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10 Corporate Gifts to Give (That They’ll Actually Want)

November is coming to an end and that means cooler weather, falling leaves, and Thanksgiving. The holidays are upon us; so not only are you planning your holiday parties, and “Secret Holiday Armadillos”, it means it’s time to order your holiday gifts. Corporate gifts can be a pain in the ass; everyone has an opinion, because, this gift is supposed to “express who you are as a company,” and you want it to be “unique,” and “creative,” but not too expensive. Amirite? Sound familiar? Well, don’t worry, we’ve got 10 gift suggestions that are sure to impress even the pickiest of people.

1. Claim the Keys


Price: $11 each | one color imprint | 100 min qty

These key-keepers from KeySmart are super cool! It condenses your keys, making it easier to stick them in your pocket, or find them in your bag. PLUS it quiets the janitorial jingle jangle of having tons of keys; how are you supposed to be a stealthy ninja when they can hear you coming?!

2. The Magic Macarons


Price: $5 – $10 per box | additional for custom graphics

It’s official, macarons are the new cupcakes, and everyone loves them. Why are these so popular? Maybe it’s because the flavors are often exotic (cup of joe, thin mint, berry cobbler, sweet potato pie), or because of the way the meringue melts when you take your first bite, or because they were Blair Waldorf’s treat of choice. In any case, give your customers and employees a box of Dana’s Bakery assorted magic bites – it’s up to them to choose to share (full disclosure, I wouldn’t).

3. An Extra Pocket


Price: $2.45 each | one color imprint | cello bagged | 250 min qty

Just leaving your desk for a few minutes to make the office Starbucks run? All you need is your phone and this awesome adhesive pocket to hold your AMEX. Give the gifts of pockets and they’ll think about you every time they buy that extra latte they don’t need. Contact Abacus Marketing to order.

4. Let Them Snack in Privacy

natureboxPrice: $27 – $60 each | 3 month subscription

There is one thing every single person loves, and that’s snacks. Services such as NatureBox, Conscious Box, and OrangeGlad, all provide monthly snack subscriptions. Yes, seriously, you can get snacks sent directly to your desk; anything from healthy and hearty, to cookies and other sweets. OMG! You can give a month, 3 months, or an annual subscription, and you will for sure be thanked!

5. JBL Portable Bluetooth Speakers


Price: $140 each | logo on carry bag | clear gift box with ribbon | 100 min qty

Give the gift of music with these super sweet speakers. Perfectly portable, they’ll easily make their way into someone’s office, kitchen, yoga room, etc. Skip the extravagant fruit baskets and get your VIPs a gift worth remembering. Contact Abacus Marketing to order.

6. Welcome the Weekender


Price: $95 each | call for bulk discounts | additional for embroidery

This is the best carry-on/weekend bag you’ll ever use. It’s got the classic Everlane appearance that screams luxury and class, and it will be the first thing you reach for when you start to pack for your next trip. I chose these as the corporate gift for a company a few years ago, and people still talk about how great they are. I opted not to have them embroidered, but you can send them anywhere to get your logo stitched on!

7. Piece it Together


Price: Starts at $65 each

Send cool custom wood burned puzzles from Liberty Puzzle. Create your puzzle using an image that exemplifies your brand (and appeals to your customers), and then attach your contact info on the back! The unique shapes of the puzzle will entertain all recipients, and bonus: the puzzle is made of maple, and smells surprisingly nice.

8. You’ve Got the Power!


Price: $22 each | full color imprint | black gift box | 100 min qty

“Crap, my phone is at 17% and I really want to go to happy hour, and hate to ask the bartender to charge my phone, but…” Sound familiar? Now you can solve all those problems by giving the gift of power with this credit card size portable phone charger. Brand it and become the savior for desperate phone chargers everywhere! Contact Abacus Marketing to order.

9. Lazy Days

Corporate Gifts - Chromecast - OfficeNinjas

Price: $35 each

Give them the gift of plug and play with the Google Chromecast. This handy dandy device plugs into any HDMI port and allows you to stream anything from your phone, tablet, or computer and onto your TV. I’m sorry, did you say “binge watching TV on the couch for 3 days straight?” #dontmindifido.

10. Tried & True


Price: Starts at $45 each, depends on the wine | 100 min qty

Wine is good. Shiny glass things are good. Put them together in the form of an etched wine bottle! We’re not talking about chicken scratches on the sides, but elegant eye-popping customized engravings. Give your sommeliers-in-the-making a bottle to cheer about. Contact Abacus Marketing to order.

The most important thing to remember when gifting this holiday season is to stay true to your brand AND budget. Don’t break the bank if you’re a startup and can’t afford it. If we learned anything from #UNCUTSF, it’s that customers appreciate personalization. Be sure to include a handwritten note with the gift you decided will give you the most impact for your buck.

What other great corporate gift ideas have you seen recently? Share your suggestions in the comments!


  1. Consumers have more choices than ever when it comes to the products and services they buy. And that choice doesn’t end when they sign a contract with you.

  2. We’ve had great luck with plant / planter combinations. They sit on employees desks and they love them! I’d recommend it to anyone who wants additional eyeballs on their company.

  3. We have a fabulous award-winning Chunky
    Almond Snack that is made with love in SF! The packaging is great looking can be customized for corporate giving. Would love to send you a sample!

  4. How do you get the duffle bag branded with our company’s logo?

  5. Emily,

    Is there a link for the key-keepers? Great ideas. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Here it is, MJ! We have one and it’s AWESOME. If you plan to order a bulk amount, let us know. We can intro you to their sales rep who is super accommodating.

      1. I’m a moron. I was looking quickly and for some reason missed the link completely. Thank you. Please do send me the reps name. I’m very excited about this but what do I do with all my Mets keychains? Happy thanksgiving to everyone at ON.

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