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  1. Does Yesware track each recipient of an email that I send to multiple recipients? Also can I use mixmax on my Gmail and still use yesware with my outlook and iphone?

  2. I haven’t tried YesWare yet, but I love MixMax. I’m moving to a new company that uses Outlook instead of Gmail for Business, so I was lead here while searching for a comparable replacement. I will give YesWare a try, but I am truly hoping MixMax gets over to Outlook very soon!

  3. Used both, then switched to free analogue – Deskun. No complaints for now.

  4. On MixMax if you send templates you can NOT see if they have been opened unless you pay $25/month. This is NOT the case in YESWARE— back to Yesware I go…..

  5. I think Yesware is superior in every way. You can install the “undo send” feature from google labs for free.

  6. I am using Mixmas, it is a great addition to Gmail with only one significant drawback: it does not sync contacts with either Google contacts of Android phone.

  7. Has anyone else experienced issues getting the Mixmax paid package to initiate? I signed up for it 4 hours ago and it’s still making me use the free version of their software. I can see that support is opening my emails, but I’m yet to get a response…

  8. Point of correction: Yesware also bills monthly, you just pay slightly more for that.Great article! will be giving Mixmax a try…

  9. I just installed Mixmax! I just decided the “Tech Tools” section of the blog is my favorite!

  10. Excellent article, guys. It offers a good comparison of both the tools on all important aspects. Thanks, Niraj

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