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Heads up, Ninjas! 15 FLASH RAFFLE Prizes Are Coming Your Way

Go big or go home—that’s the saying, right? We’re not huge on cheesy adages, but we do believe in going big when it comes to Admin Week 2017’s Flash Raffle Giveaways. And that’s exactly why we’ve teamed up with some admazing partners to shower you with 15 prizes worth over $10,000 in a single week!

Here’s how this will go down: on April 24 (the first day of Admin Week), we’ll send you an email and officially kick off the week with the first raffle, which will be posted right here on You’ll have 24 hours to enter to win one of THREE prizes for the day and winners will be announced the next day.

Whether you score big or just miss the mark, you’ll do it all again the next day, with a new raffle and chance to win every day through April 28. And yep, you can absolutely win more than once.

Now that we’ve established how epic this week of giveaways will be, let’s peek at what’s up for grabs!

Flash Raffle #1: April 24 – Delta Air Lines

2017 Flash Raffle 1 Delta

One of the world’s largest airlines, Delta is the ambassador of painless business travel. You can track flights using the Fly Delta app, earn points for the team through SkyBonus, stay connected on their WiFi-enabled planes, and so much more. With over 322 destinations on six continents, Delta will get you, your boss, or your colleagues wherever you need to be. Delta is regarded as one of the most on-time airlines, and their advanced baggage-tracking technology means you won’t be leading the big meeting in yesterday’s suit.

Flash Raffle #2: April 25 – ezCater

ezCater is the only nationwide marketplace for corporate catering, and they work with over 50,000 restaurants to provide Ninjas fresh and delicious options for everything from casual team lunches to off-site meals. The site’s a cinch to use (with an all-inclusive cost per person function!), and you can earn Amazon Gift Cards through the ezRewards program. Did we mention it’s 100% free? You won’t pay any more than if you ordered directly from your favorite restaurant.

Flash Raffle #3: April 26 – Hilton Hotels & Resorts

Looking for a new go-to hotel? Consider your search over. Hilton Hotels & Resorts have the stuff Ninja travel dreams are made of. First, there’s tons of locations—we’re talkin’ 570 hotels across six continents. And it just so happens that our favorite Hilton is in OfficeNinjas HQ’s backyard. Hilton San Francisco Union Square shines as the coast’s largest hotel with nearly 2,000 rooms, over 130,000 square feet of fully loaded meeting space, and stunning views from the 46th-floor Cityscape Lounge (here’s photo proof of your fellow Ninjas Admingling at Hilton).

Flash Raffle #4: April 27 – NatureBox

NatureBox revolutionized office snacks with delicious assortments of high-quality, naturally better-for-you nibbles that ship right to the office doorstep as soon as you need them. Whether you’ve got a hankering for something sweet or salty, NatureBox has your taste buds covered with up to 50 inventive treat choices at a time, like aged cheddar lentil loops and nutty power clusters. And now, the office snacks program offers UNLIMITED snacking for a monthly per employee fee. Bottomless snacks in the breakroom—score!

Flash Raffle #5: April 28 – Breather

Breather is a network of beautiful, professional spaces for team meetings, offsites, brainstorming sessions, and more. Browse 350+ locations across 10 cities and reserve a practical space through the website or mobile app. OfficeNinjas have hosted several Admingling events in Breather spaces and are huge fans of its collaborative and distraction-free environment.

How to Score a Flash Raffle Prize

  1. Subscribe to OfficeNinjas. Sign up for our newsletter below, and each day of Admin Week you’ll get an email alert as soon as a raffle goes live.
  2. Enter to Win. Follow the super simple entry instructions in the email alert, but do it ASAP—raffles close at 11:59 PM PST.
  3. Cross Your Fingers. Make a wish at midnight, that’s when the virtual doors close. Check back the next day to see if you’re one of three lucky winners (we’ll announce them on
  4. Lather, Rinse, Repeat! We’ve got one raffle a day with three prizes each. That’s 15 chances to win!

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Are you ready for this, Ninjas? Mark your calendars and then tell us which Flash Raffle prize you’re most excited about!


  1. Life can be so stressful; Breather sounds like a wonderful concept!

  2. All the prizes are wonderful. I would be fortunate to win any of them. Thank you.

  3. I’m so sorry for the loss of your mother, Jo Ann. My mother is 91 and lives with me. Thank God she’s healthy and totally cognizant, so I’m very blessed. If I win the Spa treatment, I’d give my Mom a day of fabulous luxury and attention that she deserves! Fingers crossed!

  4. The Delta airfare and Hilton Hotel of course! Let’s see….where could I travel to? Oh anywhere!

  5. Love the Air Travel! Ok, Spa too. Oh wait anything free is fantastic!

  6. Air travel or spa would be fantastic! Actually winning anything ?

  7. All of the raffle items are wonderful, but I would be most excited to win the air travel or the spa item! Way to go Office Ninja team and have a great week all Admins!

  8. I think that any of the items in the raffle would be awesome, but the travel or spa would be at the top of my list of wonderful things to win! Thanks Office Ninja’s!

  9. Hello everyone! I’m soooo excited about this giveaway. Looking forward to winning and learning from the Office Ninjas team :-) Thanks and you are greatly appreciated.

  10. OfficeNinjas, I know how much dedicated effort that you put into celebrating Admins all across the globe. We appreciate you! I can’t tell you how excited I am to have the awesome opportunity to attend this years #AdminBash Rock On Ninjas! #NinjaPride

  11. I am most excited for Breather and the Hilton giveaways! :) What great options!!

  12. I would love to win something also. I enter contests all the time and come up empty handed. Sure would be nice. My sincere condolences to you, Jo Ann. Hang in there.

  13. @JoAnn.

    Prayets to you & yours. I laid my Mom to rest 2/20 & am attending Ofc Ninjas’ event to return to normalcy (looking to re-connect vis networking.) A heavy loss really does throw one through a loop. Healing to you & yours.

  14. Is the raffle open to those of us north of the border (Canada)?

  15. I am sooooo excited for the raffles. HOPE I get to win something – would be a very nice treat, as I never win anything.

  16. You are so strong Joann. Being a mother myself, I couldn’t imagine what you are going through. Lots of healing light your way and I’m so sorry for your loss. Big Virtual hugs.

  17. I am most excited about the Delta credit. I just buried my only child 6 weeks ago. I didn’t get to see her tombstone because it was all so sudden. My daughter’s death was so unexpected. Every day since March 12th has been so painful. I get up every morning and come to work. The weekends are the hardest. I would love to get away from all of the pain and hurt even just for a little while.

    1. We’re so sorry to hear about your loss, Jo Ann. Lots of love from the whole OfficeNinjas team <3

    2. Jo Ann, I can’t imagine the pain you must feel. Please know that I’m praying for you and for the peace that surpasses all understanding to rain down on you during this difficult time. Sending lots of love, prayers and virtual (((HUGS)))

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