#Admingling Event Series: Are We Coming to Your City?

“Best time, ever,” said no-one who’s been stuck at a stiff networking event.

There’s a reason you cringe at the thought of showing up at a sub-standard networking shindig. But Ninjas need to mingle too, right? That’s why we’re stoked to kick off our #Admingling series again this year. These relaxed, after-work events bring the what: discussions on topics that are important to Office Ninjas. And, they aren’t complete without the who. In other words, you!

Why Attend?

The term “Office Ninja” is broadly defined, which makes our community incredibly diverse and dynamic. Our goal is to help Ninjas from varying industries and backgrounds make the connections needed to continue to grow and succeed in their field—without making you feel like you’re at a ‘networking’ event.

Not sure if you’re a Ninja? Well, we’re talking about office managers, executive assistants, virtual assistants, operations managers, and even happiness coordinators—so if your job falls under a similar title, we want to see you there!

Admingling Pic

Let’s Admingle!

– Get to know your fellow Ninjas at a relaxed, mid-week meetup
– Enjoy great food and frosty drinks at a fun location
– Talk shop on topics that are important to you—that only other Ninjas would ‘get’

Come out with an admin crew or fly solo—we’ll break the ice with a fun networking challenge!

Best of all—these events are for Office Ninjas only! But you must register in order to attend.

Huge thanks to our biggest Ninja cheerleaders in each city who will be leading these kickoff Admingling meetups in their respective cities. Take a look at the kickoff schedule below!

Kickoff Schedule

Admingling in Austin
June 8, 2016 / 6:00pm / Austin, TX
See how Austinite Ninjas Admingled!

Admingling in Dallas
June 16, 2016 / 6:00pm / Dallas, TX
See how DFW Ninjas Admingled!

Admingling in NYC
June 23, 2016 / 6:30pm / New York, NY
See how NYC Ninjas Admingled!

Admingling in San Francisco
July 28, 2016 / 6:00pm / San Francisco, CA
See how SF Ninjas Admingled!

Admingling in Silicon Valley
August 3, 2016 / 6:00pm / Palo Alto, CA
See how Silicon Valley Ninjas Admingled!

See You There!

Still not sure if Admingling is for you? Come on, step out of your comfort zone! Who doesn’t love a midweek meetup with like-minded Ninjas, yummy food, and frothy drinks? Don’t just take our word for it, hear it straight from some of your fellow community members!

“Admingling wasn’t your typical networking event. It was fun without making you uncomfortable; light but professional; and educational without changing the fun vibe to heavy and clunky. I’m so glad that I attended. I’ve already told a couple of colleagues about it!” – Brenda, Executive Assistant

“I am so grateful OfficeNinjas exists! It’s so nice to be connected to a huge network of folks who understand the intricacy of my role, and can provide me with resources and creative ideas to help me survive and thrive.” – Holly, People Ops Manager

We are often a party of 1 at our workplaces, and Admingling is a great opportunity to network with other admins, bounce ideas off each other, and learn new tricks of the trade.” – Zakiya, Executive Assistant

“Admingling is a great forum to share ideas and solutions – what may take one Ninja days to solve, another Ninja may already have a great fix. It is a catalyst for support.” – Ruthanna, Office Manager

Where should we host our next #Admingling meetup?

** Although we’re unable to respond to every comment, we do read each one, and will keep your requests in mind!

Please note we are just beginning to expand our Admingling program, and with such a small (but mighty!) team, we can’t make these events happen without your help.

If you love leading a team, have a solid network of diverse admins in your area, and contacts for fun venues and caterers who would want to collaborate, we want to hear from you!


OfficeNinjas gives recognition to the administrative role by supporting and growing a community of executive assistants, office managers, and operations pros. OfficeNinjas brings these “Ninjas” tech resources, educational content, vetted vendor recommendations, and modern in-person events.


  1. Hilary Whitmore

    I would love to see meetups happen in Portland, OR. I wonder if there are enough local people to get this started. Happy to help make that happen in any way.

  2. Mia C

    I would love to see #Admingling in Riverside/San Bernardino area!!!

  3. Corri

    I would love to see #Admingling come to Atlanta!

  4. Whitney

    Please direct email me when admingling registration opens for SF!

  5. Teena

    When is registration opening up for the below listed event?
    Admingling in San Francisco
    July 2016 / 6:00pm / San Francisco, CA
    Registration opens July 11

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Hi Teena, thanks so much for your patience. We’re finalizing the logistics and will send you a direct email once we have the date and location confirmed.

      1. Nikki

        I would love a direct email as well, please! I’m excited for the SF event and had the 11th on my calendar to check registration :)

        1. OfficeNinjas

          You got it, Nikki! We appreciate all of your patience as we work to kick-off this event series. :)

          1. Nikki

            Thanks OfficeNinjas team! We appreciate all of your hard work!!

      2. Teena

        Thank you! Looking forward to it!

  6. Tamara Leger

    Tacoma, WA – that way you can get easier participation from Seattle, Tacoma, and Olympia ninjas!

  7. Andrea

    Seattle area PLEASE!!

  8. Deborah Zotian

    I’m hoping these will become regular events. I’m close to NYC, but can’t make this one (going on vacation soon, and can’t take any additional time which I would need to attend). Hope to see everyone soon at another event!

    1. OfficeNinjas

      It’s a shame that you’re so close and won’t be able to make it, Deborah! But don’t worry – Admingling is just getting started ;)

  9. Dana Brown

    Phoenix, AZ!

  10. Karen Hodson

    DC Metro!

  11. barbara cohen

    We would love to have one in Richmond, VA. We have several large companies with a very large pool of Administrative/Executive Assistants. Maybe even, DC or the Northern VA area if Richmond isn’t a good option.

  12. Alaia

    Would love an event in Los Angeles!

  13. Monica

    How about Atlanta, GA!

  14. Staci Ann Thompson

    Nashville would be great place for some Admingling! Even outside of downtown in the Brentwood area. Lots of businesses out here in the South. Please consider. Thanks!

  15. Sue

    San Diego is STILL getting no love. C’mon kids, we have a LOT of Ninja action down here!!! :-)

  16. Teresa Faile, CAP

    We would love to see you in South Carolina. I live in Rock Hill, SC just below Charlotte, NC.

  17. Elizabeth Lademan

    Washington DC, please. Or Arlington, VA – just across the river!

    1. Karen Hodson

      Hi Elizabeth – I hope they come to DC as well. In the meantime I am working on creating a meetup group for Operations – mainly focusing on Tech companies but open to all types. Would love to hear from you – [email protected]

      1. OfficeNinjas

        Hi Karen and Barbara! Please do get in touch with us if you’d be interested in developing the Admingling program in your area :)

  18. Emily Vogel

    Milwaukee! :)

    We’re the city of festivals, so there’s a ton to do in the summer for those traveling in from other locations.

    1. Christine Garcia

      Ditto, Emily!!

  19. Karen Wilkinson

    Portland, Oregon! Maybe piggy-back on a Seattle meetup? I suppose vacation time could be used to get to Seattle instead… :)

  20. Tiffany Barrington

    I WOULD love to see his in Chicago!!

  21. Kelly

    Cleveland or Akron, Ohio

  22. Coni Guerin

    Nashvegas!! Music City, USA

  23. Chandra

    I would suggest Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, OH……

  24. N. Torres

    How about Houston, TX. I’m pretty sure we have an Office Ninja Army down here!

    1. LaShaune

      I concur. A Houston Ninja takeover is definitely needed.

  25. Emily Arrowsmith

    Anchorage, Alaska. We are having a beautiful summer, but late Fall and late Spring are the best times for events. People are out hiking, camping, fishing, etc. in the summer.

  26. Addie Wilson

    I’d love to see you and help out if you are considering Birmingham, AL !!

  27. Evelyn Hall

    I’m so there OfficeNinjas!!! I’ll be bringing a new EA from Spirent Communications too as I know she will enjoy the powerful networking and all around Ninja pride and fun! Thanks a million for coming back to Dallas. We’re over the moon with excitement & will be bringing our A game! #NinjaLife

  28. Debbie Kocis

    The Detroit area needs some #Admingling Meetup! Lots of great restaurants in the Royal Oak area!

  29. Alison Lyon

    Count me in for Palo Alto! I can volunteer to help too if you’d like.

  30. Sandy Fortune

    Orlando- “I love you, Orlando”…SeaWorld, Disney, Putt-putt, Golfing…!!!

    1. Laurie

      Nice – Book of Mormon Reference!!!!

  31. Sheri D

    Seattle, Seattle, Seattle would LOVE to admingle again!

    1. Connie Boyer

      +1 !!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Shawn

      +2 !!!
      We’re not just rain and trees over here!

  32. B Hughes

    The Rock and Roll Capital…. plan a trip to Cleveland, OH!!

  33. Lois Walters

    Coming to Minnesota anytime soon? Would love to see that!

  34. Vicki

    Foxboro, MA or Boston!

    1. Lynn

      I second Boston – it is an Office Ninja Mecca (especially in the Biotech scene)!

  35. Tina Piety

    Please!! come back to Seattle. I had a great time at your last event and would love to repeat the experience.

    1. Sheri D

      YES! S E A T T L E!

  36. Jenean

    Los Angeles, anyone??

    1. Patricia

      Yes! L.A., or Pasadena!

    2. Alaia

      Los Angeles would be great!

  37. Sue Christensen

    Salt Lake City, UT! Happy to help out!

    1. Dardi Kunz

      SLC babe, all the way!!

  38. Megan

    Huntington, WV or Ashland, KY would be ideal for me (and many others I know).

  39. Deborah

    We would love for you to come to Orlando, FL.

    1. Monica

      ORRR Tampa/St. Petersburg area !!!!

      1. Michalle Vargas


    2. Michelle

      Yes! Please! Orlando!! I could use a relaxing time with positive colleagues!

  40. Karyn Stapleton

    Boise/Chicago/Minneapolis/Seattle/New Orleans/Boston please!

    1. Lisa Olson Tilly

      The Windy City would welcome you! I would be happy to help organize & promote – and invite all of my future Ninja network. I already have a great vendor network in place too :)

  41. Mary S

    Would love to see officeninjas in Richmond, VA, Virginia Beach, VA or DC area.

    1. Merrie McFadden


    2. Penney

      Baltimore, anyone??

  42. Jehna

    Same request for SEATTLE – you were here a few years ago and I loved every moment of it, but haven’t seen you since! Happy to lend any support I may.

  43. Lori

    Oklahoma City, OK! We have a lot going on in our city!!

    1. Deb

      I agree! Meeting planners that have never been here before and then come on a site visit are always surprised and amazed at what we have going on in our city. And since I work for the CVB where we can help connect the dots with logistics for groups and conventions, we can help!

      1. Evelyn Hall

        Outstanding Deb! I hope to make it out there too as a meeting planner for Time Warner Cable. I’m always looking for ways to wow the crowd & especially the many C Level Executives that attend our meetings and events. #NinjaLife

  44. Sharon

    Boston, MA

  45. Amber DiMaria

    Boise, Idaho!

    1. Karyn Stapleton

      YES, Come to Boise! I’ll even help you organize and promote. :)

      1. Tiffany M.

        Agreed! come to Boise, ID!

  46. Beth

    New Orleans area! These sound awesome!

    1. Karyn Stapleton

      I’d go home to NoLa, too for an event like this!

  47. Donna

    Please come a few hours south to San Diego.

  48. Amy Spellman

    Hello?! Kansas City! You would love it here!

    1. Shari

      Yes, please, the Kansas City area!

    2. Rachel

      Yes to Kansas City (or St. Louis)!

    3. Angel

      YES – please come to KC! I’ll be happy to help in any way.

  49. Ginger Robichaux

    How about New Orleans!

  50. Monica

    Another east coast choice… Tampa/St. Petersburg area in Florida!!!

  51. Denise Sciulli

    Pittsburgh please!

  52. Kathy Ferrier

    Would love to see you in Minneapolis, MN??

    1. Ann Rubin, CAP-OM

      Another vote for Minneapolis!

  53. Cindy McGinley

    Philadelphia! There is so much growth and energy here right now. It would be amazing to have you all here to experience it with Ninjas. I would be honored to help in anyway possible!

    1. Cindy McGinley

      *experience it with fellow Ninjas.

    2. Melissa Dill

      Yes please! I feel like there is a diverse group of office ninjas in the Philadelphia area who would love to get together to meet!

    3. Mo Alston

      Yes! Philly please!

  54. Jenny

    A meetup in the Boulder/Denver area would be awesome!

    1. Andrea

      Seconded! The only reason to not come to Boulder is ’cause you’re afraid you won’t want to leave!

      1. OfficeNinjas

        Haha! You’ve got us intrigued Andrea ;)

    2. Dre

      Yes!!! Denver Metro area

  55. Melissa Mosher

    Same request for Seattle – you were here a few years ago but haven’t seen you since! Happy to lend any support I may.

  56. Julie Bock

    How about hosting an #Admingling Meetup in Phoenix, would be happy to help out :)

    1. Jules

      I second that – Phoenix! But maybe the next round of events in the fall/winter? Don’t want to dry roast our fellow Ninjas!