Careers with OfficeNinjas

Be Part of the Workplace Revolution

Just like the admin profession, the OfficeNinjas team is growing and evolving! We’re looking for a few self-starters who can help us bring our game-changing resources and educational content, carefully vetted vendor recommendations, and unique networking events to workplace operations, administrative, and people operations professionals.

The Office Ninja is the backbone of their workplace. Yet, they often operate as an overlooked department of one, receiving minimal support, recognition, and opportunities for professional development. We’re here to change that.

Founded in 2013, our fully remote team includes people from a variety of locations and backgrounds. Each member shares the same drive and commitment to empowering the office professionals who run the world’s workplaces. You don’t have to be a Ninja to work here, but you do need a Ninja’s can-do attitude and problem-solving skills. Our collective spirit is entrepreneurial—we work quickly, collaborate enthusiastically, take chances, find creative solutions, and do more with less.

Open Positions

Looking for an ambitious, purpose-driven team? You’ve found it.

Event Operations Manager

The demand for OfficeNinjas events is fierce, and we need an EOM who can help us grow our events program with speed, efficiency, and tech-savvy smarts.

Partnerships & Marketing Coordinator

We’re looking for a passionate, growth-minded relationship builder to fill the exciting new role of PMC.

Our Hiring Process

We engage each applicant in a series of activities designed to showcase their skills and give them a sense of what it’s like to work in OfficeNinjas’ fast-paced, remote environment. Candidates who successfully complete our hiring process are confident they’re in the right role and ready to hit the ground running.


Step 1 – Take A Quick Quiz

We’ve designed this quiz to get an understanding of your work style, approach to problem solving, and familiarity with certain tech tools. Your answers save both of us time by ensuring we’re on the same page before moving forward.

Step 2 – Tell us About Yourself

In addition to submitting your resume and LinkedIn URL, you’ll fill out an application-style questionnaire that highlights your experience and provides an opportunity to share your interests, qualifications, and examples of previous work.

Step 3 – Connect With the Team

After the application phase, we’ll chat via email. We’ll ask you to weigh in on a few topics and projects that are relevant to the role, and you’ll have the chance to ask us questions. As a remote workplace, we rely heavily on written communication; every member of our team must be able to effectively express themselves in the digital space.

Step 4 – Work on a Solo Project

We’ll put together a paid test project just for you. It will take approximately 2 hours to complete and will be indicative of projects you’d do if you were to join our team.

Step 5 – Video Chat with Us

We’ll keep the conversation going but switch to a video call. We find that virtual face time helps us build relationships and foster a sense of camaraderie. We’ll use this time to give you an idea of how we run meetings and walk you through some specifics on OfficeNinjas’ internal operations.

Step 6 – Work in Teams

For two weeks, you’ll work on actual OfficeNinjas projects with other team members. This paid immersion period allows us to gauge the quality of your work, your ability to meet deadlines, and overall cultural fit. And it gives you a sense of how our team guides projects from concept to completion.

Step 7 – Onboarding

If you reach this step, congrats are in order—you’re officially a member of OfficeNinjas HQ! You’ll enter the onboarding process with a working knowledge of OfficeNinjas and be ready to hit the ground running!