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Flash Raffle #3: Win $500, $300, and $100 Worth of Tasty Eats from ezCater!

2018 OfficeNinjas Flash Raffle ezCater

If there’s one thing Ninjas learn early on in their career, it’s that food matters. Teams do not thrive on tired deli platters. Wilted salads don’t inspire. Most companies don’t strive for adequate work, so why should a recurring lunch order merely feed people?

With ezCater, Admin Week partner and sponsor of today’s Flash Raffle, you’ll always be confident that you’re consistently serving up the best eats that your city has to offer. And the ordering experience couldn’t be any easier. Honestly, we could go on and on about all of ezCater’s winning qualities, but for the sake of time, we’ll limit our praise to the five things to love most about ezCater.

The Top 5 Things Ninjas Love Most About ezCater

2018 OfficeNinjas Flash Raffle ezCater

1. Options Galore Nationwide

ezCater partners with over 60,000 caterers and restaurants in 22,000 cities. Whatever type of cuisine you’re looking for, they’ve got it. And they serve the entire country, which is a huge bonus for Ninjas regularly managing meals for multiple office locations.

2. Do-It-Yourself or White Glove Service

Whether you’re a DIY Ninja when it comes to food orders, or you’d prefer to leave menu planning to the experts, ezCater works with you. You have the option to place orders through ezCater’s super simple platform, or take advantage of their brand new White Glove service, which offers custom catering, an autopilot option for recurring orders, and a dedicated account manager.

3. Proof Is in the Reviews

Variety is the spice of life, but choosing a new restaurant or caterer can feel like a gamble. What if the food isn’t good? What if the service is terrible? We get the worry, but here’s the thing: ezCater has collected over two million(!) reviews for their participating caterers and restaurants, so you’ll know what you’re getting before you place your order.

4. Ridiculously Helpful Customer Service

ezCater’s online ordering couldn’t be simpler, but if you want to talk to a human, their customer service is top-notch (they even refer to their representatives as Ninjas!).

5. Earn Money, Instead of Spending It

Look as hard as you can, but you won’t find a single hidden cost. When using ezCater, Ninjas pay the same price as they would if they were ordering directly from the restaurant or caterer. And for every order you place through ezCater, they reward you with ezRewards that can be used on future purchases or turned into Gift Cards!

Congrats to the Flash Raffle Winners, hosted by ezCater!

Three lucky Ninjas walked away with $500, $300, and $100 in ezCater or credit!

OfficeNinjas Admin Week ezCater

Pop over to ezCater’s platform (not on an empty stomach), and check out the options. Then, let us know in the comments the dream lunch you’d order if you were a winner!


  1. Happy Administrative Professionals Day everyone!!

  2. Mmm Mexican food or all American like wings and burgers

  3. Order mostly southwest grill and a variety of other items for the office.

  4. I’d treat my department to the most amazing sushi spread from Sushi Boss here near IUPUI’s campus – YUM!

  5. Italian food – so many to choose from!

  6. I would love to try ezcater

  7. Finding a great caterer isn’t easy! Will definitely check out ezCater!

  8. Used for our Christmas party in December with a coupon code we received at an admin conference. Excellent experience! Perhaps Panera could be added to your queue of vendors?

  9. I’ve been meaning to try them, but haven’t had a reason to do so as yet.

  10. I’ve tried ezCater before and they’re great but i had no idea they also had a white glove service too!

  11. FOOD; that’s what our team lives for!

  12. I really need to go on their website and check it out. Here in Seattle we have quite a bit of choices for catering (some directly from the restaurants themselves) so I am lucky.

  13. I am not sure if exCater is in my area but I love Amazon.

  14. honestly, there are so many options in SF it’s hard to keep so many going or compare them all

  15. Thank you OfficeNinjas for recognizing admin!

  16. Haven’t used EZCater but would be willing to try it if it’s available in my area. But I love Amazon!

  17. Happy Admin Professionals Day everyone!!!

  18. I Have used EZ Cater One time in the past to cater our employee appreciation lunch. I think that it is wonderful that they promote local businesses.

  19. Good Luck Everyone!!! I hope you all are having & have had an Awesome Administrative Professional’s Day!

  20. Would love to use ezCater! Sounds cool

  21. The selection in office area is great! our team would love so many of these options for our special lunches!

  22. We have in-house catering which is convenient because I don’t have to be in the conference room during set-up. However, the food is so-so and we get sick of it! So I might try ezCater for variety.

  23. My dream lunch would definitely be BBQ Boss! Who doesn’t love barbecue?

  24. lemonade, definitely lemonade :)

  25. Lemonade, definitely lemonade!!

  26. ezcater does not exist in our rural area.

  27. I had not heard of EZCatering! I read this article and sent an email immediately, recommending we use them for several upcoming events we have. I’m excited and can’t wait! It’s always good to find a great vendor that will make your life a little easier during an event.

  28. Always looking for great catering for my team and our customers!

  29. Because who doesn’t LOVE a free lunch?

  30. We rarely get to spend school money on staff lunches since budgets are so tight. This would be such a treat for our hard working school staff!!

  31. It is great to know there are a variety of options for catering. It will allow a change from our usual routine!

  32. Little Goat Diner Catering! One of my favorite places to eat in Chicago. Didn’t even know that they catered!

  33. Happy Admin Day to all the office ninjas!

  34. Looks like a great service to use! Will definitely look into for our next catering event!

  35. I typically order using our onsite vendor. I think I’ll give ezCater a try for my upcoming meeting next week.

  36. I absolutely love EZCater!!! They make all of the office food needs so easy to acquire!

  37. Would love to try them. We have trouble getting vendors to deliver catering at 6:45 am for Grand Rounds

  38. It’s always good to switch up your office catering once in a while :)

  39. La Salsa or Armadillo Willy’s. YUM! :-)

  40. I had heard about ezCater before, but never really looked into them. I’m glad I did now! There are many great options in our area, some even have a $0 delivery fee. We run many events requiring catering. This will be a great resource! If I win, I would like to try Pita Pit, Original Chop Shop or Dickey’s BBQ.

    This comment is making me hungry!

  41. We’ll be using it to get some street tacos next week!!

  42. This would be an awesome win since I order lunch for our office every Friday!

  43. ezCater – we don’t know you but we love you! Already!

  44. Oooohh, Buca di Beppo! This is a gold mine – I’m so happy to have discovered the site!

  45. I’ve never heard of ezCater before today, but I’ll definitely be looking into it for our next event.

  46. I’ve heard of ezCater, but have never tried them. Next time we need a cater, will consider using them.

  47. Sounds like a fantastic service. No additional fees? White Glove Services? Yes, please! Our team is getting tired of the same 2 restaurants where we order afternoon catering. I’m excited to try this out!

  48. I like the reviews and I really like the variety of restaurants.
    I believe I will use them on my next breakfast or lunch purchase

  49. Our dream team catering order would be from Dish Dash!

  50. I have never heard of ezcater and I will definitely share with the other admins in the office.

  51. I’d order sweet treats for the team, definitely including Kelly Cannoli (they have an AMAZING Gluten Free cannoli) and Cupcake Royale

  52. I would love a carving station (prime rib, filet mignon, chicken) with all the fixings!

  53. This would be a great treat for our office

  54. Never heard of ezCater but it’s definitely something we could use! We don’t order food a lot for our department, but it would be like having food for big birthdays or special occasions; and, it would be nice to cater instead of everyone bringing and/or cooking something

  55. I love salad so my choice would be Green Leaf’s, everything looks DE-Lish!

  56. Mmm we would totally use this next Friday!

  57. Totally going to use ezCatering this Friday!

  58. Haven’t used ezCater yet, but would love to try it!

  59. Would love to try this service, it would be bonus points for the services we offer families.
    Good Luck to All ;)

  60. I’ve heard great things about EZ Cater but haven’t tried them yet.

  61. I think Breakfast In Bed sounds amazing! My folks come in on Saturdays and this would be a great treat for them to greet them in the morning.
    Also so excited to see the local sushi market is available for a $0 minimum! Wow!!

  62. This would be a great prize! Our office does several lunch & learns and client lunch meetings a year. Would love to try ezCater – so many places to choose from!

  63. I use EZ cater all the time!

  64. We cater every Friday and have tried a number of different catering options, but not EZCater yet. Taco bars are our favorite!

  65. Wish we could use something like this but we are required to use our own Catering here on campus. They are pretty good but not as many options!

  66. We’re always looking for ideas for office lunches. EZ Cater would be great.

  67. I’ve used ezCater a handful of times now and had a great experience every time! I also love the points toward an Amazon gift card – I’m already at $35!

  68. Our Finance and Accounting Work Day 5 group love their “Bagels and Donuts”. This would make my life easier.

  69. I’m going to have to try EZ Cater for our next big meeting. Looks amazing!

  70. Who doesnt love ordering healthy?

  71. Looks interesting! I hadn’t heard of this service before. :) Thanks, Office Ninjas, for passing along valuable tips and services to help make our jobs easier!

  72. Love ezCater! They have come to the rescue more times than I can count. They offer so much amazing local food.

  73. Everything looks delicious!

  74. I would love to win this prize!

  75. Awesome company and cannot wait to try them out.

  76. Pancakes! Pancakes and more pancakes. And they are mini – so I can get lots and not feel guilty!!

  77. Catering is a great alternative to doing it all yourself. We have food day once a month and this would be a wonderful treat.

  78. My peeps just like food in general. Anything that they can get their hands on is a dream :)

  79. Excited about this raffle and free food!

  80. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  81. I would love to use ezcatering! I don’t get much catering in my new position but would easily use them.

  82. I’m always looking for new options for lunch meetings!

  83. Always looking for new catering options!

  84. Having just used the same caterer twice in two days I need all the help I can get to keep it interesting for my team members and Board members!

  85. Steak tips, rice and veggies or Mexican make your own burrito, with salad.

  86. I would love to offer some new options to my team but don’t have the free time to read all the reviews and discover new restaurants. Hope to use this site and I win this credit!

  87. EZCater is the bomb! They have been perfect each and everytime I used them for special occassions in th e office.

  88. This looks awesome for trying different foods instead of the same menu.

  89. Love the options, quality and service! And the points program with Amazon!

  90. I wonder if ezCater would supply my area? We have a hard time finding catering due to our remote area.

    1. I was able to find two places on their site for our area. Both I’ve never heard of. The BBQ would be a HIT around the office!

  91. Our busy season is catered 4 nights a week, so this would give us alternatives to the boring menu options we repeat every year. Taqueria las Mexicanas sounds interesting. We love Mexican food!!!!

  92. Give me a Taco Tuesday and I am a happy man! :)

  93. Have used them before and was very pleased with their service!

  94. EZ Cater is it’s name easy to use!

  95. I’d love to be the office hero by winning this!

  96. My dream lunch is a catered taco bar from Mateo’s taqueria. <3

  97. Oh that’s easy – I order a lot from ezcater … and Sebastian’s Café is a hands down winner, especially for my Board of Directors!

  98. I have used ezCater before and have been satisfied and would definitely use them again.

  99. Our office gets food every week during the football season. We would love to use ezCater

  100. I would pick a new place we have not tried yet. Maybe Halal Guys.

  101. Not many options in my area for something other that sandwiches or pizza. I’d order a lunch from YaYa’s.

  102. Service is on time and have not had any issues!

  103. Hoping to have an oppty to try them soon!

  104. ezCater and the OfficeNinjas combined?! Truly a winning combination. Speaking of winning, if I win this amazing prize, I’d order from Mediterranean Catering for my crew!

  105. FlipBurger in Atlanta. Never tried it but heard great things!

  106. ezCater and OfficeNinjas Combined!? Truly a winning combination! I’d order anything Mexican for my crew!

  107. Love EZ Cater! Would love to order a BBQ for a summer lunch!

  108. So Many Fantastic Restaurants to choose from BUT I’d pick Zia’s on the Hill, you can never go wrong with pasta!!!!

  109. We would love something different. We live in a small town and all we can cater in is Subway.

  110. Have not tried ezCater yet – will put that on our next Admin meeting agenda to look into!

  111. Bring on the good ezCater!! I could use a margarita right about now – do they deliver those too :) if not a churro will do!

    1. Bianca – When you do, our catering ninjas are here to help. Let me know if you’d like me to connect you with a member of the team.

  112. This would give the office a nice excuse to honor an employee of the month winner. And it would take the guess work out of my job of ordering. Yum!

  113. This is such an awesome giveaway! My office loves good food and this would make my job easier in having all options in one place

    1. Frances – Glad to hear it! We’d love to make your job a little easier, at least when it comes to catering. Our catering ninjas are available 24/7 if you need any help.

  114. I think a tasty breakfast would be a good way to start the day!

  115. Anything with lots of cheese! :-)
    Also, I am pescatarian so seafood options would be ideal.

  116. Would love to host taco Tuesday in the office with ezCater!

  117. I think our office would appreciate a catered lunch from Pita Grill. We like to stay relatively healthy but appreciate delicious Pita :)

  118. I had no idea that @ezCater existed. This might just be a game changer! Thanks!

    1. BHeyden – We’re glad we found you. We’ve been listening and learning from people like you for the past 10 years to change the game. Let me know if you’d like me to connect you with our catering ninjas.

  119. looking forward to using ezCater for our next meeting! I have had great experience for the entire process! thank you for being professional, user friendly, providing variety of food and pricing!

    1. Angela – Your welcome! But really, thank you for giving us a shot. Let us know how we can continue to help. We love the feedback.

  120. Wow! This ezCater looks like an incredible tool. I just took on the responsibility of ordering all staff lunches and I love having all options in one place. I would love to have some healthy quinoa and kale salads along with sandwiches at our next lunch!

    1. Stephanie – Congrats on the new job responsibilities! We also just launched a new White Glove service to make your life even easier. Check it out at the link below and let us know what you think.

  121. Checked out our zip code, and there are lots of options available. Exciting!

  122. Looks great! Will be my go to option for US catering from now on. Come to Canada please.

    1. Crystal – Thanks for the feedback. We don’t have any plans to move north just yet but will share this with the team.

  123. We do Monthly Program Review meeting/All-Hands, looking forward to check out ezCater!

  124. Haven’t used it, but sounds like a great option. I have to do catering for several different meetings, so this may give me even more options.

  125. ezCater sounds great. I’ll have to check them out for our next meeting.

  126. Today’s the day Ninjas! Let’s do this!
    Can’t wait to hear from all of the vendors and Ninjas! :)

  127. I love the fact that there are no hidden costs and that you can talk to a real live person! Unheard of! :)

    1. Andrea – Fantastic. We pride ourselves on being “insanely helpful”. Have a great admin day!

  128. I will definitely consider using EZ Cater for my next big event!

  129. I’d use EZcater to host a tasty happy hour with lots of small plates and yummy cheeses

  130. They’re a great catering option! Known about them for awhile now.😊

  131. I’d use ezCater to order Clutch Wings for everyone – their food is the best!

  132. A kebab and gyro bar sounds amazing!

  133. EZ Cater has made OfficeNinjary so much easier! Thank GOD for them! Always a good option for feeding a large crowd! (pick me pick me!)

    1. Amy – We appreciate the feedback but really THANK YOU and all the officeninjas out there on Admin Day. Fingers crossed. Good luck.

  134. I would love to for my team to try build your own Acia Bowls – a refreshing and healthy treat!

  135. My team would LOVE this prize!

  136. Haven’t used EZ Cater but interested in checking them out!

  137. Woo Hoo! I love EZCater

  138. There are so many options, but I’d go with Mexican food! YUM!

  139. Did someone say falafel?!

  140. Haven’t had the chance to use ezCater yet, but I’m excited to try it because of all the good feedback I keep hearing about the service!

    1. Jennifer – Awesome. Our catering ninjas would love to help out. We’re here 24/7. Call, text, chat or email at your convenience.

  141. Oh I wonder if this would be available in our neck of the woods….Bellingham Washington

  142. Nothing like good food to make an office happy!

  143. Mmmm…a lunch of BBQ and/or tacos sounds amazing. Now that I know about ezCater, I will have to try them as an option.

  144. Build your own tacos sounds like it would be a great lunch!

  145. EzCater is a great site to use, it helps you find new options and easy to find receipts.

  146. It would be nice to – for a change

  147. I’ve never used it, but sounds great and worth a try!

  148. I love ez cater. Good variety and if we are meeting in a different city, I can easily find a caterer.

  149. Yum! Thank you! We love sushi at our office

  150. Would love to try ezCater! There is so much to choose from. BoxCar Betty’s comes highly recommended.

  151. Definitely pho from Vinason Pho and Grill! :drool:

  152. Wow! I found lots of new ideas for catering in my office area.

  153. I am TOTALLY using ezCater for our next meeting! I was poking around the site and discovered one of my absolute favorite places has opened up nearby and I can cater our next meeting with their deliciousness – but tons of other fabulous options as well!! One happy Ninja here : )

  154. The ‘Wrap This!’ restaurant sounds so tasty!

  155. Wow! Way to “cater” to your demographic – ezCater seems like the best solution in a pinch or planning ahead! I would love to use them to cater a deli spread for all-day brainstorming sessions, ideally with vegan/vegetarian and GF options!

  156. ezCater is AWESOME, and it’s easy to find what we want!!! I used them 4x in one week, variety is the spice of life, and they are soooo helpful if something isn’t right.

  157. ezCater has saved me and my office several times. From last minute lunch meetings to clients coming for a visit. They rock!

    1. Joradan – Actually you rock! Thanks for the feedback and glad we were able to help out.

  158. I just love ezCater!! You pick what you want to order, pay, and they handle the rest. I’ve had issues before with one of the sites, and they handled everything, including my refund! Even reorders are extremely easy! Can’t think of why anyone would do it all themselves!

    1. Sandy – Thanks for the feedback! Neither can we by the way. Have you heard about our new White Glove service? Depending on how frequently you order this may make it even easier. Let us know what you think.

  159. We are looking into this for our new office space! so excited!

  160. So happy to see this is in Portland when I checked out the link. Anything from 808 Grind (my personal favorite) or CupCake Jones (dessert goodness!) would be awesome but there are so many more that are listed that are great too- Upper Crust, Block and Board, Cha, Cha, Cha.

  161. This would be perfect for our end of the year potluck!

  162. I like clear pricing without having to go through other people. This makes my job faster and more efficient.

  163. Love ezCater for office lunches! Makes it simple to plan for 7 locations.

  164. Most companies don’t offer their services in Fresno. Glad to know this company is available here and so many options.

    1. Murphy – Best part is, all of those restaurants deliver and have been curated by people just like you for reliability and timeliness. If you need any help with your first order, our catering ninjas are here to help 24/7.

  165. I’m so not a picky eater, but our office favorites are Dickey’s BBQ, Schlotzsky’s and pizza. My dream lunch would be an Asian or Mediterranean spread, as these are my personal favorites!

  166. I think we’d have to try Los Chuvis… Because “Best Tacos in the Bay Area” is a big claim! :)

  167. Who doesn’t love ezcater? They do all the work and let us look like the hero’s but in reality, they are the TRUE Heros!

    1. Lori – Wow – we’re flattered. Thank you. We can’t take credit though. We’re just here to help and serve. Have a great Admin Day.

  168. This is my first time hearing about ezcater and it’s awesome! I definitely could have used this at my last company. Now I work for a small company and we only have lunch catered for special occasions but I will definitely use ezcater! If I win the raffle I think I’d go with Mexican, Cajun or sushi 😁

  169. Looking forward to trying EzCatering. Always looking for new sites to try that will make my job easier. Sounds like the real deal!

  170. Never heard of this. Looks like a great service!

  171. Love all the choices! Currently using a local caterer but will try ezCater!

  172. We don’t have a lot of variety when it comes to food choices around here, extremely limited. makes setting up catering a difficult task. Will have to check out this site!

    1. Jessica – I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. If we don’t have options though please help us remedy that. We love hearing from our customers about great local restaurants in your area.

  173. Our office orders catering a few times a month and we’re always looking for great new options, so we would love to try ezCater!

    1. Kelly – Great to hear. We’ve got an entire team of catering ninjas available 24/7 if you need help with you first order. Let me know if you’d like me to connect you with a member of the team.

  174. I haven’t had the chance to use EZcater. Looking for more information. I order catering everyday!

  175. So, this is my first time hearing about EZCater, but it sounds like the perfect solution to my problem of finding a different place to order from for the office monthly staff meetings and holiday functions. Caters to different diets and lifestyles and provides options , Yass! Love it!

    1. SophiaB – we’re hear to help. Any meeting, any size, anytime. Our catering ninjas are here to help 24/7 via phone, email, chat, or text. Let me know if you’d like me to connect you with a member of the team for your first order.

  176. I would start with The Grill at Quarterfield Station! I tried to move our monthly menu previously, however as a winner, my department full of men, would have no options. I would order the Quarterfield & Greek Salads; California Chicken and Chesapeake Pasta; Mac & Cheese and because my manager loves rice, I would order that.
    Dessert would be ordered from CakeShine-I just like the name! The Red Velvet Cake and an assortment of cookies, with enough to have on hand the next day!

  177. This is a great raffle item as we are hosting people at our office for lunch all the time. I’ll check ezcater out for sure.

    1. Paula – Great to hear. Our catering ninjas are hear to help and available 24/7. If you need anything please reach out via text, phone, chat or email.

  178. Always looking to add variety and interest to our office’s meals. Even the best stuff gets old quick if they see it too often. Glad to know there are so many options for keeping it fresh.

    1. Amanda – Exactly – we’re still trying to eat our way through all the selection in Boston. We’re also adding thousands more every month. If a favorite isn’t on the platform please let us know.

  179. I never knew this was an option!!! My workday just became easier!!! Can’t wait to try this and share with my other Admins to use!

  180. EZ Cater sounds like a viable option for my organization. I am not to pleased with the caterer we are using now.

    1. Staci – Sorry to hear about your current caterer. Have no fear we have 60k to choose from that are vetting daily by admins like you for quality, reliability and timeliness. We also have catering ninjas available around the clock to help you – call, chat, text or email anytime.

  181. So many options to choose from, makes catering meetings easy.

  182. I have used EZCater in the last few months. They are awesome! Since I have to order lunches alot, it’s nice to have options so I don’t keep ordering the same thing every time. The staff is very helpful and efficient.

  183. Definitely something delicious that we don’t see a lot of… sushi, or southern Indian cuisine sounds amazing right now!

  184. Woohoo!! Happy Admin Professionals Day :D

  185. My dream lunch would be extra cheesy pizza from Luciano’s Pizza & Pasta!

  186. Lots of salad choices, fresh breads and grilled veggies. Oh and fresh fruit for dessert. You can still enjoy food even while dieting!

  187. Had no idea this existed! Very cool that we could get delivery from other areas, not just ours.

    1. Emily – I’m glad you found us! Delivery is one of the best parts of our platform. All of our restaurants deliver and a we have over 2M+ on-time ratings and reviews. Please reach out to our catering ninjas is you need any help. They’re available 24/7.

  188. Love this service! Since I need to order lunches often, it’s nice to see options so I don’t have to order the same thing every time. The staff is very helpful and efficient.

    1. Fay – Great to hear. We also recently launched a new White Glove service for recurring orders. Check out the link below and let us know what you think. http:s//

  189. Would be great for my leadership meetings. I would choose something light and healthy!

  190. This sounds like it would be a great option for those in my office instead of going out to eat or not having a chance to run out because we’re too busy.

  191. Happy Administrative Professionals Day!!!
    May today be filled with joy, appreciation, love and all sweet things! Cheers to being AWESOME! :-)

  192. A couple of restaurants I order from directly is on the EZcater list. What would be the benefit of using Ezcater instead of going directly to the caterer?

    1. Hi Tracy – Great question. There are a couple – ease, selection, reliability and service. We’ve tried to optimize the entire process – unbeatable selection for all your catering needs, specifically designed catering menus, ratings and reviews to ensure reliability, stored receipts for easy expense reporting and 24/7 service. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible. The cherry on top, is our ezRewards program where you earn points for every $1 spent on the platform. I’d be happy to connect you with a member of our team to walk you through your first order (timothy.riedel @

  193. I love using ezcater – makes ordering around the country so much easier!!

  194. I’d have to go with PF Changs or Meddy’s. They’d be a hit for our division!

  195. We do have in-house catering, but for some of our groups or offsite events, it would be good to have someone to work with!

  196. We Love ezCater! They make ordering so easy!

    1. Hi Chandra – Thanks for the feedback. Have a great Admin Day!

  197. This would be great for our employee rally!

  198. Love ezCater! They make it so easy!

    1. Chandra – thanks for the feedback. EZ is our goal! Have a great Admin Day.

  199. I love food and so does my office so this would be an awesome prize!

  200. While we have an onsite chef, it sure would be nice to have our offsite events catered once in a while.

  201. We always use campus catering. If I win, not this time, we are going to a caterer offsite. Yeah Boy!

  202. We would definitely use this for Mexican food, that’s always a bit hit in our office.

  203. I’ve used ezCater in the past and was very pleased.

    1. Lori – great to hear. Thanks for the feedback. Have a great Admin Day.

  204. Wow – this sounds fantastic and cannot wait to use them. Anything other than Tex-Mex and BBQ would be a grand change.

    1. Valerie – Let us know how we can help. We offer thousands of restaurants with options galore. We also have plenty of Tex-Mex and BBQ options when you’re done sampling. Our catering ninjas are available 24/7 if you need any help.

  205. So many options in my city. And it looks like ordering is a breeze. Will definitely give them a try for our next meeting.

    1. Mo – We’d love for you to give us a try. If you need any help our catering ninjas are available 24/7 – call, chat, text or email.

  206. Great prize–would love to win! As wellness administrator in our department, I cater in food for our office quite frequently so this would be used very quickly!

    1. Karon – Good luck. Even if you don’t win – we can help. Let me know if you’d like me to connect you with one of our catering ninjas for your first order.

  207. Love love love EZ Cater! We’ve used it MANY of times! What an awesome prize!

    1. Rhea – Triple love. Wow. Thanks for the feedback and good luck!

  208. EZCater is great – the selections are great and customer service is fabulous!

    1. Kristie – Thanks for the feedback! Our catering ninjas are glowing. Have a great Admin Day.

  209. This site looks awesome! I can’t wait to try it next time we have a large meeting.

    1. Melissa – Double Awesome! Let us know if we can help. Our catering ninjas are available 24/7 via phone, text, email or chat.

  210. I’d get away from the traditional and go with Southeast Asian! Sounds delish!

  211. I am a fan of mexican food. I would order anything mexican!!

  212. I love Buca Di Beppo and would love to have them as a treat for my team! They have wonderful vegetarian options as well as my favorite dish, Chicken Parm!

  213. I am looking forward to trying ezCater, great option for planning my next office catering event.

    1. Martha – Fantastic. We’d love to support you. We have catering ninjas working around the clock to help whenever you need. Call, chat, text or email anytime.

  214. I would gladly accept any opportunity to eat Indian or southeast Asian food! I could not believe the number of options available!

  215. Mmmm, I’m craving some Brick Oven pizza today, so we’ll go with that one :)

  216. I would order assorted make your own tacos for my office and have a cinco de mayo party. We celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries at the end of each month to cheer on hard work and team efforts. Add a few sombreros and maracas and ezCatering would take our celebrations to the next level.

  217. I will be checking this out. I would love a better solution for when students order

    1. Jan – We’re used by schools across the country to help department meetings and student group. We also offer a great tax exempt program for schools and non-profits. See the link below for more information.

  218. So many places to choose from!

  219. Fantastic service, basically every restaurant in your area is available on EZcaterer. Service is customer focused and they really go beyond to help you out!

    1. Julie – Thanks so much. That’s our goal, to make you catering needs EZ. Have a great Admin Day.

  220. This would be awesome. If there is 1 thing my office knows how to do, it’s eat. :)

    1. Tracey – We have the same “problem”. Have a great Admin Day and good luck!

  221. Super excited to get a chance to try this out!

  222. Use ezcater in our office. Simple and it helps with cost per person, great for those who are budget conscious! Even suggest more or less food when you order because you enter the number of people you are ordering for. Great platform and VERY easy to use!

    1. Teena – Thanks for sharing your experience and using the platform. If you haven’t already make sure that you refer your colleagues. ezRewards points for you and a discount for them.

  223. Anyone else hungry? :)

  224. I would definitely go with the tofu wot at Tigi’s Ethiopian Restaurant. It’s not often you can find vegan Ethiopian food, so I would love to try it!

  225. I loved this article. Mimy sounds like an amazing ninja- so upbeat, innovative and dedicated to both work and family. A real inspiration. And the fact that 25 of her co-workers recommended her for the All-Star award speaks to her marvelousness :)
    Congrats, Mimy!

  226. Definitely looks like an option for our next catered in event!

  227. ezCater is wonderful! If you don’t use it already, go sign up! It’s very convenient and easy to use.

    1. Marah – Thanks for the shout out! Have a great Admin Day.

  228. I would love to win this for the officers in my building. It’s so hard for them to stop anywhere to eat so if I had it catered by EzCater the officers could stop by at their convenience to have some wonderful food.

  229. at A&C we love using EZCater. I just ordered from Newk’s and will have it delivered at a meeting tomorrow. Can’t wait to try. We also love Pita Pit and McAlisters. Nameless Catering is another great choice. You really can’t go wrong!

    1. Breanne – Thanks for using ezCater. Good luck and enjoy Admin Day. You deserve it!

  230. It’s great to see In The Bag Corporate Cuisine on your list for Des Moines, IA. They have amazing food & the best “secret recipe” brownies!

  231. I love the ease of sorting to find just the right food option!

  232. ezcater is a staple for our Hunstville office, and I have been encouraging our San Fran colleagues to take advantage of their excellent customer service, as well. Zoe’s is a HSV favorite!

    1. Jacque – Awesome. Thanks for being an ezCater customer. Have you referred your SF colleagues? If you not you should. They’ll receive a discount and you can earn additional ezRewards points. See the link below.

      1. Tim,
        Absolutely, love the referral program! Our rep, Brooke F, has been instrumental in keeping my referrals in check. Thank you so much!

  233. I would order something we haven’t eaten in the office before. Try something new.

  234. It would be amazing to be able to provide something other than pizza for our big team meetings! Good luck, everyone!

  235. I would like to try the food truck option. I feel that would be a great social gathering and people can place their own individual orders!

  236. So hard to pick! We love our Halal Mediterranean food around here, so the Halal Guys or DiMassi’s would be great, but I never get tired of Zoe’s Kitchen or Bullrito’s!

  237. My dream lunch…anything from Tarrant’s West! A local fav. If I win, it’s an all administrative professionals lunch…on me!!

    1. Nikki – Fantastic. If you need any help, let our catering ninjas know. We’re a chat, text, call or email away 24/7.

    1. Jill – Wow we’re flattered. Thank you. Today’s all about you though. Thank you for everything you thing you do. Have a great Admin Day and good luck!

  238. Always love using this EZ Cater!

  239. Always love using this company!

  240. Looks like an awesome option for catering needs for our office! Lunch for everyone!!

  241. I have actually ordered food from some of the places that are listed for my area, but I have always dealt with the restaraunt directly. I will use ezCater for our next event, and hopefully it will make ordering food an easier process.

    1. Sharon – We can definitely help! Whether, simplifying the ordering process, streamlining receipts and expenses, or handling the logistics, ezCater is designed to make your life easier. We’ll also give you points that can be redeemed for Gift Cards. Call, chat, text or email and one of our catering ninjas will gladly help you out.

  242. Salads Up in Ann Arbor!! Their selection looks fabulous, can’t ever pass on a Cobb – some fresh & healthy greens are great for some all day energy.

  243. With so many dietary restrictions, ordering lunch for our office can be difficult. It’s so great to have a company help to take some of the work out of it!

    1. Jessica – We hear this all the time. Our catering ninjas are pros at navigating dietary restrictions and our catering menus. We’re available 24/7 to help via chat, text, phone or email.

  244. My dream lunch? Hmmmm, one provided by ezCater! Ice cream and chocolate chip cookies wouldn’t hurt, either! :)

    1. Dianne – You’re speaking my language! Ice cream sundaes for everyone.

  245. I love how easy it is to order food for meetings – thank you ezCater!!!

    1. Barb – Your welcome. But in all seriousness – Thank You! Have a great Admin Day.

  246. Have any good gluten free options in the midwest?

    1. Amanda – We have lots of gluten free options. You can filter on every search results (at the top of the page) by gluten free, vegan friendly or healthy. Depending on what you consider the Midwest, here are couple of quick stats on gluten free options:
      Chicago – 32
      Kansas City – 9
      Detroit – 8
      Minneapolis – 5

      We’d also love to hear about your favorite gluten free restaurant.

  247. Penn Station is a favorite amongst this group. I know we’d all enjoy that:)

  248. ezCater’s would be awesome for my office. We are a team of foodies and great chefs and love food events, but sometimes need time off. There are two businesses called LaScala’s Pronto and b.good that are a favorite around here. It would be awesome to have a day off from cooking and enjoy one of these places!

  249. I cant wait to try out this service! Looks AWESOME!

  250. During the summer at my office, we do lunches every week. This would be so helpful for me!

  251. This would be amazing to win! I order from the same place every time there is a meeting and it’s getting OLD!

    1. Debbie – Give us a shot. All of our restaurants are carefully curated and are rated by your peers for quality, reliability and timeliness. Let our catering ninjas handle the rest – call, chat, text or email if you need any help.

  252. Winning could mean first opportunity to try out this service!

  253. What a great option! Can’t wait to try out ezCater for our next lunch!

    1. Cassie – Awesome. Let us know if you need any help. Our catering ninjas are available 24/7.

  254. So many options, this would be great!

  255. LOVE ezCater! It has made my life so much simpler when ordering food! I would definitely order a hot catered lunch from one of the fantastic companies offered!

  256. This looks great, we love Mexican food in our office – just in time for Cinco de Mayo!

  257. We cater a few times a month, I’m hoping we can use this service in our rural area!!

    1. Emily – I’m hoping so too! If we don’t have enough, we love hearing from our customers about great local restaurants . Add your favorite via the link below and/or give us a call at 1-800-488-1803.

  258. So many great places that do catering that I didn’t know about! So glad that I learned about this service!

    1. Adriana – The best part is they all deliver! Our restaurants are curated by people like you to ensure reliability. Let us know if we can help you place an order – we’re available 24/7. Call, chat, text or email.

  259. This would be a great prize for our office. We just finished up our busy season so what better way to celebrate than FOOD!?

  260. We do monthly lunches in our office, this would be an amazing prize to win!

    1. Marianne – Good luck! Even if you don’t win let us know if we can help with your next monthly lunch. Our catering ninjas are here to make your life easier.

  261. Love ezcater! I use them on a daily basis for office meetings and events.

  262. I used EZCater just yesterday! We had a retirement luncheon for a co-worker and it was so easy and they were super great to work with!

    1. Tracy – Great to hear! We’re available 24/7 via chat, text, email or phone. Let us know how we can make your next event a success.

  263. I have used ezCater in the past and they truly make things so simple. Saves a boatload of time!

    1. Amy – Great to hear and that’s our goal. Let us know if we can help with your next meeting or event.

  264. I think I’d order from Gourmet Crepes. I’ve heard a lot about this place but never been, and I would definitely be the office hero if there were crepes for lunch!

    1. Katie – We think you’re a hero even if crepes aren’t for lunch! A Warm Apple Cinnamon crepe does sound delicious right now though.

  265. Love EZ Cater – use them almost every day!

  266. My office orders from Chipotle… a lot. It’d be great to be able to shake things up now and then!

    1. Katie – We love Chipotle too, but there’s only so many times you can have a barbacoa taco for lunch. We’re always looking for feedback, so if your favorite restaurant isn’t on the platform – let us know.

  267. Love all the ezCater options available – and the responsiveness when I had an issue!

    1. C – Thanks for the feedback and being an ezCater customer. Have a great Admin Day!

  268. Sounds like a great service company. Would love to try this for our office.

    1. Rebecca – we’d love for you to give a try too. Our catering ninjas are a call, chat, text or email away. Let us know how we can help.

  269. We always need options. Lunches are brought into our office 1-2 times a week and it can take a lot of the Admin’s time to coordinate and to find a variety of options. This looks like a great idea.

  270. You can make us all happy with some Caribbean! Looking forward to trying out the Boston Jerk Center for our next BOD meeting!

    1. LaKesha – That does look delicious! If you need any help making the BOD meeting a success, we’re a call, chat, text or email away. 1-800-488-1803

  271. Sounds delicious, Happy Admin Day!

    1. Marissa – That’s our goal. Let us know if we can help make that next meeting, event, or office party a success. Our ninjas are ready 24/7 – call, chat, text or email. 1-800-488-1803

  272. I have heard about ezCater and am going to try it for our next function. One of our admins in another office uses it all the time and loves it!!

    1. Hi Sheri – Awesome! Let us know if we can help. Also, make sure you tell your colleague about our referral program (you’ll get a discount on your first order) and they’ll earn points towards Gift Cards. It’s a win win for the both of you.

  273. I coordinate a ton of catering for our office and ezCater would be a great option!!!

    1. Michelle – We’d love to help make your life easier! Our ninja team is available 24/7 for all your catering needs – 1-800-488-1803. We also just launched a new service and would love your feedback.

    1. Tammy – We’d love you to try us too! If you need any help we’re a call, chat, email or text away 1-800-488-1803.

  274. I hope I win. My company is celebrating 25 years, and this would be great to use for the event.

    1. Jessica – Congrats on the milestone and good luck. Even if you don’t win let us know how we can help make your celebration a success.

    1. Debbie – Great to hear. Let us know how we can make your next breakfast, lunch or afternoon meeting a success.

  275. Looking forward to using ezCater!

    1. Evon – We are too! Our ninjas are at the ready. If you need any help we’re a call, chat, email or text away, 1-800-488-1803.

  276. I order boxed lunches once a month for a leadership team meeting. It would be nice to have some other options to choose from to spice things up a bit.

    1. Hi Colleen – We hear this a lot and can definitely help. With over 60k restaurants I’m positive there’s a delicious option for your next meeting. If one of your favorite restaurants isn’t on the platform, we also want to know. Just fill out the form at the link below and we’ll do our best to make it available.

  277. Great way to try food from various vendors in the area.

  278. I would pick a place that sells seafood. I love shrimp tacos…Salsaritas

  279. We have a potluck every month. It would be nice to surprise everyone with a catered lunch.

    1. I would pick a place that sells seafood. I love shrimp tacos…Salsaritas

  280. You cater from the Jerk Pit in College Park? If I win…APW extended in my office!

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