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Flash Raffle #2: WIN $200 Worth of Sweet Treats from Sprinkles Cupcakes!

Winners Announced!

Congrats, ninjas! Your prizes will land in your inbox very soon. :)

1st: Tracy Perkins

Executive Assistant, Plano, TX

2nd: Angela Nava-Sonderegger

Administrative Coordinator, Simi Valley, CA

3rd: Bobbi-Anne Lombardo

Executive Assistant, New York, NY


Sprinkles cupcakes = joy.

There’s magic in Sprinkles’ special combination of high quality ingredients: sweet cream butter, bittersweet Belgian Chocolate, pure Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, fresh strawberries… We promise that one of these legendary cupcakes will (at least temporarily) solve all your problems. All bets are off once you devour that last crumb.

That’s why we’re THRILLED our friends at Sprinkles have joined us to celebrate #AdminWeek2015 with today’s Flash Raffle. In addition to hosting an interactive, create­-your-­own-­cupcake station at our Admin Bash (happening tomorrow!), they’re giving three lucky office ninjas a super sweet dose of cupcake-­induced joy with today’s flash raffle. Winners can use their prizes to totally indulge by throwing their own private cupcake, ice cream and cookie dough party. Oh Joy!

Enter this raffle for FREE, and you’ll have the chance to win one of three prizes.

This is a FLASH RAFFLE! Enter by 11:59 PM PST TONIGHT to be eligible. Winners will be announced the next day here. Good luck!

Sprinkles Prizes

And, if reading this has inspired you to treat your office to a spontaneous mid­-afternoon treat, check out Sprinkles Corporate Program or email the Director of Cupcake Goddess to learn about special rates, easy ordering and delivery options. Oh my YUM!

Be sure to look out for tomorrow’s equally awesome giveaway! Good luck!


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  1. Red Velvet of course! So classic and oh so delicious!!!

  2. strawberry and if i win, we have someone that eats gluten free!

  3. Definitely Chocolate Coconut!

  4. Carrot Cake is my favorite flavor, forever and until the end of time! :-D

  5. Lemon coconut and salty caramel!!!

  6. Cinnamon sugar and peanut butter chocolate.

  7. Chocolate marshmallow!

  8. Sugar free red velvet.

  9. Vanilla Milk chocolate, lemon and coconut! Would love to try the Cuban Coffee too. Yum!! :)

  10. I have to be classic and choose dark chocolate. :-) I love dark chocolate!

  11. Chocolate Marshmallow or plain Vanilla with Rainbow Sprinkles

  12. Chocolate marshmallow, strawberry and red velvet are my faves!

  13. Vegan red velvet for all of the ninjas who can’t have dairy!

  14. I’d definitely have to go with peanut butter chocolate :)

  15. <3 Sprinkle's Carrot Cupcake!

  16. Peanut butter chocolate chip with cream cheese frosting!

  17. Red Velvet is my number one choice, second is lemon and third is anything chocolate :)

  18. Peanut butter chip all the way!

  19. Red Velvet all the way! I can’t wait to try and use this company for sending corporate gifts around the holidays!

  20. Black & White…mmmmmmmmm!

  21. Lemon Meringue, S’Mores, Chai Latte!

  22. Fall favorites = Banana & Pumpkin!

  23. Black and white cupcake. YUM! YUM! YUM!

  24. I have to choose ONE?!??!? The black and white sounds amazing as do all of the coconuts (coconut, coconut and lemon, and coconut with chocolate)!!
    Thank you!

  25. Lemon and red velvet!

  26. Chai Latte, Cuban Coffee, or Triple Cinnamon, or pretty much anything else. It’s cupcakes. I’ll take any flavor!

  27. They all sound great, but I’m in the mood for carrot:)

  28. Chocolate marshmallow or Carrot

  29. Banana with vanilla… or pumpkin… or maybe Cuban coffee… depends on my mood! :)

  30. Chocolate coconut!!

  31. Carrot cupcake…it’s so yummy!

  32. Chocolate and red velvet

  33. Carrot, then dark chocolate!!!

  34. Banana!! Oh my my. But then Lemon, lemon anything!!! Yummo!

  35. I want to try the apple cinnamon flavor- yum!

  36. Mmm, pumpkin or chai latte!

  37. Too many yummy flavors, but Chocolate coconut and Dark chocolate sound delicious.

  38. GF Red Velvet! I love the option and can’t wait for the Palo Alto Cupcake ATM! Yummers!

  39. Calling all chocolate lovers….

  40. More chocolate the better…. chocolate is my favorite thing.

  41. Banana and strawberry are my favorites!! The Maple bacon cupcake that is seasonal was absolutely delicious!!!!

  42. Cuban Coffee = DIVINE! A Mexican Hot Chocolate cupcake could be an awesome future flavor to add to the roster.

  43. Cuban Coffee = DIVINE! A Mexican Hot Chocolate cupcake could be an awesome future flavor to add to the roster.

  44. Anything with coconut is good!!

  45. MMmmmmmmm! Peanut Butter CHOCOLATE!!!!

  46. Chocolate Coconut with Coconut Cream Cheese!! Yummmm!!!!!!!

  47. Don’t like chocolate or peanut butter, so Red Velvet, carrot, cinnamon, lemon!

  48. Don’t like chocolate nor peanut butter, so Red Velvet, carrot, cinnamon, lemon!

  49. Dark Chocolate DEFINATELY! But lemon meringue sounds delectable in warm weather!

  50. peanut butter chocolate!

  51. Doggie cupcakes? How adorable!!
    My fav human flavor has to be the “Sprinkles”. Birthday cake batter? Yes, please.

  52. I can’t resist a good Red Velvet cupcake…as long as they don’t have Mint Chocolate. :)

  53. Coconut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Dark chocolate! Is there anything else?? ;)

  55. Chocolate Coconut
    Lemon Coconut
    Red Velvet

  56. Red Velvet, it’s a classic!

  57. I want to try Lemon Coconut! Sounds DELISH!

  58. Favorite flavor is dark chocolate for sure! Simplicity is the best.

  59. It’s a tie between lemon and banana. Yum!

  60. Carrot for sure!

  61. Carrot! Alllllllways carrot with walnuts in the frosting!

  62. I’d start with peanut butter chocolate and then slowly move to lemon coconut but from there my sugar high would take over and I’d eat just about any flavor they have!

  63. Red Velvet is the way to go!!!

  64. Coconut is AMAZING!

  65. Lemon Coconut!!!

  66. Peanut Butter Chip Please!! :)

  67. Chocolate coconut!!! But they ALLLLL sound decadent!!!

  68. Mmmmm, lemon or dark chocolate…or both. At the same time. I’m not picky. ;-)

  69. Chocolate Marshmallow

  70. I would love to try the Vegan Red velvet!

  71. Love Red Velvet and Chocolate Marshmallows.

  72. Chocolate Marshmallow

  73. Red Velvet
    Vanilla Milk Chocolate

  74. Cuban Coffee and doggy cupcake of course!

  75. I love the peanut butter cupcakes!

  76. Peanut butter chocolate would be my favorite. I have never heard of Sprinkles cupcakes, but they look great.

  77. chocolate coconut :-)

  78. Vanilla, Iike to keep it simple :)

  79. Hmmm…I think it would have to be Carrot!

  80. My Favorite would be the Dark Chocolate…however, depending on my mood I could pretty much go for any of those….I love cupcakes!

    And my dog….well, the doggy cupcakes of course!

  81. Vanilla all the way, all the time, everyday!

  82. The newly experienced “Sprinkle” flavor is delicious and fun!

  83. They all sound yummy, but my eye is on the Chocolate Marshmallow.

  84. Banana and pumpkin are the =P

  85. my favorite is banana…yummers!!!

  86. Black & white for sure.

  87. Always a treat to visit the Sprinkles by me in NYC. My son loves it! The Cuban Chocolate is my absolute favorite right now. I change up every three or four weeks. I simply can’t get enough.

  88. chai latte for sure!

  89. mmm….i love me some sprinkles!!!!! thanks for hosting a fabulous giveaway and making us feel really special this week. :)

  90. I also love peanut butter chip

  91. My favorite is sugar free red velvet!

  92. Banana, lemon meringue, and Chai. Yummy!

  93. Love the Chocolate!!! Love the Red Velvet! Love the mini’s! OMG! I love them all!

  94. Chocolate marshmallow sounds delicious!!!

  95. Just one….oh boy, I can’t! Chocolate Marshmallow or the Red Velvet sound absolutely delicious!

  96. My favorite is the Sprinkles Black and White : ).

  97. Lemon Meringue! Just enough of all of the flavor explosions! Tart, sweet, creamy and crunchy graham cracker to finish it off! Yum!

  98. I love the Strawberry cupcake so much that I make them at home now.

  99. Pumpkin and carrot cake sound yummy!

    1. Cupcakes are a smile topped up in frosting!

  100. Unfortunately there are no Sprinkles Cupcakes in Michigan that I’m aware of :(

    But if I there was I would go for the Dark Chocolate cupcake!

    1. Hi Deb! Sprinkles ships their housemade ice cream and cookies nationally!

  101. Lemon Meringue is my Kryptonite!

  102. I’d have to try the lemon, lemon coconut and the lemon meringue and if all else fails I’d try the Vanilla milk chocolate!! They all sound so good!

  103. Red Velvet!

  104. I’ve never tasted a sprinkles cupcake :(

  105. def Chocolate Coconut! and a frozen hot chocolate please!

  106. My favorite cupcake flavor is carrot!

  107. Red Velvet, there’s nothing better! ;0)

  108. Peanut butter chocolate

  109. Peaunut Butter Chocolate. YUM!

  110. If I have to pick ONE, Red Velvet is the winner. of the few different kinds I have had, they have ALL been good.

  111. I’d really want to try the apple cinnamon and Chai latte, but I’d probably cave and get the red velvet as usual haha.

  112. Chocolate coconut

  113. There are too many yummy sounding options to pick just one. But if I HAD to pick I would choose carrot or pumpkin. I think Sprinkles needs to come to STL, MO!

  114. When will one be opening in Seattle? :D

  115. It’s a tie between strawberry and red velvet. But either way, YUMMMMMMM!

  116. Cuban Coffee, yummmmmm

  117. Definitely Red Velvet and classic Vanilla!

  118. Red Velvet!! I hope I get to try some tomorrow :)

  119. Red Velvet all the way!

  120. Gluten-Free Red Velvet, please! Mmmmmm :-)

  121. Lemon Coconut has always been a favorite, BUT… when it comes right down to it, I truly enjoy the classic Vanilla. Oh, and my furry pal loves the DoggieCakes too!

  122. Red Velvet….I think I need one now!

  123. Dark Chocolate of course because they are good for you.

  124. I’m thinking black and white!

  125. Vanilla will always be my favorite from sprinkles but I do also love their red velvet! And carrot cake…… Too hard to say just one!!!

  126. I’m dairy free, so I always get the vegan red velvet. I’m lucky to have a Sprinkles location a few miles from my office! :)

  127. The chocolate marshmallow sounds heavenly. :)

  128. I’m gonna guess the chocolate coconut would be my favorite, but I would have to taste-test to know for sure. Please send a sample ASAP so that I may better determine ;-)

  129. Black and White (yin and yang). Yummy!!

  130. strawberry; but i bet all the other flavors are equally delicious!

  131. I am getting so much good information both from your daily emails as well as your blog and Twitter. In fact, I’m going to leave a question about something Share-Pointy very soon!

  132. Cuban Coffee but I should have Sugar Free Red Velvet

  133. Lemon Coconut!!


  134. Red Velvet, Vanilla and Carrot

  135. I have more than one favorite – banana, chocolate marshmallow, cuban coffee, dark chocolate, lemon meringue, and peanut butter chocolate

  136. I am drooling over the Chocolate Marshmallow……..

  137. I think a ‘mash-up’ of banana and triple cinnamon would make me (temporarily) happy!!!

  138. Lemon meringue with a side of chai latte!

  139. Lemon Meringue sounds awesome!

  140. Red Velvet all the way!

  141. Chocolate coconut sounds delish!

  142. Dark chocolate on dark chocolate cake – what could beat that combo? It’s call the “chocolate fix” in my house.

  143. I would choose Sprinkles because who doesn’t love birthday cake! :-)

  144. Peanut butter chocolate.

  145. peanut butter chip

  146. I’m thinking cinnamon sugar or the vanilla. YUM!!

  147. Definitely dark chocolate, then again Sprinkles sound super fun! How about a coffee flavored cupcake? Yum!

  148. Gluten-Free Red Velvet is my favorite.

  149. OMG Chocolate Marshmallow!

  150. Chocolate marshmallow sounds wonderful, although not many I wouldn’t try… ; )

  151. Lemon sounds delicious!

  152. I would love to try them ALL!

  153. Going with the “oldie but goodie” Vanilla Milk Chocolate!

  154. The chocolate coconut sounds absolutely amazing.

  155. Carrot, all the way baby!


  157. Chocolate Marshmallow and Lemon Meringue!!

  158. Pumpkin sounds fantastic!!

  159. Coconut and chai tea latte or the doggie cupcake for my pup!

  160. Cuban Coffee sounds amazing!

  161. I think I have a favorite for each and every sweet tooth I have! But…pass the lemon meringue! MMM…..

  162. Ooooh! The Dark Chocolate!!!

  163. Too many to choose from – Cinnamon sugar, Sprinkle, Gluten Free

  164. I’ve never had a Springles cupcake, but their lemon sounds delicious.

  165. Vanilla Milk Chocolate

  166. Wow, just one, huh? I would say Carrot but that doesn’t mean that I do not want to go and try them all!

  167. Has anyone tried their Cupcake ATMS in New York City and Las Vegas? There might be one in CA too:)

  168. mmmmmmmm red velet flavor with chocolate sprinkles YUMMY!!!!

  169. Coconut and Chocolate Coconut sounds amazing *drooling over keyboard*

  170. Coconut or Lemon Coconut or Chocolate Coconut…all things coconut for mwah! :D

  171. I’m thinking Apple Cinnamon. But wow – carrot? Chai? even doggie!!!!

  172. Margarita! (Special May flavor)

  173. Their Red Velvet is my favorite…

  174. Black and white

  175. Peanut Butter chip!

  176. Chocolate chocolate chocolate!

  177. mmmm……Cinnamon-sugar. Like a classic doughnut would be perfect with coffee.

  178. Chocolate :-) of course!!

  179. Peanut butter and chocolate :)

  180. I’m not quite sure how to enter. The Enter here button takes me to more info about the raffle. I registered for the emails, does this mean I am already automatically entered?
    Good Luck everyone!

    1. I have the very same question. The entry instructions are not clear or even existent. I just saw other people listing a flavor, so I did the same. I’m not sure where they saw the instructions to do that.

        1. I checked raffle #3. Unfortunately I don’t have a raffle button to click on…i sent you an email. I wonder if my company’s security is blocking this? I’m not sure…. =(

  181. red (or blue!) velvet – yummmm….

  182. RED VELVET! YUM :)

  183. Peanut butter chip

  184. Cinnamon Sugar!

  185. Dark chocolate all the way!

  186. Just one?!? For me, it would have to be dark chocolate if I’m limited to one, but I’d love to try any of them (except sugar free, if I’m going to splurge on a cupcake it has to be the real deal).

  187. Favorite cupcake flavor? That’s easy. Chocolate. Always chocolate. With chocolate frosting.
    Give me ALL. THE. CHOCOLATE.
    Please. :)

  188. peanut Butter & Chocolate make me smile!

  189. Never heard of Sprinkles until now; just might have to purchase some to check them out for our next meeting.

  190. I need to find me a Sprinkles!!! I just saw that April 13 to 30 is the birthday sprinkle cupcake and my birthday just passed, April 15! It looks yummy!

  191. I love peanut butter and chocolate, you can’t go wrong with that combo :)

  192. Peanut butter chip and triple cinnamon both sound right up my alley!

  193. OMG – I didn’t know Sprinkles had such variety! I think my favorite would easily be carrot, no-dark chocolate…no, wait! red velvet!…Do I have to pick just one?! :)

  194. The Peanut Butter Chocolate sounds delicious!

  195. I LOVE their chocolate marshmallow and Black and White… actually they are all delicious!

  196. Hard to pick just one . . .
    Black and White or Triple Cinnamon!

  197. sugar free red velvet

  198. Red velvet sounds great but SUGAR FREE Red Velvet! sounds even better!!

  199. I have never had these, but Vanilla Milk Chocolate sounds fantabulous right about now!

  200. Red Velvet and Pumpkin are SO good. Never had the Chai Latte or Cuban Coffee, but I’d be up to try those too!

  201. I would have to say the lemon meringue looks delicious!

  202. Carrott….gotta have carrot.

  203. Red Velvet is such a delicacy!!

  204. I love the red velvet cupackes!!

  205. Carrot is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!

  206. Sprinkles!

    I love that they have a doggy cupcake too! :)

  207. Black and White, no wonder they offer it every day.
    Chocolate Marshmallow sounds amazing —- better try that one next!

  208. You can’t go wrong with Red Velvet…although the Vanilla Milk Chocolate sounds pretty delish!

  209. Red Velvet or dark chocolate with cream cheese icing…. Yummmmm!!!!!

  210. LOVE Sprinkles!!!! SO GOOD!!!!!

  211. Red Velvet for sure!!

  212. peanut butter chip

  213. Hoping they can ship to Connecticut! I’ve heard of Sprinkles cupcakes, but never had the pleasure of trying them.

  214. Who can pick just one flavor?! I want to go out of my comfort zone for this one and try the Chai Latte or Cuban Coffee ones!

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