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Tech Tools: The Email Edition

Email. Depending on who you talk to, it’s the boon or the bane of modern work life. For Office Ninjas, mastering your email management strategy is essential for maintaining order and getting everything done.

Despite the array of efficiency tools out there, we still struggle with this major time suck. We don’t have to — let’s look at a few awesome email productivity apps:



What it is: Need to write attention-grabbing subject lines so that people actually read your emails? SubjectLine is a useful tool to evaluate how effective your header will be.

Why it’s awesome: If you’re rolling out a new office procedure or trying to get everyone excited about a new wellness program, you know that an email campaign is only as good as its subject line—but coming up with a good one is hard. With this tool, you can test yours against a heap of data for a second opinion.

How to use it: Sign up and enter your test headlines to receive an evaluation.

Cost: Free



What it is: Ever wish you knew whether someone had opened your email or not? Well, with Sidekick, the slightly stalker-y email app, you can.

Why it’s awesome: Knowing when someone has read, clicked or forwarded your email is handy when following up. Not only that, but this app gives you live notifications and instant access to your recipient’s profile information. Talk about creeper status.

How to use it: The free version is a Google Chrome extension for Gmail users (although the business package doesn’t require the Gmail mail client). Sorry Internet Explorer users!

Cost: Free for personal use up to 200 tracked emails; business package comes with a suite of upgrade services at $50/person per month.

Readability Checker


What it is: The Readability Checker is a handy text analyzer that will let you know if your text is readable or not.

Why it’s awesome: When you’re trying to cover lots of info in an email, it’s easy to get carried away. This tool will help make sure your message is clear and easy to understand for all audiences.

How to use it: Just copy and paste your text and sit back to see results.

Cost: Free

Canned Emails

Canned Emails

What it is: Canned Emails is a series of email templates for a range of personal and professional scenarios, from calling up IOUs to breaking up (ouch!).

Why it’s awesome: It spares you the grief of figuring out how to gently let down that pestering vendor or how to let the office know you’re off sick without worrying about verbal vomit, not to mention the concern of whether you’ve made any typos!

How to use it: Choose your situation from the list and copy and paste into your email.

Cost: Free

What it is: Less a tool and more a personal manifesto, challenges you to keep every email to a maximum of five sentences, and to spread the message around.

Why it’s awesome: It’s a great way to rein in your emails and to set an example of brevity among your colleagues. Not only does it show respect for other people’s time, it invites them to respect yours right back.

How to use it: Just take the plunge! Remind yourself to keep emails below five sentences, or copy and paste a footer linking to the webpage to explain your short email to contacts and perhaps inspire them to do the same.

Cost: Free

Let’s face it, time is always tight and no one can spare a moment to mess around with emails. But with great email tools like the ones listed above, you’ll be able to manage your inbox like a pro!

What’s your favorite email productivity tool? Share your best tips below!


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