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Flash Raffle Recap: Who’s Going Home with the Goods?

Wow! What an amazing, action-packed week! We threw a pretty spectacular party (hang tight for our recap this Thursday!), revealed our 2015 OfficeNinjas All-Stars, and, with the help of our incredible Flash Raffle partners, gave away some pretty legit prizes.

Here’s a quick recap of the lucky ninjas who won big time, plus our generous partners are giving special offers for the entire OfficeNinjas community!

Day 1: Love with Food

Love With Food is a subscription service that delivers tasty treats to your office that you can feel good about. All of their snacks are all-natural or organic, and Love With Food donates meals to several food banks for every snack box that’s sold.

Flash Raffle Winners

Congrats, Ninjas! :)

1st: Mark Egusa – 1 Year Supply of Snacks

Senior Staff Assistant, San Francisco, CA

2nd: Mary Duffer – 6 Months Supply of Snacks

Administrative Assistant, Beech Grove, IA

3rd: Denise Sciulli – 3 Months Supply of Snacks

Assistant to Vice President, Pittsburgh, PA


BONUS: Love With Food is offering $100 off your first month! Use code OFFICENINJA to get your office hooked up with healthy, all-natural snacks.


Day 2: Sprinkles


Sprinkles invented the modern-day cupcake bakery with the launch of their first store in Beverly Hills. We promise that one of their legendary cupcakes will (at least temporarily) solve all your problems. (All bets are off once you devour that last crumb.)

Flash Raffle Winners

Congrats, Ninjas! :)

1st: Tracy Perkins – $200 Sprinkles Gift Card

Executive Assistant, Plano, TX

2nd: Angela Nava-Sonderegger – $100 Sprinkles Gift Card

Administrative Coordinator, Simi Valley, CA

3rd: Bobbi-Anne Lombardo – $50 Sprinkles Gift Card

Executive Assistant, New York, NY


BONUS: Order two dozen Sprinkles cupcakes for your office and get an additional half dozen cupcakes for free! Just email Sprinkles and mention OfficeNinjas!


Day 3: Uber

Uber Backseat

Uber takes the traditional car service and makes it convenient, simple, and comfortable with its location-based app and fleet of reliable, professional drivers. Recently launched, Uber for Business is a travel management platform that makes everything from booking airport trips to safe rides home for employees a cinch.

Flash Raffle Winners

Congrats, Ninjas :)

1st: Emily Harvey – $500 Uber Gift Card

Office Manager, Seattle, WA

2nd: Colleen Cera – $300 Uber Gift Card

Assistant to the President, New Hope, PA

3rd: Dawn Stevenson – $100 Uber Gift Card

Office Manager/VP Admin, Chicago, IL


BONUS: Receive $150 in Uber ride credit when you enroll your company and use code ADMINWEEK in the Contact Us form! (Company must have at least 5 employees.)


Day 4: Delta Air Lines


Delta Air Lines is doing their part to ensure that office ninjas are not among the 41% of Americans who leave unused vacation days on the table. They also make travel convenient and worth your time with 15 hourly shuttle flights every weekday between Los Angeles and San Francisco Delta and their Innovation Class, an in-flight professional mentorship program with some of the world’s top business leaders.


Flash Raffle Winners

Congrats, Ninjas! :)

1st: Jennifer Maitland – $500 Delta Gift Card

Office Manager, Garden Grove, CA

2nd: Emily Vogel – $300 Delta Gift Card

Assistant to the Chair, Oak Creek, WI

3rd: Deborah Zotian – $100 Delta Gift Card

Office Manager, Westport, CT


Day 5: Poppin


Poppin’s line of fun, beautifully designed products for businesses and individuals is the celebration of office supplies that we’ve been looking for. Also, we think Poppin must have read our letter to Santa because they’ve launched a new line of office furniture that’s stylish, durable and super easy to assemble (their Clever Lever technology is going to change your life).


Flash Raffle Winners

Congrats, Ninjas! :)

1st: Aubri Levens – $500 Poppin Gift Card

Administration Manager, Coppell, TX

2nd: Marquelle Lee – $250 Poppin Gift Card

Office Services Manager, Oakland, CA

3rd: Nathan Fisher – $100 Poppin Gift Card

Executive Personal Assistant, Los Angeles, CA


Again, congrats to all of our winners! And don’t worry if you’re name wasn’t selected this time. Thanks to our generous partners, we’ll be holding more raffles and giveaways throughout the year. Sign up for our newsletter and stay in the know!


  1. Please accept my thanks as well – for both the Uber prize and the extra fun all week long!

    1. Thank YOU Dawn for coming along for the ride! And enjoy the gift card :)

  2. Congrats to the winners – and a big thank you to OfficeNinjas for the daily fun. I looked forward to that email each day last week, both for the chance to play AND to read about the special admins who were recognized. A great week!

    1. Karen, we’re so excited to hear that and so glad you joined us for Admin Professionals Week!

  3. Congratulations to the winners!!! It looks like your event was fun and well attended! Nice job OfficeNinjas!

    1. Thanks Susan!! We’ll have more events and fun giveaways in the future :)

  4. Congrats to all of the winners! Thank you to OfficeNinja and the wonderful partners for a great week!!

  5. Thank you, Office Ninjas for the $300 Uber credit!! What a fun gift. Looking forward to my Uber Business demo next week! Congrats to all the winners and all the awesome Office Ninjas out there!

    1. Congrats Colleen!!! We hope the demo goes well & that you enjoy your gift card :)

  6. Thank you again for the wonderful gift. Can’t wait to see where I can go on vacation. Hope everyone had a great week.

    1. Congrats Deborah!!! We hope you enjoy it and let us know what you decide! :)

  7. Nicely done as always, OfficeNinjas! Congratulations to all the winners!

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