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15 Unique and Affordable Gifts You Wish You Knew About (All Under $30!)

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It’s December! We recently wrote a blog post to help you get your Corporate Gifts in order, but what about gifts for the people you see every day? Don’t your co-workers, bosses, and white elephant victims deserve some unique gifts too? Skip the drug-store “As seen on TV” novelties. Get your team members unique gifts that they’ll REALLY enjoy, all while keeping your wallet from crying.

1. Spice it Up Anywhere – $7

Sriracha2Go - Recommended by

Sriracha is magic. It’s the perfect spice that has the power to put just enough kick to send you to food-Nirvana. Now, it also comes in a pocket-sized bottle for on-the-go spice heads. Sriracha2Go is a refillable (and durable) keychain that lets them take their favorite flavor wherever they go.

2. A Different Kind of Guest Book – $12

Knock Knock's Bathroom Guest Book

This is a perfect white elephant gift for your more… cheeky friends. Imagine visiting their house and finding Knock Knock’s Bathroom Guest Book. It prompts you to answer questions about the length of your visit, the song that best describes the nature of your visit, and a blank area to create a bathroom doodle. It takes a special person to receive a gift like this, but can you imagine the look on their face when they open their present?

3. Save the Dropped Phones! – $21 for two


Any item that features the text, “What’s in YOUR crack?” on their website is worth mentioning. Drop Stop is a one-size-fits-all wedge that nestles snugly between any seat gap in the car. In other words, Drop Stop saves your co-worker from embarrassing under-the-seat searches for dropped phones, money, french fries, etc.!

4. The 2015 “Brutally Honest” Desktop Calendar – $20


Right now, we’re giving away the OfficeNinjas’ “Brutally Honest” 2015 Calendar to 200 lucky ninjas, but many of you have expressed interest in purchasing some for your office mates. Well… ta-da! The quotes inside resonate truths that your coworkers are sure to identify with. It’s self-help disguised as a calendar. Brilliant, much?

5. Jingling is for Sleigh Bells, Not Keys – Starting at $20

KeySmart - Recommended by OfficeNinjas.comKeySmart is like a Swiss Army Knife… for your keys. In true OfficeNinjas spirit, KeySmart condenses your flat keys and compatible accessories (like USB sticks and bottle openers) into one, compact unit. We mentioned this as a great corporate gift option, but can you think of any of your friends who WOULDN’T love to cut down their keychain clutter?

6. High Protein, Low Carb Pasta! – $30 for 6 boxes

Banza - Recommended by OfficeNinjas

Does it sound too good to be true? Can you really give your co-workers the gift of guilt-free pasta? Banza is made of chickpeas, and has double the protein of regular flour-based pasta. It also has all of the other labels that organic foodies love: gluten-free, GMO-free, and allergen-free. Finally! A food gift that you can give to pretty much anyone!

7. The Ninja Hair Clip! – $10

Ninja Hair Clip - Recommended by OfficeNinjas

You wanted ninja gifts, and it doesn’t get much better than this. It’s a hair clip with built-in tools! This 6cm clip is a ruler, cutter, screwdriver, and fastener in one. It provides the most amazing mental image: “You need a Phillips screwdriver for the printer? Sure. Let me just take my clip out of my hair!”

8. Bourbon Chocolate – $30 for 3 bars

Maverick Chocolate - Recommended by OfficeNinjas

What comes to mind when you hear the name Prohibition Milk Chocolate? Granted, the title is a little bit of a spoiler, but Maverick Chocolate Company makes a milk chocolate bar that is INFUSED with Kentucky Bourbon and lightly sprinkled with sea salt. Case closed.

9. Wine is Always Good – $19

Slo Down Wine - Recommended by OfficeNinjas

Slo Down Wines was started by young entrepreneurs who knew nothing about the wine industry, but their wines became an instant hit with tech startups everywhere. We even featured the wine at a recent OfficeNinjas UNCUT event, and it was a  HUGE hit. You don’t have to be from San Francisco to love these wines, either. Slo Down’s Stand Out wine is a lively red varietal, while their Sexual Chocolate wine is rich and intense.

10. DIY Mushroom – $20

diymushroomA gift for the foodie in your life. Back to the Root’s Organic Mushroom Kit is a gift that will (literally) keep giving. Add water to the box two times a day, and within 10 days, you’ll have your own little crop of organic oyster mushrooms. As an added bonus, each box can produce multiple yields.

 11. Fingerprints and Germs, Begone! – $10

ScreenDr - Recommended by

The ScreenDr. Antimicrobial Screen Cleaning Kit from Digital Innovations scores 10 points for usage practicality, and another 10 points for its all-in-one design. The cleaning kit includes a touchscreen-safe, antimicrobial solution and a microfiber cloth. This one is a great gift for the co-worker who probably hasn’t seen a clean screen since they bought their phone.

12. More Cute Than They Can Handle – $9

Food Deco Cutter - Recommended by

Every office has one: the person who loves the cute things. Even if you don’t know who it is, this novelty white elephant gift is sure to root them out. The CuteZCute Animal Sandwich Cutter and Stamp Kit comes with tools to create rice balls, little panda sandwiches, and all manner of other adorable edibles.

 13. Power Everywhere – $22

PowerCube - Recommended by

Power outlets can be a commodity in some places, but don’t fear. PowerCube is here. Turn one outlet into multiple sockets with a total of four outlets and dual USB ports. It’s a versatile, almost cute, little gadget that doesn’t demand a lot of space.

14. Next Level Selfies – $30

Extend N Click - Recommended by

No matter how you feel about it, selfies are just another part of our digital world. You may have heard about the craze of the “selfie stick” in Asia, and now you can give your co-workers the gift of taking dynamic self portraits with Extend-n-Click. The telescoping rod extends up to 35 feet, and you take pictures by pressing the button on the handle. Warning: just remember that it was YOU who unleashed the photo monster in the office.

15. Healthy Bento – $19

Bento Box - Recommended by

Let’s think about the future … after the holidays. Many people will be trying to lose weight. What could be better than a bento box that helps you portion your meal with the right amount of lean protein, vegetables, grains, and fruits? Laptop Lunches’ Portion Perfect Bento Box is BPA and PVC free for safe and easy microwavable lunches. It’s a nutrition win all the way around.

Bonus: Wrap It Up With Cute – $30 for 6 animal gift wraps

Animal Gift Wrap - Recommended by

Take your gift wrapping to the next level with Animal Gift Wraps. The amazing gift that you hide inside needs equally amazing packaging. Think about it: you could give a gift that looks like a fox or tiger to the people who already think you’re awesomely talented.

Who says that great gifts for your co-workers can’t be affordable? When giving gifts to the people you see every day, be unique and thoughtful. You already know what your teammates enjoy- that’s a natural effect of your job. Take advantage of your knowledge and surprise them this holiday season with gifts that delight, inspire, and incite a giggle or two.

What fun and affordable gifts will you be giving to your co-workers this year? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. This may be the best gift list EVER!! Every other item was “ooh and I want that and that…and OMG THAT!” :-)

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, LJ. :) If you come across any other cool gift ideas, let us know!

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