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Flash Raffle #1: WIN a Year’s Worth of Tasty Snacks from Love With Food!

Winners Announced!

Congrats, ninjas! Your prizes will land in your inbox very soon. :)

1st: Mark Egusa

Senior Staff Assistant, San Francisco, CA

2nd: Mary Duffer

Administrative Assistant, Beech Grove, IA

3rd: Denise Sciulli

Assistant to Vice President, Pittsburgh, PA


Feel a mid­-morning snack attack coming on? Thanks to our friends at Love With Food, we’ve got you covered.

Love With Food is a subscription service that delivers tasty treats to your office or home that you can feel good about for three reasons:

  1. All natural/organic snacks and free of artificial junk.
  2. Discover new, unique and delicious snacks.
  3. Each box donates two meals to hungry children in America.

And as if all of that weren’t great enough, Love With Food is helping OfficeNinjas kick off our week of daily Flash Raffles in honor of Administrative Professionals Week!

Enter this raffle for FREE, and you’ll have the chance to win one of three prizes.

This is a FLASH RAFFLE! Enter by April 20, 2015 11:59 PM PST to be eligible. Winners will be announced the next day here. Good luck!

Love With Food Prizes
Attending Admin Bash 2015? Be sure to stop by Love With Food’s table where they’ll be hosting games and giveaways and launching their new Office Snacks program.

Want to get a head start on healthy snacking for your office? LWF is offering $100 off your first month! Use code OFFICENINJA to get hooked up.

Be sure to look out for tomorrow’s equally awesome giveaway! Good luck!


  1. Congratulations to the winners; Mark, Mary, and Denise! I hope you love your snack boxes as much as I do!

  2. Popcorn, red Twizzlers, cashews or almonds, gum!

  3. Dried banana chips & wheat thins…not together :)

  4. If I’m feeling wicked… Chocolate. But I love snacking with walnuts or cashews

  5. Snacking makes me WAY more productive during the day.

  6. Mary’s Gone Crackers and Hummus

  7. Hummus or guacamole with tortilla chips/pita OR anything chocolate. Sorry, I had to list two!

  8. Pretzel sticks with Nutella and peanut butter

  9. Kind and Larabar bars are my favorite or anything with Dark Chocolate or Carmel. My office likes bananas and yogurt a lot too.

  10. Chocolate – specifically Reese’s or Twix
    Chips – Cheetos
    Fruit – cuties or strawberries

  11. hummus and carrots, pita chips or pretzel chips

  12. I am a Love With Food member and also conscious box and I share and tell other what a lovely yummy nutritious way to enjoy fresh and delicious products.

  13. I love nuts of any kind :-)

  14. Chocolate and Pretzels! Love the sweet and salty!

  15. My favorite snack is the nut trail mix from Target with sunflowers and pine nuts and dried cranberries! yum!

  16. My favorite snacks are fresh berries

  17. Trail Mix with Almonds, Chocolate, Pretzels, Granola and Sesame Seeds!

  18. Fresh Fruits and Veggies with dip.

  19. Our office – admins AND the doctors – love ALL snacks that hit the spot, especially those with nutritional value as well (we have a LOT of fit people here!). We enjoy crunchy chips, and sweet treats, as well as fresh fruits!

  20. My favorite afternoon snack is nuts. I would love to win because having fresh healthy snacks delivered would be great!

  21. I love salty and sweet snacks, peanuts and raisins

  22. Wasabi Seaweed and cheeze-its

  23. Sweet potatoes and mangos

  24. My office loves natural snacks. They are much healthier for you.

  25. Hummus w/ veggies or pretzel crisps. YUM!

  26. Strawberry Yogurt with granola sprinkled in.

  27. Trail mix or cheese & crackers.

  28. My favorite snack is a raw almond and walnut mix and some green tea!

  29. Celery and cheese or dried fruit.

  30. Apples and cheese or peanut butter!!

  31. For some reason, salty snacks sounds great in the afternoon – hopefully as healthy as possible, with a little kick of salt :)

  32. Kind bars or nuts are my favorite go to snacks!

  33. My guilty go to is popcorn or goldfish. :) Sometimes even a bag of chips!

  34. Kale chips or cheese flavored popcorn! We don’t use a snack service, but it’s a great idea. Especially since our vending machines are notoriously empty.

  35. We currently use NatureBox, but I’m willing to try another service. Their items look just as good as what we’ve been getting.

  36. Almonds, sometimes dark chocolate covered :)

  37. Pretzels with French Onion Dip is my go to!!

  38. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hummus – eating it is almost as much fun as saying it!

  39. Nuts are my favorite energy boost!

  40. Fuji Apple and Sharp White Cheddar Cheese!

  41. Sour Cream & Onion flavoured Pop Chips!

  42. I like hummus and pita chips and crunchy chick peas

  43. fruit when we have it here — strawberries and orange wedges…sometimes we have yogurt :)

  44. I love trail mix. The kind with salted cashews and some kind of chocolate. But no raisins, please. Raisins are gross. ;)

  45. I nibble on almonds, trader joe’s popcorn, skyflakes (filipino crackers), and dried cranberries. Whatever is handy.

  46. Our favorite snacks are Cheetos, Nutter Butter, Oreos, and nuts.

  47. Raw nuts (cashews, almonds).

  48. It is usually Greek yogurt or fruit (with Nutella). I secretly crave sesame sticks and corn nuts……but settle for anything crunchy with hummus (roasted red pepper)

  49. Raw almonds or Smart Bars

  50. I have to say my favorite snacks are fruit or popcorn. I also love hummus with pretzels.

  51. Our office loves everything. Chips and dips, and cheese and crackers go over extremely well.

  52. Popcorn, dark chocolate, almonds, and hummus!

  53. Veggies like carrots and celery and tomatoes…and chocolate! Have to have that chocolate in case of stress ;)

  54. I fix air popped popcorn at home every morning and snack on it throughout the day!

  55. Late afternoon my office like nuts. Just because I work in a psychology department doesn’t mean you should read something into that. We love organic almonds dusted with cocoa–good afternoon energy and boosts the memory. What were we discussing?

  56. Protein bars, yogurt, fresh fruit, water, and hummus with pretzel thins.

  57. Almonds are my go-to snack in the afternoon.

  58. My favorite snacks are wasabi peas, veggies and hummus, nuts & dried fruits, and CHOCOLATE!!

  59. We have this delicious local greek yogurt called Ellenos. It is made with all local ingredients so you know it’s fresh. I love the Mango Ellenos greek yogurt!

    Check them out, they even ship.

  60. I like dark chocolate for mid-afternoon sweet fix, but mostly healthy snacks of nuts, or dried fruits and veggies. The crunch factor is important!

  61. I love trail mixes! I’m always on the lookout for something new that is easy to snack on and share with my coworkers. This box would help us all through our 10 hour days!

  62. My favorite snack is chocolate Oreo cookies with Starbucks vanilla ice coffee…will never say no to that. :-)

  63. I like fresh fruit but most of the people I support like cookies and chips.

  64. I love chocolate, nuts, and cinnamon snacks!

  65. Tortilla chips and red pepper hummus

  66. Yogurt, fruit, nuts, and cheese. Love protein and staying healthy.

  67. We’re all about the healthy snacks at our office …except for our late afternoon chocolate!

  68. Fruit bars, dried fruit & nuts. Our team is very social, eat healthy & always sharing food. It would be such a great team gift to continue the love and this may lead to a new tradition for our team. The snacks look amazing.

  69. Fresh, sliced, almost rip mango sprinkled with a bit of salt.

    1. Oops, I meant almost ripe mangos

  70. I love popcorn, nuts and hummus and veggies. If I won, I’d share with my staff of 10 Buildings & Grounds guy throughout the year.

  71. Stroopwaffles are my guilty pleasure!! I love to have them with my hot tea! The fit perfectly on top of your coffee cup!!

  72. My Favorite snack is Toasted GF Bread with nut butter spread topped with sliced bananas. I should win the Love With Food Flash Raffle because I love their purpose. Organic / all natural snacks that “pay it forward” -> For every box sent, Love with Food donates a meal to a hungry child. I am a Second Harvest Food Bank Team Leader, helping support the local community, and all this goodness totally resonates with me! Thank you Love with Food for being part of the solution!

  73. I’m a snackaholic! I love most snacks. I have never tried Love With Food products, so this would be a great to try them. I am also good at sharing with co-workers.

  74. Couldn’t get through the day without snacks and there is nothing better than natural organic snacks to refuel you!

  75. Stroopwaffles are guilty pleasure!! I love to have them with my hot tea! The fit perfectly on top of your coffee cup!!

  76. Love mixed nuts and dates, hummus & veggies

  77. Dark chocolate and pistachios…or any nuts really.
    Almond butter and saltines is a new fav…

  78. Hummus with flax chips or SMOOTHIES!!

  79. Chocolate, pretzels, fruit (fresh or dried)

  80. Pop Chips and I should win because I’m in Love with Food!

  81. I love the P3 snack packs (peanuts, cheese and turkey). They give ne the energy I need for the afternoon and keeps me full until I get home to make dinner.

    My office should be chosen because everyone seems to be junk food junkies! I think these snacks would help eliminate the need for junk food and keep everyone on the path of better nutrition!

  82. I love Canyon Crunch from Mountain Man – it’s just like Chex Mix. I adore the melba toast rounds :-)

  83. My favorite snack is a mix of cashews, almonds, and dried cranberries.

  84. Chocolate & peanut butter – in any shape or form! If it’s dark chocolate, I pretty much consider that combo to be healthy! And it makes me so happy – that HAS to count for something! :)

  85. Snap Pea Crisps, Dang Toasted Coconut Chips, Cheezits, pistacios

  86. I am NUTS about nuts! Cashews, pistachios, almonds and walnuts are high on my snacking must-haves.

  87. I love peanut butter with graham crackers for a quick pick me up between meals!

  88. My favorite snack is a piece of fruit. Yum!
    I would love to win these snacks – I’ve made a big effort to eat healthier over the past year or so and this would definitely fit in well with my personal goals.

  89. Oloves and Barnanas are my absolute favorite!

  90. Almonds, and hummus & veggies.

  91. cheesy crackers: cheezits, cheetos, pirates booty, etc. :D

  92. Crunchy Peanut Butter on a whole wheat tortilla

  93. plantain chips! such a crowd pleaser.

  94. veggie/fruit combo with dip

  95. Sahale’s pomegranate and vanilla cashews are my favorite! Yum! :)

  96. Since chocolate is a basic food group, my favorite office snack is dried fruit – dehydrated apples, papaya, cranberries, raisins, plums, etc.

  97. Our office loves anything with a bit of spice!

  98. Chocolate-covered strawberries! Should win the “Love With Food” flash raffle because I am the office ninja of all office ninjas :) waaaa-bam!

  99. Our office is a big protein bar sort of place. I think we all keep them stashed in our desks. Easy to eat, low on the mess, and tons of energy to get through the day.

  100. Spicy or Roasted Pepper Hummus with Baby Carrots

  101. Almonds and dark chocolate, and I’ll take ’em together or separate!

  102. Spicy Hummus with Cucumbers

  103. Anything with dark chocolate. Chocolate is good for you too!

  104. Peanut butter or cream cheese spread on graham or whole grain crackers and topped with fruit (kiwi, strawberries, etc.).

  105. I love Apples and my guilty pleasure- potato chips!

  106. Kind Bars are my go-to snack! They’re the perfect blend of protein & sugar to get me through the mid-afternoon slump! :-)

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