Prediction: Admin Week 2017 Will Be Next-Level ADMAZING

We’ve been planning Admin Week for months. We’ve brainstormed, researched, and taste-tested. We’ve scoured the market for the perfect partners and searched the globe for the shiniest All-Stars. And honestly? We’ve loved every second of it! We are so PROUD of our Ninja community, and we want you to have the best Admin Week possible!

Let’s take a look at what we have on tap!

OfficeNinjas Online Flash Raffles

Five days of Ninja-worthy giveaways!

We hear you’re pretty quick, Ninja. Get ready to live up to the hype with our daily Flash Raffles. We’re running a different one featuring a new sponsor every day of Admin Week. We announce the prize details, open the raffle, and pick a winner all in one day. So be sure to look out for our morning emails. You’re eligible to win a prize every single day. That’s right—there’s no limit on the number of prizes one person can win! And it’s completely free for Ninjas to enter!

We’re keeping prize details under wraps but, out of curiosity, might you be interested in $500 in airfare from Delta Air Lines? What about catered meals from ezCater? Bottomless high-quality snacks from NatureBox? (Psst! Find more hints here!)

4/26 – OfficeNinjas Admin Bash in SF

It’s the party of the year, and it’s almost here.

OfficeNinjas Admin Bash

If you’ve never been to Admin Bash, this year’s the year to fix that. We’re going all out for our 5th annual celebration. Expect our signature massage lounge (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it), a series of delicious and visually stunning interactive food stations, and raffle prizes you’re going to want to walk away with.

And where else can you network with 400 Office Ninjas from every industry and all corners of the country? (We have admins flying in from Dallas, New York, Washington DC, and even London!) Our friends from The Go Game are facilitating a killer networking activity/scavenger hunt that you won’t want to miss. There are a few tickets left, but they’re selling fast!

OfficeNinjas All-Stars Awards

We’re revealing the winners during Admin Week!

OfficeNinjas All-Stars

We scoured the globe for five of the brightest, shiniest, most impressive All-Stars. We received thousands of nominations (more than any year prior)! It was no easy feat, but we managed to select five deserving winners hailing from San Francisco, Milwaukee, Seattle, Washington DC, and Fairfax. We can’t wait for you to read their insightful Q&As and pore over the stunning images from their professional photo shoots!

A Kick-Ass Roster of Admin Week Partners

When you’ve got the right team, nothing is impossible!

Admin Week Partners

We’re so lucky to be able to join forces with some of the best Ninja-centric companies and organizations out there. Each member of our Admin Week tribe is dedicated to supporting, celebrating, and recognizing admins and the invaluable work they do in offices across the world. Check out our growing roster of partners, and learn about the important work they’re doing every day.

And, well, YOU!

That’s right, you! You’re not only the reason for Admin Week, but you’re also an integral part of it. We need your help spreading the word about Admin Week and the all-around awesome community we represent. So get on social media, hop on a soapbox, or grab a bullhorn, and tell everyone you know about OfficeNinjas Admin Week!

#AdminWeek Is Coming—Win $200 in Moshi Credit!

So here’s an impossible question for you: what part of Admin Week are you looking forward to most? (We know, it’s like choosing a favorite dessert.) Let us know in the comments!


OfficeNinjas gives recognition to the administrative role by supporting and growing a community of executive assistants, office managers, and operations pros. OfficeNinjas brings these “Ninjas” tech resources, educational content, vetted vendor recommendations, and modern in-person events.


  1. Cheryl Ranier

    Most admins work very hard and longer hours that anyone imagines. I know I am constantly thinking about how to improve our organization and make things easier for everyone in the organization, not just 9-5. The skills required to be a top-notch admin are very diverse – you need to know a little bit about everything.

  2. Meredith

    For the last 8.5 years, I’ve been a volunteer administrative assistant to the Director of Volunteer Services at one of our local hospitals. When I first came on, they were starting the transition to a brand-new software after the old company went out of business (without telling anyone!). I spearheaded the entire operation ensuring a smooth transition to the new system & did some major clean-up of the current database. Since then, I’ve been her go-to person when it comes to managing our database. A year & a half ago, we transitioned 100+ active senior volunteers from a totally paper-based sign-in system to a touch screen for the majority of our sign-ins & it has been fantastic! I absolutely love my job, it’s the longest I’ve ever been at one place, & it’s not even paid! I’m on disability due to health issues, so I’m so thankful my boss & fellow volunteers are flexible when I need downtime. Best thing about this week though for me: it is also NATIONAL VOLUNTEER WEEK! This Wednesday we’re having our annual volunteer awards banquet, so the past few weeks have been even busier than usual. I’m looking forward to some downtime when this is all over! :)

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Inspiring, Meredith! It’s for Ninjas like you that we throw the best #AdminWeek we can! Celebrate and reward yourself for all your hard work.

  3. Curtistine

    I love Admin Professionals Week because it allows my colleagues to celebrate all we contribute to our office and celebrate each other’s successes!

    1. OfficeNinjas

      We’re so glad you’ve found the opportunity to celebrate your work! Keep following along with all things #AdminWeek!

  4. Trayce Gallman

    Celebrating each other is such a great feeling and great time.

  5. Thuy Mai

    Celebrating each other and all our hard work!

  6. Nora

    Love finding a community of like minded and often under appreciated admins! Love to all :)

  7. ElizaG

    You should bring this to Europe too ?

  8. Kimmycity

    Obsessed with Moshi products and #AdminWeek!

  9. Dashmaa

    Hi dears,
    My name is Dashmaa. I am new to this group from Mongolia.
    I am very interested in good ideas to apply at my job and my team (there are 7 people in the team). Our company is just started a new business in Mongolian mine sector.

  10. Teresa F-South Carolina

    It is the one week in the entire year where my profession SHINES. I have been a secretary with lots of different titles in lots of different company’s since 1977. In November 2016 I was offered the highest title of them all – Office Manager – after working here for 5 years. Admin’s are the hardest working people in the company and for that week in April we get some special attention. Thank you to the person that created Administrative Professional Week.

    1. OfficeNinjas

      We agree Teresa, Ninjas like you definitely deserve an entire week. Congrats on your highest title yet!

  11. Patti T

    I agree with Mary! It would be a great idea to move the Office Ninja celebrations to various other cities around the country so others can attend if they happen nearby. I feel so appreciated all year long, but the people I support are especially thoughtful during Admin Professional Week. It makes my job so enjoyable, and I love the people I work with. I’ve been at UHC for 25 years, and hope to be here for many more!

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Whoa, 25 years is amazing! Great job, Patti :)

  12. Rachel

    I really appreciate the energy of OfficeNinjas! I’m really looking forward to hearing from other admins all week about what they’re doing and how they’re being shown appreciation, either from coworkers/supervisors or other admins!

    1. OfficeNinjas

      We feel you on that one, nothing makes us happier than hearing admin praise!

  13. Sandy S.

    I look forward to this week all year because of Office Ninjas. Keep up the great work!

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Funny how that works, we look forward to this event all year because of YOU ;)

  14. Mary

    I’m excited and bummed at the same time…. This event is so exciting and I love that you do this to celebrate all of us OfficeNinjas! I’m bummed that I will not be able to be there this year…. I have a thought….why not move the celebration around to different locations every year?! (Just sayin’)

    Love everything that you all do! Keep up the great job…OfficeNinjas ROCK!

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Well shucks, we think YOU rock, Mary! Make sure you’re around for the Flash Raffles!

  15. Victoria Henderson

    I am so excited to see what Admin Week will look like. I can’t wait to see the awesome giveaways I know that are in store for us. This is my first year being part of the community but I am looking forward to make new friends and networking with others at events in the future.

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Woop, welcome to the party Victoria! We’re pumped you’re joining the Ninja community :)

  16. Deb Neff

    I love reading all of the articles on Office Ninja’s…there are so many great ideas out there! It is fantastic to see all of the energy in our profession!

    1. OfficeNinjas

      This community definitely does have energy, thanks for being part of it, Deb!

  17. Sharon

    It’s great to be treated special during Administrative Professionals Week but I look forward to being appreciated for the contributions that I make that allows the leadership team, department, and company to excel.

    1. OfficeNinjas

      We want you to be appreciated for all those things too, Sharon! Great job taking on so much!

  18. Lucia

    Hope to be the winner!

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Fingers crossed, Lucia!

  19. Mia C, CAP

    I am looking forward to celebrating us!! This is the time of year we get recognized, and this year we are hosting our own Admin Appreciation Bash!! Food, fun and camaraderie. Glad I am able to help put this together for other admins at my job. Enjoy our week everyone!

  20. Christina Holzhauser

    I’m bummed I can’t be there! Have an awesome time everyone!!

  21. Jennifer

    I love that every year Administrative Professional’s Day is low key in my office. Every year is an executive retreat so many of us have a down day where we can take care of some of the easier things and celebrate at a different time during the week. (Yes, I love having some down time to take care of the lower priority items on my list.)

  22. Dana

    When my team sneaks up on me at my desk and surprises me with a card and a gift. They really show their appreciation of me in that moment.

  23. Chandra

    So Excited for Admin Week!

  24. Erin S.

    I stumbled onto your website while looking for tips to improve a few things after having started with a new company and now you’re part of my daily routine. I only wish there was an event I could attend here in Australia for Admin Week. Keep up the great work and maybe we’ll see you downunder soon.

  25. Tigress

    I’m most looking forward to the Bash!

  26. Lori Daveggio

    #officeninjas rule. Thanks for all the tips and inspiration!

  27. Debbie K

    I so wish I could attend this exciting event but cannot but will be there in spirit!! So glad to be a part of this awesome group that realize we OfficeNinjas really are the heart and soul of the office!!

  28. Barbara Peeters

    Looking forward to the week!

  29. William Price

    The giveaways!

  30. Bella

    Can’t wait! Bring on the prizes!

  31. Jessica

    Ya! So excited!

  32. Beth Kohake

    Amazing and awe-inspiring to be included in this group of ninjas. So lucky :)

  33. Julie

    Looking forward to Admin week and the Admin bash! We are the secret weapon, that keep things running smoothly.

  34. Teres Mongrain

    Looking forward to Admin week and celebrating with Office Ninja’s!

  35. Mary

    I am looking forward to celebrating how awesome office ninjas are! :)

  36. Lea Castagna

    Can’t wait to celebrate with others the share in my joys and difficulties of being an admin!

  37. Ashley

    I can’t attend in person, but I’m looking so forward to participating virtually! I have loved reading about the event each year. It’s so great to be able to pause and celebrate all of our hard work as Officeninjas!!

  38. Colleen Lane-Rafferty

    I am excited about meeting and celebrating with all the other hard working administrative professionals during your Bash! Thank you, Office Ninjas, for providing us the opportunity to see how powerful we are as a local (& global) force. – Admins run the office in the 21st century. . and beyond!

  39. Jules

    Great way to celebrate APW – thanks Office Ninjas!

  40. Joe WIlliams

    I have never been to an office ninja event. This looks like it will be a lot of fun.

  41. Christine

    This is my first time participating! Looking forward to seeing what you all do!

  42. Leisa Vandehey

    Our FIRST annual celebration at my organization! We’re having a training, a fun trivia game with prizes, treats, and optional after-hours happy hour. I really want our admins to feel special, spoiled, and appreciated!

  43. Andi K

    Admins make the world go ’round.

  44. Michelle H.

    I am very much looking forward to meeting other amazing admin office ninjas! :)

  45. Bonnie Horne

    Admin Week is so much better celebrating with OfficeNinjas!

  46. Andrea L.

    I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t the giveaways, since I can’t attend the Bash in SF. :-) Also, much deserved recognition for the field!

  47. Avis Cuthbertson

    I am new to Office Ninja, and thanks for recognizing and supporting Admins all over the world!!!

  48. Nikita Patel

    Celebrating with my new team by baking cookies!

  49. Bridget Kirkwood

    I’m looking forward to learning more about the Officeninjas and their accomplishments nationwide!

  50. Sarah JV

    I’m new to office ninja!! Looking forward to all the new posts!

  51. Latayah

    Super excited about Admin Week…woohoo!

  52. Alex

    Wish I could take part but had booked vacation before I found out!

  53. Karen Wilkinson

    Anticipating arrival of my t-shirt! Looking forward to the county’s admin professional meet-up.

  54. Alyssa T

    Love this community!

  55. Alyssa Tung

    Looking forward to being part of this great event. Admin professionals do need recognitions and parties like this!!

  56. Selena Winchell

    I’m looking forward to meeting the team that started this wonderful organization!

  57. Tran Huynh

    Meeting everyone I can relate to!

  58. Donna G

    I would love to be able to attend the bash in San Francisco! My son just moved there for college at San Francisco State and I’d be able to spend some time with him as well!

  59. Teena Singley

    I’ve been looking forward to this event since I missed it last year! Can’t wait to attend!

  60. Paulene L West

    Networking and celebrating a career choice long ago.

  61. Angela

    Thanks for recognizing all the admins for an entire week! :-) The resources and networking opportunities are awesome!

  62. Erica Gonzalez

    Wish I could make it to the big bash, sounds amazing!

  63. Debbie Jones Morgan

    My favorite part of Administrative Professionals Week is the great training opportunities offered by so many different companies. It is a great time to celebrate our profession!

  64. Carla H.

    Looking forward to next week! Props to all my fellow hardworking office ninjas out there!

  65. Julie Evans

    Always thought that Admins were generally un recognized in the workplace. Glad to see that there is recognition!

  66. Jenna Schamber

    An office ninja newbie, but loving it so far!

  67. Katie

    Can’t wait to see whats in store!

  68. Shawn Moore

    I love officeninjas. My “go to” for best practices, tools and new ideas!

  69. ToeKnee

    Enjoy the “team” spirit and little helpful shortcut ideas!

  70. Jennifer Chase

    So excited about the raffle this year! Thank you Office Ninjas for showing us so much love!

  71. Karin M

    I’m looking forward to free webinars

  72. kelly ramirez

    I love everything about the event. Meeting new people, wining prizes.

  73. Karen Liu

    Definitely the food! Food is always the most exciting part of an event ;)

  74. Bobbi Klebenow

    Thanks for honoring us. A most special feeling!

  75. Lisa

    Looking forward to celebrating with Office Ninjas. I always get tidbits of good information to help in my profession…and Office Ninjas makes it so much fun!! Thank you!!

  76. Lisa Rose

    Love this just wish I could enter from Canada.

  77. Angela H.

    Just found OfficeNinjas…What a great resource!

  78. Delia Barret

    Looking forward to all the attention. Love the attention. Just bask in it.

  79. Trish K

    Love OfficeNinjas! And very glad that Chicago finally has an #Admingling event this year!

  80. Linda T-L

    I look forward to the great training made available during Admin week.

  81. Eileah Phinnessee

    Just learned about Office Ninjas yesterday and I’m already loving. Wish I could make the big event in San Francisco, but it was too last minute to plan for. Hopefully next year!

  82. Valerie Osserman

    Love, love, love office ninjas! I always look forward to the fun ideas you offer us. vlo

  83. Mary W

    Love your newsletter all the time and looking forward to Admin winners postings, the fantastic prizes, and the helpful tips.


    I look forward to the flash raffles and additional learning opportunities during Admin Week! Thanks so much for the support and enthusiasm for the admin profession!!

  85. Bethany Poore

    Looking forward to the Chicago event on 5/11!

  86. ADtheAdmin

    I love Admin Week – it’s so nice to feel appreciated, and to appreciate others. The work admins do takes a network and support, especially at a large company, and I’m looking forward to doing something for my fellow admins!

  87. Jenna Rall

    This is my first actual year being an administrative assistant so I’m very excited to take it all in and learn as much as possible!

  88. Karina

    Looking forward to the flash raffle and learning about new products!

  89. Jenni Rigby

    What an awesome week you have planned! I can’t wait to see the All Stars.

  90. Liz Izzo-Williams

    I’m so excited to be a part of Office Ninjas! I am looking forward to the event!!! My first one!!

  91. Dolores Alimi

    Your newsletter is a big help to me. April 13, 2017 was my second year anniversary at my Admin Asst. job. I work in a small warehouse for a really great boss. I started as a temp through an agency and after 7 months he asked if I liked it here. When I told him yes, he asked if I would like to become an official employee of the company. I told him that I would love that. He said that first he wasn’t sure whether I would work out but when I made a spreadsheet to keep track of the invoices and billing he started to change his mind. He also said he was going to the store to get me a “While You Were Out” message pad but he was so busy he never got around to it. So, I went online, found a template for it, printed out some pages and kept the format in my computer. When calls came in I would log them into my computer and write out a printed out one to give to whichever manager the message was for. When he saw how resourceful I was in this he then decided that I would be a real asset to him and the company. Since then I was given other responsibilities which have freed him up to spend more time on the work he needed to do and oversee in the warehouse. I can actually say that I love getting up every morning and going to work.

    1. OfficeNinjas

      It’s Ninjas like you, Dolores, that helps everyone around you to love getting up and going to work. Take some time this week and celebrate like the motivated, self-starting badass you are!

  92. Cha A.

    Looking forward to everything!! It’ll be my first adminbash! Exciting times!

  93. Andrea Estrada

    I look forward to the Admin Week raffles from Office Ninja’s every year. You all really do your research to select items that an Admin would appreciate and could really put to use! Thank you for showing us the appreciation we deserve!

  94. Trish S.


  95. Lauren

    I’ve never been around for one of these before! I’m really looking forward to learning how to be a better assistant to the Partners at my firm and how to have more fun with the job!

  96. Danielle O.

    All the interesting topics and fun. Looking forward to what else is next.

  97. Annamarie Zimmerman, CAP-OM

    I look forward to this week every year. Your creativity makes it even more fun!

  98. Warni Flournoy

    Thank you OfficeNinjas for showing admins appreciation for their hard work and efforts!

  99. Mary Ellen

    To use a quote from another fine institution, being an admin for me is not just a job, it’s an adventure. An adventure I have been on most of my life and I truly enjoy it! I was meant to do this!

  100. Robin

    I really like this week! It is like a holiday week. Admins do a lot and sometimes people forget to say “thank you” and say how much they appreciate all your hard work. Admin Week gives them an opportunity to recognize those that are the stability and structure of an organization.

  101. Margie

    Ninja’s rock!!!

  102. Kris M

    I’m looking forward to some of the events (webinars, chair massages, lunch) that our office has planned for the Admin Team in celebration of Admin Week. Of course, we are planning the events:)

  103. Mary O

    Yay! Something different every day!

  104. Iridia Snowden

    Looking forward to the great giveaways and getting the recognition we deserve!!!!

  105. Brenda Bell

    I always enjoy the training that is made available to Admins during this month. There is always something more to learn!

  106. Sandy Stotesbury, CAP-OM

    It’s always a nice surprise as to how my employer remembers me – usually it’s a nice cash bonus, sometimes accompanied by a wonderful lunch out.

  107. IHC

    hope I can enter!!

  108. Jean

    Can’t wait

  109. Michele Bolton

    I’m looking forward to all the fun and exciting things happening this week, but most importantly, I find the OfficeNinja newsletter to be so helpful and informative! Happy Admin Assistants week to all the Admins out there!

  110. Linda Gulley

    I’m grateful for the reminder to appreciate my fellow admins. Our team is unbeatable!
    #OneMolina #AdminWeek

  111. Suzanne Benderski

    I’m looking forward to the free and inexpensive training resources that are always available during APW. Also planning to attend an IAAP celebration and training event that will give me some great networking opportunities!

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Sounds like you are an opportunistic Ninja. Go gain all those skills and contacts, but make sure to celebrate yourself and your work while you’re at it!

  112. Stacy Schlueter

    I have 9 amazing ninjas who work with me and I am looking forward to making this year’s Admin week extra special for them! I have shared OfficeNinjas with them and hope they all enjoy it as much as I do!! :) Admin ninjas ROCK!!!

  113. Diane Wilson

    I’m looking forward to our Admin Offsite and the team building and bonding!

  114. J

    I appreciate the recognition. Many employers do nothing

  115. Denise

    Looking forward to the recognition and celebrating with the Ninjas!

  116. Tammi Fletcher

    Looking forward to the great giveaways!!!

  117. Stephanie W.

    These are great products, I’ve looked at purchasing them before!

  118. Hope Richards

    Thank you for celebrating Admins!! :)

  119. Angela Marchetti

    I looking forward to treating my team to a celebration for all they do!

  120. Chela Miller

    I really appreciate what y’all do at Office Ninjas. You bring articles about the workplace and different industries and tips and tricks for how to better do our jobs, and I truly benefit from what y’all provide.

  121. Katie B

    Looking forward to participating in this super fun virtual event! It’s easy for this profession to be sort of…staid :P

  122. Carleen Muncy

    I can’t choose just one thing – love the recognition all week long

  123. Kelsey

    Woo! Admin Week is nearly upon us!

  124. Lynn

    The combined energy of all the Ninja awesomeness across the globe – it really is worth celebrating!!

  125. Kate Clodfelter

    Looking forward to celebrating all the awesome admin professionals!

  126. Heather Parrish

    You guys always have the best articles, gear, tips, and resources. Can’t wait to see what all you do for Admin Week.

    1. Yvette Wallus

      Heather, you introduced me to Office Ninjas. I’m hooked now.

  127. Kelsey K

    Happy Admin Week!

  128. Bianca

    Always an exciting time of year. Looking forward to further details.

  129. Dena

    Admin Week is always exciting! I love Office Ninjas and the excellent resources that you share.

  130. Jenniger Herington

    Love being able to celebrate all of US!!!

  131. Angela K.

    Can’t wait to treat my team to a night out & meet up with the ladies we met at the last admin night.

  132. K Kubale

    I’m looking forward to Admin Week! So sad I couldn’t make it to the Admin Bash this year :(

  133. Tracey

    Looking forward to all the cool giveaways

  134. Kris M.

    I love the fun energy and spirit that Office Ninjas brings to Admin Week – one of the best online communities for admins I’ve found!

  135. Jackie Dickerson

    Looking forward to your amazing admin week!!!

  136. Karen Dodson

    I truly look forward to a positive and uplifting Admin Week! Celebrating, sharing, learning, winning = PARTY TIME!

  137. barb volker

    a great site with lots of information.

  138. Lannie

    Office Ninjas are awesome! Thank you for taking the time to celebrate admins!

  139. Brittany H.

    Excited about the Moshi gift card to kick of admin week! Can’t wait for all the exciting things to come next week!

  140. Sheri

    I am looking forward to all the great giveaways!!

  141. Tamara H

    Getting a bit of recognition that sometimes is overlooked.

  142. Rena

    The training opportunities offered during this week.

  143. Dana Morgan

    Absolutely excited! Hope OfficeNinja will have an event in Atlanta soon!

  144. Brittany A.

    I’m looking forward to all the fun prizes and involvement you’ve all been working so hard to prepare for. Being on the receiving end of this is a nice change!

  145. Latricia Friend

    Connecting with other admins and all the great resources.

  146. Nadia Carey

    Looking forward to celebrating those who typically go un-celebrated!

  147. Michelle Molina

    So exciting! I love opening my mailbox and seeing Office Ninjas inside! I hope all of my fellow Office Ninja’s have an AWESOME week! We deserve it! :)

  148. Melissa L.

    Wishing all fellow admins a great week!!!

  149. Mary

    The training and information is great!

  150. Brandy

    Make sure to stretch before the big week!! It’s going to be a game changer this year!

  151. Jennifer Rochinski

    I absolutely love being an Executive Admin and I love that Office Ninjas shows us that we are truly appreciated. I love that you put this on every single year, knowing that it takes a lot of effort. The give aways this year ROCK the Kasbah :) Can’t wait!!! Thank you!

  152. Mary S.

    Looking forward to all of the activities of admin week and attending the first admin conference that my company is presenting.

  153. Bonnie B.

    Absolutely love the wealth of info from Office Ninjas! You guys rock!

  154. Phiandra Peck

    The celebration and recognition of the AP profession, free webinars, and company provided professional development training.

  155. Cherie Moen

    I love the webinars, learning new tips & tricks

  156. Cherie Moen

    I love the webinars, learning new tips & tricks

  157. Teri Clanton

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! I’m excited about all the great things coming up next week for Admin Pro Week!

  158. Silvia

    Looking forward to all the giveaways and admin bash! And celebrating all the hard work we all do as admins.

  159. Janie Eller

    You’re right! It is tough deciding which one I’m most looking forward to! I’ve gotta be honest, I’m looking most forward to winning some plane tickets or hotel nights somewhere. :-) We’ve worked hard Ninjas! We deserve a few gifts! :-)
    Great job to us all!

  160. Jody Garrison

    Next week is going to be awesome!

  161. Melanie Brauer

    I’m looking forward to celebrating our profession!

  162. Brandy M

    Learning new tips and tricks and attending webinars from great admin sources such as yourself and IAAP.

  163. Kris Leibrand

    I love the fresh approach officeninjas takes towards celebrating all things admin!

  164. Renee

    Its exciting to see your excitement for all the hard work Admin’s do

  165. Sara Mjelde

    So excited for Admin Week this year!!! has been a huge resource for me over the last couple years in my role.

  166. Cheyenne Lopez

    Can’t wait to reunite with fellow Ninjas!! We get a celebration in OUR honor about once a year, can’t believe it’s already been that long. Thanks to the Office Ninja crew, we get to relax, experience a party in full gear, collecting ideas and sharing our passion for this field. My favorite is the photo booth. Silly swag gear to show off our quirky inside :) See you lovely ninjas soon!

  167. Leslie S Parker

    So looking forward to meeting all you Ninjas out there! Next Wednesday…

    Absolutely appreciate those Pros putting on this awesome event and all associated with it! Wow!!

  168. Tina Behling

    Shout out to all my fellow admins out there!! Keep rockin it!! :)

  169. Catie S.

    Looking forward to celebrating this entire week and going to the #adminbash!

  170. Marissa

    I’m looking forward to the give aways and all the good info that comes out!

  171. Chandra Meyers

    I wait for this moment all year long! Thank you Officeninjas for spreading the word the way you do. It makes me excited!

  172. Pati

    Can’t wait to celebrate with others who deserve recognition for the great work they do!

  173. Carolyn

    This week is always fun. Between hearing about the conference (wish there was a way to virtually attend), getting new ideas, and flash raffles, there’s always something to look forward to.

  174. Selena Winchell

    Can’t think of a better way to celebrate our day! Looking forward to meeting all the awesome ninjas!

  175. Lorie Cornick

    I’m looking forward to something I’ll love – my boss has a great personal shopper!

  176. NJ

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  186. Deborah Zotian

    Looking forward to seeing how everyone else celebrates. Our office does nothing. It’s great to see the offices that take their Admins/OMs seriously as professionals.

    1. OfficeNinjas

      We hope our celebrations can inspire your office, but know your efforts don’t go unnoticed. Party it up with fellow Ninjas who get it.

  187. Kelly Olsakovsky

    My favorite part of APW with Office Ninjas is the All-Star bios. I love reading about what rock-star admins do, and how I can incorporate their ideas in my own routines.

  188. Leah

    I’ve looked forward to this week since I was in high school. In Puerto Rico, Secretaries Week (as it was call back in the 70’s) was awesome. It was all about US. Now days it’s different. It’s so “politically” correct. At my work it is Staff Week.

  189. S. Torres

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    1. OfficeNinjas

      International Ninja—nice. We’ll promise to send #AdminBash party vibes your way if you promise to treat yourself for all your hard work.

  195. Marisol

    I’m looking forward to going on the first ever Admin Team outing to… well, the Office Ninja Admin Bash, of course! It’s a double-whammy of new experiences. Our team is really looking forward to a day of bonding, learning, growing, noshing, drinking, dancing… the list goes on and on! Thank you, Office Ninja team- we can’t wait!

    1. OfficeNinjas

      We’re particularly excited to provide the opportunity to grow and nosh. See you there, Marisol!

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    1. OfficeNinjas

      We concur (a nicer way of say, “Heck yea, it is!”). So glad you’re getting the recognition you deserve, Carolyn!

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    1. OfficeNinjas

      Spoiling Ninjas is our specialty :)

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    1. OfficeNinjas

      This week is our favorite, too. We love knowing Ninjas like you are getting recognized—you deserve it!

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  250. Carmen H.

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  260. Marcia Tatay

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    1. OfficeNinjas

      We’re glad you caught our bug! Thrilled to celebrate with you and have a bumpin’ #AdminWeek.

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