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Revealing Admin Week 2017: You Can’t Spell DAMN AMAZING Without ADMIN

OfficeNinjas Admin Week

Editor’s Note: For Admin Week 2019, we pulled back the curtain on how you achieve the impossible. A Ninja’s work isn’t an illusion or trickery. It’s not magic. It’s a phenomenon. See highlights from our week-long celebration!

We’re onto you, Ninja.

The organizing, the systems building, the scheduling, the putting out of fires, and boosting of company morale—you make it all look easy, but we know what it takes to be a true Office Ninja.

For 51 weeks out of the year we’ll go ahead and let everyone believe that workplace efficiency just sort of happens under your watch. But this April, prepare to have your cover blown. That’s right, it’s…

OfficeNinjas Admin Week

April 24–28, 2017

Damn Admazing!

We lit the Admin Week fuse in 2015—and the explosion of awesome has only gotten better each year. Nowadays, it’s the biggest—and coolest—celebration of office managers, executive assistants, and administrative maestros around the globe. For five straight days, we will shamelessly recognize, appreciate, and celebrate Office Ninjas from all over the world with awards, prizes, giveaways, and a giant bash in San Francisco. It’s our third year at it, so you better believe we’re going bigger and better! Here’s some of what we’re cookin’ up:

OfficeNinjas Admin Bash

Tickets now available!


We throw killer events throughout the year—but when it comes to Admin Bash, we pull out all the stops.

Putting 350+ Ninjas under the same roof is what magic is made of, and with dozens flying in to attend, you know it’s for more than networking. The greatness starts with an unexpected venue, refreshing entertainment and activities, and delicious food and drinks. Then, we hand-pick sponsors to help shower every Ninja in attendance with high-quality gifts (our goody bags and raffle prizes are the stuff of legend) to show you exactly how appreciated you are.

Are you ready to party?

Daily Flash Raffle Giveaway

Coming April 24–28, 2017!


Speed, agility, focus—you were trained for these flash raffles, Ninja.

During every day of Admin Week, three Ninjas will win prizes from one of our generous partners. We’ll announce the prize details, open the raffle, and pick a winner all in one day. So be sure to look out for our morning emails, or just keep open and refresh regularly. You’re eligible to win a prize every single day of Admin Week.

OfficeNinjas All-Stars

Nominations have ended—stay tuned for the All-Stars reveal!


Football has Joe Montana. Basketball has Jordan and LeBron. But OfficeNinjas has Shaffer, Bradley, Glesener, Pillatsch, and Powley.

Now in its third year, OfficeNinjas All-Stars is a global, online search for the best and brightest Ninjas. We know all Ninjas kick butt on a daily basis, but All-Stars set the bar higher with their creative problem solving, passion for efficiency, and can-do attitudes.

Meet the 2016 All-Stars!

Your Idea Here

In 2017, our goal is to blow the lid off this party. (Last year, #AdminWeek grew by 274%, but we know it can be even bigger!) We want every Ninja, employer, company, vendor, and media outlet to know about #AdminWeek. And we want YOUR recommendations for getting the word out.

In fact, the person who submits the smartest, scrappiest, most creative-but-doable idea will receive a special prize. Put on that marketing hat, Ninja, and submit your ideas in the comments by January 20!

Which part of #AdminWeek are you most excited about?


  1. I am so excited for #Adminweek this year and looking forward to my first #AdminBash. My idea is to do a video featuring admins talking about what they do and then asking their team members to describe in one word or sentence on a notecard or poster board what they think their admin team does and asking the team other questions. #AdminWEEK

    1. First Admin Bash?! You’re gonna be hooked, Catherine!

  2. Have Ninjas, employers, and vendors create custom GIF’s about ON #AdminWeek and then have others vote on them. You can also separate into categories and the Ninja that gets the most shares, likes, votes, etc. can be scored along with originality and keeping in with the theme of ON.

    So sad to miss #adminweek this year! The best swag bag EVER!

  3. I was getting so excited about the AdminBash, then I saw the date. I’ll be exercising my Ninja skills with board meetings that week. Y’all have fun though – make the rest of us proud! :)

    1. Bummer, Susan! You can still participate in the other Admin Week festivities, like All-Star awards and Flash Raffles!

  4. Registered! So excited for this, it’ll be my first ninja event. The permission slip for my boss was excellent by the way, you guys are the best ninjas, can’t wait to be there!

    1. Whoa, first event?! You’ll be hooked after this one. Can’t wait to meet you!

  5. Yay for #AdminWeek! My idea would be to ask people to post “Why I”m an Office Ninja” and tag your social media sites for a fun contest.

    1. Thanks Tracy! We’re all about those Admin Week hashtags

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