Flash Raffle #4: Win Up to $500 for Hotels, Flights, and Car Rentals With TripActions!

Attention travel-booking Ninjas! Your life is about to get SO much easier.

Even with all your experience, tricks of the trade, and sharply honed Ninja skills, we bet managing your team’s travel takes more of your day than you’d prefer. Throw in cancellations, delays, and time-sucking snafus, and you can easily spend a full day optimizing itineraries, all the while wondering, “Is this the best option? Am I really getting the best deal?”

Wonder no more! TripActions is the end-to-end travel management solution you’ve been looking for. It’s time to upgrade to a platform that can accommodate your team’s travel needs—no matter their size.

TripActions offers a TON of benefits and super smart features, but, in the interest of time, we narrowed it down to the top five things we LOVE about TripActions.

The Top 5 Reasons Ninjas Love TripActions

2018 OfficeNinjas Flash Raffle TripActions

1. Better Bookings in Less Time

Between researching hotels, flights, and car rentals, comparing options, and making reservations, how much time do you spend booking one trip? An hour? Maybe longer? Ninjas who use TripActions typically book a trip, from start to finish, in under six minutes! Just imagine what you’ll accomplish in those extra 54 minutes…

2. MASSIVE Inventory

TripActions prides itself on its impressive inventory. You’ll have direct access to over 420 airlines, all major car rental providers, and more than 75,000 properties (both domestic and international) on TripActions’ easy-to-use platform.

3. Cost Savings

No one respects a bottom line like an Office Ninja, and TripActions makes it easy to optimize a travel budget. On average, employees who book through TripActions save their companies 20-30% through incentives and lower cost travel options.

4. 24/7 Support

When the ish hits the fan, TripActions’ 24-hour support team is at the ready. Whether you’re navigating delays and cancellations or scrambling to book a last-minute trip, a living, breathing human is always available to help via phone, text, or chat.

5. A Personalized Dashboard

Tired of sorting through endless results? TripActions saves you tons of time by prioritizing traveler preferences (including airline and hotel loyalty) so you can book a trip and get on with your day.

What Ninjas Are Saying About TripActions

Monique M., Executive Assistant to the CEO, Palo Alto, CA

TripActions has supported my company’s needs for nearly two years, and we are thoroughly impressed. They have streamlined the booking process for my colleagues, our customers, and candidates. And with their 24-hour customer service number and online chat, I no longer worry about ridiculously long hold times and rude agents. If your organization is growing fast and are in need of travel support, look no further than TripActions.

Congrats to the Flash Raffle Winners, Hosted by TripActions!

TripActions gave away $500, $300, and $100 travel credit for hotels, airfare, and car rentals to three lucky Ninjas!

OfficeNinjas Admin Week TripActions

Pop over to TripActions’ website and check out their options. Then, let us know in the comments what vacation you’d love to book if you won!


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  1. Jordan MacDonnell

    Back to Spain to visit my family!!

  2. Zoila

    I would book a trip to finally meet my family in guyana!

  3. Sara Barsocchi

    More of Office Nijas in the UK! And thanks for this tip on Travels Planning!

    1. Andrew Woo

      Wonderful! We do have an office in London and can support UK based companies as well!

  4. Netters

    Looking forward to my demo!and hopefully winning a trip to Montana.🤓

  5. RSlunaker

    With all the grey weather we’ve had here, I’d go someplace sunny…maybe San Diego.

  6. Tibbie

    I’ll have to check this out more!

  7. Erin Shelby

    I’d love to go on a trip!!

  8. Becky

    I’d love to go back to Japan! I visited years ago and have wanted to go back ever since. Also, I’d not heard of TripActions before. I’m going to be looking into them now. Thanks!

    1. The TripActions Team

      Wonderful! We are currently offering a $100 travel credit for Ninjas who help set up a demo with a travel decision maker at their company – this is your chance to get it!

  9. Myrna

    I hadn’t heard about TripActions but I’ve checked it out and I love the fact that as soon as you land on the page, they start to engage with you. Looks it will be a great customer experience.

  10. Alyssa Glidewell

    This was amazing info and haven’t heard of TripActions so I’m totally going to be checking them out more. Thanks!

  11. Sue C.

    Although I’m pretty good at it, booking travel can take more time than I have these days. TripActions sounds awesome!!

    1. The TripActions Team

      Glad you like it! We are currently offering a $100 travel credit for Ninjas who help set up a demo with a travel decision maker at their company – this is your chance to get it!

  12. Claudia

    Love this as a new travel resource!

  13. Maya

    Sounds cool, will check it out.

    1. The TripActions Team

      Please do! We are currently offering a $100 travel credit for Ninjas who help set up a demo with a travel decision maker at their company – this is your chance to get it!

  14. Fay

    I would love to visit New York.

  15. Melissa Haas

    I would book a trip to hawaii!

  16. Prins

    I’ve never heard of TripActions before but looking forward to checking it out. Would love to go to New York!

  17. Fay

    New York

  18. BV Ninja


  19. Stephanie Paulino


  20. Maggie Yanez

    I love traveling!

    1. The TripActions Team

      We do too Maggie!

  21. Jenny

    Amazing! Talked to Max yesterday and got TripAction swag!

  22. Suzane Gemme

    Another Admin Tool I did not know about. I think we can be very good friends.

    1. The TripActions Team

      We always welcome new friends :) Check out our site and let’s chat Suzane!

  23. Wendy T.

    Still hasn’t been to any part of Europe so would be great to travel there!

  24. Alana Hyland

    Oh goodness! I’d love to go to Greece or Italy!

  25. Kristen Carrasco

    I would love to visit the beach – any beach, but the Outer Banks would be wonderful!

  26. B. L. P.


  27. LadyJBKnight


  28. Jean Weaver

    My dream vacation is a trip to Australia.

  29. Meg White

    Love to travel, wish I did more. Also, I need to check out this tool!

    1. The TripActions Team

      Meg, come take a look and hopefully you’ll increase your chances to win!

  30. Teena

    Another awesome assistant for the Admins! This looks like a great company. Can’t wait to use them!

    1. The TripActions Team

      We can’t wait either Teena, our team loves admins!

  31. Dorothy Jamison

    I am definitely going to check out the TripActions site!

    1. The TripActions Team

      Dorothy, excited to show you TripActions! Make sure to ask to a member of our team.

  32. Kinnari Manek

    Hawaii, here I come!! ;)

  33. Beatriz Ribeiro

    Greece here I come! Will check TripActions for sure!

    1. The TripActions Team

      Great! Excited to show you around!

  34. Melissa

    Love to hear about new travel assistance. Love the mobile option.

  35. Kim

    Oh, the time we’ve wasted on hold trying to change bookings. . .

  36. Mary Wahed

    Can’t wait to use this platform to book reliable travel and save both time / money in the process for personal and professional travel. My summer trip to Greece will now be a breeze to coordiante!

  37. Beverly Jones-Gibson

    I look forward to going to Montana!

  38. Sandra Draude

    It’s a toss up – I’d go to Italy or back to France!

  39. Lori Palasciano

    Florida! I love a beach vacation

  40. Josie McCoy

    So cool!

  41. Courtney P

    This is awesome – thanks, TripActions!

  42. Nancy Caudill

    Las Vegas Baby!

  43. Anna Montalbano

    Love Tripactions~!

  44. Angela Matthews

    I would love to go to Australia!

  45. Heather

    South America!

  46. Laura D

    Tropical beach, please

  47. Bobbie Johnson

    I’d love to be able to go to Florida to visit my Dad

  48. Sharron Rejfir

    I would love a vacation pretty much anywhere!!! Any thing helps with the purchase of airfare!

  49. Stephanie Aschenbrenner

    I have always wanted to visit New Zealand!

  50. Angela H.

    looks interesting! I am bummed I didn’t have a chance to stop by your booth at the Admin Bash last night at the Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA.

    1. The TripActions Team

      Bummer, wish we met you too Angela! Make sure to check us out and request to talk to a member of our team :)

  51. Kim Yates

    Have never used TripAction before but will definitely use it the next time I need to book for the team.

  52. Jo Medeiros

    Hope I win! Thank you for the opportunity!

  53. Jen C

    Very interesting model!

  54. Samantha S.

    Starting to plan our honeymoon -I am definitely going to check this out!

  55. Patti Woods

    Bora Bora Baby!!!!

  56. Stephanie

    Thanks! I will check out TripActions next time I book travel.

  57. C. Davidson

    Did someone say travel? How generous!! Don’t know where we’re going, but I can be ready to leave in an hour! I’m up for anywhere!

  58. Agnes Schattin

    What a great idea!

  59. Kathy Mueller

    Just checked out your website. Very nice and user friendly. Looking forward to learning more about your service.

  60. Andrea Estrada

    Sounds like a great tool. How does this one compare to Travo? I would be curious to see a side-by-side comparison.

    1. The TripActions Team

      Hi Andrea, our team would love to talk and share how we look at business travel completely different than other solutions out there. Check out our site or share you email here so we can make sure to give you the red carpet experience!

  61. Col

    intriguing product

  62. Elizabeth C

    Sounds like a great tool for booking travel.

  63. sal

    I’m a big fan of the upfront pricing models.

  64. Becky Amos

    Disneyworld for my kiddos!

  65. Connie

    Wow so exciting!

  66. Deborah Adelman

    TripActions looks on top of their game. I seriously need to check them out.

    1. The TripActions Team

      You’re making us blush, come take a look!

  67. Mandy office manager

    could use a vacation! thanks for the opportunity!!

  68. Christy Marrone

    I would go to Italy with my husband and 3 kids!

  69. sonja j jacobson

    I dont travel much for work but I would love to travel more in my personal life!

  70. Carmel Dula

    Nice to meet you TripActions! I’m sure we’ll be connecting soon ;)

  71. Margaret Genendlis

    I’m thinking that the Florida eastern coast is calling me…

  72. Maggie Sutton

    I’d love to visit somewhere on the pacific coast, I’ve never been out there!

  73. Chloe W

    Cool beans!!!

  74. Judi Sambol

    I’d love to take a week long trip the beach

  75. Daniella L

    I’m excited! Hopefully I win!

  76. Lindsay

    This is so exciting!

  77. Tracey Dillon

    I love anything that helps make travel easier.

  78. Joanna

    TripActions sounds like a great site, I will check this when I get a chance to take a much needed vacation!

  79. Margaret Romac

    My colleague is an Office Manager, and a huge fan of TripActions! After meeting them at the Admin Bash, I’m even more inclined to try them out!

  80. IHC

    Will check out TripActions. Hope I can win!!!

  81. Gretchen E Burns

    Ah, a vacation! Just what I need!

  82. Erin Moore

    Thank you in advance for picking me ;) I need a vacation so bad! TripActions is new to me, I’m off to go check them out.

  83. Stephanie W

    I would book a trip to Fiji!

  84. Shelley Rappe

    Ireland. Get me to Ireland, or Scotland.



  86. Sandy k

    I’d love to head over to hawaii!

  87. Becky Rammes

    I had never heard of TripActions before but now I’ll be sure to check it out further.

  88. Christine Plude

    TripActions sounds like an interesting platform.

    I’m going to Sedona, AZ this summer, and some extra $$$ would be a nice bonus!

  89. Heather W.

    Would love this!!

  90. Melissa L.

    After 5 months of having a stormy snowy winter I would love to go somewhere warm.

  91. LuAnn

    I would love a trip!

  92. Tiana

    Booking Travel made easy sounds like a dream! :)

  93. Cathy Teese

    I’m going to look into TripAction today. Thanks for the super informative article!

  94. Gracie B

    Looks very interesting!

    Japan anyone?

  95. LaVonne


  96. Mary Beth

    Hope I win!

  97. Alice Hsu

    Bora Bora or any tropical place :D

  98. MR

    I want to go sit on a beach somewhere and read a good book.

  99. Lisa

    Travel arrangements are frustrating and time consuming! I’m always looking for a smoother process.

  100. RJay

    Interesting and super cool! Never heard of it!

  101. Lesa Redfield

    I wouldn’t mind going to a beach to sit in the warm sun and read a book, maybe have a tall glass of something fruity with and umbrella on my straw to sip from.

  102. Aubri Levens

    With this site, my lunch break just got a little bit longer!

  103. Charlene Coleman

    I live for travel!!!

  104. Cheryl D

    Never heard of this company before but will have to check it out! Thank you

  105. Amber M

    Had a chance to talk with Maxwell from TripActions at the AdminBash last night! We’re setting up a time for him to come and demo/present to several other admins on our team. This is definitely the way to go! I’d love to plan a trip to Australia to see my BFF, I miss her a ton!

    1. The TripActions Team

      Amber, Max said he loved meeting you last night and looks forward to meeting again with your co-workers :)

  106. Misti

    Great info, thanks!

  107. Colleen McKendry Cera

    I would plan a trip to Ireland!

  108. Sharyn W

    This article provided great information on the travel options

  109. Tigress

    Personal travel? Totally taking my mom to Hawaii! (Business travel, taking my team somewhere closer to home for bonding).

  110. Valerie Carroll

    I’d love to see my daughter in LA.

  111. Mysti Nundahl

    Hawaii has always been on my bucket list!

  112. Margie A.

    Work hard…play hard

  113. sarah Stegmiller

    I’d book a trip to Jamacia! …. again

  114. Angie D

    Thank you for the wonderful excitement you have created for all of us — the recognition, the raffles, all of it!

  115. Nicole Headdings

    Love this offer.

  116. Donna Carriker

    TripActions sounds great. Going to Florida or California sound awesome

  117. Donna Carriker

    TripActions sounds great. Florida, Nevada and California sound awesome.

  118. Helen Chevalier Stehlik

    To Italy, Spain and Slovakia

  119. Ross G

    I would 100% fly out to Vegas to get to visit my twin nephews! I miss them SO SO much!

  120. Sarah

    Amazing! :)

  121. Annette Slonaker

    I’d love a vacation!

  122. Renee Roberts

    Great event last night! Loved learning about all of the vendors.

  123. Barb R.

    I’d book a vacation to Cancun – where it’s tropical and warm!

  124. Jennifer Nguyen

    a trip to hong kong!

  125. Sooz Sovern

    I would travel to London, England where my family lived for generations before moving to the US in the early 1800s! I’d not only check out the family history, but would love to be a full on tourist all throughout London!

  126. Katherine C.

    So many places I still need to go. This tool looks awesome!

  127. karina rodriguez

    Love the cost savings and 24/7 support

  128. Arlene Paulino

    Connecting with TripActions is a great resource for travel. I look forward to knowing more about their services and how this can benefit me and my team. Thanks!

  129. William Price

    Would for sure take a vacay to Thailand!

  130. Shannon Lashley

    Hot dog! Travel is my favorite! Next stop: Italy!

  131. Jacque M

    Sounds like an incredible tool, I’m definitely going to check it out!

  132. elizabeth tseng

    I take every opportunity to travel when I can. I am the office’s travel guru.

  133. Jackline Choque

    This site is awesome will definately keep in my toolbox! I would love a trip to Spain.

  134. regina marie sanchez

    TripActions is the way to go! I would love to use the credits towards a trip to SE Asia.

  135. Erin F.

    A beach, any beach. I need sun! It’s been a long winter in Ohio.

  136. Melissa B.

    Would love to take a get away trip this year with my husband!

  137. Renee Powers

    I want to win!!

  138. Amanda

    Travel? Sign me up!

  139. Becca Robbins

    I would LOVE to use TripActions to help book my mom’s 60th birthday trip to Hawaii next spring!!

  140. Leticia V

    I’d love to plan a trip anywhere for myself vs. all the trips I plan for our employees. I am having travel envy.

  141. CrystaK

    If I win this I’m heading to NYC.

  142. Zorina Mercado

    Planning a trip to Osaka, Japan this summer!

  143. Abbey Carlberg

    It’s time for sand on my toes!

  144. Kisha

    San Francisco. I’ve just relocated to TX and I’m missing my people. I need big hugs and a couple happy hours to get me through this transition :).

  145. Tiffany D.

    Love love love travel.

  146. Myka


  147. Chrishelle P.

    I would on my way to New Orleans! Fingers crossed!

  148. Deb N

    Anywhere warm!

  149. Mon-Shane Chou

    Would love to do an extended trip through South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan!

  150. Minnie

    As I watched Amelie for the 100th time and reviewing upcoming corporate travel, I found myself dreaming of submitting a PTO request under our unlimited policy and taking a two week tour <3

  151. Kim L

    Definitely New Zealand

  152. wendy wingo

    I could use a trip to Iceland! The tickets are cheap but the Hotels are expensive!

  153. Ferlin Ballesteros

    A trip to Greece would be my dream!

  154. Rachel Jacobson

    I would totally book a weekend getaway to Boston!

  155. Andrea M.

    Visiting Africa is definitely on my bucket list to travel to!

  156. Sarah Johnsen

    Croatia! To see my grandmothers place of birth. Also, LA to go see my Dodger’s play!

  157. Sylvie

    I would love to go to Maui with my husband for his graduation!

  158. Thuy

    Did someone say Bali?

  159. Sarah Watson

    I would love to go to Europe.

  160. Anita Conrad

    Somewhere with lots of SUNSHINE!!

  161. Grace

    I would love to visit Poland!

  162. Denita Wade

    I would like to travel the beautiful South Africa

  163. Tracey Cuba

    This website provided good information. I enjoy to travel and love when it is easy to book.

  164. Mary Fisher


  165. RJ Workman

    I’d like to go anywhere!

  166. Roz

    Travel credit will be awesome to win. I was able to take a honeymoon when I got married. A getaway is much needed.

  167. Martha Santana

    Excited to have TripActions become our next travel advisors!

  168. Jacqueline Petrick-Lee

    Thanks for sharing!

  169. Kristianne Solchaga

    Nomadic Ninja all day! I’m going to Egypt! I love how when they share top 5 benefits, they are literally top 5! Could’ve really used TripActions with a previous CEO, moving forward I suppose!

  170. Shelley McGinn

    I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland. It’s the first thing on my bucket list.

  171. Ching Wei Tung

    Love 24/7 support. Stress-free!

  172. Emilie

    Love TripActions! Currently working on switching over from a different system.

  173. Frances

    This looks like an easier tool to book flights!

  174. Aspecht

    Better bookings in less time! Yes please !

  175. Barbara N

    This would be great for my vacation in September!

  176. SN

    Great article, going to use it!

  177. Andi Groen

    “Better bookings in less time”???? Sounds right up my ally. I’d love to personally get away to Alaska!


    Spain is calling my name! Please help me get there!

  179. Soula

    I need this!

  180. Gayle

    Will definitely check into TripActions!

  181. Nancy

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  182. Amy Sanchez

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  183. Nikki Y

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    I would like to go to Germany for Octoberfest

  188. Bryan B

    TripActions, send me to Spain, plzthx.

  189. Jeanne

    My bagas are packed for Vancouver, BC. I’m ready win!

  190. Stacy Nisthal

    I would definetly put this prize to good use on a trip to Guatemala or Costa Rica!

  191. Jessy

    I sure could use a trip… :)

  192. Anna Ali

    Vacation? What’s that?? :P I would book a trip to Vegas, never been there!

  193. Danielle Mack

    Waiting to hear if I’ve won with crossed fingers and a packed suitcase!

  194. Beth Savitzky

    I’d love to go to the Southwestern US. Visit all the national parks!

  195. Cindy Wall

    I struggle with making flight, hotel, and car arrangements because every person has their own preferences, not just about airlines and hotels but also their preferred departure and arrival times (one hates to get up in the morning to make a flight!). I’m going to definitely try out TripActions for the next round of bookings.

    1. The TripActions Team

      Sounds right up our ally! Can’t wait to show you how TripActions can help you manage all traveler requests Cindy.

  196. Stephanie Chan

    Traveling is the best!

  197. Barbara Vega

    I need a trip to NY with my daughter that is getting married soon then she wont belong to just me anymore. :(

  198. Kristiana

    This is awesome, I will definitely be looking into this. I spend the majority of my time booking travel

  199. Trudy Praxel

    Space Coast, Florida

  200. Stacey A.

    I’m ready to pack my bags!

  201. ALYON

    I’m going to test drive the app. Need to be more efficient. I also want to travel more.

  202. Paula

    I’d love to take on the West coast.

  203. Stacy Flaherty

    Anywhere with warm breezes, sun and crystal blue water!

  204. H Royal


  205. Mia

    Looks great!

  206. Amy N

    No way to drive to Hawaii, so flying it is!!

  207. Kimberly

    Using TripActions has allowed me to rest assured that my Executives and candidates are in good hands and that no matter what, where or when something happens, TripActions is on 24/7, just like me.

  208. Denise Vajdak

    For $500 credit, how about Myrtle Beach, SC?

  209. Christine Garcia

    This would be a great help to my Hawai’i trip in February 2019!!

  210. Murphy Jones

    We don’t do much traveling anymore, but when we do I will be trying the service of TripAction.

  211. Coren T

    Hawaii here I come ;)

  212. Pearl Taylor

    I’m looking forward to trying Trip Actions for the Mayor’s next trip. As for me, if I were picking a vacation today I’d pick Boston or Washington, D.C. area.

  213. cynthia h


  214. Sandy Stevens

    Anywhere that’s not here would be fantastic.

  215. Toddy

    I would love this prize to take a much need trip to see family

  216. Janna

    I’d love to travel up to Portland and Seattle

  217. cynthia h

    Finally, a tool simple to use and share

  218. Lisa M

    I book a lot of travel, would like to try this!

  219. Liz

    I could use a little getaway!

  220. Valerie Osserman

    Really want to try this out!

  221. Kelly Olsakovsky

    My needs are simple. I need a quiet spot on the beach so I can read, watch the waves come in, and relax with my family. I love the Alabama/Northwest Florida beaches, and would be perfectly content with a nice long weekend in a beach house!

  222. Janelle Cook

    Should I pack my bags?

  223. Sharon Shaffer

    Let’s go ——— I love to travel

  224. Kelly O'Connor

    excited to try this platform out for my next travel needs

  225. Jenn B.

    I’ve always wanted to go to London.

  226. Brittney B.

    Ready to go anywhere!! :)

  227. Tina Hollis

    I liked the site. Looks like a great tool.
    I would love to travel anywhere.

  228. Anita Maasen

    Hmmm, where to go…. where to go…. where wouldn’t you go?!?

  229. Tina Hollis

    It’s a great site. I would love to travel anywhere.

  230. Faye DeBard

    This is great! In all honesty, I would love a trip to almost anywhere. But right now, San Antonio or Hawaii sounds really good.

  231. Charlette R

    This would be a great win! Here’s hoping!

  232. Gina Van Dusen

    Interesting, will have to research and see if UofO will let us use this.

  233. Mary J

    Its time to check TripActions out. Travel, here we come.

  234. DeAnna Jefferson

    We always need new and innovative ways to make things go more smoothly.

  235. Dawn Gamble

    Always love to learn about companies that can make my job easier and make me look like a rockstar!

  236. tracy stevens

    This site looks pretty cool!!

  237. Judith

    This looks like an interesting site. We are working with Travo right now, but the personal perks are a bonus with this site! Can’t wait to dig into the details.

    A trip to the North Carolina Shores would be great about now!

  238. Christy Gidney

    Italy, because I love pasta and pizza.

  239. Kathleen Young Rybarczyk

    Mmmm . . . .a vacation! To anywhere fun.

  240. Judith

    This looks like an interesting site! The professional / personal perks are a real bonus. Can’t wait to dig deeper.

    A trip to North Carolina shores would be wonderful about now!

  241. Gina Sanders

    Would love to leave Chicago behind and head to the beach

  242. Cassie McG

    New Zealand and Australia!

  243. Tammi Fletcher

    I’d go any place warm with water and a beach.

  244. Kayley

    I’d probably pick Hawaii!

  245. Eduardo C


  246. Lorna Handa

    I would love to travel more. This would help

  247. Dawn Stevenson

    All aspects of travel booking have always been a challenge for me; but once I’m there – I’m there! Hard to pick ONE place, but it has to have water around it…Hawaii probably!

  248. Staci Grab

    Trip Action is a great addition to executive trip planning

  249. Danielle Mack

    Sitting here in Chicago with a packed bag and crossed fingers!

  250. Randi

    Somewhere with a beach! =]

  251. Michelle Marinas

    I would LOVE to continue helping my mom cross bucket list cities off her list and help my team make better travel choices!

  252. Emmy K

    Japan: Family and friends and culture!

  253. Mia C.


  254. ASamayoa

    We’re about to go to Disneyland, so I would use the winnings toward that!

  255. Giselle Eastman

    It was great to meet Max last night at the bash!

  256. Lee S.

    I would love to explore SE Asia, particularly Thailand and the Philippines!

  257. Jilene

    Love to travel and enjoy booking travel for others. Been doing it for 26 years!!

  258. Melida Hernandez

    Looks like a fun way to learn about this company. I would love to visit family I haven’t seen recently.

  259. Chloe Hayes

    I would love to go to Iceland for a week! But I’m really down to go anywhere new :)

  260. Nancy Small

    Would love to go somewhere with a beach!

  261. Tran Huynh

    I would love to go to Paris, Italy, Spain and Germany!

  262. kelly ramirez

    Great site. I’ll go anywhere….

  263. Susie

    Winning would be a great reason to get away!

  264. Kristen Victory-Chisholm

    I’d love to do a European hop – London, Dublin, Inverness, Paris, Venice, Barcelona!

    Or, Iceland!

  265. Theresa Kelly

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  274. Lynne


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    A honeymoon to Banff National Park in Canada. We got married last Fall, but it was a challenging year financially, so we are still saving up for it. The goal is June 2019!

  276. Kelly lee

    What an awesome company!

  277. Melissa

    We use TripActions and LOVE them! It has made my life so much easier. Before TA, I booked travel singlehandedly for 700+ people. If I won, I would head straight towards a beach! :)

  278. vicki


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    This looks extremely helpful!!!

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  293. Breanne Barger

    This may sound silly but I really want to travel to Texas, a 14 hour trip by car from Indy, and visit Magnolia Nation. I want to see Chip and Joanna’s bakery, restaurant, shop and more!

    1. Kelly Olsakovsky

      You will NOT be disappointed when you get to make that trip. Just try going during the week. It’s packed on the weekends. (Unless you can time it with a swing through Canton for the huge flea market, which is also totally worth your time.)

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  301. Valerie Wright

    Our parent company uses Concur and would like us to but I’ve had issues in the past with them. I’ll definitely check them out! Thanks!

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  309. Lori Paiz

    Congrats Nicki! I felt like a kindred sister spirit reading about you. I too am a office manager/facility manager and feel like the Schneider (One Day At A Time reference) for the company. It is fun – keeps you guessing each day. :)

    1. Lori Paiz

      Ha! I was so excited for you, I forgot to say where I would take a trip. That would be either be Hawaii or Ft. Lauderdale, FL. :) Congrats Again Nicki!

  310. Melissa Frates

    Great info! I’d love to take my husband to Finland. See the northern lights

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    1. Nora

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    TripAction looks like an awesome company! I am definitely going to bookmark them for future reference!

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  324. Patty Atwood


  325. Patty Atwood

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  326. Tracy Painter

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  328. Jillian F

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  341. Claudia

    Great resource – thanks!

  342. Tina Wheeler

    I like this a lot. We currently use Concur, which is rife with small annoyances. and lacks the customization that TripActions seems to offer. Now – if I were booking for me? In the US, I’d likely book myself a week in Chicago – a city I’ve flown through dozens of times, but have never had the pleasure of spending time in.

    1. The TripActions Team

      Tina, we’ve heard those frustrations with your current tool a ton! We can definitely discuss how we can help with all those annoyances and save you from the pain, just request to talk to a member of the team.

  343. Michal Cohen


  344. Amy O.

    Would love to travel to Hawaii. Definitely on my bucket list.

  345. Nikki C

    I have never traveled outside the U.S. I would love to go to Italy or Greece!

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    I’ll be looking into this for sure! My company currently uses Concur and we have a lot of issues. A change in vendor could be just what the doctor ordered!

  347. Rachel M Hoeffner

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  357. Sarah Kotila

    I would love to take a trip to visit my grandmother and other family I have on the east coast, take a trip to Toronto (I’ve always wanted to go!) or visit my best friend all the way on the west coast. This is awesome. Good luck, everyone!

  358. JenCD

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  359. Pam

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  362. Stacy Dudero

    Enjoyed meeting the Tripactions Crew at Adminbash. Can’t wait to try it out!

  363. Sharon Williford

    I would defintley look into using Trip Actions to attend AdminWeek 2019. Being that I am in Georgia and I work for a small non profit, being able to travel at lower cost is always a plus.

  364. Karon McMakin

    This concept is just what I’ve needed this year when planning trips to Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean. I have spent many, many hours figuring out details for each–this sounds like a great service and I am checking it out!

  365. Lauren Jones

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  366. Amber

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  370. Nikki

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  371. Jessica S.

    We just rolled out TripActions to our team. It’s been a great addition to our tools arsenal!

    1. The TripActions Team

      Glad to hear it!

  372. Kelsey Kubale

    China and Portland, ME

  373. Laura V

    Anwhere! My travel list to plan:
    Glaciers in Alaska
    Horseback riding in Mongolia
    Machu Picchu in Peru
    yoga retreat in India

  374. Gabriella Gill

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  375. Khanh


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  386. Amber H.

    I love to travel and there are so many places I still need to see! This would be amazing!

  387. Debbie K

    I’m definitely going to look into TripActions and see what money I can save for my company!

    1. The TripActions Team

      Please do! We are currently offering a $100 travel credit for Ninjas who help set up a demo with a travel decision maker at their company – this is your chance to get it!

  388. Alyssa

    I’d book a vacation to California :)

  389. Lisette Ortiz

    Definitely looking into this for our new incentive program.
    I would love to take a trip to California!

  390. Rebecca Colosi

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  391. Ryan Hertel

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  392. Melissa


  393. Aimee McGlinchey

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  394. Carey Hunter

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  395. Caryn

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  396. Bridgete

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  399. April R Gordon


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  404. Julie B


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  408. Sarah


  409. Jennie V

    I would love to visit my motherland The Philippines and stop over in Japan and Korea for my 25th Wedding Anniversary coming up in 2020. I haven’t had time to take vacation managing 3 labs at Stanford and sometimes you need to refresh and take a break to see the world 🌎 with your family ❤️

  410. Ryan Abdon

    I love learning new tools for both my professional life and my personal life!

  411. Tonya Stephens

    After attending last nights #AdminBash. I now have a confirmed call with Cory of TripActions to start saving my company money!!

  412. Teresa Collins

    Portland, Oregon

  413. Dawn Gilbert

    Plan to check this out for upcoming trips this summer!

    1. The TripActions Team

      Please do! We are currently offering a $100 travel credit for Ninjas who help set up a demo with a travel decision maker at their company – this is your chance to get it!

  414. Suchitra Kamath

    Greece!! On my bucket list.

  415. Lois Walters

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  417. Marissa Luttrell

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  422. CJ


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  427. Sheri Mohar

    Great info. Definitely going to check into it. Time to book a trip to Arizona!!

    1. The TripActions Team

      Please do! We are currently offering a $100 travel credit for Ninjas who help set up a demo with a travel decision maker at their company – this is your chance to get it!

  428. EJ White-Peters

    Exec Sec (as my employer sponsors IAAP’s Summit).

  429. Lorrie Butler

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  430. Toni

    Japan or Ireland to learn about oir families heritage!

  431. Juanita Mort

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    1. The TripActions Team

      Please do! We would love to have you!

  432. Brittany


  433. Lisa Brulinski

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  434. Patty Bardeen

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  436. Bonnie

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  439. Kristin M

    I’d head to the Netherlands – both my husband and I have a Durch heritage, and I’ve been learning to speak, read and write Nederlands 😃 🌷

    1. Kristin M

      I’d head to the Netherlands – both my husband and I have a Dutch heritage, and I’ve been learning to speak, read and write Nederlands 😃 🌷

  440. Lenni Thigpen

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  441. Brittinae S

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  442. Mary D.

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  443. lisa tilly

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  444. Chana Sweeney

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    1. The TripActions Team

      Please do! We would love to have you!