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Ninjas Who Use These Legal Tech Tools Will Save Time & Money

You might think a highly regulated industry like law would stick to the old way of doing things, but tech innovation is proving that even an old-fashioned, highly regulated profession isn’t exempt from the disruption. Yep, from notary publics and contract law to on-demand lawyers, here’s a roundup of the most useful legal tech tools and apps that make Ninja life much easier when it comes to business legalities.


notarize app

What it is: Notarize is a simple app that connects you with a notary public no matter where you are.

Why it’s awesome: Getting documents notarized can be a time-consuming pain in the butt, especially if it’s urgent or last-minute. Notarize takes all the hassle out of that job through an intuitive app that’s valid in all 50 states.

How to use it: When you download the app, you’ll connect via video call to a notary public. Then, the expert will digitally verify your document. It’s totally legal and couldn’t be any easier.

Cost: $25 per notarization

Startup Lawyer

legal advice for startups

What it is: Startup Lawyer is a resource created by Ryan Roberts, a lawyer who’s advised a bunch of startups on their legal responsibilities.

Why it’s awesome: Startups don’t necessarily have access to legal advice, especially at first, since in-house counsel is a big expense. This resource gives general legal advice about rights and responsibilities regarding startup-related issues like venture capital, accelerators, incorporation, and acquisition.

How to use it: The website’s articles are categorized by topic, but you can also search for specific information. There’s also a glossary that includes everything from accelerated vesting to zone of insolvency.

Cost: Free


legally binding documents from app

What it is: Shake allows you to create, sign, and send legally binding documents right from your phone.

Why it’s awesome: This company is really committed to making the law more transparent, affordable, and accessible to small businesses and individuals. Therefore, the app provides easy-to-use templates for a variety of contracts and agreements, like NDAs and money loaning.

How to use it: Download the app and browse the Template Library to find the documents you need.

Cost: Free for individuals, $10/month for businesses

IP Nexus

legal tech tools

What is it: Ask legal questions for free and have them answered by legal experts.

Why it’s awesome: Sometimes, you just need to ask one simple question, but using your attorney means getting billed for huge amounts of money. With IP Nexus, the financial barrier to getting decent legal advice is removed. It’s also a marketplace where you can post projects for legal professionals to bid on. Plus, you can buy, sell, and license IP, then list your business in their startup directory.

How to use it: Start by anonymously posting a question on the website, then keep a look out for an answer notification. Keep in mind, the pros on this site are just that—the company’s disclaimer says it doesn’t provide legal advice, it just makes it easier to access expert opinions.

Cost: Posting a question is free; the price for other services varies


free legal consultations What it is: LawGives gets you free quotes and consultations from lawyers all over the country.

Why it’s awesome: With connections in over 100 cities on hand to help you out, finding a trusted lawyer will be a cinch. This is basically an on-demand service for lawyers, which makes it pretty useful for Ninjas in need of quick legal services.

How to use it: Create an account and describe your legal needs—then wait for the quotes to roll in.

Cost: Free

Docket Alarm

lawsuit search appWhat it is: An automatic search tool that scans millions of lawsuits with a built-in alert system.

Why it’s awesome: It helps automate the process of tracking legal developments and keeps you updated on all the relevant happenings, saving hours of intensive research.

How to use it: Sign up and select your pricing plan, then set up your search terms and alerts to keep a finger on anything that would interest your boss or team.

Cost: Unlimited use $99/month; pay-as-you-go pricing per document ranges from $1–$4

Concord Now

concordWhat it is: A contract management platform that helps you draft documents, negotiate terms, sign forms, and maximize compliance.

Why it’s awesome: Concord Now gives you more options than most other e-sign services. Plus, it has a streamlined interface that’s easy to learn and use. Because this platform offers the ability to edit and collaborate online, you can follow the status of each contract or customize your dashboard according to particular processes.

How to use it: Create an account to start editing your first document. Then, set deadline alerts, collect e-signatures, and track audit trails over time.

Cost: Price from free to $49.99+ for different levels of service and packages


Takin’ care of business doesn’t mean you have to dole out tons of cash or sit around in stuffy law offices. With these seven legal tech tools, you’ll save time on everything from research to nagging people for signatures. Best of all, you can achieve all of this without setting one foot outside.

Have you tried any legal resources or apps? Share which tools from this list you’ll test out first! 


  1. Really great article Viv! I love seeing the cost barrier of necessary industries become lower and lower – these technologies (at least for basic legal needs) shows that is happening. Thanks for listing all this in one place!

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