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The 4 Calendar Apps That Will Blow Your Mind

4 Calendar Apps That Will Blow Your Mind - OfficeNInjas

Juggling a professional and social life can be hard, then add in managing the time of other people, and you might consider a career change. The solution? Just look to your smartphone for all of your organization answers – that’s what we do. Some of our favorite things to experiment with are calendar apps because the benefits are enormous! Here is a list of our four favorites:

Sunrise Calendar - OfficeNInjas

1. Sunrise (iOS and Android)

Regardless of how popular this app is with all our friends, Sunrise really does bring more sunny days to our life. Compatibility and integration are key to why so many people love using it to stay organized and on top of absolutely everything. Google Calendar, iCloud, Exchange, and Facebook are all integrated into your one calendar that you then control. There’s a version for iPhones, iPads, Android, and your desktop. What else do you need?

Cost: Free

UpTo Calendar - OfficeNinjas

2. Up To (iOS and Android)

A startup out of Detroit (yes you read that right, Detroit), Up To changes the way you use a calendar. Each person’s calendar has the front layer that is their personal calendar, then there’s a second layer with different calendars that are curated from your interests (sports teams, special holidays, TV shows, etc.). Just like Sunrise, Up To syncs with Google Calendar, iCloud, Outlook, Facebook Events. When you add something to the app, it shows up on your desktop calendar. Boom!

There’s an extra feature on Up To where you can create a calendar for your organization or business. It integrates beautifully into websites, people can subscribe to it, and you can add events without much hassle.

Cost: Free

Cal - OfficeNinjas

3. Cal (iOS and Android)

Looking at your month or you week can be really overwhelming! With Cal, the app shows you a clear, compact day regardless of how many millions of things you need to do that day. Intuitive design is at the forefront for inviting people to events and knowing when to celebrate other people in your life (because it’s always someone’s birthday). On top of knowing it all, your to do list can integrate right into your day without traveling from screen to screen, or app to app. Did we mention it’s pretty?

Cost: Free

Tempo Calendar - OfficeNinjas

4. Tempo Smart Calendar (iOS)

This seems to be a trend, but Tempo pulls all of the contextual stuff from your life to make getting things done easier. Among other things, the app will find directions and drive times to meetings, connects with social media for people and companies you’re interacting with, or pulls the latest email or important document for what you’re focusing on. Add on the several different calendar views, and we just might need to make Tempo be our date to the next office happy hour. Only real drawback? They’re only an iOS app, sorry little green robot!

Cost: Free

AnyDo - OfficeNinjas

Bonus: Any.Do (iOS and Android)

If you’re sold on using Cal, you should probably check out Any.Do. The app comes from the same family of apps, and they are completely integrated with one another. We know that having a calendar that does a lot of things is important, but using a to-do list can be indispensable as well. Besides, checking off completed tasks is pretty much the best feeling, ever.

Cost: Free

Cheers to productivity! What are your favorite calendar apps? How do you stay organized?


  1. Thanks for this great tools calendar app are very helpful to increase our work productivity. i think you forget to add Dayhaps its new in app market with best tool, user can create multiple calendars and share calendars with others many more.

  2. There’s definately a lot to learn about this subject.
    I love all of the points you made.

  3. Awesome suggestions, can’t wait to check them out.

    1. Glad you liked them! Let us know what you think after trying some of them!

  4. I am truly loving my downloaded Cal app for my Android it has been so helpful and the fact that it automatically linked up with my social media is incredible. Thanks so much Office Ninjas for making an Admin’s life work super efficiently both in & outside of the office.

  5. I was just needing something exactly like this – you guys read my mind all the time!

    1. :D We try! If you have suggestions for other blog posts you would like to see, drop us a line: alex [at] officeninjas [dot] com

  6. Thanks for the awesome write-up! Lots of great calendar apps out there. We absolutely love the unique spin that UpTo brings to the table, and we’reexcited to hear what everyone thinks! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to with questions, feedback, witty banter, etc.

    – Jacob Smith | Team UpTo |

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