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Flash Raffle #3: WIN a $500 Uber Gift Card and Travel in Style!

Winners Announced!

Congrats, ninjas! Your prizes will land in your inbox very soon. :)

1st: Emily Harvey

Office Manager, Seattle, WA

2nd: Colleen Cera

Assistant to the President, New Hope, PA

3rd: Dawn Stevenson

Office Manager/VP Admin, Chicago, IL


Does anyone remember what we did before Uber? We have only the faintest memories of waiting on darkened street corners, praying for an empty cab to appear. But then Uber came along and changed everything. From the way we get ourselves from dinner to a movie on a Saturday night to the way we organize business travel.

Uber has been a strong supporter of the OfficeNinjas community and we’re so excited to have them on board as a partner for #AdminWeek2015. In addition to hosting a ridiculously fun Mario Kart station at today’s Admin Bash, they’re the featured partner for today’s Flash Raffle. And it’s a good one!

Enter this raffle for FREE, and you’ll have the chance to win one of three prizes.

This is a FLASH RAFFLE! Enter by 11:59 PM PST TONIGHT to be eligible. Winners will be announced the next day here. Good luck!

Uber Prizes

Check out Uber for Business, a travel management platform that makes everything from booking airport trips to safe rides home for employees a cinch. Use the code ADMINWEEK in the Contact Us form when you enroll your company with at least 5 employees, and you’ll receive $150 in Uber ride credit!

New to Uber? You’re going to love it. Available in 300+ cities in 56 countries, Uber takes the traditional car service and makes it convenient, simple and comfortable with its location based app and friendly, reliable, professional driver partners.

Be sure to look out for tomorrow’s equally awesome giveaway!


  1. Artists in SF have a lot of materials to lug! Public transit is not ideal for transporting paintings or sculptures. Some free Uber trips would ensure that me and my crafty cohorts’ creations get where they’re going safely and efficiently!

  2. If I won Id be soooo happy! Not only cause I won something but cause I know Id have a safe ride home if and when I need it! Thats the beauty of Uber, it comes straight to you no matter where youre at…all you have to do is press the button and the driver finds you…no need to run up and down a street looking for an address, you press and a safe Uber driver swoops you up and takes you safely home!!! If I won Id be soooo excited! Pick Me Pick Me!!!

  3. I used Uber for the first time on Monday and I think it is wonderful. If I won I would certainly be happy to use it!

  4. :-) Well, over anyone else… I can’t really say but I would absolutely make EXCELLENT use of it.

  5. Because Uber is awesome! I’ve used them in several cities, including Seoul and Tokyo!

  6. If I won the Uber gift card, I would use it in a couple ways: 1) Experience Uber for myself. I would use it to take me to the airport or pick me up after a late night event (and I don’t feel like driving home), 2) Treat my boss to their first Uber experience. This way, the experience would want them to have me to use them for their business travel ground transportation needs, 3) Pick up my friends and have fun on the town (I know… crazy idea?!? What is a fun on the town for an Administrative/Office Professional?)

  7. kudos to another great partnership! My boss uses Uber in San Francisco & New York all the time and loves the simplicity of use!!! This week is all about appreciation &, acknowledgement for what we do! I would be so happy, proud and acknowledged to win this prize as an admin professional. Pick me!!!! Pick me!!!!!!!

  8. I haven’t tried it yet, but I keep hearing great things. I’m hoping to win so I can try it out! :)

  9. I love meeting all the different Uber drivers and learning about peoples lives. Each ride is a learning experience and helps me understand the city I live in a little but better- which helps me do my job better!

  10. I catch the bus to work so when I need to run errands like going to doctor’s appointments,etc., this is a great way to get to where I want to go. Saves time traveling which means more time at work. Hard to catch a taxi in downtown Honolulu.

  11. Because I love to travel and I hate paying for cab fares to the airport or parking! Uber drivers are the best. And besides, even administrative professionals deserve to be driven somewhere once in a while!

  12. Because I live in San Francisco, we don’t have cars! How else can I get around?

  13. Would LOVE to be able to use Uber for Personal travel, in addition to being a loyal, dedicated Uber Business customer. Uber just arrived in Louisiana and we’re excited about it!

  14. This would be a great perk to share with our office staff.

  15. Sounds like a great service and I would like to try it.

  16. I have never used a car service and it will be a treat to myself.

  17. I would love to try this service. I have never used a car service and it will be a treat to myself.

  18. Uber for Business sounds like a great option to add to my travel portfolio!

  19. I’m new to the city and to Uber and would love to explore the area in partnership with Uber’s services. Thank you!

  20. I would love the opportunity to test out the new Uber for Business product before advocating that we add this as a benefit for our employees. I find it is far easier to roll out new services and make a case for adding benefits when I’ve had an opportunity to test new products with a trial run.

  21. Uber makes life in SF without a car so much easier. It helps with both work and personal travel. I LOVE UBER!

  22. I am awesome and Uber is awesome and I love Uber and Uber loves me so I should win :)

  23. Uber is great for both business and personal.

  24. uber is a fabulous means to use for both business and personal transportation!

  25. I am an avid uber user, we use uber in our office on the regular! It makes living in SF so much easier!

  26. My friends and I always use Uber – so convenient in the Bay Area, love their service, wining would save me tons of $$!! :o)

  27. At $7 per Uber Pool, $500 would go a LONG way! I would like that very much and therefore think I should win! :)

  28. Uber is my go to transportation service! I would love to win the raffle to take full advantage of their services when my wedding week rolls around :)

  29. I’ve always supported Uber and promote them everywhere I travel.

  30. I just recently used Uber for the first time this past weekend while in SF, I LOVED how convenient it was and the fact that every person I referred was able to get $20 for free. We traveled from Presidio Park to Haight back to bart on $23.00. I love Uber and definitely recommend it to anyone needing a ride.

  31. I hate to drive anywhere and you wouldn’t want to be driving near me while you are on the road!

  32. My office as well as myself personally, use Uber exclusively! Over 2 years time I’ve only had 1 not so nice driver, everyone else has been fantastic. I highly recommend Uber for comfort and convenience, AND saving money (off peak)!

  33. I heard a lot about uber and curious to try it out

  34. I love Uber… so easy to use and there’s always an Uber car close by!

  35. I would love to win this as I use Uber for running erroands and getting lunch as well as after work going out about town. I reallylove the Uber services and would really enjoy the extra excuse to use it even more.

  36. I’m a huge fan of Uber. I live in the Sunset in SF, and it can get pricey taking a cab home from downtown. Enter UberPOOL. $7 to get anywhere in the city by sharing my ride? Yes please! Plus I meet interesting people along the way!

  37. It would be a great perk for the office. Many people need rides to pick up their cars when being serviced, to go out to lunch and lose our parking space, and I’m sure there are more good reasons…

  38. I only recently relocated to a new city, and would love to use Uber to help me get around and explore!

  39. I am a big advocate of not drinkng and driving, so Uber is a great option for getting home after work events and/or a night out on the town with your friends. Just trying to do my part in keeping the roads safe for others!

  40. If I won the Uber gift card I would use it to treat the other admins I work with to get home from the office when we are working late. Also my family is visiting from a small town in FL where they don’t yet have Uber so would be great to show them how an app can change their world!!

  41. I am directionally challenged and my husband is use-the-brake-pedal challenged, so Uber could be a great asset to our marriage! :-)

  42. I book Uber all the time for our execs, but would LOVE a gift card for myself to use it!

  43. Our Board of Directors loves Uber!

  44. I haven’t used Uber yet, but it sounds like it’s just what we need for rides to/from the airport for visiting business people and staff traveling out of town who don’t want to leave their car at the airport.

  45. I never win anything, but am still going to try because this prize is so awesome. I live in diamond heights, the hill of hills and no transportation around. Also the only one in my house of 5 that doesn’t have a car, so I have to use uber all the time! I am grateful for uber because getting home from late work days or events without them would be unbearable :)

  46. Uber has saved me more than once when I had to get somewhere fast. Super convenient to know a car is only 1 or 2 minutes away!

  47. We have people all over the globe and travel A LOT. UBER is our #1 go to transportation where ever available!!

  48. Uber is the safest way to travel after a night out. The partners love it because they come when they are ready. I would love to be able to book some trips for my boss with this gift card!

  49. Uber is a great and safe way to get home. It ensures a great end to a hopefully already great night.

  50. Calling an Uber is easier than booking a rental, available 24/7 around SF & the East Bay.

  51. My executive uses Uber a lot when he travels. I will definitely check it out when I go on vacation this summer. Hope I win!

  52. Uber is great for getting around SF and safe ride home after going out on the weekend!

  53. Getting around San Francisco is difficult enough as is.. UBER is a lifesaver! :-)

  54. Without a car, I rely on ride share services and this would be an incredible perk!

  55. Because Uber is convenient and efficient! Everyone has those times when they need to use Uber!

  56. We have a lot of evening social events and it would be great to be able to rely on safe transportation!!

  57. LOVE Uber! And my team does too! =)

  58. I need UBER in my life especially as a bay area native who often spends time in San Francisco and always have a hard time finding parking out there. Uber would allow me to be on time to places and events without worrying about time to find parking. Less hassle!

  59. For rides from the office when we have evening events, thanks!

  60. Admin Pros will be keeping Uber busy tonight in San Francisco. Hope to see you all at the OfficeNinjas Admin Bash!

  61. Because I love Uber! It would give me a quick, safe option for getting between work events and meetings, as well as back home.

  62. To win this would allow me to provide safe travel options for my bosses in the evenings as well as traveling to/from events in style.

  63. I would love to win because (1) I would treat some other teammates (Admins) to a ride to have some fun and maybe they will use the services for their bosses once they see how awesome it is; and (2) I want to treat my boss(es) to a ride someplace so they can see how I am looking out for them on their trips!

  64. I’ve been using Uber so much since March of this year. I love love love this service. Will never go back to a taxi again if u can help it. I really hope I win this one!!!

  65. Others in my office use Uber regularly, particularly when traveling out-of-town and also within SF as it can be more expedient than getting out of the garage, navigating traffic, then trying to park. It can also be more cost effective in that scenario. It’s my turn to try!

  66. Love UBER, always a safe ride home!

  67. Uber is one of the most convenient and reliable means of transportation. The drivers are friendlier than most taxi drivers. I should win because they make my life simpler.

  68. I haven’t experienced Uber but certain I will be thrilled with the service.

  69. I’ve never used them before, but it sounds like a good service. I would love to try Uber!

  70. Uber is amazing and not to mention a life saver! I use it alllllll the time in San Francisco. It would be nice to catch a break simply because I am and always will be an Uber rider. <3

  71. Getting to the 3rd Annual officeNinjas Admin Bash this evening will be my first time using Uber. Winning one of the drawings will definitely encourage me to use it more often.

  72. I’ve never had a bad experience using Uber. They are always on time, friendly and reliable drivers. The concept is genious, I will never use a taxi again!

  73. Taxis are so unreliable at our office. During rush hour it’s hit or miss if the person who needs a ride isn’t standing outside. Uber has always come when requested. Very reliable especially when you need to get to SFO International Airport.

  74. Would love to use this service! Seattle certainly loves Uber!

  75. Whoo-hoo Uber! Although any ninja worth his/her salt deserves a fabulous prize in your daily giveaways, Uber is uber special to our office. Fishermen come and go with the tides of nature so here in Seattle–Uber is king!

    What a great prize, thank you Office Ninjas!

  76. We love Uber!! Many of my guys use it and I would love to have the opportunity to use it for my late nights on the desk!

  77. I love using Uber for both personal and work events. Would love to be able to save money also.

  78. I have never used Uber, but would certainly try it! My employers use it ALL THE TIME…in NYC, Miami and Chicago!

  79. Uber is in my area and I have yet to use it. I have several options for airports and would love to try Uber myself, so I can pass on my take to my colleagues.

  80. I have referred many people to Uber and my daughter is a fairly regular user. I would love to be able to let someone else do the driving on occasion!

  81. Because I’m a busy mom who sometimes likes to go out and have fun after the kids are in bed and will need a ride home!

  82. I need this! A large part of my job is scheduling travel for our executives both here and in other cities. Would love to be able to use Uber!!

  83. Uber is finally here in Wichita, so great!

  84. My boss LOVES Uber and uses it all the time. I, however, have never used Uber. If I win, I’ll have a chance to use it!!

  85. Still fighting to get Uber in the Boise area. Would love to try it!

  86. LOVE Uber. Been using it since it first launched in its native city SF Bay Area. True story … Prior to Uber, one of my most cherished Executives (and most down to earth guy you’ll ever meet) took a cab to the airport. While en-route, the cab driver started ranting about space aliens, he then proceeded to punch himself in the right leg…while DRIVING on the freeway. Needless to say, I don’t trust cabbies anymore. I could write a book with all the stories of bad cab drivers/cab experiences!
    I’ve waited for Uber to offer an add-on for business users, even an option to pre-order a car 30-45 minutes before the pick-up time would be so helpful. Can’t wait to check out the new service. Happy OfficeNinja Day, everyone!

  87. Traffic is becoming worse and worse here in the Dallas area and it makes me crazy! Leaving the driving to someone else would be great for my stress level!

  88. I’d love to find a way to make traveling easier!

    If I win the Uber Flash Raffle I will be able to take the train to work every day and use the Uber credits to get from the train station to my office! It’s only a mile away, but not really a walkable trek. I would also use a few of the Uber credits to shoot from Uptown to Downtown and have lunch with my amazing husband! (there’s no parking downtown) Please pick me!

  90. I should win because I’m looking for a new way to make travel easier for my supervisors and myself.

  91. I should to try it out – we’ve never done it and always relied on other people driving or city pool. But it would be cool to do it on days when we have meetings and it’s late and we can uber it.

  92. I am always booking Uber for others, it would be nice to be able to turn the tables for ME! :)

  93. I don’t have a car and love using Uber to get around. Winning this raffle would allow me to Uber even more, which would be awesomesauce!!! :)

  94. I’d really like to do something special for my bosses. They’re very good to me and forgive my mistakes. I guess over the years, I’ve made my share. Uber will make me shine and help make travel seamless. That’s what I’m looking for.

  95. I am always booking car service to and from the airport. Always open to new services and companies.

  96. Uber is new here, too. Would love to try it.

  97. I’d love to win so I can use UBER to get to the next OfficeNinjas event! ;)

  98. Uber would be useful for an after work get together of overwork employees to let go of all the day’s stress.

  99. One of my employers uses Uber all the time! She loves it! If I win this will really assist her in managing expenses.

  100. I may use Uber for a trip. BUt I have a daughter in college and her boyfriend job-hunting and they could both REALLY use Uber a lot to help them in school and job-hunting.

  101. I would love to have a girls get away without the hassle of driving. :)

  102. I would love to treat some friends who are coming on their (belated by 13 years!) honeymoon! That way they don’t have to worry about renting a car but can still travel all around Orlando!

  103. Uber is awesome and has been very reliable in multiple cities. We use it all the time.

  104. UBER is the hottest and most reliable car service out there right now. Our associates use them regularly. Very convenient both during and out of work!

  105. My managers use Uber and they like it a lot. I’d love to try it out!

  106. I’d love to be able to use Uber for convenient and secure transportation to and from airports when traveling to admin conferences/events. It would be Uber the top!!

  107. I can’t wait to try Uber!

  108. It would be great for getting around Seattle!

  109. Why you should win the Uber Flash Raffle? Because I LOVE Uber. They provide quick service and I’m ready to go on vacation so I need safe, reliable service. :)

  110. Can’t wait to try Uber during my travels – this card would go a long way to helping me do just that!

  111. As much as I would love to try this service in our area, I don’t think it is available. I would use this when I travel to tradeshows and coferences.

  112. Many of our associates are young and use Uber in their personal life. They would certainly welcome Uber into the work world for shuttle from airport to client meeting.

  113. Convenient transportation to and from the airport for an upcoming out of town conference.

  114. Uber makes Pittsburgh uber-fantastic!

  115. I would love to try Uber for business and personal use.

  116. If I win, I’ll give the gift card to my daughter who lives in Los Angeles, she could use it for transportation to LAX to come home to visit me in Michigan.

  117. Would love to try Uber as it is relatively new to the Milwaukee area. My executives are finally trying it and loving it!

  118. I would love to win because a lot of us travel an hour to work every day.

  119. Everyone uses Uber at my work. I would love to win so I can become a Fan too!

  120. This would be great to use when we need to pick up guests/speakers from the airport!

  121. I love Uber. In my most recent trip to New York, Uber was my lifeline – always where I needed them within minutes to get me to my next destination. We have just gotten a new Uber franchise in my home city and it will be such a life saver when I have to work late or travel to a meeting at the last minute. Thanks Uber!

  122. Uber is Super! On a personal note, it has saved me a lot of money, as for the new business option, I’m just about to present it my leadership team.

  123. Uber would be great for conferences in other offices!

  124. I’m always looking for good deals when I or any of my coworkers travel out of state for conferences. This would be a good option in helping w/ travel plans.

  125. Working virtually, I don’t get out of the home office much – so I pledge to use a gift Uber ride to travel to networking events in my area and get more connected while taking my business to the next level. In addition, who wouldn’t appreciate a ride to the airport that didn’t involve bribery or coercion?

  126. Many of our Board of Trustees use Uber from the airport to our campus, and I would like to do the same on my upcoming business trips!

  127. Working for a school district in Kansas means watching every penny we spend. Being able to use the Uber gift card could save me some money and I could try a new service to our area!

  128. I have never tried Uber and this would be a great opportunity to try it.

  129. I keep hearing about Uber and would love to try it out! I don’t often get a car for myself, but every so often…!

  130. I’m getting married in September and it would be awesome to be able to offer uber to my guests the night of our bachelorette/bachelor party :) :) My bosses use it all the time; I’ve used it a couple times… Comes in very handy when you need a ride home when you shouldn’t be driving ;) ;)

  131. Uber is still very new to Vermont. I’d love to try out, especially in the winter months .. and if it rocks, praises will be sung :)

  132. It would be to try Uber since it just came to Wichita!

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