to create custom recipes for your needs, but sometimes it’s hard to know what we want unless it’s shown to us. So here it is! A list of 26 recipes that we think can help you automate your daily life. Enjoy!

Note Taking and Organization Recipes

Send Your iPhone Screenshots to OneNote
IFTTT Recipe: Send your iPhone screenshots to OneNote connects ios-photos to onenote

Archive Incoming Attachments from Gmail to OneDrive Using Do Camera
IFTTT Recipe: Archive incoming attachments from Gmail to OneDrive connects gmail to onedrive

Capture Hand-Written Notes to Dropbox Using Do Camera
IFTTT Recipe: Capture Post-it notes to Dropbox connects do-camera to dropbox

Create a Digest of Notes for Tomorrow Morning Using Do Note
IFTTT Recipe: Create a digest of notes for tomorrow morning connects do-note to email-digest

Add a To-Do to Your Checklist Using Do Note
IFTTT Recipe: Add a to-do to your checklist connects do-note to evernote

Event Planning Recipes

Receive an Email if There Will be Rain Tomorrow
IFTTT Recipe: Receive an email if there will be rain tomorrow connects weather to email

Snap Pictures of Vendor Contracts and Documents
IFTTT Recipe: Snap pics of vendor contracts & docs connects do-camera to google-drive

NOTE: The next few recipes are built for wedding planning, but we just know these can come in handy for your next work event!

Add Important Event Deadlines to Google Calendar Using Do Note
IFTTT Recipe: Add important wedding deadlines to GCal connects do-note to google-calendar

Collect All the Instagrams Taken at Your Venue to a Dropbox Folder
IFTTT Recipe: Collect all the Instagrams taken at your wedding venue on your special day connects instagram to dropbox

Save All Photos With Your Event’s Instagram #Hashtag to a Dropbox Folder
IFTTT Recipe: Save everyone's photos with your wedding's Instagram #hashtag to a Dropbox folder connects instagram to dropbox

Social Media Recipes

Automatically Post Your Instagram Photos as Native Twitter Photos
IFTTT Recipe: Automatically post your Instagrams as Twitter photos connects instagram to twitter

Automatically Share Your New WordPress Post to Your Facebook Page as a Link Post
IFTTT Recipe: Add a new WordPress post & it updates your Facebook Page with a link post connects wordpress to facebook-pages

Send Facebook Page Posts to Your Google+ Queue in Buffer
IFTTT Recipe: Facebook Page Posts go to Google+ via Buffer connects facebook-pages to buffer

Create a Google Calendar View of Your Buffer Schedule
IFTTT Recipe: A Google Calendar view of my Buffer schedule connects buffer to google-calendar

Networking Recipes

Remember This Business Card Using Do Camera
IFTTT Recipe: Remember this business card connects do-camera to evernote

Thank Someone for Following You on Twitter
IFTTT Recipe: Thank someone for following you on Twitter! connects gmail to twitter

Share Popular Articles With Your LinkedIn Connections
IFTTT Recipe: Share popular articles with your LinkedIn connections connects the-new-york-times to linkedin

Share Items Tagged #li in Pocket to LinkedIn
IFTTT Recipe: Share items tagged #li in Pocket to LinkedIn connects pocket to linkedin

Job Hunting Recipes

Job Interview “Thank You” Note Reminder in Todoist
IFTTT Recipe: Job interview thank you note reminder connects google-calendar to todoist

Job Search from Craigslist to Evernote
IFTTT Recipe: Job search from Craigslist connects craigslist to evernote

Add a Reminder to Google Calendar When You Miss a Call
IFTTT Recipe: Add a reminder to Google Calendar when you miss a call on your Android connects android-phone-call to google-calendar

Create a Daily Email Digest of New Articles from The NYTimes Job Market Section
IFTTT Recipe: Create a daily email digest of new articles from The NYTimes Job Market section connects the-new-york-times to email-digest

Just for Fun Recipes

Download the Tracks You Like on SoundCloud to a Dropbox Folder
IFTTT Recipe: Download the tracks you like on SoundCloud to a Dropbox folder connects soundcloud to dropbox

Download New Facebook Photos You’re Tagged in to a Dropbox Folder
IFTTT Recipe: Download new Facebook photos you're tagged in to a Dropbox folder connects facebook to dropbox

Receive an Email with the NASA Image of the Day
IFTTT Recipe: Email me NASA image of the day connects space to email

The options are neverending! If you haven’t found the perfect solution to your tasks yet, maybe we can help you find them!

What’s your favorite IFTTT recipe so far? Or, what recipe would you like to see?


  1. Thank you, Dinah! Just added Do Note for GCal! It is never too early to tackle the holiday party, right?!

    1. Smart, Janine! The earlier the planning, the easier it’ll be when it comes around!

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