An Important Announcement From OfficeNinjas Founders →We’re Taking a Hiatus

It’s HOMECOMING, and You’re Invited!

OfficeNinjas has hosted sellout events in New York City, Dallas, Seattle, and Los Angeles, but there’s nothing quite like a homecoming, ya know? That’s why our next OfficeNinjas IRL event is all about getting back to our roots and showing you where this incredible community got started: Silicon Valley!

#OfficeNinjasIRL has the demos, panel discussions, and networking of a first-class professional development event… but, honestly, it feels more like a party. That’s because we like to mix tech tutorials with cocktails, and we prefer artisanal treats with local flair to grocery store sandwich platters.

We’ll be teaming up with innovative companies to throw an event that’s guaranteed to rock your socks and send you home with new ideas, product info, and connections that will make your job a lot easier. Plus, there’s a killer goody bag.

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Who Should Attend

The term “Office Ninja” is broadly defined, which makes our community incredibly diverse and dynamic. Our goal is to help Ninjas from varying industries and backgrounds make the connections needed to continue to grow and succeed in their field—without making you feel like you’re at a ‘networking’ event.

Not sure if you’re a Ninja? Well, we’re talking about office managers, executive assistants, virtual assistants, operations managers, and even happiness coordinators—so if your job falls under a similar title, we want to see you there!


What to Expect

We’re keeping most of the details under wraps (OfficeNinjas events are known for its surprise factor) but you can definitely expect:

  • Peer-to-peer networking. Whether you’re with an admin crew or flying solo, we’ll break the ice with a fun networking challenge.
  • Interactive learn and thrive stations, topics ranging from career development to office wellness to tech solutions.
  • Tasty bites and drinks.Plenty of delicious, fresh, and inventive food and drinks!
  • A massage lounge Shouldn’t this just be a requirement for all events?
  • The LEGENDARY OfficeNinjas Swag Bag (seriously – we only include things we absolutely love).
  • Face time with a carefully vetted roster of vendors who want help keep your office happy and running smoothly.
  • Raffle prizes… that you actually want. (Last year we gave away stellar prizes valued at over $10k!)
  • FUN. We’re known for our “recess for adults” vibe. Hmm… What will our angle be for this event?

Come with a crew of your Ninja friends, or go solo and make new ones. But whatever you do, act quickly. #OfficeNinjasIRL sells out every time, so get your ticket today.

Register for OfficeNinjas IRL: Silicon Valley!


  1. Cannot wait to meet up with like minded individuals such as myself to collaborate and learn from one another!
    So often I book my executives for conferences all over the place, but this time it’s for ME – how awesome is that!! WOO HOO!!

  2. Woo hoo, looking forward to having meaningful conversations with humans who not only think alike but also who think and create culture and execute administrative tasks in different ways than I do.

    1. Facilitating meaningful conversations is our speciality (and throwin’ sweet parties). Can’t wait to see you there!

  3. I’m really looking forward to this event for two reasons. 1, to meet other amazing Office Ninjas who share my passion and 2, to become inspired by greatness. These events help me to learn from the best. I’m so grateful for Office Ninjas! ?

    1. Woot! Can’t wait to see you there, Abby. We’re grateful for you too ;)

  4. Love hanging out with people who care about culture, creating great workplaces/spaces and who dedicate their day to contributing in positive ways. As part of my work at Culture Summit, we love to showcase great people to work with. Office Ninjas is a great place to find a big hub of amazing people you’d just love to call your colleague.

    1. Vanessa, your description of what we’re trying to create is spot on! We’re so glad you think our big hub of amazing people is as awesome as we think it is ?

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