Flash Raffle #1: Win $500, $300, or $100 in Air Travel from Delta Air Lines!

Ninjas, here’s the thing about Delta Air Lines—they’ve got your back. They’ve supported Admin Week since our inaugural year! That’s four years of killer raffle prizes, Admin Bash partnerships, and super generous prizes for our OfficeNinjas All-Stars. Delta is our go-to airline, and here’s why they should be yours too.

The Top 5 Reasons Ninjas Love Delta Air Lines

2018 OfficeNinjas Flash Raffle Delta

1. Get Your Team There On Time

You’ve got the flights booked after days spent working to fit everyone’s schedules together. It was a giant puzzle, but you solved it. Everyone should be where they need to be exactly when they need to be there. And then … a flight is canceled, and your booking masterpiece falls apart. Now you’re scrambling to pick up the pieces. What a nightmare. With Delta, you can rest easy. In 2017, they were named the most consistently on-time airline in the world.

2. Service to … Everywhere!

Delta flies to over 300 destinations in 52 countries on six continents. And, by partnering with airlines, including Air France, KLM, Alitalia, Korean Air, Aeromexico, Virgin Atlantic, and Virgin Australia, they offer service to over 660 destinations in 127 countries. No matter where your colleagues need to go, Delta will get them there.

3. Their Innovation Gets You There Faster

Delta doesn’t rest on its laurels. They’re always looking to improve the travel experience, and it’s why Fast Company named them one of the most innovative companies worldwide. New services like real-time bag tracking and biometric-based boarding make our tech-lovin’ hearts sing. And, even more importantly, they save your team of travelers time (and headaches).

4. Fly in Comfort

You don’t need to choose between reliability and comfort—Delta nails both! The new Flight Weather Viewer app, developed by Delta, allows pilots to avoid turbulence and provide passengers with smoother flights. High-speed Wi-Fi and free seatback and streaming entertainment make time in the air productive or relaxing, and free main cabin meals on select flights are an unexpected (and tasty!) perk.

5. Get the Most out of Your Miles

SkyBonus is a budget-savvy Ninja’s secret weapon. Every flight you book earns your company points that can be redeemed for flights and upgrades (for up to three years from the time they’re earned). It’s free to enroll, and your company is only required to spend $5,000 annually to be eligible to participate. Even better, flights on partners KLM, Air France, Alitalia, and Aeromexico count too.

6. *BONUS* Admin Week Promo!

How does an extra 45,000 points sound? Delta is offering an exclusive bonus for all Office Ninjas who sign up for Delta’s SkyBonus program during Admin Week. Sign up is easy and enrollment is completely free. To access the exclusive OfficeNinjas bonus code and for complete terms and conditions, email OfficeNinjas’ go-to contact at Delta.

Congrats to the Flash Raffle Winners, Hosted by Delta Air Lines!

Delta gave away airfare to three lucky Ninjas!

OfficeNinjas Admin Week Delta Air Lines  Skip over to Delta’s website, and tell us which destination you’d choose for a company retreat and then tell us where YOU would fly for a vacation!


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  1. shawna Del Bucchia

    I would go to NY of course #CityThatNeverSleeps #DAH!

  2. Michele Pouliot

    Delta is first class all the way.

  3. Lynn G

    In need of a vacation!

  4. Cassandra D

    Las Vegas chosen for a company retreat.
    Hawaii chosen for a vacation.

  5. LadyKnight

    Definitely taking a trip to somewhere far, far way!!!!! Bali here we come!!!

  6. LadyKnight

    Hawaii here we come!!!

  7. Eileen Guevara

    I love Delta Airlines and would love to travel to Sapporo, Japan!
    Thank you :)

  8. Teres Mongrain

    I love Delta for personal travel even if I don’t use the very much for work!

  9. Paula

    I’d love to visit my best friend in Rhode Island!

  10. RSlunaker

    I’d take the team to New York City for business, but fly to Hawaii for vacation!

  11. Melissa Jenkins

    I would fly to Punta Cana with my family for a destination wedding

  12. Felicia Foster

    I would use my winning to fly anywhere for much needed R&R. If I’m in a better mood everyone is.

  13. Jennifer D.

    I’d love for my company to have a company retreat in NYC. Our company is spread across the USA, but it’s HQ is in Southern NY. It would be great to bring them together in the bustling city. For my vacation, I’d love to go to Lisbon, Portugal to show my children where their roots orginate from.

  14. Prins

    Hhhmmm… The choices. A company retreat in Hawaii, and I would fly to Fiji!!!!

  15. Prins

    A company retreat in Hawaii, and I would fly to Fiji!!!!

  16. Natalie

    A company retreat in South Carolina…warm, sunny, charming, rejuvenating! For personal travel Hawaii would be my top choice or California’s on my bucket list!

  17. Charlene

    I’d fly to Hawaii for a relaxing get away.

  18. Natalie

    I’d love to travel to Hawaii or California! Anywhere warm and beachy honestly!!!

  19. Windi Hornsby

    I’d take my staff to Toronto for a retreat; for personal vacation, I’d be off to somewhere warm – San Diego sounds perfect!

  20. Elizabeth Nadler

    I’ve used Delta and have found their service to be excellent. If I were to win, I would use my ticket to fly to California.

  21. Brenda

    Aruba for fun & sun :)

  22. Sarah

    Love Delta.

  23. Dana Morgan

    This is so awesome Delta has been a sponsor of Admin Week for the fourth year in a row! I hope I will win it this year! :)

    1. Dana Morgan

      If I am picked, I would fly to Thailand!

  24. CherieMoen

    I fly with Delta to visit my daughters. Great flights!

  25. Katie K

    Great reminder of the perks of booking other peoples travel!

  26. Imelda

    Somewhere fun for my honeymoon later this year! Maybe warm :)

  27. Ericka Best

    I’d love to book at staff retreat and getaway with my honey!

  28. Corliss Lee

    I love Delta! Can’t wait to fly the friendly skies with them!

  29. Emily Balkenbush

    For a company retreat, I’d fly our staff somewhere relaxing where we could enjoy the outdoors some — like Santa Fe, Sedona, Lake Tahoe, or a mountain resort outside of Denver. For a personal vacation, I’d love to head to Hawaii or the Caribbean!

  30. Kristin

    I would use this credit towards my honeymoon (destination TBD)!

  31. Kristin

    I would use this credit towards my honeymoon (destination TBD) :)!

  32. Cindy McGinley

    I would go almost anywhere – but London is high on my list

  33. Murphy Jones

    My vacation of choice would be Australia. Maybe for my 20th wedding anniversary.
    Office retreat, yeah don’t do those here.

  34. Kathy I.


  35. MJ Lupton

    Gotta love Delta, especially when you combine it with baseball and Clear.

  36. melva

    I wasn’t aware of SkyBonus and will now look into this. Thanks for the tip!

  37. HawaiianEA

    REYKJAVIK, ICELAND would be the destination of choice. This location is very different from where my company is and we would all have an opportunity to see the amazing Northern Lights.

  38. elizabeth tseng

    I was just telling my coworker who is a nervous flyer that Delta is known for their practice of choosing the smoothest flying routes and avoiding turbulence.

  39. Debbe Millet

    For work retreat, I’d love for all of us to fly to Los Angeles. For personal vacation, I’d go to San Francisco, New York or Hawaii.

  40. Debbe Millet

    For a company retreat involving travel, I’d love for all of us to fly to Chicago. For vacation, I’d go to San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York or Miami.

  41. Chris Alwell

    I had no idea KLM, Air France, Alitalia, and Aeromexico were partners. :)

  42. Judith

    Las Vegas for our 25th this September 25th!

  43. Carmel

    PLEASE PLEASE PICK ME! I’d love to check out the Big Easy…never been!

  44. G. Graham


  45. Sunny vanLeeuwen

    Sunny San Diego for an Offsite Retreat and Hawaii to visit my Honu’s :)

  46. Jennifer


  47. Debra Andaverde

    Denver for a company retreat and Kaua’i for a beach vacation.

  48. Amy Sanchez

    I’d go to Hawaii with my husband.

  49. SN17

    So much potential to grow in business travel/Millenials – Delta Airlines has started the first step :)

  50. Killeen Fornelli-Eggers

    Company retreat we would stay in sunny San Diego. But for vacation I’d head off to WY Tetons!

  51. CoRo

    Vegas for an EA conference and somewhere on the east coast for vacation!

  52. Melissa T.

    I’d take my team to London so we could meet our colleagues there face-to-face!

  53. Rachel

    Vacation… anywhere warm! :)

  54. Patti Tanis

    I lived in Hawaii for 9 years in the 70’s, and I’d love to go back and see what it looks like now, and how it’s changed. I loved living in Honolulu back in those days.

  55. Kela Casey


  56. frankie

    Good info! Thank you!

  57. Lane Gallett

    We do a lot of international work, so a trip to Europe would be fabulous for a conference! For vacation, I have been dreaming about Thailand!

  58. Lauren

    We went to Cabo this past January… Maybe Costa Rica? :)

  59. Ria

    Palm Springs for the company and Hawaii for vacation :)

  60. Bonnie Schutz

    I second Megan Bishop…Vegas Baby!

  61. Kim Rosenthal

    I would travel back home to see family, or take a little vacation somewhere!

  62. Stephanie W

    Anywhere with a beach!!

  63. Gabrielle

    Would love to win!

  64. Heather

    Here we go! Admin Week has started!!!

  65. Stacy Gomes Samot

    Thank you Delta and Office Ninjas! I would love to travel to Bora Bora one day!

  66. Angela Hosch

    I would choose Los Angeles for a company retreat and I would go to Hawaii for vacation.

  67. Andrew

    You get a flight! You get a flight! Everyone gets a flight!

  68. Amy Grutzmacher

    I’ve flown Delta several times and they’ve always been fantastic! Can’t wait to see where I can find deals to travel in 2018!!

  69. Stacy Dudero

    I would travel to Las Vegas for a conference and to the Philippines for vacation!

  70. Bobbi Klebenow

    California or Florida for warm weather in the winter.

  71. Gisela Antognelli

    Company Retreat: Jackson Hole Wyoming
    Vacation: Madrid, Spain
    I’ve traveled on Delta and KLM in the past, and it’s always a great experience!

    1. Darla TeVogt

      Amsterdam and being from Minnesota I would vacation any where warm.

  72. Brie

    I would love to go to New York or Hawaii, and take my family on a much needed vacation.

  73. Jessica Marucci

    Glamping somewhere midwest as a corp retreat, a large american city for my family!

  74. Josh

    Company retreat to Amsterdam, cause why not dream big, right? Personal trip to Detroit to see extended family in the area.

  75. Dawn Mlejnek

    I would go anywhere my company would send me as for personal vacation, I would love to go to Alaska, Vegas, Florida, California or anywhere in between!!!! :-)

  76. Bonnie Mollett

    Vegas for a conference would be Fabulous! But vacation bring me to a tropical Island with a warm beautiful Beach.

  77. Roseanne M

    Vegas for Company event and probably Arizona for a relaxing retreat!

  78. Sharon Shaffer

    Awesome sauce for Monday!!

  79. Meg White

    Ninjas unite! Happy Admin Week y’all!

  80. Andrea M.

    It would be awesome to have a corporate retreat in Honolulu, HI (who wouldn’t mind spending time with co workers on a warm sandy beach?)! Personally I would love to fly to Africa and visit Johannesburg.

  81. Joan M

    Thank you Office Ninjas and Delta!

  82. Alfreda L.A. Clarke

    I’m leaning toward Vegas!!! California for a family vaycay.

  83. EmilyLF

    I’d want to chase the sun. So pending the time of year I get approved vacation, I’d immediately look for some place with sunshine and sand. :)

  84. Emilie

    What a wonderful way to treat the lucky winners for all their hard work!

  85. Gina

    I would like to visit my granddaughter in Portland!

  86. Chanelle M

    Much needed time away.

  87. Tina Phillips

    We like Florida and California for our conferences and Fiji for vacation!

  88. Philippa

    DC to visit my old college roommates!

  89. Michal Greenberg-Cohen

    I’ll take the company to Mexico.
    Would love to go to the Caribbean Islands.

  90. Anna Montalbano

    Love Office Ninjas and Love Delta!

  91. casey miller

    Would love to go home and visit my parents in Ohio!

  92. Andrea

    Time to fly!

  93. Grace

    Portland would be my pick!

  94. JoAnn

    I would fly to Denver

  95. Lori P

    San Diego, Hawaii for vacation

  96. Christine Starr

    What an awesome and generous prize!

  97. Phuong Luu

    Hoping I can finally take that trip to Disneyworld!

  98. Mercy

    Let’s take a company retreat to JACKSON HOLE, WY and I’m always down for a NEW YORK CITY, NY vacation.

  99. Mysti Nundahl

    Company retreat: PNW along the coast
    Vacation: Hawaii!

  100. Vicki Martin

    Delta is a rock star airline we use the most of. Would love a non-stop flight to Sao Paulo, Brazil for company. New Orleans or Ft. Myers personally.

  101. Sydney Odegard

    I would love to win, I’ve literally never won anything!

  102. Melissa Haas

    I would fly to Hawaii!!

  103. Melissa

    I would fly to Hawaii!!

  104. sonja j jacobson

    I am a single working mom and could really use a get away! thanks for the opportunity!

  105. Meg Maurer

    Woooo! I can’t believe its been a year already!

  106. Vered

    great raffle!!

  107. Pamela

    I would combine it with my hoarded Delta SkyMiles, and send my Mom somewhere fantastic.

  108. Liz Izzo-Williams

    For a company retreat, Hawaii would be amazing! For myself, Italy would be absolutely gorgeous! – I love to explore!

  109. Kim M.

    I’m ready to start packing my bags!

  110. Evonne

    I would travel to Woodinville, Washington for our corporate staff retreat; they have great facilities for these events. For my personal vacation I would fly to Miami, Florida to take my father-in-law to the beach (he was recently paralyzed but he loves the water).

  111. Austin

    I would love to be able to travel with my family on a vacation.

  112. Brianna Reed

    For a Company Retreat, I would take everyone to Maine. It’s so peaceful and has perfect summer weather. For myself, I would buy honeymoon tickets for myself and my fiance for next fall! Maybe Italy, maybe a more tropical location.

  113. Jenny Stewart

    I’d fly my team to Orlando for some Disney Magic. But for my own vacay – it’s Hawaii all the way!

  114. Gayle

    Wouldn’t winning be the ultimate way to start out admin week?!?!?

  115. Netters

    Yellowstone! Relaxing, outdoorsy – my peeps need something refreshing and different.

  116. Nettters

    Yellowstone! Relaxing, outdoorsy – my peeps need something refreshing and different.

  117. Ellen Pron

    It would be amazing to visit Ireland.

  118. Coralie Thomasson

    To Florida and bring a friend, I haven’t had a “vacation” in over 10 years. So would be nice. This is amazing that Delta is part of this. Love Delta, always the best!

  119. Kathleen

    Love, love, love Barcelona!

  120. hawaii808

    I always fly Delta.

  121. Angela Robinson

    Thank you Delta!! #DallasAdminsLoveDelta

  122. Lisa Segroves

    I would fly to Sweden to see my brother! He’s been living and working there for over 5 years and I miss him SO much!!

  123. Jenny

    Thanks for the tips!

  124. Anita C

    Delta, it’s the way to fly! Happy Admin week to all those Rockin Office Ninja’s! Verlance – Congrats on being an amazing Ninja!

  125. Ashley Thornton

    I would vote Hawaii for work and Indiana to visit my nephew for his 1st bday!

  126. tamtam

    Hawaii or go see the pope

  127. Erin Strausbaugh

    For a company retreat, I would do Phoenix, Arizona. Nothing like some gorgeous desert vistas to focus minds and calm spirits. And for a personal trip – Peru! One of my bucket list items is to hike Macchu Picchu! :)

  128. Alex Byrne

    Great giveaway!

  129. Tigress

    Hawaii for corporate retreat and Hawaii for personal vacation. Basically, TAKE ME TO HAWAII!

  130. Karie G.

    Love tips to do my job better! good luck

  131. Jessica S.

    My fiancé and I would love a trip with Delta to help with our honeymoon costs!

  132. Lucianna Renee Brown

    Is Delta Airlines REALLY making this happen, or is this just a hoax?!?!? I think Delta Airlines is the best in the world!

  133. Kathleen Young Rybarczyk

    I would fly out for a short weekend to visit my “brother from another mother” out in Chicago, IL!

  134. Megan Gonzalez

    Would love to take the team to Vegas for a retreat. Personal would have to be NYC!

  135. Morriah

    This would be great! I love flying with Delta.

  136. Leisa Vandehey

    Seattle for work retreat and Barcelona is top of my list as a personal travel destination.

  137. Terri Conley

    I would love to go to Ireland, and take my husband with me this time! I had a great experience with Delta the last time.

  138. Rachael Abood

    I would book a corporate retreat to Europe to learn about their awesome resource recovery solutions. Personally, I’d vaca to Italy, because carbs and vino.

  139. Sabrina Feldman

    I’d love to take a trip with my husband an toddler son to see some of what America has to offer! Maybe Montana (big sky country) or Alaska (see the other side of the country)!

  140. Amber

    I would love to travel – take some much needed PTO :)

  141. Grace Margaret Pollert

    I’d love to fly to visit my big brother and his family in Breckenridge or to visit my parents in Florida!

  142. Marivel Otell

    This is amazing! Great way to celebrate Admin Day!

  143. connie hackett

    San Francisco, CA / Pebble Beach for a company event and Paris, France for some personal time visiting museums, drinking wine and eating some of the best food in the world!

  144. Angela Fitzgerald

    I would schedule an office team retreat in New York City. And my dream vacation is Maui.

  145. Donna Carriker

    South Carolina or Boston or for a company event and Florida or Aruba for vacation.

  146. connie hackett

    Thanks, Delta, for consistently providing great on time and customer service!

  147. Jackie P

    Thanks Delta for partnering with the Office Ninja community!

    I am planning a trip this Summer to visit my grandparents. Some Delta miles would be awesome!

  148. Beverly Jones-Gibson

    I would fly to Montana! Looking to vacation there soon!

  149. OK

    Hawaii, Arizona or Cabo for a company retreat!

  150. Charlette Rawls

    Here’s hoping! Good luck everyone!

  151. Kristen Sporbert

    I would definitely go to the Grand Canyon as a company retreat and Barbados for a personal vacation!

  152. Jennifer Wood

    Vegas for company conference and Ireland for vacation!

  153. Pearl Taylor

    I’d like to take my team to Baltimore for a retreat. There is so much to see in the Baltimore / Washington Area, and we work in municipal government so there are great opportunities for training. As for vacation, I’d like to go to London

    1. Kathleen Young Rybarczyk

      Thanks for giving my hometown a shout out! There is SO much history here . . . I’ve lived her 40+ years and still have not seen it all!

  154. Layla Smit

    Since our company is international and I work with so many people I’ll never have the chance to meet, I’d consider Terranea Resort, which is large enough to accommodate us, so those of us in the U.S. can unplug and continue to build on our relationships while helping to boost employee moral.

  155. Teresa

    I would choose for a Company Retreat to go to France. Personal Vacation… Paris of course.

  156. Barbara Smith

    We fly a lot of staff to Boston for teacher training. Let’s fly Delta next time!!

  157. Sarah N

    Mexico! Beautiful sands and great food!

  158. Pearl Taylor

    I’d like to fly my team to Baltimore for a retreat. Since we work for municipal government there is a lot of opportunity for learning and fun in the Baltimore / Washington area. For vacation I’d like to fly to Missoula, Montana. It’s time to visit Yellowstone again.

  159. Kim L

    Could use this credit to take our first family vacation!

  160. Layne Lynch

    I would travel to Portland, Oregon for a company retreat and then Athens, Greece for vacation to visit my brother!

  161. Amber M

    What an amazing win, this would be! For my team – Hawaii, for myself I’d love something European!

  162. regina marie sanchez

    I would use this prize to visit apart of the country that I haven’t been to before

  163. Teena Singley

    I would love to fly ANYWHERE on Delta! My bags can be packed in minutes! Let’s go!

  164. Heidi Gretz

    Colorado for a company retreat – Kauai for MY retreat! :-)

  165. Leah McIntosh

    There are so many places I’d like to fly to, but I would choose to fly to St. Louis or Evansville because my Mother is not well and is in the nursing home in southeastern Illinois and I’m in Houston. I’d give a lot to visit her and spend more time with her.

  166. Thea

    San Diego for a company retreat. Maui or Australia for my vacation :)

  167. Connie

    Thanks Delta!

  168. Elizabeth Kapuniai

    Vacation destination – New Zealand (CHC)
    Work retreat – Fiji (NAN)

  169. Denise W.

    My team would travel to Romania and I would travel to St. Kitts for vacation

  170. MQ

    Great raffle – thank you Delta!

  171. Jeanne

    Company retreat: Pisa, Italy
    My retreat: London, England

  172. Jeanne

    I have always had a positive experience when flying Delta! The first time I flew with them was in 2009 on an international segment from NY to Italy. It was magical and I’ll never forget how lovely they treated my friend and I in coach class. It was also the inaugural year they opened up the route from JFK to Pisa, Italy. Rock on Delta!

  173. Lori Daveggio

    We have the best and most reliable service from Delta! I’d go to New York to visit my colleagues, and to someplace warm and beachy for a vacation! :)

  174. KrystleW

    Would love Seattle for a company retreat and Hawaii (or Cancun) for a fun relaxing vacation!

  175. KrystleW

    Would love Seattle for a company retreat and Hawaii for a fun relaxing vacation!

  176. Devan

    Great flight deals!

  177. Katherine

    Spin a globe and put your finger down. Wherever it lands, that’s my next adventure!

  178. Caitlin

    I use Delta for most of my personal travel and have lined up conference travel for my supervisor through Delta as well. Great service!

  179. Sylvie

    I love Delta! They always get me where I need to be on-time!
    Company Retreat would be – Costa Rica
    Vacation – OGG( Maui)

  180. Evangeline Bacatat

    I’d love to visit other Office Ninjas retreats, so this will be a treat!! I have never won anything as well, so please choose my name!!!

  181. Josie McCoy

    I’d love to go to NYC and catch some shows!~

  182. Sara S

    Anywhere tropical! *fingers crossed! What an amazing prize!

  183. Nicole BH

    I would head to Costa Rica for a company retreat – fun in the sun, beaches and jungle, plus adventure is a great way to team-build!

  184. Michelle H

    I would send the team to San Diego for a team retreat and travel to Ireland for my own vacation :)

  185. Thuy Mai

    Palm Springs of course…

  186. Ryan

    It’s got to be New York for the company and myself!

  187. Annette Ramos

    California for company event, and Bahamas for vacation

  188. Denise Brown

    San Antonio, Texas.
    Would love to travel there to enjoy the historical atmosphere, beautiful weather and shopping

  189. Jean Weaver

    I’d book a retreat in Phoenix, AZ. I’d book a vacation in Los Angeles, CA — my daughter lives there!

  190. Crystal

    It would be so much fun to win!

  191. Jessica

    Hawaii for family tome

  192. Kayley

    A company retreat would probably be in Santa Cruz, CA because that is where we are headquartered (we all work remotely from around the country). My personal vacation would be to Seattle, WA.

  193. Martha Santana

    I’d love to go to a retreat somewhere tropical!

  194. Veronica

    Awesome article!

  195. Alice H

    I’d love to fly to our Calgary office in Canada and meet my admin counterpart in real life after more than a year of talking almost everyday online. For a personal vacation I’d love to go back to Hawaii asap!

  196. Kelsey Kubale

    I would plan the retreat for Salt Lake City, UT and vacation there also!

  197. Sherri Gowins

    Las Vegas for Company Retreat
    Hawaii for Vacation

  198. Kim

    Company retreat: I’d send everyone to Hawaii
    Me: Tulum, Mexico!



  200. Sherri Gowins


  201. William Price

    Team offsite: Hawaii!

    Personal vacation: New York

  202. Michelle Yang

    retreat: Hawaii
    vaca: Vegas

  203. Kinnari Manek

    New York for work! & Why not vacation there too? ;)

  204. Elizabeth E

    For a Retreat, I would have to select Seattle where HQ is located and my selection for a vacation destination would be Portugal.

  205. Cynthia H

    As an Office Ninja I am packed and ready to go!

  206. Sarah Dunbar

    Company retreat would be Mexico, Puerto Vallata

    I’d absolutely love to fly to Kauai for a vacation with my family.

  207. Lisa


  208. Joanna

    I like booking travel for the office on Delta airlines, yet I never had the pleasure to fly with Delta. It was interesting to find out that Delta has three-hundred destination, this is awesome, I look forward to the Delta experience!!! Thanks for the information.

  209. Lisa Wong

    Retreat: Santa Cruz
    Holiday: New York City

  210. Frances

    I would love to go to San Diego for our company retreat!

  211. Lynn Woolman

    Great article on Delta. Delta has always been our airline of choice, both for business and pleasure. This is validated even further knowing their backing of Office Ninjas since its inception.

    1. Lynn Woolman

      Hawaii for sure!

  212. Brittney


  213. Selena Winchell

    Would love to head to Canada!

  214. Jen Kalinowski

    Beaches of Mexico for a company retreat and Greece for vacation!

  215. Heather

    San Diego for a company retreat and South America for vacation (gotta knock off another continent on my bucket list!)

  216. Kay Nicholson

    For a company retreat, it would have to be New York around the first of December. For a vacation, California, since I have never been!

  217. Deborah Frazier

    With so much going on at home and work, I can use a solo getaway! Fingers crossed!

  218. Gina Lewis

    I would go somewhere tropical

  219. Emily Donald

    Back to New Orleans. Love that place!

  220. Rebecca C

    Pick me! Pick me! I hear Alaska is beautiful!!

  221. Casey Mason

    Colorado for a company retreat and Vegas for vacation.

  222. Tina Guerrero

    Never been on a real Vacation, always a staycation. I would love to go to Hawaii and New York!

  223. Jessica Rodriguez

    I would love a few days to just disconnect, maybe to a beach or a cabin!

  224. Cari Marquette

    I would go anywhere warm!! Yay!!

  225. Veronica Eng

    No where for work, since everything is local. Anywhere for myself – probably international. Thanks!

  226. Teri Clanton

    Company retreat – Colorado & personal – New York, Canada, or Iceland

  227. Gina Van Dusen

    Thank you Office Ninjas!

  228. Jacquelyn Guerra

    New York for a company retreat, New Orleans or Hawaii for vacation!

  229. Kim L

    For a company retreat I would love to see the group go to California. As for personal it would be New Zealand.

  230. Tiffany

    I’d love to see the West Coast some day!

  231. Cindy Wall

    We have several employees who prefer Delta over all other airlines. Makes it easy for me to book their flights!

  232. Leslee Bachus

    Company retreat: Las Vegas Ninja retreat: Seattle

  233. Michele Freeman

    I would love to spend some time in NYC this fall!

  234. Hannah

    This would be great for a weekend getaway for me and my husband!

  235. Katie Graves

    It would be great to do a company retreat in Vegas! We have a large conference coming up and it would be great to bring the entire crew and have some down time after! For my personal vacay, I would love to go back to Hawaii! WOOHOO :)

  236. Sarah

    I would love to go to the Bahamas for vacation

  237. NJ Small

    I would love to go somewhere with a beach and umbrella drink!

  238. Debbie Cardenas

    Awesome gift that a true OfficeNinja would appreciate!

  239. Amanda Klimek

    Good info! It would be great to win some $$ towards my flight to NY this September for my brother’s wedding.

  240. Kelly O'Connor

    Love this! Thank you, Office Ninjas!

  241. Jenn B.

    I would travel to Tahoe for a company retreat and Hawaii for vacation.

  242. Eileah Phinnessee

    I would fly to DC to visit my sister-in-law and her family.

  243. Debbie Cardenas

    Definitely could use this for the next dept. offsite!!

  244. Carla H.

    Fingers crossed!!! I need a vacation!

  245. Chandra

    Awesome prize!!!

  246. Kelly ramirez

    I would say Seattle. My vacation place is Hawaii

  247. Sandy Stevens

    Family reunion in upstate New York! Good luck, Ninjas!

  248. Bobbie Johnson

    Great Prize! Good Luck to Everyone!!!

  249. Jordan MacDonnell

    I think I’d have the company retreat in Miami. As for vacation, definitely somewhere in Europe.

  250. Melissa Frates

    Mexico!! We need a honeymoon!

  251. Monica Van

    Vegas here I come..Pure Ninja dopeness! Good luck everyone!

  252. Stefani Richards

    Delta is great, and I could use a flight to visit some family.

  253. Stephanie

    Delta is great and their customer service is one of the most responsive and knowledgeable. I’d love if we could eventually company retreat to London or Austin (in the Fall). Personally I’d like to take trips to Hawaii, Miami, and Japan for vacation.

  254. kathy Williams

    Somewhere warm – it has been such a hard winter in Maine!

  255. Lisa M

    I would take a company retreat to Hawaii and take the family to Florida!

  256. Kack

    Delta’s fine

  257. Chandra Johnson

    I’d probably fly to Hawaii or NYC.

  258. Emily Fair

    Vegas or anywhere tropical!

  259. Monica

    Delta is a no brainer for any Amazon/Seattle execs moving to the Bay Area!

  260. Monica

    Delta is a no brainer for any Amazon/Seattle execs moving to the Bay Area!

  261. MM

    Company Retreat choice would be San Francisco, CA. We have a lot of projects going on in there which would allow for all those in the office to participate in hands on learning.

    Vacation destination would be Jacksonville, FL. Stepson is in the Navy and stationed out there. It is always a treat when we get to fly out to see him.

  262. Rhea S

    Team retreat would have to be in Chicago. So many great options for team building, exploration, and team dinners. My ideal vacation would be somewhere tropical, with lots of vegetation, animals, sun, and WATER!

  263. Staci G

    Delta Airlines is one of our go to airlines. Their Skymiles program is very easy to manage for my executives.

  264. Fay

    San Diego would be a great place for a company retreat. I have never been to New York and would like to visit it someday.

  265. Jordan Stein

    Delta is great to fly for business or a much needed vacation.

  266. Renee Roberts

    Office Ninjas is just wonderful! You offer such amazing advice and then you show-up with these fantastic prizes and events! Way to go!!! :)

  267. Alexandra CB

    Company Retreat: Miami, FL
    Vacation: Cancun, Mexico

  268. Tran Huynh

    Company retreat: Hawaii or San Diego
    Vacation: Always want to see Europe!

  269. Michele T.

    I’ve been wanting to go back to CT and NYC for a while now-it would be great to win some travel!

  270. Brittanee Bryant

    NYC for a retreat and vacation!

  271. Taudra Schock

    This would be an awesome prize!

  272. Taudra Schock

    Fingers Crossed! This would be an awesome prize!

  273. Emily

    I won last year, I booked an 11-day vacation to Maui. Thanks, Delta and Office Ninjas!

  274. Chantal Anderson

    How about a trip to the Bahamas? 🇧🇸 That would be amazing if I could ever get the time off of work…

  275. Janna

    I’d love to fly Delta and take a vacation!

  276. Nancy Roberts

    Cancun would be great for a vacation or to Hawaii!

  277. Pam

    Fingers crossed for this one!

  278. Nicole Leonard

    The Big Apple – New York! I’ve never been!

  279. Nancy Robers

    Cancun would be very nice for a vacation or Hawaii!

  280. Bonnie Mollett

    I would enjoy Vegas for a conference and Hawaii or Mexico for a nice Beach getaway.

  281. Kelly

    I would go ANYPLACE WARM because it was a LONG COLD BUSY Tax Season in Central NY!!!!

  282. Sandra Draude

    I’d take the company to San Diego, and my husband to Hawaii! :)

  283. Theresa

    Just flew Delta last week!

  284. Leticia

    Would love to take my mom and myself on a girl’s trip to the East Coast.

  285. Michelle Goraj


  286. Mia

    Would love to go to Hawaii!

  287. SallyRose

    Delta tickets would offer me a great vacation get away! Would love to win!

  288. Angie Roby

    I would definitely travel to Hawaii! I’ve never been :-)

  289. Catie S.

    Las Vegas for Company Retreat since it is accessible by both the offices I Manage. I would go to either Seattle, Boston, or New Orleans for Vacation.

  290. Chandra Johnson

    My husband has been ill and between dr visits and hospital stays we could use a vacation

  291. Faye DeBard

    Personally, I would love a trip to Hawaii or Ireland. But for a company retreat, I think San Antonio would be a nice change or pace; or since we are a hospital, going to Europe to see their healthcare system would be fabulous!

  292. Jaime B

    Yes! I so need a mini vacation. :)

  293. Trudy Praxel


  294. Laura D

    I would LOVE to go to Mexico.

  295. Tiffany B

    I’d travel to the west cost for personal travel, and would like to have a work retreat on a coastal city also.

  296. Elizabeth Allen

    For a company retreat, I would pick Denver and for my personal vacation I would pick L.A.!

  297. Cha A.

    so excited for this!

  298. Cindy Beauchamp

    I love the partnership between Delta & ON. Delta has been a supporter of ON since early on. They recognize the relationship with EA’s is important and use ON as a means of keeping us updated on their expansion of flights and programs

  299. Beth Savitzky

    Seattle for retreat, Hawaii for vacation!

  300. Monica Riskay

    A great location for a company retreat would be Portland, Oregon! I’d like to travel back to Hawaii on vacation, it’s been a long time since I was last there! Too long!!

  301. Sandy K

    I think I need a trip to Hawaii!

  302. Janice M

    I would love for our admin team to go for a team building trip, don’t know where just somewhere where we can all get to know each other better and have fun! As for myself I would love to have a vacay in Vegas to see Blink!!!

  303. Sharyn W.

    We fly Delta all the time; they take great care of their customers!! I recommend them first when people are looking for flights.

  304. Delia Barret

    Fly the company to some place adventurous and fly myself to some place quiet and peaceful.

  305. Sarah Jones Wenzel

    I’d love to go to Europe. France specifically!

  306. Melissa

    Awesome! Excited to see who wins!

  307. Tammi Fletcher

    I’d head to Tampa, FL to see my sister. Portland, Oregon would make a great place for a company retreat!

  308. Mo Alston

    I’d choose Phoenix for a company retreat. It would be a total change of scenery and pace for my company. Change is good and inspiring. As for a vacay, I’d be happy anywhere there is sun, sand, nature, and spas! The Caribbean is my go-to, but the Maldives would be a dream come true!

  309. Ava Espinoza

    Office retreat in Cancun & Aruba for my getaway!

  310. Sounita

    For a company retreat, I’d go to Vegas. And for a personal trip, I’d fly to Hawaii!

  311. brookdilworth

    Happy Admin Week! Delta rocks. I would choose Punta Cana for a corporate trip and Pheonix, Arizona for a vacation!

  312. Shelley McGinn

    We have used Delta many times and never had any issues. One of the best airlines out there.

  313. Sheila Jones

    Thank you Office Ninjas – the article was great!

  314. Caryn

    I have a 27 year old daughter with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer, and a 30 year old daughter with stage 2 breast cancer, I would love to take them to Hawaii. Happy Admin Week to all my fellow ninjas!!

  315. Abby

    I would love to visit different cities for conferences like Chicago, Atlanta, or Seattle. For a vacation, pretty much anywhere with mountains or lots of history!

  316. DeAnna Jefferson

    I would choose Oregon for a company retreat and fly anywhere warm and cozy for vacation (southern India or the Mediterranean).

  317. Andrea

    I’d book my company retreat in Banff, Canada. I’d travel to San Miguel, Mexico

  318. Aimee McGlinchey

    Team retreat and vacation would be the same destination: Nashville TN. History, culture, authenticity, gorgeous green hills. 😻

  319. Deva

    Anywhere in the Caribbean!

  320. Jennifer M

    I think Denver would make a great retreat location :)

  321. Andi Groen

    I would travel to Iowa to visit my daughter and her little family!

  322. Christina Darling

    Oh the places we could go…. :) LOVE Delta and would LOVE to win this fabulous prize!!

  323. Lorrie Butler

    I love Office Ninjas, and being an Office Ninja! And Delta!!!

  324. Colette

    Lots of travel in my future as my son has joined the Navy!

  325. Dawn Stevenson

    I flew Delta for the first time not too long ago and was very pleased!

  326. Alexis Scala

    I would definitely travel to Vegas or Hawaii for a conference. For my personal travel, I’d like to see Tokyo!

  327. Willa

    Would love to fly Delta to a new fly-fishing destination :)

  328. Dianne Richards

    I’m flying to New Orleans for vacation – on Delta!

  329. Janelle Cook

    I just need to get away, anywhere.

  330. Kristina Hyland

    Europe is always one of my favorite places to visit.

  331. Sheila M.

    Ahhh, just the sound of a vacation . . . music to my ears!

  332. Jessie_dc22

    Hmmm…. I think I’d travel to Denver for a conference and Mexico for a vacation!

  333. Jemma

    Amazing promo from Delta & great info on the airline.

  334. Anna Ali

    I would fly to Vegas for a company retreat, and probably Vegas for myself! Never been!

  335. Susan

    Great article – would love to travel to either Ft. Myers to see my family or Vegas for a vacation.

  336. Taylor Reddick

    I’d love to take a nice vacation to any place with a beach. Much needed down time.

  337. Tracey Dillon

    Delta air credit would be extremely helpful & amazing to win.

  338. Pam Stone

    Vacations are the best! Never been to the east coast or to Hawaii. Either one would be awesome!

  339. Cindy B

    I would choose Washington DC for a company retreat and Orlando, Florida for a personal vacation!

  340. Trish S.

    Take the team to Coronado Beach!! Vacation anywhere tropical.

  341. Kendra H

    Delta has always been a reliable carrier with a consistent level of service. We will continue to use Delta, no doubt about it!

  342. Jillian F

    For a retreat somewhere fun and adventurous like Colorado. For a vacation I would love to head over to Europe.

  343. Pam Selders

    So awesome Delta is offering airfare credits! I’d love for my husband and I to fly to Hawaii for our anniversary in October. We’ve had a lot of stress these past few years and it would be good to get away and truly relax! Thank you Office Ninjas for all your great information and tips to help me do my job better!

  344. Emily

    Ireland! I’d connect with the admins and office managers that I came across along the way, while I’m touring castles and getting lost of winding roads blocked by sheep. :)

  345. Stephanie


  346. Leah

    For a company retreat, I’d fly to Maine. For a vacation, Paris would be my destination.

  347. Tami Benton

    As a Virtual Assistant I work remotely and provide admin support to C-Level Executives. I don’t have an opportunity to meet my clients in person very often and would love to fly out to Connecticut to meet one of my CEOs.

  348. Jill Alexander

    I would head to Houston, TX for Admin conference and Ireland for vacation.

  349. Martha Mosley

    Would love to go to the East Coast to see the beaches.

  350. LaVonne

    I love to fly on Delta. It’s a southern tradition. We drink Coke and fly Delta.

  351. Michelle Marinas

    I would love to take the company on a retreat to Oahu and would love to vacation in New Orleans! Happy Admin Week, ninjas!

  352. Julie Bock

    SInce we are NA based I would love to take the team of 60 to St. Thomas for a retreat. On the top of my bucket list is to travel to Ireland!

  353. Sarah Stegmiller

    For a company retreat, I’d like to fly to Mexico and for vacation, Jamacia!

  354. Martha Mosley

    I would love to go somewhere on the East Coast so I can see their beautiful beaches and because I have never been there. It would be so soothing.

  355. Michelle Roesner

    Trip to Italy with my Husband!

  356. Emily Coffield


  357. Denice L.

    Delta is the preferred airline at our company!

  358. Katie S

    Delta is a great airline and many of our employees choose this airline over the others!

  359. Jacob George

    My exec is an avid Delta fan and has turned me into one also! ❤️

    I’d love to join her in the U.K. in a few months.

  360. Lizzie

    Everyone deserves a vacay!

  361. Tina

    Ready for some much needed R&R!! : )

  362. Kerry Simmons

    Would love to see California! Hawaii would be great too!

  363. Lori Guerra

    I would love to go back to Hawaii!

  364. Barb Flowers

    California for a conference and the Caribbean for vacation!!

  365. Maggie Sutton

    I’d travel anywhere, but I think a productive meeting place would be in a city roughly the same size as ours, so maybe Austin, San Francisco, or Denver

  366. Chelsea Tyrie

    For a company retreat, I would choose San Diego, CA. For my personal use, I would use it towards a trip to Italy!

  367. barbara cohen

    I would travel to Orlando for the Admin Conference and to Arizona for vacation.

  368. Lori Paiz

    I would choose Hawaii – That is where my husband and I took our honeymoon over 10 years ago and I have been trying to get back there ever since.

  369. Dawn Gamble

    A retreat to NY would be amazingly fun and vacation to anywhere warmer than Canada would be so awesome!!!

  370. Kimberly

    Happy Admin Week! I wish everyone could win a round trip somewhere! :-)

  371. Amber Wheeler

    I would travel to California for a work retreat and then London to see my favorite soccer team for vacation.

  372. Kelley

    I’d take the company to Arizona and take my daughter to Iceland.

  373. Patricia Kee

    I would schedule a company retreat in Costa Rica and I would vacation in Ireland.

  374. Tola

    Go Admins!

  375. Stephanie T

    Would love to visit some warmer weather! Love flying Delta Boston to Tampa!

  376. Joya Nigro

    I would travel to Aruba!!

  377. Kelly J

    With the way this school year has been, I’d be happy just to leave NE.

  378. HeidiE

    Happy Administrative Professionals week!

  379. Christine Garcia

    I would love a Delta Airines credit! It will help me in planning my February 2019 trip to Hawai’i!

  380. C Taylor

    Would love a retreat in Charleston, S.C. Delta, fly me to the Grand Cayman!!

  381. Jaclyn Swencki

    I would fly my team to San Diego, and I would travel to Ireland for a personal vacation!

  382. Kristine Hruska

    We LOVE Delta here at Yazaki, and I love OfficeNinja for keeping me in the know!

  383. Bryan B

    Delta, take my company to Seattle, then take me to Paris!

  384. Sandy Oaks

    Delta is my airline and their hub DTW is the best airport. I would take my Michigan team to San Francisco for a retreat and I would love to visit San Diego.

  385. Judy

    I would love the chance to get a way.

  386. Sarah Kotila

    For a company retreat, I think South Carolina would be ideal, and for vacation – I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland!

  387. Jenn Strange

    Company retreat would be Jacksonville, WY and my personal retreat would be the Florida Keys!

  388. Amy Johnson

    For a company retreat I would take everyone to New Orleans. A city of great fun and excitement as well as great places to stay and eat. I would want to go to Alask

  389. Kimberly

    Happy Admin Week!

  390. Sara Yiu

    I would plan a conference in Chicago and I would love to vacation in Maui!

  391. Dana V.

    I need a vacation, this prize would help!!

  392. Jilene Zerr

    I choose Big Sky, MT, for a company retreat and Hawaii for a personal vacation.

  393. Cassie McG

    Costa Rica! It’s the next stop on my travel wish list…

  394. Kathy Beane

    San Diego for business–>Alaska for pleasure

  395. Tanya F.

    Happy Admin Week Everyone! Delta, just wanted you to know that you rock! You are the only airline that our employees want to use! Thank you for all that you do!

  396. Tanya K.

    I’d pick Austin for a company conference, and I’m definitely ready to fly to London for a vacation!

  397. Angela Matthews

    Delta is my preferred airline for personal and business travel!

  398. Jan

    Would love a trip to Arizona and California

  399. James Sobczak

    Great to be taking part. Fingers crossed…

  400. April S.

    I would choose Reno, Nevada for a company retreat and the Florida Keys for a vacation.

  401. Ashley

    For a company retreat, I would definitely send our team to Nashville! Between the mountains and the music scene, it would be a great time. Personally, I would go with my family to Hawaii!

  402. Susan Melton

    Happy Admin Week, Everyone!

  403. Brittany H.

    I love traveling and why not do it best by using Delta!

  404. Tina Wheeler

    I’d book my people a conference in Atlanta, and I would send myself to Johannesburg.

  405. LeToya Austin

    Vegas for a company retreat would be awesome! Anywhere would be great for a personal vacation!

  406. Stephanie Aschenbrenner

    I would love for our company to have a retreat in Charleston, SC and I would personally want to go to Reykjavik, Iceland for vacation!

  407. Kara Carper

    Georgia, so I can go visit family.

  408. Kathy Abbott

    I love Delta! I would fly somewhere where there is a beach and warm and relax with my Ninja friends.

  409. Ross G

    I am really hoping to visit my nephews on the west coast! Haven’t been able to get out there in way too long!

  410. Jessica morgan

    Somewhere warm and sunny and beachy! ☀️🌊🌸

  411. Leesie

    I feel safest flying with Delta! I choose them if I can on any flight I take or send my colleagues on.

  412. Joy Sunram

    San Diego for a company retreat and London for vacation. :)

  413. Melissa

    My execs love flying Delta! One of our top preferred airlines.

  414. Karon McMakin

    Thank you Delta, you have provided great transportation for me and others in my organization many, many times over the years. Great prize for the first giveaway, officeninjas!

  415. Rebecca Lane

    Anywhere would be fabulous!

  416. Cathy Teese

    The travelers in our office have all migrated from AA to Delta over the past couple of years. Their automatic upgrades with status are better and their website is by far the easiest to navigate and find any receipts (a pain with United!). Plus their agents are always on point and friendly :)

  417. Amy D

    Myrtle Beach!

  418. Teri Robertson

    I would go to Aspen for work and Boston for vacation

  419. Waynette Roberts

    Florida friends

  420. Caroline Bowden

    I would love to go to Rome for a company retreat, and New Orleans for myself!

  421. Shawn H

    Koln Germany to visit family :)

  422. Rebecca Grems

    I’d schedule a company off-site in Hawaii in the winter to get out of the Minnesota cold! Plus, we have vendors there, so it’s rationalized! :)

  423. Tamiesha Stevens

    It would be awesome if my company could get out to Scottsdale, AZ for some team building and R&R. It would also be awesome if I could fly down to Greenville, SC and drive out to see my family!!

  424. Janet

    I’ve always thought Lke Placid would make a really fun company retreat

  425. Melissa Ferrell

    I love flying Delta, have a couple of trips coming up this year that I need to start thinking about booking.

  426. Barbara

    Florida for a company retreat and Florida for a vacation

  427. Denise Haywood

    Happy Administrative Professionals Week everyone! Thanks OfficeNinjas and Delta!

  428. tracy stevens

    I’ve flown on Delta once, and the service was good.

  429. Cameron Tryon

    Bermuda would be awesome!

  430. Kathy Ferrier

    I book travel with Delta for my CEO

  431. Amy O.

    Happy Admin Week Everyone!
    Congratulations Verlance!
    My husband and I love traveling to Las Vegas every other year. I would love to visit Hawaii and all those beaches!!!

  432. Melissa

    Someplace warm!

  433. Misti

    I’m on Delta for my next two major international trips!

  434. Gabriella Gill

    Vegas for a conference …. trip to Denver.

  435. Melanie Brauer

    Napa for company retreat; Puerto Vallarta for my own trip

  436. Alison

    Phoenix, AZ would be great for a conference!

  437. Kerri Fagan

    I would travel to Florida for the EA summit, and then to DC to visit my family for vacation

  438. Barb P.

    I would travel to Vegas for a conference and Hawaii for vacation!!!

  439. Nancy

    Florida for a conference and Ireland for vacation

  440. Kellie Edwards

    Verlance sounds like a rock star office ninja!! Delta is always exceptional… I’m literally sitting on one of their planes now waiting to take off!

  441. Nicole Pillatsch

    Oh the places I will go!!!

  442. Angelique Moore

    Vegas would be great all around for a company retreat, and I’d like to go on vacation to Hawaii.

  443. Carol Boyer

    I would take my hard working admin/sales and marketing company to California wine country for a well deserved retreat. For vacation – Venice, Italy for a honeymoon!!

  444. Collleen McKendry Cera

    Delta takes great care with my executives! A pleasure to work with this airline.

  445. Ryan Abdon

    I love Delta!! This is all I use for my bosses travel!

  446. Monica

    Delta rocks!

  447. Jill Urban


  448. Bianca Constance

    Delta is my company’s preferred airline with special pricing for the Delta shuttle between NYC and DC.

  449. Ann

    Woo hoo, it’s our week!

  450. Eddie Bowles

    I participated in Admin Week with Office Ninjas last year and, although I didn’t win anything, I had so much fun! I have been looking forward to this week since last year’s admin week ended. To all the Office Ninjas out there, celebrate yourself! You deserve it for all the hard work you do!

  451. Jenna Dunham

    Would love to go see my niece who is across the country! #OfficeNinjaRules

  452. Crystal L.

    Happy Admin Week everyone

  453. Kathy Whelan

    I would love to win a free trip with Delta so I can visit my son in Madison, Wisconsin!

  454. Wendy G.

    Crazy, but I have never flown with Delta before!

  455. April R Gordon

    Office retreat: Colorado
    Vacation: Tahiti

  456. Amy Jordan

    Florida for business, Hawaii for vacation

  457. Anissa Hall

    I would love to visit somewhere warm and sunny, where I can let all my work stress float away!

  458. Deb Behler

    Company retreat: Greenbrier in West Virginia
    Personal: Germany

  459. Megan Smith

    Happy Admin Week all! A week just for us!

  460. Marissa Luttrell

    Haven’t been away in forever!

  461. Forte #ChiefJoyOfficer

    My passion and purpose are the same. Along with being an Army Veteran, I answered the education service call 21 years ago. ❤🌍 Miami Beach is my sweet spot and we could more excitement with the Everglades.

  462. Amy Spellman

    Hubs and I are way overdue for a vacation! This would be so helpful!!!

  463. Laura Swallows

    I’d go to Baton Rouge, LA for a retreat and Charleston, SC for vacation!

  464. Cassie Camp

    Love Delta!! I’ll be simple here – I’d go home to visit family!

  465. Trish K

    To Hawaii nei – family and vacation rolled into one location

  466. Deborah Zotian

    My Directors always want to go to Vegas. Me, I’ll go anywhere I can rest and relax and forget about work for a week! (I’d probably use it to fly south to see family for Thanksgiving.)

  467. Mary J

    Would love to fly to Las Vegas for a conference for professional development and for vacation – South Dakota to see family.

  468. Leah the Admin

    I’d love to go anywhere tropical…looks like Delta has that available in spades!

  469. Sonja

    Happy Admin Week y’all! Thank you Office Ninjas for helping all of us admins celebrate!

  470. Tammy Pierce

    Delta is my favorite airline! I always choose Delta when traveling.

    1. Tammy Pierce

      Scotland would be my favorite destination!

  471. Jennifer Leight

    Hawaii for a company retreat and vacation

  472. Amber Muendel

    I would love to take my son and husband to Hawaii! :)

  473. Katie B

    For a company retreat, somewhere on the beach. Something like Fort Lauderdale would be perfect! For me, Hawaii!

  474. Lynn

    Very informative!

  475. dadams

    fingers & toes crossed!

  476. Sarah

    Love Delta! The only airline I book my boss on!
    I would fly to Hawaii for vacation and San Diego for a retreat!

  477. Debbi Tank

    I would choose Denver for a company retreat.

  478. barb

    I only fly Delta!

  479. Diane Wilson

    Yay Delta!

  480. Brenda

    Thank you Delta! I fly with you 100% of the time!

  481. Rosie Vass

    Would love to go to the Cayman Islands!

  482. AmyB

    Vegas for a conference (so much to see and do) and Hawaii for a vacation (this girl needs some relaxation!). :)

  483. N Langevin Sweeney

    Costa Rica for conference and Hawaii for vacation

  484. Cathy Comer

    Vegas would be great for a conference. I have never been there. St Petersurg, FL for vacay. Beaches are beautiful!

  485. Kyle

    Love Delta! Use them for the majority of my travel planning

  486. Katie Mussman

    I’d fly to Austin Texas for a company retreat… and vacation!

  487. Angela Edwards

    I would pick Hawaii

  488. Carrie C.

    Chicago or New York!

  489. Rachel Jacobson

    I think Vegas would be the perfect conference location to fly. I’d love to fly to Boston for vacation.

  490. Laura V

    Thank you for offering such fantastic giveaways!

  491. Christine

    Love to go to Vegas for a conference and for vacation!

  492. Tracy Painter

    I would love to go to Portland for a work conference and Costa Rica for vacation!

  493. Meghan Cooney

    What an awesome giveaway!! I think we all deserve a nice getaway :)

  494. Debbie Tilley

    Orlando Florida for a conference and Hawaii for a vacation.

  495. Sherry Bath

    I would travel to Vegas for Professional Development and to Portland, Oregon on vacation to see my grandchildren.

  496. Jennifer Barghout

    New York for company retreat and Hawaii for vacation.

  497. Debbie Tilley

    I think Las Vegas would be a great location for a conference, and I love the beach, I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii.

  498. Kim

    I would LOVE to go to Costa Rica. As for company retreat, I think somewhere like Boston would be cool! Really no connection to our company at all, but has such a good mix of cultural/learning experiences plus fun activities plus a big business area maybe we could pick some brains!

  499. Jessica

    I love Delta!!

  500. Claudia S

    Thank you Office ninjas!!

  501. Sharon Mc

    Would love to win and have an opportunity to visit a friend!

  502. Claudia S

    Denver for company’s experience and Fiji island for my vacation!

  503. Kelly Lehr

    Company retreat … depends on the time of year. Summertime, we’d head to the northeast, maybe Maine or Vermont. In the winter, we’d head to Florida. As for vacation, Orlando for sure!

  504. Debbie Ogden

    Delta is one of our organizations preferred carriers

  505. Shannon Lashley

    Thank you, Delta!

  506. Jaguar for Life!

    JAGS vs Eagles in London — Woo Hoo!!!

  507. Donna

    Great to learn new things regarding travel. I was unaware of some of this information regarding Delta.

  508. LaLeeta Sweeper Pitts

    I always fly Delta.

  509. Jaguar for Life!

    I would fly Delta to my 20 year wedding anniversary (September) destination. It would be nice to attend the JAGS vs Eagles game in London (Oct 2018)!!!

  510. Jenn Rochinski

    My husband and I have been married for almost three years and together for five but never went on a honeymoon. I would take us to Hawaii or fly us to Alaska for an Alaskan cruise :)

  511. Chana Sweeney

    This is amazing. Love Delta, always the best!

  512. Lisa Tilly

    Beautiful Melbourne FL – so I could visit my family too (selfish ninja!)

  513. Debbie Hickly

    Great prize! Good luck everyone!

  514. Kiley Coombs

    Fingers crossed!

  515. Jessica M. Wilson

    For a company retreat, I would choose a Washington, D.C. The industry I work for support projects for the military, and I feel a place like Washington, D.C. is patriotic. For my own personal vacation, I always wanted to visit London. I love the culture and always wanted to visit the many popular museums.

  516. Deb Sarra

    San Diego company retreat and the Emerald Coast for vacation.

  517. Mary H

    Love OfficeNinjas and love Delta! They go everywhere in comfort and style ❤️

  518. Megan Bishop

    Vegas baby!

  519. Nancy Sweeney

    San Diego for a company retreat and Hawaii for vacation.

  520. Angela McDade

    I would travel to Vegas for conference and I would travel to Hawaii for a beach Vacation.

  521. Debbie Struble

    Office Ninjas offer timely tips for every admin.