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Admin Bash 2015: 14 Reasons Why You Need to Be There

Editor’s Note: We did things a little differently for Admin Day 2019. In addition to throwing our 7th Annual Admin Bash in San Francisco, we hosted OfficeNinjas Con, our first, full-day professional development conference! See highlights from OfficeNinjas Con and Admin Bash 2019.

As you know, Administrative Professionals Day® is just around the corner. We’ve kept most of the details of our Admin Bash under wraps…until now.

Cupcake Dress Up, Bamboo Planting Bar, DIY Mimosa Station and Mario Kart. And, yes, this is still a networking event!

Here are 14 reasons why you should absolutely attend #AdminBash2015.

Reason #1: Cupcake Dress Up with Sprinkles

Sprinkles Cupcake Decorating Station

In case you’re unfamiliar with Sprinkles Cupcakes, they literally invented the cupcake bakery when they launched their first store in Beverly Hills. And they’ll be hosting a cupcake decorating station at Admin Bash! Enjoy your custom creation at the bash or take it to go. (We’re betting it won’t last the ride home.)

Reason #2: Pin-the-Tail for Grown Folks

SFPDV - Pin the SF Landmark

SFPDV is hosting a grown up version of your favorite party game…with a Bay Area twist. Gamers will take their best shot on pinning famous landmarks (e.g. Golden Gate Bridge, Coit Tower) on a giant map of San Francisco. Winners get gift certificates to local restaurants.

Reason #3: DIY Food and Booze

Zesty - Paella

Enjoy your bites and drinks exactly the way you like them. This year, all of our food stations are interactive: DIY Mimosas, Build-Your-Own Taco, Made-to-Order Stir Fry, Paella Buffet, Build-Your-Own Bloody Mary Bar, and Made-to-Order Dessert Crepes by Zesty. Hungry yet?

Reason #4: Luxe Massage Lounge

WCE - Massage Lounge

Bring your aching shoulders and stiff necks and take a spin in our massage lounge. WCE is bringing five massage therapists to get at those cricks and knots so you can head back to the office relaxed the next day.

Reason #5: Old School Arcade Games

Joey the Cat - Skeeball

Joey Mucha, national skeeball champion and founder of Joey the Cat, is lending us some of your favorite arcade games from back in the day. We’re talking whac-a-mole, bubble hockey, and, of course, skeeball. Game on!

Reason #6: The Snack Wheel

Love with Food - Snack Wheel

It’s sort of like Wheel of Fortune, except you win with every spin! Subscription snack company Love With Food will be hosting a snack-themed spinning wheel. Score healthy treats that you can feel good about (Love With Food donates two meals to hungry children for every box of snacks they sell).

Reason #7: Ninja Masterpieces

DC Design - Ninja Masterpiece

Hosted by DC Design, a local studio that offers 3D printing, laser cutting, custom engraving, and design thinking workshops, this activity challenges ninjas’ creativity and teamwork. Using DC Design’s new Legacy Notebooks, ninjas will co-sketch an original masterpiece.

Reason #8: Gold Medal Competitions

Poppin - Go For Gold

Poppin’s new line of furniture is designed for self-assembly in under 60 seconds. But, how fast can you do it? Ninjas with the fastest time will choose prizes from their glimmering gold collection.

Reason #9: Fitness Championships

Fitmob - Fitness Championship

And, if furniture assembly isn’t your thing, but you still want to show off your speed and agility, you’ll be excited to stop by Fitmob’s mini fitness competition. Ninjas with the longest plank holds and the most burpees in 30 seconds will win fitness-related swag.

Reason #10: Photobooth Selfies

Oh Snap Booth Co - PhotoBooth

Always one of our most popular event activities. Grab a few friends, some feather boas and goofy sunglasses, and hop in the booth to create both printed photo strips and social-ready images and gifs.

Reason #11: Blackjack Fun

First Job - Black Jack

Feeling lucky? You’ll definitely want to try your hand at our blackjack table, hosted by FirstJob, a company that connects millennial talent with quality, entry-level jobs.

Reason #12: Mario Kart Action

Uber - Mario Kart

If you ever needed an excuse to play your favorite video game from the 90s, here it is. Our friends at Uber are hosting a virtual go-cart racing tournament. The top scorers get fun swag!

Reason #13: Desktop Greenery

Abacus - Desktop Greenery

All ninjas will return to work with a little more zen after visiting Abacus Marketing’s Bamboo Planting Bar. You’ll choose from a selection of vases, decorative water beads and bamboo stalks to create a beautiful, low-maintenance plant for your workspace.

Reason #14: Mystery Station

Delta - Mystery

Delta Air Lines has a surprise for you. You’ll just have to wait to see what it is, but based on some of the cool stuff they’ve done in the past, we’ve got a feeling this is going to be good.

And here’s a bonus reason: space is limited and we’re almost sold out! You really need to be there, so get your tickets today! Bring a friend or come solo and make new ones. We can’t wait to celebrate with you.

Are you attending #AdminBash2015? What are you most excited about?


  1. Most excited about attending the event with Tessera admin team members, Des and J, networking and meeting all the awesome OfficeNinjas. Happy Administrative Professionals Day! :)

  2. I’ve been waiting for this since you sent out the “save the date”!

  3. We need an event like this in TN. Sounds amazing!

    1. TN has been on our list, Nicole! We’ll try our best to make it happen and now we know who to contact. ;)

  4. My admin team and I are looking forward to this event. Looks like a lot of fun. So glad I have an office ninja that found your website.

    1. Hi Pia! We’re excited to have you and your crew join us!

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