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3 Administrative Pros To Share Tips on Professional Innovation at OfficeNinjasIRL

Editor’s Note: These All-Star Ninjas will speak on November 1 at the OfficeNinjasIRL event in Silicon Valley. Register now to see them speak!

Okay Ninjas, it’s time for some real talk.

Even though you technically work for someone else—whether that’s a single executive or an entire company’s personnel—that doesn’t mean you can’t be an innovator in your own career. If you feel empowered by that prospect, but wonder how to march to the beat of your own drum without compromising your awesome-employee status, you need to be at the OfficeNinjasIRL Fireside Chat at our Homecoming Event on November 1st.

This cozy convo will be about growing in your career, self-improvement, upping involvement, and serving others to ultimately strengthen your own path. We know: those are big topics to cover in just the discussion section of OfficeNinjasIRL (and adequate party/snacking/chitchat time is non-negotiable).

Luckily, the three Ninjas participating in the Fireside Chat are extremely experienced, and collectively have a slew of professional situations to draw from.

Wanna meet ‘em before you pick their brains?

Joanne Linden, Chief Executive Assistant at Synopsys

Joanne Linden

Joanne boasts more than 30 years of experience nailing her job as an EA. Nowadays, she’s also President of AdminUniverse, an Advisory Board member of the Admin Awards, and a founding member of the Administrative Center of Excellence. Yowza, right? If you can’t wait to hear her down-to-earth administrative musings, check out her book before the event: Sitting on a File Cabinet, Naked, With a Gun: True Stories of Silicon Valley CEO Assistants.

Bonus Ninja points: Joanne is a former chairperson for Silicon Valley Catalyst Association, (the Illuminati of high-profile EAs)

Crystal Le, Executive Assistant at Zoox

Crystal Le

Crystal knows all about taking charge of one’s career since she successfully pivoted to administration from retail management. Not only did this switcheroo give her more professional satisfaction, but it also helped her career grow in unexpected ways. Since then, she’s MCed at the Admin Bash, served as an OfficeNinjas Advisor, and even worked some kinks out of our Admingling Event Series. Nowadays, Crystal trains other admins to lead Admingling events in a way that also prepares them to organize any gathering.

Bonus Ninja points: Crystal attended a private event—hosted by and specifically for Yahoo’s admins—on behalf of OfficeNinjas. We’ve got pics, so it definitely happened.

Melissa Smith, Virtual Assistant Guru and Owner of The PVA

Melissa Smith PVA

Melissa knows all about building a career you want—since she left her Administrative Assistant job to start her own company, The PVA. Not only did this blend her administrative skills with entrepreneurship, but it also gave her time to write a bestselling e-book, Hire The Right Virtual Assistant. If she’s got enough on-point advice to fill multiple pages, you can bet she’ll have some must-hear contributions at the chat (just like she does in the OfficeNinjas Ambassador Group).

Bonus Ninja points: Melissa usually isn’t close enough to attend OfficeNinjas events by car, so she takes to the skies to make it on time (talk about commitment). Plus, she MCed our IRL event in Dallas last year!

See, we told you they’re impressive. But the Ninja fame doesn’t end with these panelists, because our Moderator is top-of-the-line.

Vanessa Shaw, Moderator

Vanessa Shaw Tech

Since OfficeNinjasIRL is all about networking and introducing innovation, we’ve enlisted Vanessa Shaw to be the Moderator. She’s the founder of Human Side of Tech and co-producer of Culture Summit. All this street cred is due to Vanessa’s work teaching brands about the intersection of people, culture, and technology—especially in terms of remote collaborations.

During the Fireside Chat, Vanessa will ensure the discussion is rich with actionable information and will facilitate a Q&A session. Register soon to get in on the action, and feel free to shoot Vanessa questions on Twitter.

Register Here!

Have any questions now for our all-star lineup? Post them in the comments below and Vanessa will use them to beef up the Fireside Chat at #OfficeNinjasIRL!


  1. Hi Office Ninjas – Vanessa Shaw here. I’ll be the panel moderator, and I want to encourage you to put your questions here – I am reading and listening. So leave a comment here of say @humansideoftech on Twitter. Can’t wait to meet you all on November 1st.

  2. @patricia, have you ever tried saying just that?

  3. We need chat boards so badly, ninjas!!! I can’t wait for the IRL event :)

  4. Will this chat be videotaped? So many great Ninja events, but I’m far from CA and can never make them! I’d LOVE to hear what these Ninjas have to say and be able to share it with my Midwest Ninjas.

    1. Shucks, it won’t be videotaped but we are planning a recap post for the blog :)

  5. I need a strategy for letting it be known that I’d like to be more involved in projects and other areas, but want to avoid becoming the dumping ground for the stuff no one else wants to do. Any suggestions?

    1. I too Patricia have that same question, if others would be willing to share any suggestions.

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