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Say “Thanks!” with One of These 13 Creative Work-iversary Employee Gifts

Editor’s Note: We’d like to thank Abacus Marketing for partnering with us on this post. If you’d like to order these products, feel free to email Josh Sager ( for more information. Don’t forget to mention OfficeNinjas!

We all love to receive gifts. Whether it’s for your birthday or for the holidays, unwrapping a present that was picked personally for you is plain ol’ exciting. But, when you think about it, what did you actually do to justify getting that present? You were born? It’s just a standard time of year to give gifts?

This is what separates a work-iversary from all of those other present-worthy occasions. Employees actually accomplish something in order to get their hands on that well-deserved gift! They tough it out, work hard all year, and remain loyal to their company. So, obviously, recognizing employees with a work-iversary gift is a definite must.

Not only do these goodies show appreciation and recognition for their efforts and commitment, but they also help to decrease turnover and foster the sort of work culture you should want to cultivate. In fact, an American Psychological Association survey found that half of all employees who report that they don’t feel valued at work intend to look for a new job within the next year. Even further? 93% of employees who report actually feeling valued and appreciated in the office say they are incredibly motivated to do their best work.

Clearly, recognizing employees with a work-iversary gift is undoubtedly important and beneficial to your organization. But, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Finding the perfect gift to perfectly illustrate your gratitude and appreciation involves some thought.

But, don’t stress! We’ve rounded up 13 awesome work-iversary gifts that are sure to get the job done—just like that hardworking employee!

Celebrating a One Year Work-iversary

Cheers to One Year!

$6.15 and up per stein at 36 units (Image not to scale)

ON-Beer-Steins (1)

No celebration is complete without a hearty, glass-clinking “Cheers!” Luckily, these branded beer steins will come in handy for toasting that treasured employee. Offered in three different sizes, you can choose the stein that best suits that worker’s taste. Or, more appropriately, thirst. When in doubt—just get all three! Place your order here!

For the Beach Bum

$22.25 per towel at 48 units

ON Towel (1)

Is that employee heading off on a relaxing getaway in honor of their work-iversary? Send them off in style with this durable, branded terry velour beach towel. They may have traded in their cubicle for sand for a week. But, with this gift, they definitely won’t be able to forget how much you appreciate them! Place your order here!

Keep Them Hydrated

$8.79 per bottle at 48 units

ON-Fresh (1)

Hydrated employees are happy employees, right? Give them what they need with this colorful and sturdy H2go water bottle. It includes a removable infuser, so that employee of honor can add their favorite flavors to their beverage. They add something special to your office, so let them add a little something special to their water! Place your order here!

Cookin’ Up a Good Time

$19.85 per kit at 25 units

ON-BBQ-Aprons (1)

Grilling some delicious food is a great (and tasty!) way to wind down from a long day at the office. Recognize that dedicated employee with this comprehensive grilling kit. With an apron, retractable corded bottle opener, padded oven mitt, and a towel, this package has everything a grillmaster could need. Host an office barbeque in honor of their work-iversary, and then present them with this fitting present. Just don’t make them do the cooking. They deserve to be spoiled—at least for one day. Place your order here!

Nothin’ But Blue Skies

$17.88 each at 24 units

ON Umbrella (1)

Hardworking and loyal employees always help to brighten up the office. So, return the favor and brighten up their rainy days with this beautiful and cheery umbrella. With your company logo on one side, and bright, blue skies underneath the canopy, they’re sure to crack a smile—even on rainy days! Place your order here!

Celebrating a 3-5 Year Work-iversary

Healthy and Happy

$97.89 each at 10 units

ON Fitbit (1)

You want everyone in the office to feel great. So, encourage employees to be their healthiest selves with this branded Fitbit Flex personal fitness tracker. Monitoring steps, distance, calories burned, and even quality of sleep, they’ll feel motivated, healthier, and undoubtedly happier! Place your order here!

A Cozy Way to Unwind

$32.95 per unit

ON Fleece Lounger (1)

Of course, employees want to kick back and relax after a long day of hard work in the office. Luckily, they can do it in snuggly style with this soft and cozy District® Fleece Lounger. If you’re feeling extra festive, we think an office onesie party sounds like a great time! Place your order here!

The Perfect Coffee Companion

$47.89 at 24 units

ON-Growler (1)

If that employee always fuels up for the day with their morning cup of coffee, give them this H2go Everest stainless steel thermal growler to keep their beloved coffee hot for up to eight hours! With a copper vacuum insulation, they’ll never complain about a cold cup of joe again! Oh, and this handy growler also keeps beer cold for up to six hours—perfect for those after-work celebrations. Place your order here!

The Only Thing “Cooler” Than a Work-iversary

$59.25 each for 12 units

ON Backpack Cooler (1)

This Igloo® Juneau backpack cooler is just what every traveler and adventurer needs. Suitable for everything from hiking journeys to a trip to the beach, this convenient and leak resistant cooler is sure to come in handy! Heck, it even has a bottle opener attached to the side. Now that’s what we call thinking ahead! Place your order here!

Celebrating a 10+ Year Work-iversary

Ride in Style

$775 each for 1-5 units

ON Cruiser Bikes (1)

I don’t think there’s any better way to say “thanks” than with this completely personalized Villy Customs bicycle. This stylish, 3-speed cruiser is sure to make that employee’s jaw drop. Just prepare to see this parked outside the office a lot. Place your order here!

Music to Their Ears

$42.95 each for 25 units

ON Headphones (1)

For that music-loving employee, nothing shows your appreciation quite like these “DJ style” DesignEars™ headphones by OrigAudio. With high quality sound, outside noise reduction technology, and a built-in mic for hands free calls, you’re going to get pretty used to seeing these on that employee’s head. Place your order here!

Keep Them Warm (and Warm Their Hearts)

$84.95 per unit

ON Packable Jacket (1)

Those winter strolls into the office can get a little chilly somedays. Protect that employee with this super warm yet super slim down jacket by Weatherproof®. It folds conveniently into a separate carry pouch, so it’s also perfect for bringing along on any chilly business trips! Place your order here!

Travel Smart

$279.95 per unit

ON Garment Bag (1)

Here’s another gift that’s great for that employee that loves to travel. This handy Victorinox Swiss Army garment sleeve can hold up to two jackets, two pairs of pants, and two shirts. So, that bulky rolling suitcase is probably going to be left at home a lot in favor of this sleek and convenient bag! Place your order here!

Have you been recognized with a work-iversary present? What’s the best recognition gift you’ve ever received?


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