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OfficeNinjas All-Stars: One Last Virtual Standing Ovation!

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A few months back we launched a global search for the best and brightest Office Ninjas. We received nominations from managers, co-workers, friends, and Ninjas themselves from over 80 different cities! While we know all Office Ninjas kick ass on a daily basis, we could choose only five All-Stars who set the bar sky high with their creative problem solving, passion for efficiency, and can-do attitudes.

We couldn’t be prouder of this year’s OfficeNinjas All-Star lineup. In case you missed any of our announcements, here’s a recap of the 2016 winners.

Debbi Shaffer – Arlington, VA

Senior Executive Assistant, Jacobs

OfficeNinjas Debbi Shaffer

She makes time for others in our workplace community—she’s there with advice, assistance, and a genuine customer-friendly personality and temperament for her co-workers, clients, visitors from other offices, and vendors/suppliers. Everyone gets the same friendly, professional treatment from Debbi. She’s a credit to our company, and certainly worthy of the title ‘OfficeNinjas All-Star!

Read our Q&A and check out our photo shoot with Debbi!

After all that time-giving Ninja, it’s time to give a little back to yourself! Pack your bags and turn on your out-of-office message, Debbi – you’re getting $1,000 in air travel from Delta Air Lines!

Lauren Bradley – New York, NY

Office Manager, DramaFever

OfficeNinjas All-Star award winner Lauren from DramaFever

Lauren is amazing at shaping the company culture that attracts people to work at DramaFever in the first place. In the last 18 months, our company has grown ~2x, which typically changes a culture drastically, but Lauren has been incredible about keeping up traditions and creating new ones…. She understands the importance of bonding for a team, and does everything she can to make DramaFever a happy, social place to work. Our company truly would not be the same without her.

Read our Q&A and check out our photo shoot with Lauren!

A Ninja this impressive needs tech accessories worthy of her awesomeness! Lauren, enjoy your new stylish backpack, power bank, phone case, and more with your $1,000 worth of Moshi products!

Willa Glesener – Austin, TX

Executive Assistant, SpareFoot

One of 2016's OfficeNinjas All-Stars, Willa from SpareFoot

Willa is the glue that holds us all together and keeps us going in the right direction. How on earth could SpareFoot ever keep up without Willa taking care of us? She is amazing at juggling an infinite number of details, ensuring we get the meetings we’re begging for, the ‘impossible’ last minute travel plans. She is truly fearless and will tackle any obstacle in her way.

Read our Q&A and check out our photo shoot with Willa!

All that juggling and tackling can be rough on the mind and body, even for a Ninja. Willa, please enjoy your all-inclusive mountaintop resort retreat at the Chaminade Resort & Spa in Santa Cruz, CA—just relax and recharge!

Nicole Pillatsch – Silicon Valley, CA

Administrative Business Partner, Google’s Project Aura

Nicole from Google's Project Aura is an OfficeNinjas All-Stars award winner

There is no one more deserving of this honor than Nicole Pillatsch. After working in corporate America for many years, I have come to know many admins. She is the best one I have ever worked with and a true example to others. She leads the organization and has a quiet confidence about her that is unmatched. I personally feel that admins do not always get the recognition that they deserve. Nic is the best admin there is at Google HQ in Mountain View, CA and a perfect example of an ‘Office Ninja.

Read our Q&A and check out our photo shoot with Nicole!

Keep leading the way, Nicole! But do so in a pair of UKIES, the most comfortable designer shoes on the planet! Have fun shopping with your $1000 gift card!

Stephanie Powley – Philadelphia, PA

Office Manager/Executive Assistant, Seer Interactive

OfficeNinjas Stephanie Powley

Seer would not run even 1/4 as well without Steph. In just a few months, she’s found more efficient and cost-effective ways to run our offices in both Philly and in San Diego. She is always two steps ahead, cares deeply for all 110 team members at Seer and consistently goes the extra mile. Delays on flights? She’ll tell you before you know—that stands for everyone in the company, and she’ll have a solution or new option ready for you to pick from. Point blank, Seer would not be as successful without Stephanie!

Read our Q&A and check out our photo shoot with Stephanie!

Managing two offices on different coasts is no joke! Your one-year deluxe snack subscription from NatureBox will help keep you energized! Go, Stephanie, go!

We couldn’t ask for a better group to represent the OfficeNinjas community. We hope you enjoyed meeting our All-Stars and gained new insight, tips, tricks, and inspiration for making the most of #NinjaLife.

We can’t wait to meet next year’s All-Stars!



  1. What a fun time it must’ve been. I love that the All-Stars personalities came out in their photo shoots. They all seem like awesomely, fun women!!! Way to go OfficeNinjas!!!

    1. We definitely had a blast giving recognition to our OfficeNinjas All-Stars! We’re already excited for 2017, April! :)

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