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Flash Raffle Results and 5 MORE Ninja-Only Deals!

2018 Flash Raffle Winners

We don’t call ‘em Flash Raffles for nothing! Thanks to our generous Admin Week partners, we just gave away 15 incredible prizes faster than you can say “administrative badassery” … and we loved every second of it!

In case you missed it the first time, here’s a quick recap of our Flash Raffle winners and partners.

And, regarding our partners, we’ll let you in on a not-so-secret secret: each one of these companies is deeply committed to the OfficeNinjas community. They sponsor Admin Week activities because they want to better understand the administrative role and offer services that make our lives easier and our offices more efficient. In fact, even though Admin Week 2018 is a wrap, each one of our partners is continuing to run special promotions just for Office Ninjas. So do yourself (and your budget) a favor and show them some love!

Day 1: Delta Air Lines

OfficeNinjas Admin Week Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines is OfficeNinjas’ go-to airline and not just because they’ve supported Admin Week since the beginning. Delta is consistently on-time, they fly EVERYWHERE (over 660 destinations in 127 countries), and they continue to improve their customer experience with innovations that make our tech-lovin’ hearts sing (have you seen their new biometric-based boarding passes?). With their SkyBonus program, it’s easy to earn flights and upgrades with every trip you book.

#AdminWeek Promo: You’re going places, Ninja. So why not earn an extra 45,000 points in the process? Right now Delta Air Lines is offering an exclusive bonus for all Office Ninjas who register for Delta’s SkyBonus corporate program. Email OfficeNinjas’ go-to contact at Delta to sign up and start earning points!

Day 2: Bevi

OfficeNinjas Admin Week Bevi

Bevi is the ultimate workplace hydration solution! Available in both free-standing and countertop units, Bevi’s smart water cooler offers still and fizzy H2O in over a dozen flavors. Your teammates can customize their cup according to their preferences, and you never have to deal with reordering, restocking, or sorting empty bottles again.

#AdminWeek Promo: We know health and hydration are their own rewards, but Bevi is sweetening the deal for Office Ninjas. Sign a contract before July 31, 2018, and receive a $100 Amazon gift card! And don’t you dare use it to buy office supplies. Bevi wants you to treat yourself. Learn more!

Day 3: ezCater

OfficeNinjas Admin Week ezCater

Easily access the most exciting menus in your area and never deal with food fatigue again. ezCater partners with over 60,000 caterers and restaurants in 22,000 cities. Log on to ezCater’s super simple platform, or take advantage of their brand new White Glove service, which offers custom catering, an autopilot option for recurring orders, and a dedicated account manager. No matter how you order, you’ll earn reward points redeemable through ezCater or Amazon.

#AdminWeek Promo: Been thinking about switching to ezCater for all your in-office food orders? Now’s the time, Ninja! All new customers who place an order before August 31, 2018, will receive a $25 Amazon gift card! Simply use this link or enter the promo code “adminweek2018” at checkout. Weekday deliveries are eligible.

Day 4: TripActions

OfficeNinjas Admin Week TripActions

TripActions is the mobile-first, travel management solution you’ve been looking for! Save time and money (up to 30 percent) by booking flights, hotels, and car rentals using TripActions’ comprehensive, real-time inventory and personalized dashboard. Travel snafu? No biggie—TripActions’ 24-hour support team is always available by phone, chat, or text.

#AdminWeek Promo: How’s this for a deal: schedule a TripActions demo with your company’s travel decision maker and get a $100 TripActions credit! All demos must be conducted before August 15, 2018, and each company is eligible to earn one travel credit. To schedule a demo and get complete terms and conditions, email OfficeNinjas’ go-to contact at TripActions.

Day 5: Token

OfficeNinjas Admin Week Token

Token will take your corporate gift-giving game to a whole new level! Token is an online professional gifting assistant with a thoughtfully curated selection of high-quality gifts. Upgrade to Token Pro, Token’s premium service, for a customized dashboard that automatically schedules gift deliveries based on calendar events, like birthdays and anniversaries. Every gift is carefully wrapped at Token’s studio, then finished with a handwritten, wax-sealed note.

#AdminWeek Promo: Delight a colleague or client (or yourself!) with a beautifully packaged gift from Token before June 30, 2018 and receive 20% off your order! All new customers are eligible. Just use the promo code giftingninja20 when placing your order.


Congrats to all our winning Ninjas! And one more HUGE thanks to Delta Air Lines, Bevi, ezCater, TripActions, and Token for their support of Admin Week and the OfficeNinjas community!


    1. Our pleasure, Dianne! Thank you for being a part of this ~admazing~ community 😊

  1. Thank you OfficeNinjas! I am so thankful to have a won a raffle! I have been spreading the “OfficeNinjas” word to anyone who will listen! What a great organization! Congrats to all the winners.

    1. YAS, Denise 😍 Thank you for being an OfficeNinjas advocate and congratulations on your win! Truly thankful to treat Ninjas like you to a little 🎁

  2. Thank you so much, Bevi and OfficeNinjas! I love being a part of this community, and to be lucky enough to win the $500 value wellness package just made my Admin Week extra special. So many of us ninjas genuinely appreciate each and every person who works behind the scenes to make these sponsorships and opportunities happen – we know how it works! Bless you all!

    1. Thank YOU so much for your kind words, Megan 😌It’s our absolute pleasure to treat Ninjas the way they deserve and we’re so glad you’ll be able to take some time for yourself. Ninjas like you are what make our community so special ❤️

  3. Thank you OfficeNinjas and ezCater for joining forces! This winning came in on a perfect timing because I am using ezCater for my birthday party coming up in two weeks!

    1. Happy early birthday, Lynna! That IS perfect timing 😍Congratulations and thanks for being totally admazing!

  4. What pleasant surprise and a blessing to be selected to receive a Token gift certificate! Thank you for recognizing our profession, educating us and bringing on great corporate sponsors.

    1. Ninjas like you are why we do anything, Denise. Stoked to see what you get from Token — thanks for being a part of our community and keep being awesome 🙌

  5. So pleasantly surprised to win 1st prize in the ezCater raffle!! I don’t ever win anything :-D Very grateful to be a part of this OfficeNinjas community and to feel appreciated for what we do as Admins. Looking forward to treating everyone to a fabulous lunch thanks to ezCater!

    1. This just filled our hearts up ❤️So glad we could turn your luck around, Theresa! Thank YOU for your hard work and general daily badassery! Send us pics of that lunch 😉

  6. Office Ninjas — thanks for all you do for the admin community. Winning a Delta credit reminded me to take the time to plan my next adventure!!

    1. Fantastic news, Denise! Pumped that you won and that you’ll get a much-deserved break 😉Thanks for being one of our *admazing* Ninjas 🎉

  7. So excited to try out my fancy new smoothie maker and immediately spend that gift card on a relaxing day at the spa! Thanks for this entire week! It makes it extra special!

    1. Our absolute pleasure, Kyle! It makes us smile just thinking about a Ninja taking some much-deserved time for themselves 😌

  8. Thank you to OfficeNinjas for doing great recognition and giveaways for admin week. Winning the Delta raffle was amazing, and a very unexpected and pleasant surprise! Thank you to OfficeNinjas and Delta for making it possible. You guys rock!

    1. We can’t wait to see where you go, Tiffany! Keep us updated and enjoy it 🎉

  9. It totally made my DAY to see that I had won! Thank you to OfficeNinjas for putting this together and to Bevi for sponsoring a great gift. I already received my Nutribullet Balance blender and CANNOT wait to use it this weekend! :)

    1. Woohoo! Psyched for you, Heather 🎉 Thankful for you, Bevi, and future Nutribullet smoothies 😉

  10. What a fun week Admin Week was. Let’s do it again!
    Thank you OfficeNinjas for all your hard work and thanks to all the amazing sponsors you connect with. I’m looking forward to connecting with them all as well. It’s great to feel appreciated. It’s greater to be understood and provided with options that make our lives better. Well done!

    1. We do it all for you, Deborah! Thank you for sharing — we’re so glad you’ve found your tribe and can get the recognition you deserve ☺️

  11. OfficeNinjas — super stoked about winning and excited to check out the goodies that Token has to offer! :D

    1. We’re so pumped for you to start getting Token presents 🙌Thanks for being one of our incredible Ninjas, Melissa!

  12. OfficeNinjas – thanks for being a GREAT resource to us! Excited about winning and can’t wait to try out ezcater!!

    1. Thank YOU Debra for being a part of this community! We’re so glad you’ve been able to use our resources *and* be a lucky Flash Raffle winner 🎉

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