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We Asked, You Answered: How to Start Your Monday Like an Office Ninja

Monday is no-one’s favorite day. It’s the furthest from the weekend and when all the demands start piling up as you plan out your tasks for the week ahead. It’s a rare person who bounces into the office bright and peppy on a Monday morning.

However, a successful Monday can make or break the entire week, so it’s essential for Office Ninjas to get all the ingredients right. Often, other employees will rely on their local friendly Ninja to improve their mood too, so you’ll sometimes have the expectations of the entire team riding on your Monday. No pressure!

We asked some Ninjas how they beat the Monday morning blues and they had some stellar tips about how they hit the ground running.

A Strong Monday Starts on Friday


You know that nagging, ‘something’s not right’ feeling you get when you’ve left work on a Friday with something unfinished? It’s the worst way to start a weekend and usually culminates in a feeling of dread as you walk through the door Monday.

Several Ninjas reported ensuring that they always leave the office with Monday’s schedule in place. Executive Assistant Chasma S. reported: “I typically have a game plan Friday before I leave work; meetings are scheduled, I’m following up with necessary people for anything I need and I have my to-do list. I might check email Sunday evening (no longer than an hour).” Virtual Assistant Melissa S. was much more direct about why she’s sure to be nice and organized on Friday afternoon: “If I died over the weekend someone could look at my list and desk to connect the dots.” Now that is forward planning!

Gather Your Favorite Beverages

Coffee beans

No Monday morning (or any morning, for that matter) would be complete without the appropriate liquid refreshments. No surprise that coffee was a popular choice; Executive Assistant Katy F. likes to cut right to the chase with a one-two hit of caffeine and sugar (“Red bull and orange juice”—that’s a lot of energy!). Whether you’re looking for energy, comfort, warmth, or simply a ritual, your fave drink is an essential start to the week.

Check out our post on the futuristic office beverage options you might be missing out on!

Finding Your Zen


It’s important not to succumb to the ‘Manic Monday’ vibes, but to approach the day deliberately, with a sense of calm and purpose (if possible, that is!!). Executive Assistant Kim C. had some good advice about easing in: “I start my Monday (actually each day) slowly. Best way to start the week. As I am the first one in the office I get the luxury of being able to take my time and ease into my day.”

Meanwhile, Executive Assistant Jennifer M. has a very focused habit of mindfulness and self-care: “I start on Thursday with an awesome 1.5 hour Fremont meditation class, Friday BAP Acupuncture in Berkeley. Saturday coloring/painting. Sunday love journaling and the upcoming week’s intention and gratitude. And I’ve recently adopted 4-7-8 breathing twice a day … When you have your feet on the ground, it sets up the day for anything.” Sure sounds like it!

Syncing with the Boss

Office Ninja, Janine B, reveals her genius organizational method.

Some of the Ninjas said they make sure to grab a few dedicated minutes with their boss to check that they’re on the same page as far as priorities, deadlines, schedule and tasks for the week. We all know it can be difficult to get into your boss’s diary, but luckily, being in charge of the diary helps. Some Ninjas told us that they don’t really have a routine because they never know what will hit them when they walk into the office—making that facetime all the more essential.

Starting the Day with a Smile


The final word goes to Administrative Services Manager Janine B., whose Monday morning routine just warms our hearts:

“The ABSOLUTE FIRST THING I DO Monday morning is have my hot drink in hand (usually a green tea latte) and take a walk around the office and say hello to everyone and ask about their weekend. I find it helps ease everyone’s Monday morning blues … If they bring up an email (“did you see my email about XYZ?”) I let them know that I haven’t opened it yet, and I wanted to say hello first. Some saw it as a “waste of time” but eventually got used to it and realized I wouldn’t change. The few times I didn’t say hello, people came to my desk and asked if everything was ok, or when I was coming by.”

Um, Janine? You’re our hero.

Ninjas, what’s your go-to solution for Mondayitis? Tell us in the comments below!


  1. Case of the Mondays ey! No bueno for anyone…my office is full of adventure-seeking, social butterflies. We tend to cram our weekends with hiking, bike racing (or plain ole biking!), snowboarding, camping, clubbing or concert going. So by Monday, everyone struggles to get into game mode. Lately, I’ve figured out a routine to that works for us! I’ve set up lights around the office to stimulate a chill ambiance, down-tempo house music turned up for all to hear (but everyone owns a pair of headphones if they decide to enjoy other beats). Coffee should be ready for all, turn the espresso machine on for those that like the instant caffeine shot, have the tea pot full of water, and by 11 AM I begin passing around smoothies made from fresh ingredients; a concoction of strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, ginger, beets, cucumbers, kale, spinach, chard, kefir, pineapple juice, and coconut water. Sometime I experiment and leave one of those out, but that’s typically the recipe! With smoothies in hand, that usually gets everyone out of their seats, chatting about their weekend details. Then it’s onto coffee pot number two!

    1. Cheyenne, this is an absolutely stellar Monday morning game plan! We wish we could work in your office on Mondays :)

      After smoothies and coffee is everyone generally able to get into “game mode” and be as productive as on other days?

  2. Mondays mornings are always a “blah” time, but since we have an all executive meeting first thing on Mondays, I find that I feel more ramped up and ready to go because of these. Coffee of course helps as well!

    I do like Deborah’s way of tacking the Monday blues and think I may incorporate that into my Monday routine. What a great positive way to start the week!

    1. Such a great attitude to have that you look forward to your executive meetings on Monday morning, rather than dread them, Amy! Let us know if any of these tricks help you to make your Mondays even more positive :)

  3. Monday mornings are my time to walk around the office and check on the status of things. I’m the first one in, so I check the coffee/soda/snack levels in the kitchen, make sure the cleaners have done a good job over the weekend, turn on the lights, etc. Then I’ll make myself a cup of tea, sit down and calm myself for the start of the week. Go through emails, put out fires and get what needs to be done before everyone else gets in completed.

    1. It sounds like you have extremely productive Monday mornings! It’s definitely refreshing to be the first one in the office and get yourself set up for the week before anyone else comes in :)

      Do you have a favorite tea that you drink every morning or do you like to switch it up?

      1. I’m an Earl Grey lover. I grew up drinking it and didn’t start on coffee until college. The scent of the tea calms me down, which is probably why I have another later in the morning after everyone comes in and starts throwing things on my desk. :)

        1. We love that! The mental power of association (in your case, Earl Grey tea with being calm) is incredible, and means you’ve got a secret weapon in your Ninja arsenal for when things start getting too chaotic :)

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