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Flash Raffle #5: WIN a $500 Poppin Gift Card to Style Your Desk!

Winners Announced!

Congrats, ninjas! Your prizes will land in your inbox very soon. :)

1st: Aubri Levens

Administration Manager, Coppell, TX

2nd: Marquelle Lee

Office Services Manager, Oakland, CA

3rd: Nathan Fisher

Executive Personal Assistant, Los Angeles, CA

As champions for extraordinary workplaces,we can totally get behind Poppin’s mission. Fueled by their love for all things office supplies, they stood up and asked the burning question that was troubling all of us:

Why are all tape dispensers ugly?

Tape dispensers (and notebooks, staplers, desktop organizers, etc) are wonderful inventions that make all of our daily lives a lot easier. Why aren’t we celebrating these items with sleek designs and vibrant colors?!

Poppin’s line of fun, beautifully designed products for businesses and individuals is the celebration we’ve been looking for. Also, we think Poppin must have read our letter to Santa, because they’ve launched a new line of office furniture that’s stylish, durable and super easy to assemble (their Clever Lever technology is going to change your life).

And here’s the really good news. Poppin is hosting our 5th and final Flash Raffle! Enter for FREE, and you’ll have the chance to win one of three prizes.

Poppin Prizes

Remember: This is a FLASH RAFFLE! Enter by 11:59 PM PST TONIGHT to be eligible. Winners will be announced the next day here. Good luck!


  1. I would get the Pool Blue Max High Back Task Chair!! One, it would match my bright blue bedazzled keyboard. Two, my office chair is 10 years old and the arm pads look like some kid has taken several bites out of it!

  2. I would LOVE to win anything storage related such as an organizer or drawers, but my absolute favorite would be a desk if at all possible :)

  3. Love the pens and notebooks — so colorful! :)

  4. Purple starter set and pink double tray, metallic gold and silver notebooks, striped file folders and the poly pocket folders.

  5. Very nice office items. I could use some more small filing/storage cabinets like the Stow 3-drawer file cabinet.

  6. I love their stuff….super cute!
    I would get the desk accessories in Pink and the Aqua, id probably get a few pens and the monogrammed notebook. Id do the in drawer organizer too…it would be so fun to open my desk drawer (which I do probably 30 times a day) and see the fun pop of color!!!
    PICK ME!!!!

  7. There are a lot of things I’d get. They have a two-drawer filing cabinet that I NEED. I would get one of their desk chairs that supports the middle of your back, a good desk lamp, some cable organizers, their Bright Jumbo Dry Erase Markers because the colors are cool, some of their organization trays to use on my desk and inside drawers, and other colorful supplies.

    I love some of their things, and I could really use some of them.

  8. I love bright vivid colors….I would have to mix and match colored desk accessories and pens…..choosing the colors is the problem…there are so many. The grip grass looks awesome….and the super stacked looks like a great organizing idea. Love it all.

  9. I would start with a buoy chair – maybe get one for the boss too ;)!!

  10. Love Poppin!!! I received a gift with a few notebooks and I love them. I will be so Poppin Happy if I win.

  11. such great colors! I need the pink stapler and ALL of the pens.

  12. I would love to get the Lime Green Streamer binder to liven up the planning for some events I have in June! I would also like to get the notebook that says “Believe in Beautiful Work” because I think that is a wonderful reminder :)

  13. If I won, I’d get a new desk. There’s nothing worse than a desk that has WAY outlived its typical lifespan!

  14. I would order the Five Subject Study-Up set.

  15. I’m really into gold and graphics right now – so I’d get the slim-fit Metallic Gold and Silver paper cover notebooks & a couple of the gold soft cover folio folders. I’m also in desperate need for some cord wrangling – so those Cable drops would for sure be on my list.

  16. The desk lamps are so fun looking and would add some pop to my desk. Or any of the desk accessories, in the bright orange, which is also our company color .

  17. Bivi Trunk, in Warm Oak…..*droool*

  18. I would order anything ORANGE!!

  19. I LOVE everything that they have, how could I choose just one???

  20. I would mix and match all my accessories with coral, yellow and white. I have a yellow pen and notebook and just I love how it writes. Loving them all!

  21. Aqua Dream desk! Plus the white and gold stapler :)

  22. I would get the rolling cabinet and all the orange accessories as it is our company color. I love the look of the Poppin Products and recommend them to all my office friends and fellow ninjas!

  23. I’d get the gold and white desk set; stapler, notebooks and the gold folio cover to match the gold and white staple remover I got from the admin bash :)

  24. My new office is being built as I type this – new office = great new stuff. Notebooks, pens, filing cabinets, desk accessories – EVERYTHING!

  25. White + Aqua Stow 3-Drawer File Cabinet, Fully Loaded for my home office

  26. I am liking the “red dynamic duo”, my desk is rather boring :)

  27. Definitely a stash sliding door locker with a pad and wheels in pool blue. Those things are awesome!

  28. Just saw the Cobi chairs….one of those, too!!

  29. I would get a Stash Sliding Door Locker in blue. Great idea!

  30. I would love to give my desk the royal treatment with the purple desk accessories!

  31. I’d love a fully tricked out stackable desk sent & gripper grass all in PINK! Heck, one of everything!

  32. I’m a sucker for everything mint green! I also think the storage cube/seats are brilliant and a great price for an office.

  33. I LOVE Poppin! I would get some of the coral colored trays and accessories to accompany my aqua stapler and pen holder that I got from them last year.

  34. I’d get more things to pimp out my desk as well as common office supplies for everyone to share! pens, notebooks, tape/stapler..

  35. I would get the Pixo LED desk lamp in blue along with some kitchen ware items.

  36. If I win, I’d order some Box seats to create pops of color in casual seating areas.

  37. More Poppin pink accessories and I’d outfit a bunch of pretty accents – mint and white, maybe…. :)

  38. I would go hog wild with online purchases to pep up our workspace. The brightly colored folios, file boxes and accordion files would turn stacks of paper into art. And I’d definitely design-a-desk for all my “podmates” to bling us out. :-)

  39. I would get the entire gold collection…. :) and gift my bridesmaids their favorite color desk accessories collection!

  40. All of the desk accessories are amazing. I want to completely revamp my desk with bright bold organization trays, tape dispenser and notebooks.

  41. I would get everything in AQUA! File cabinet, desk chair, organization trays, pens, notebooks, EVERYTHING! :)

  42. Definitely would go with the Orange Cobi Desk Chair with Black Frame and a storage unit! Awesome updated style, and I love the colors…especially the orange!

  43. My office is often the starage room and having a matching brightly colored Poppin set would bring a smile.

  44. I would do the build a desk and get all the pens, as well.

  45. Desk accessories would be soooo much fun!

  46. I would so go crazy in the Pool Blue section!! Hot!Hot!Hot!

  47. Where to start? Love the notebooks, desk accessories. Then it’s just a color choice. :)

  48. Mint or Coral Dream Set!! So adorable. And any accessory to keep me organized.

  49. Because an organized desk is a good thing. But an organized *pretty* desk is a fabulous thing!

  50. I would order everything in Pink! it would make my work space so cheery

  51. A brand new color coordinated desk set. I LOVE desk accessories and the fact they’re color coordinated is awesome. :)

  52. I LOVE Poppin! I would order everything in the Mint color!!

  53. I would start with cable organizers and a new filing cabinet, then progress to a full cubicle make over!

  54. I love all the colorful organizing stuff, but those desks are pretty incredible too!

  55. Love to get the modern lounge furnitures for our office. They look amazing!

  56. I would start with the EVERYTHING white + blue

  57. Hot pink all the way! I’d “pinktify” my entire work station, for sure, to go with my lipstick and shoes! It’ll look great against my shiny leopard spotted smartphone case!

  58. There are so many lovely colors and items it is hard to pick. I would start with the Paperboard Navy + Mint Checka Nesting Desk Set and add in purple pens, and the Pencil Pouch in Gold.

  59. I would adore some bright accessories to liven up my workspace.

  60. Full desk set with stapler and tape dispenser.

  61. I love all the gold! I love the green grass looking holder from pens too!

  62. My new desk is half the size of my old one. These storage solutions would help my now cluttered new desk so much!

  63. -Lots of cool office stuff in pink! :)

  64. Love the aqua desk set, but am partial to pink as well.

  65. I would pick anything aqua. I love the brightness of the color. It makes everything fun!!!

  66. I will have to be hoteling at work soon so will need a portable desk. I would like to try out the large accessory tray with large slim tray to be able to easily transport desk items.

  67. Oh the colors! WOW!! I would definitely add some pops of red around my desk to pull out the red of our logo, and then lots of green since we our company promotes sustainability! I’m a notepad junkie, so I’d start with some assorted task pads and highlighters and go from there!

  68. I would like the Coral Signature Ballpoint Pens so that I can find my “borrowed” pens so much easier. And the Coral Softie Grip Grass could definitely come in handy.

  69. Would definitely like some of the gold metallic desk accessories that were shown at the admin bash 2015. File cabinets and superstacked trays are so cute!

  70. I would love to have some color to my work area and or home office. I could use a Cobi desk chair in Aqua! We spend so much time at work and I like to have things around me that make me smile. That would make me smile for sure!

  71. I love the white set of desk supplies and the gold folios!

  72. I am in love with these bright colors! I would love some new artwork and organizational supplies!

  73. If I win, I would fix my perfect home office space with the pretty colors….keeping it bright would keep me happy!

  74. I would love to have my desk turned up with the cool products I’ve seen here!

  75. of everything!!! Great colors and just fun stuff!!!! :-)

  76. I would love a new piece of artwork for my office and some hot pink desk accessories!

  77. I LOVE the idea of the grip grass! Looks like a fun item to have on my desk.

  78. I’m a Tote Fiend. I love the Loewy totes and the coordinating accessories. I love color! I would decorate my work space with the bright greens and pinks.

  79. I would get a stand up desk so I’m not sitting all day.

  80. I love all the colors! My cubicle walls are a taupe-y gray and mustard yellow. I would get a desk set that would really brighten up my space, so that it would look like a sunny day all the time.

  81. I would get my two coworkers and my self all new desk accessories in “our signature colors”! We’d be coordinated but not uniform! :)

  82. Omigoodness! I work at a university (UNCW Go Seahawks) It is difficult to find “teal” accessories, so I would go nuts and purchase desk accessories for myself and coworkers in the front office. Poppin is definitely putting the fun in functional.

  83. I would stock up on a rainbow of notebooks and clipboards. I use tons of them, so it would be nice to have some bright, cheerful colors.

  84. I love all of the organization options! I would definitely start my spree there!

  85. If i won the Poppin raffle i would get a Pool Blue Qivi Desk Chair with the matching color desk set. The colors of Poppin products are the perfect way to perk everyone’s workday!

  86. I can’t decide where to start. I absolutely love, love, love the bright colors and absolutely must have the Softie Grip Grass. What an awesome way to keep track of those elusive pens and pencils! The biggest problem will be to pick a color.

  87. Do I have to pick just one?!! I think I found my new obsession!! I love the bright colors! Especially all things PINK!!! :)

  88. One of everything!! What a great selection of colors…perfect to jazz up my gray cubicle. Love the softie grip grass…too clever!

  89. Um… EVERYTHING!!!!
    I freakin’ LOVE Poppin!!!!
    So bright and cheerful .. it definitely makes the workday brighter.

  90. I’d love to get the ping pong conference table!!! Game on! Poppin like it’s HOT!

  91. I love the shop by color feature. Your office supplies are amazing. That is what I would purchase. All things aqua and mint.

  92. I love the Loewy totes! the Orange/Olive one! Also any of the other accessories. I love color!

  93. color coded notebooks, clips, post its, folders! Fantastic colors.

  94. I love the notebooks and fun colors.

  95. Great colors!! I would get a desk set and the rolling file storage (with wheels!)

  96. I would get the blue and white desk system. It would upgrade my office decor.

  97. EVERYTHING! WOW, I would love to JAZZ up my desk with all the bright items that Poppin has to offer! I especially love the writing sets and Things to Do note pads!

  98. If I won, I would get the purple dream desk to spiff up my office. :)

  99. love the colorful desksets!

  100. I would add to my bright green and pink desk accessories… A lamp would definitely be in order and I am sure I could find enough amazing items that I would have no problem depleting the gift card, no matter the amount! I was introduced to Poppin a the Office Ninja Tech Mixer in Seattle a couple years ago. I wish you would come back! :)

  101. Like the bright colored desk accessories and the monogramed notebooks!

  102. Everything in grey, silver and red. My desk needs a makeover!

  103. I would get a set of RED desk accessories! We’re moving our office in May and I would love to outfit my new office in our company color!

  104. I would get the White + Pool Blue Stash Sliding Door Locker with Stash Pad, Fully Loaded and of course some colorful desk accessories. :)

  105. I love it all! I’m especially enamoured with the task pads and the retractable pens in cool colors.

  106. I would get personalized products for my team.

  107. Love the desk accessories, totes, etc. Really cool products!

  108. I would retrofit my entire office to include bright notebooks, pens, staplers, organizers,mouse pads, and maybe even revamp the desk and filing system too! You name it – it needs updating! Working from home can be such a drag and poppin’s fresh look would brighten every day!

  109. I would like EVERYTHING!, love all of their bright products. But I love the Pocket Spiral Notebook.. I’m a notebook person and find myself with loose sheets of paper tuck inside the notebook (I have resorted to stapling them to the actual sheet of paper!). So I like the idea of having a pocket. Pockets are a good thing.

  110. The navy would look amazing on my office desk furniture – a subtle, beautiful pop of color.
    The softie grip grass is clean and function – eliminate those pen cups now! The tape dispenser, stapler, bits and bobs tray, the mouse pad – all SO cool! I look forward to seeing my desk all decked out with glorious poppin!!

  111. I would have the best desk in this office. I would have the best furniture and the most awesome supplies. I would be the envy of our team!

  112. I would love a color coordinated desk set and chair for my home office!

  113. I love their pens, and notebooks, and all their colors! I would get more notebooks, some pens to share with my peers, and maybe some other desk accessories. Would love a matching set for my desk. I’m already showing off their green pens & pen cup!

  114. Many colorful items to dress up the office!

  115. If I won one of the raffles, I would look into purchasing some new furniture for my office as well as items to help me organize my office. I love the bright colors, they would liven up my drab office.

  116. I would select the desk accessories since my office will be moving to a new building next year. I am excited to see what furniture we will have.

  117. I would get desk accessories in coral and aqua. Love, love, love Poppin!

  118. I would totally splurge on a bright and happy new chair. The one I have creaks and whines and sighs every time I sit down. Literally, it sighs and sounds like “ooooohhhhh maaaaannnnnn”. It’s black and blah and the arms are frayed. Definitely NOT Ninja-style. More like Jazzercise style but less exciting. PLEASE HELP! :-) I need to represent. Much love to my fellow Ninjas this week.

  119. I would definitely add some color to my drab office starting with new accessories for my desktop and desk drawers or a new desk altogether.

  120. I love the Pink everything, would be great to have some of these to make my day!

  121. What would I purchase from Poppin?!? AS MUCH AS I COULD!! Their products have so much color and flash! LOVE IT ALL!

  122. If I won I would get lots of cool colorful supplies to brighten up the grey, beige, brown of the corp office

  123. Wow, love their products…Would love to brighten my desk with their products!

  124. Love Poppin — such a colorful array of items that will brighten any desk!

  125. I would get EVERYTHING!!! So freash and colorful!! What a great way to make the office more enjoyable…

  126. Bright, colorful, totally cool and I love it!

  127. When I win this raffle :) I will brighten up my desk with yellow, aqua and pink accessories. I love these!

  128. Looking forward to a spree on ANYTHING they have to offer!!!

  129. Love the colors! A new chair is definitely needed!

  130. Wow, these office products are so cool! I would get a new red desk chair for my work space. I love everything red!

  131. Since I do a lot of breast cancer fundraising, I would get many of the PINK accessories.

  132. Desk accessories, the aqua desk set.

  133. I would choose colorful accessories to brighten our space.

  134. With the gift card I’m going to win I’ll get several notebooks and writing sets.

  135. Love Poppin…I would definitely splurge on a red filing cabinet and/or desk. The red accessories are gorgeous. Awesome giveaway—I’ve been drooling over their products since they were introduced to me about a year ago! Thanks for hosting an amazing admin week!!

  136. I love all poppin items especially the meet-me-in-the-middle Block Party Lounge Back it Up Sofas.

  137. What self-respecting ninja wouldn’t love to add color to the office. Opening a drawing and being greeted with a bright, cheery colorful organized set of supplies would certainly put a smile on my face, but then I have simple needs. Obviously.

  138. All of the Poppin products look AMAZING!!! Can’t wait to see them in person. ;-)

  139. Love the colors…they do pop! I am definitely getting a few of the organizing trays for my desk!

  140. I love the colors! Office equipment is so boring and stodgy that it is good to see a breath of life come to the desktop!

  141. There are so many things to chose from in cool colors, rather than the traditional drab office stuff! I think the hardest part would be deciding what colors!

  142. I love the aqua super stacked and the notebooks! I write everything in notebooks to stay organized and love to color coordinate everything!!!

  143. I would order notebooks and pens to share with my fellow Office Ninjas.

  144. I would get the White + Pool Blue Stash Sliding Door Locker with Stash Pad, Fully Loaded

  145. I would love the any of the bright color desk accessories :) :) and a pink monogrammed soft cover notebook.

  146. Love the pens – they’re so bright. Something to liven up the blah desk. Also, love the writing sets.

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