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11 Funky and Fun-ctional Desk Accessories

Fun-ctional Desk Stuff

I started a new job recently, which means I was appointed a new, empty desk. Cultivating the trinkets for your desk, both practical and impractical alike, can be a daunting task. What manner of storage solutions do I need? Will people find as much delight in this as I do? If I leave an assortment of brightly colored Sharpies in plain sight, will they be taken, never to be seen again?!

Whether you have a blank canvas or are looking to spruce up your current workspace, here are some great accessories to take your desk from drab to fab.

Combine form and function with grass pens $11 for 12 pack

Grass pens

I don’t know about you guys, but I seem to have bad luck with pens. I either leave them places, or lose them to well-meaning coworkers who borrow and never return them. These “grass” pens not only make a lovely little potted display, but they also don’t look like pens (which deters theft!).

Jog your creativity with this fun desk toy $28

Ball of whacks

The Ball of Whacks is the perfect accessory for both creative types who might need a mental freshener throughout the day, or people who just like to fidget with something from time to time. This sphere of 30 magnetic blocks can be reconfigured into a seemingly endless number of shapes, some of which are extremely impressive.

Display photos or notes with your very own deskbot $68


This trinket combines three of my favorite things into one epic desk accessory: robots, recycling, and whimsy. Made from found objects, these handy deskbots are a great way to display anything from business cards to to-do lists!

Turn your laptop lid into a whiteboard $11-$15

Laptop whiteboard

There are so many great uses for this whiteboard. Leave a reminder for yourself for the next day, warn coworkers that you are in the zone and shouldn’t be bothered unless the building is on fire, or use it at meetings when you need to illustrate a point.

Bring a little outside in with a desktop terrarium $26

Air plant

Plants are great to have in the office. However, regular plant maintenance can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the greenest of thumbs. Air plants are great because aside from being ADORABLE, they are basically impossible to kill. All they need is bright, indirect light, and a bi-weekly mist.

Plug in to this go-go gadget desk organizer $40

Desk organizer

As a big fan of things fitting perfectly into other things, I love this organizer. It holds all of your essential desk items without being bulky or obtrusive. It even connects to your computer and can be used as a card reader, a smartphone holder, and a letter opener!

Always keep your cords handy with a hip magnet $18

Cord organizer

Sometimes after coming back to my desk with my laptop, I will put off plugging it in for literally hours because I don’t feel like crawling around on the floor to retrieve the power cable. Those days are over now that I know about this sleek, magnetic cable organizer. It keeps all of your important charging cables, earbuds, and even flash drives right on top of your desk for easy access.

Give your co-workers a heads up with this productivity light $28

Computer light

Currently, this gadget is only available for pre order. But that being said, you should probably pre order it. This handy light plugs into your computer’s USB (or Bluetooth) and lets your officemates know when you are busy. It also notifies you about incoming emails and calendar reminders.

Keep notes handy with a table top cork board $11

Cork Board

This lovely framed cork board is the perfect desk accessory for keeping important notes handy while keeping your desk stylish. Add throwing star pushpins for total office ninja domination.

Display your Instagram photos creatively $60 for 6

Photo blocks

These awesome photo blocks are handmade using wood, your instagram photos, and love. They can be displayed upright on a desk, or easily tacked to the wall or a cork board with pushpins.

Show staples you mean business $10


Staples don’t stand a chance against this fierce dinosaur remover. If you want to get even fiercer (and far fancier), you can be the king of the office jungle with this pewter lion version.

Gone are the days of boring desk accessories. With these funky and functional office products, you can take your organization, productivity, and style to the next level.

Office ninjas, what are your favorite desk accessories?


  1. There are so cool!! I think i’m going to get several of them for my desk!

  2. Oh my gosh, these are great items to have! I especially want the productivity light!!! We are in an open office environment and encouraged to decorate our pods. Since I work for the corporate office of Sonic Drive-ins, we have a lot of our Wacky Pak toys available to use. I’m a huge fan of the tots that have been given away and just happen to have everyone of them. They are all over my pod and become flying projectiles at times. We believe in having a fun work environment as well.

    1. Love it, Lori! What a fun way to do things!

  3. I love them all! I need one of each.

    1. You and us, both! If you had to pick just 1, which would you go with?

  4. That desk organizer!! MUST. HAVE.
    Thanks for the great article! Lots of these make great office gifts too…

    1. Isn’t it fantastic, Nicole!? Saves so much space and keeps things nicely organized. Plus, it’s super cute! ;)

  5. In LOVE with Dinosaur remover <3

    1. Me too!! Removing staples is the worst, might as well make it somewhat enjoyable!

  6. I absolutely MUST own the throwing star pushpins! Great article!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it April! And YES, those throwing star pushpins are so fabulous!

  7. Awesome Ideas, thank you!

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