Admin Week, April 24–28, 2017, takes the cake as the world’s largest celebration of administrative badassery—and the hype is spreading. We’re teaming up with a growing roster of organizations and influencers that are all about supporting, celebrating, and recognizing admins. We’re thrilled to be partnering with the likes of Admin Awards, IAAP, and Culture Summit, because they GET the power of an Office Ninja. And they are 100% on board with making this year’s week-long party the biggest to date. It’s going to be like a family reunion, pep rally, and Ninja Christmas all rolled into one!

Admin Awards showed up on admin radars in 2012, publicly recognizing administrative professionals’ excellence across nine different categories. After yearly nominations pour in, winners are recognized at The Admin Awards gala. These OfficeNinjas® pals share the vision of celebrating administrative maestros and their hard work.

IAAP, or International Association of Administrative Professionals, strives to bring professionals in office environments the opportunity to connect, learn, lead, and excel through a handful of events and programs. The non-profit—and official creator of Administrative Professionals Day—also celebrates its 75th Anniversary this year!

Culture Summit attracts buzz from all over the world by operating as the premier conference on building company culture. The conference showcases a slew of expert speakers from well-known companies to load discussions with valuable insights and actionable takeaways that influence the entire concept of culture.

OrgOrg is a group of men and women who work in a field sometimes known as “business operations”. They like to think of themselves as the “Organization Organizers” – the people behind the scenes makin’ it all work at work. OrgOrg is a community of like-jobbed individuals, sharing best practices and war stories.

Bonnie Low-Kramen is the best-selling author of Be the Ultimate Assistant and a co-founder of New York Celebrity Assistants, NYCA. She puts her passion, wit, and 25 years of showbiz PA experience into affecting positive change in the workplace via educating and training both assistants and managers.

Melissa Smith is an administrative assistant turned staffer/consultant of the The PVA , or Personal Virtual Assistant. She connects clients with virtual assistants after considering things like communication styles, needs, and overall fit. She also lends her expertise to speak at events like the Fireside Chat at OfficeNinjasIRL 2016.

AdminUniverse connects administrative professionals with skill enhancement training workshops, webinars, and on-site lectures. The founder, Joanne Linden, not only serves as Chief EA to the CEO at Synopsys, but also shares 30 year’s worth of experiences at speaking events like the Fireside Chat at OfficeNinjasIRL 2016.

Support Savvy, an online channel that connects administrative pros with resources and conversations through Slack, was started by a tech-savvy Seattle-based Ninja named Melissa Mosher. She’s a passionate career admin who traded in her Ninja Halloween costume and full-time position to run the community.

Boston Executive Assistants (BEA) is a private, online networking group for local EAs who want to connect through quarterly educational events and casual meetups. The close-knit network of 400+ admins also helps members tackle resume updates, interview prep, and general career management.

After more than two decades in Silicon Valley supporting a dozen different CEOs, Linda McFarland has more than earned “master” Ninja status. She only further confirmed her mastery through founding Ascend2Success to empower admins through coaching, workshops, and speaking events—and she did it while still serving as an EA to the CEO at Sophos!

Tips for Assistants is an online resource designed to give advice and resources to assistants and administrative professionals to help them to perform at the highest level. It was founded by Christina Holzhauser in 2016, who has more than a decade of experience in a wide array of assistant and admin roles.

Audacious Admins came to life in 2014 when Debbi Shaffer started collecting and sharing her favorite resources to help fellow professionals be strategic business partners instead of overlooked employees. As a 20-year admin veteran and OfficeNinjas All-Star Award winner, Debbi has plenty of industry experience to share.


You know our philosophy on guest lists—the more the merrier!

Let’s build awareness, increase visibility, and get the recognition the profession deserves.

If you lead an admin group/organization and want to be part of the Admin Week festivities, we want to hear from you! With your help, we hope to include as many admins as possible so that no Ninja misses out on a week-long celebration of their profession and contributions. Please reach out to [email protected]!