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Flash Raffle #2 – WIN $500 Worth of Designer Tech Accessories from Moshi!

Why is it that we swoon over the sleek design of the newest phones and laptops, but so often settle for brick-like power banks, ugly cords, utilitarian totes, and cases that meet the functional minimum?

Accessories are everything, Ninja!

Our friends at Moshi are all over this. Their team of material scientists, engineers, and designers has essentially revolutionized the dusty, neglected landscape of mobile accessories with a gorgeous line of fashionable computer bags, tailored tablet sleeves, sleek power banks, streamlined cables, stylish audio accessories, and more. Plus, you can brand Moshi’s products with your company’s logo! (Employee appreciation gift issue = solved.)

Every product is constructed from only the highest-quality, environmentally friendly materials. Here are just a couple of our favorites:



This smart little power bank holds four times the power of your iPhone, but its slim design can fit in your back pocket. We love the modern aluminum construction and vegan leather accents.



Be honest, you’ve probably dropped your iPhone more times than you’d care to admit. But just because you’re a little clumsy, it doesn’t mean you have to resort to a chunky phone case. That’s why this premium leather phone case is perfect—it’s sophisticated, elegant and most importantly, shatter-proof.



Finally – a backpack that won’t make you look like a middle schooler. The crossbody design lets you swing the main compartment from back to front so you can easily get to your stuff. The Venturo is available in four sophisticated color combinations, and the materials are both weather-resistant and comfortable to wear.

Are you (and your phone, computer, and tablet) ready for a whole new look? Thanks to our friends at Moshi, you could win one of three gift cards valued at $500, $300, and $100!

That’s right – the winners can use their gift cards to purchase the Moshi products of their choice!

The flash raffle prize is for YOU to enjoy, Ninja. But if you’d like to get your hands on Moshi products in bulk for your office or as corporate gifts, contact Moshi’s Business Guru, Shoua Thao, and she’d be happy to help!


Enter for free! Remember: This is a FLASH RAFFLE! Enter by 11:59 PM PST TONIGHT to be eligible. Winners will be announced the next day here. Good luck!

Win $500 Worth of Designer Tech Accessories from Moshi!

If you were to win today’s Flash Raffle, which Moshi product(s) would you get and why? Tell us in the comments section below!


  1. “Look what I got”; is what I would say… when I would showing off my new toys…” I’m pretty popular about expressing my delight to everyone!

  2. Would love the power bank or backpack. Thank you for enhancing our work life!!

  3. I could really use the power bank and need a new, sophisticated phone cover like the ones shown.

  4. I’ve got my eye on several things, but that Napa case looks beautiful!

  5. So many things! Can always use a new external battery. I love mine and carry it everywhere, but it’s very bulky. The versa cover is also really awesome and makes an iPad stand look cool… what? I also love the Spatia sound system!

  6. Their bags have a sleek and simple style, which I like. All of the details look like they are finished nicely. It’s tough to choose just one product.

  7. I like the Venturo bag! They have some very stylish products.

  8. I love the vegan Napa leather phone case, and the external batteries (I have a Samsung phone, and would love to see the battery case for Android products – hint hint!)

  9. The backpack looks great! It’s sleek and stylish.

  10. I love the IonBank, Helios Backpack and the Clarus headphones!

  11. I would love the rechargeable battery. My phone is always dying.

  12. I love the Venturo Backpack and the handbag. It’s a great way to keep things together and be styling! Thank you Moshi and OfficeNinjas! :)

  13. I would be pleased to win any of these fine Moshi products but if I had to pick one thing, I think the Ionbank would be very useful.

  14. Power bank looks great

  15. So many choices oh my! I would probably select the charger and backpack. Thank you for sponsoring this drawing.

  16. The portable ION bank would be so helpful as my cell is constantly running out of battery with all of the million apps I have on it! How can Samsung ask me to choose between apps?! That’s just not fair! :)

  17. The charger and backpack would both be SO helpful! I’m currently using my hubby’s old backpack just to take some strain off my shoulder, but would love to have something a little more fashion forward. The charger would be great, as some days it’s hard to find time to charge my phone, and with a long commute in both directions, I’ve been known to run out of juice :)

  18. I LOVE Moshi in general. When I first heard of them, I wanted everything. The items look sophisticated but still cool and casual enough that I would parade them around outside of the office too.

  19. The Venturo would keep me organized and stylish between my home and campus offices. =)

  20. The Helios backpack and Endura iphone case, because I am rough on my equipment but also like style!

  21. Moshi has amazing products. I hope to win something.

  22. So many wants! Too many to list – my #1: the Avanti On-Ear Headphones!

  23. I have a moshi case and I love it. I would love to have the Helios lite. The color is gorgeous,. I would us3e that bag for everything, work, play, mom stuff!

  24. I would love to win the Venturo backpack. It is so stylish.

  25. Crushing hard on the iPhone case and the Spatia speakers!

  26. Stylish and functional! Would totally love some stylish functional fun tech gear!

  27. I love the look of the satchel lite! It would be amazing for work and play!

  28. Helios Lite and Aeria bag are amazing! Hella clean lines and a sleek design.

  29. I would love to win the Venturo! There are lots of great products to choose from. Thank you for the opportunity.

  30. I want ALL OF THEM!! Most especially the Urbana Laptop Bag.

  31. Simplicity elegance and function, all good things!

  32. That Urbana Mini is pretty sharp!

  33. I would LOVE to win the Helios Lite – Designer backpack! It is so cute and would hold my every day work essentials. The colors are also very cute and neutral.

  34. My Techies LOVE this product! So excited this is one of the raffles!!

  35. I would get one of those sweet backpacks! And also the keyboard for my ipad air 2…so useful!

  36. I like the HelioLite bag! Living in San Francisco, I only go home once a day so I need to be able to fit a bunch of stuff in one carryall for the day. Bonus points for being stylish!

    1. Exactly the same here! That BART commute tho…

  37. I didn’t know power banks and battery cases could look so stylish! Maybe now I won’t always be running out of battery.

  38. I would love the iGlaze phone case or the helios light back pack. They light weight and lovely. Wow such amazing options.

  39. So hard to choose!!! I would be extremely happy to win any of them!!!
    Thanks for sponsoring!

  40. I would definitely like to get the VersaCover and Spatia. I bring my tablet with me everywhere, and the VersaCover is a cool design for it. When we want to play music in the office, it’s usually me putting on the music player on my phone and turning on the speaker. The Spatia would definitely help with making playing and listening to music a better and more stylish experience

  41. I would get an iPhone case because I love the design! Professional, and classic…yes, please!

  42. Constant access to a battery! Perfect!

  43. I’d love the Ionbank charger as I’m constantly on the go and often times need to charge my iPhone after capturing photos or using Google Maps to locate places while driving.

  44. I would love the Venturo. I am known for dropping my phone but I really love the sleekness and professional look of this case.

  45. Ionbank for sure and then I would have some serious decisions to make…hmmmmm!

  46. All the products are beautifully made, I would be thrilled to walk around with any of them!

  47. They all look so amazing, but would defiantly go for one of the bags. :)

  48. I love the look of the Luna keyboard – the thought of being able to type in the dark makes me ridiculously excited.

  49. I’d love to have the Aerio messenger bag, Spatio sound system and any accessories for Samsung products. Everything is so sleek and modern!

  50. Great quality products and very classy looking too! Anything to be safe “on the move” is always good: tablet sleeves, phone cover and such… Thank you for sharing and the opportunity to receive a gift!

  51. There are so many great Moshi products it will be hard to choose just one! I love the backpack and phone cases :-)

  52. The Ionbank looks very useful, but the Venturo backpack would be great for bringing devices to meetings across campus!

  53. The Venturo would be my pick. I have been struggling to find a backpack for todays modernized mobile devices (that don’t make me look like I’m in 6th grade!)

  54. I love them all so it would be difficult to choose! Extra power is always a BIG bonus!

  55. I’d never heard of Moshi but their stuff looks great!

  56. They have so many products not sure I can choose ‘one’. I do have an iPhone 6 and would probably start there. Thanks for this opportunity to win something.

  57. This is literally a toy store for me! While my go-to is anything crossbody with organization, I’d savor the shopping experience and check out everything they have.

  58. The bank for sure, but I also need a new and hip backpack or tote for my laptop and LOVE LOVE LOVE the Urbana! Cool products!

  59. I love the Ionbank, I can always use a little extra phone charge and that’s a slim sleek power source.

  60. Moshi looks pretty cool. i will have to see if we can do some company branded swag for my company!

  61. I’m a gadget kind ofo person so would love the Ion Glaze or Overture. And the Mini-Urbana is gorgeous!

  62. Definitely the power bank!

  63. I love the Versa Keyboard and Ventura Crossbody laptop bag. Such great products Moshi has to offer.

  64. I would love that slim and sophisticated power bank! In office, our weak wifi constantly drains my work and personal cell batteries- having a mobile power source would keep me up and mobile. The backpack is so beautiful, I certainly wouldn’t complain about winning that either! Gorgeous and practical product line!

  65. I’m excited to learn more about the accessories that Moshi offers.

  66. I would love to WIN the backpack. I love it all so if I win anything it will be great.
    Thanks office ninjas :)

  67. the Aerio Lite is perfect! i hate purses, but need something more professional than a backpack!

  68. I would like the UrbanaMini, because it is small and compact yet it can hold my iPad and iPhone. I can also use it as a crossbody bag. Love it and the colors.

  69. The Venturo looks good, along with the power banks.

  70. I love any accessory that is leather, just looks so professional. I am excited to try out the phone case also. I need to be a little easier on that phone of mine.

  71. I would love to win one of the shoulder bags. They are so stylish. Good bags are hard to find.

  72. I love Moshi! Would be great to use some of their stuff in my day-to-day. :)

  73. All of the bags look amazing & stylish – wouldn’t mind having several of them

  74. Oh how drool worthy are all these products! I so covet the Urbana bag!

  75. I’d love to win the Napa case! Gotta make sure my phone is safe!!

  76. I would buy the power banks and a new phone case. I am always being asked for power banks I don’t think you can ever have enough.

  77. LOVE… LOVE…LOVE… the NAPA phone case. Got to protect my ‘baby’. LOL

  78. The Venturo looks fabulous!

  79. I NEEEED the Ionbank! Beautiful products!!

  80. I love the slim laptop bag & the vortex pro earbuds!

  81. Ionbank and Urbana Mini in tuscan yellow… beautiful!

  82. I would definitely get the laptop bag. I need one desperately and I love how they look

  83. Love the power bank and stylish leather case!

  84. I would love to have the backpack, perfect to carry all of my meeting things in yet still look professional.

  85. Love Moshi products! In desperate need of a laptop bag.

  86. I would love the Iphone case or the Ipad cover!

  87. The IonBank and the backpack are at the top of my list!

  88. There as so much from this company that I am really digging on! I want all the things! :D

  89. Would love to win these fun gadgets, not only am I guilty of over organizing my executive, but I’m guily of organizing my fiance! We just got engaged! I’m preparing for a few travel days and would love to use a few of these Moshi travel friendly gifts. #TechyEA

    1. Congratulations on the engagement, Kim! Fingers crossed for you in today’s flash raffle!

  90. Love the backpack. Great way to tote around all of my office equipment.

  91. I really like the Urbana bag and the color selection would be so hard to choose also the power bank would be great to have.

  92. I would get the Ionbank because it is important to be connected throughout the day and this would ensure that I have enough battery life needed to be connected.

    1. It’s hard to beat portable power, and stylish to top it off! We get it, Irma :) Thanks for entering, and good luck.

  93. I love the Moshi design. They are very professional yet beautiful. I would love a case for my iPhone.

  94. I would get a bag for my MacBook Pro and/or my iPad. Not only do they make toting electronics around easier, but they also are really stylish!

    1. The bag is pretty AND practical, what’s not to love, Lauren? Thanks for entering, and good luck!

  95. I would love to have the Urbana Mini. All of the Moshi products are sleekly designed, and would be of benefit to any OfficeNinja!

    1. Yep, any Moshi accessory would be a great addition to a Ninja’s kit! Well said, Karen. Thanks for entering, and good luck!

  96. Would love to win – need a new phone case.

  97. Personal Earbuds and screen touch gloves…my husband accidentally broke my earbuds yesterday and it’s nice to have extras around. The gloves would be wonderful and functional.

    1. Great choices, Chela! We love the carrying case that the Moonrock earbuds come in. Thanks for entering, and good luck!

  98. Can’t pick just one. They all need a new home with me :)

    1. Hey Lisa, looks like there’s an extra USB port that can be used to charge Android devices. Thanks for entering and good luck!

  99. Love the Urbana Mini and I would use to carry my tablet with the Versa Cover, Avanti Headphones and Xync Connector.

    1. Looks like someone has been doing a little window shopping ;) all great choices, Lisa! Good luck.

  100. I don’t own any so I would love to try any of the Moshi products.

  101. I would select the Urbana mini and the overture case. I need both

  102. I would love just about anything but especially a backpack or Versa stand!

  103. Hoping to get a tablet this year, so a case would be wonderful

  104. The moshi ionbank because it matches my rosegold phone and when I’m on the go, this would be a lifesaver!

  105. The cross body bag is function + form = perfection!

  106. I’m dreaming of the Urbana Mini. What a sleek, professional and totally efficient accessory. Who needs a purse when you have that beauty! It’s got all the compartments you need to keep organized. Ahhhh… such a nice dream!

    1. It’s hard not to swoon for that bag! Great choice, Marie. Good luck!

  107. I would definitely get some sort of bag…maybe the urbana mini. Also a pair of earbuds since my puppy just destroyed my only pair!

  108. Love their products!! Top on my list though is the Mac iGlaze hardcover protector and a laptop backpack or carrying bag! #gimme ;)

  109. I would have a very, very hard time choosing, but the backpack wins! I’m going to look for one anyway, no matter what! Thanks for bringing such great products in my line of sight!

  110. I would love any of the products. I think the bag is gorgeous. I could see myself sporting that. I carry my Kindle and phone with me wherever I go, so the power bank would be a nice asset.

  111. I really want the laptop bag…holds a laptop, ipad, and other stuff and looks cute, too!

  112. I would LOVE to get an Urbana bag. My current laptop bag is a branded giveaway that I received over 10 years ago. It is functional, but time to graduate to a grownup bag. The Urbana is classy.

    1. The Urbana is the ultimate grownup laptop bag ;) Good luck Rebekah!

  113. I would love any one of the products!

  114. I’m really liking those iPhone cases! They are stylish and they look durable.

  115. Wow, it would be really difficult which products I would buy because they are all so very useful to our lives. The Ionbank would be great for all my executives and myself while on travel and I would really love the Spatia speakers for my home office! Oh and the bags! You really have a great product here!!!

    1. Decisions, decisions, right Erika? Thanks for entering, and good luck!

  116. Backpack! Because they are awesome!

  117. Any or all? I’m not greedy LOL. Seriously, they all look amazing

  118. Helios Backpack, professional, Stylish and I like the functionality.

  119. Fantastic products. and I shall be sure to choose wisely. Or whimsicly, whichever occurs first.

  120. I’m such a butter fingers–I’d have to try out the iPhone cases, and likely the Urbana Briefcase. I’ve never found that perfect laptop bag!

  121. I would LOVE to own the Venturo! That bag is awesome and loving the blue and tan one!

  122. I would love the Xync or the Venturo… So many great options who can choose!!!

  123. I am not certain which I would choose. I would have to go over each carefully as they’re all pretty sweet!

  124. You’d be a winner to get any of these products. An item that would be used daily every day is invaluable.

  125. I would love the phone case or the IonBank. Our phones become our lives and it is an important part of how I keep my executive on track and he and I would be lost if something happened to it!

    1. Every Ninja needs portable power and phone protection – covering the essentials is key! Thanks for entering, and good luck Jennifer!

  126. I’m coveting that NAPA iphone case. #drool

    1. The heart wants what the heart wants, right Kelly? Can’t blame you for that, the phone case is beautiful! Thanks for entering, and good luck.

  127. I just love the Urbana Mini Bag and iGlaze and IonBank!!! If I don’t win, I will defiantly have to purchase!!

  128. I love the VersaPouch Mini. That would be cool to use with my Kindle.

    1. Definitely a cute choice, Kathy! Thanks for entering, and good luck.

  129. I love all of these products and am stoked to have found this company. If I had to choose, I would say the Ionbank or the Urbana bag. It’s simply gorgeous!

    1. We’re happy to hear how pumped you are about Moshi! Both are great choices, Melanie. Thanks for entering, and good luck!

    1. A Ninja needs to keep her mojo up all day! We get it, Nicole :) Thanks for entering, and good luck!

  130. I’m excited to get a chance to experience what the tech accessories are like through this company and share with my friends and family.

  131. Good looking products–would be hard to choose, but would love to have a power bank, bag, iPad cover…

    1. Always good to cover the tech essentials, Pam! Thanks for entering. Good luck!

  132. The power bank and the Ventura cross over. With so many great products how do you choose just one?

  133. All of the products look amazing. I love the Aerio Messenger Bag, sleek and professional looking. A great accessory for your professional brand.

    1. Agreed, Anne! The Aerio Messenger bag is the perfect finishing touch for your professional look. Thanks for entering, and good luck!

  134. How have I managed to do without the Ionbank! I’d HAVE to purchase (at least one) Ionbank. Love that the connectors are part of the device.

    1. The Ionbank would certainly be life-altering, Brenda! Thanks for entering, and good luck :)

  135. Hard to choose between the iPhone case and the Ionbank!! Decisions….decisions….

    1. It’s all about the tough choices in life, Lisa! ;) Thanks for entering and good luck.

  136. I love it all… Have to agree with Melissa Smith on this one!

  137. The IonBank would be very useful while traveling to meet clients and I love the look of the Venturo.

  138. I would get the IonBank 10K since we always seem to run out of battery!

  139. I love the looks of all of the products, but I think the Ionbank would work the best for me

  140. Love all the accessories, but I really love that Spatia speaker. The speakers I have are tinny. How great to have something that sounds beautiful for those days when I need my ‘relaxation’ playlist to calm me down.

    1. The Spatia speaker would be perfect for that, Deborah! Fingers crossed for ya!

  141. I guess if I HAD to choose it would be….yikes! I can’t pick just one! I love the Urbana, the Venturo and the IonBank!

    1. Some tough choices to make, right Michelle? Thanks for entering and good luck!

  142. Thanks for keeping us up to speed on the latest. Thanks for this Admin Week. Love it!

  143. I would like the Ionbank as my phone is never fully charged

  144. I would love the Venturo backpack and, living in Minnesota, the Digits touchscreen gloves are a must-have!

  145. I would love to get the Urbana bag! Would be great to go from the office to class in style!

  146. I love these accessories. I’m making an effort to get my look as put-together as my brain is.

    1. What’s on the inside should definitely show on the outside, right Linda? Thanks for entering, and good luck :)

  147. The Overture would be wonderful for short trips to the store and the Venturo backpack for long trips.

  148. Love the look of the power bank and the cross over! Very nice!

  149. The power bank, and cross over, wonderful! Love the looks!

  150. I love that someone actually thinks, “Hey, this doesn’t have to be ugly.” Thanks!

  151. All looks fabulous, but I think the tablet handbag and versa covers not listed here are beautiful and functional. Perfect!

    1. Ooooohh, both of those are definitely pretty and practical. Thanks for entering, Jaime! Good luck.

  152. So many cute & functional things! I love my tech gadgets – always carry extra power & cables & my phone needs one of the glass protectors – and a bag for everything to go in….where to start?

    1. Sounds like someone already knows what to do with the grand prize ;) Thanks for entering, and good luck Lisa!

  153. Wow! Moshi has some great offerings! I will be checking out the power bank and the crossover backpack. Thanks!

  154. The Venturo, convenient and cute!

  155. Power bank, phone case, a new bag….. I think the better question would be, “what wouldn’t you get”? So much good stuff I’m on overload!

    1. There are SO many great tech accessories to choose from, Melissa! Thanks for entering and good luck :)

  156. A backpack with a crossbody design… Need I say more? Love the look and the easy access to the compartments. #perfection

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