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6 Drink-Related Tech Tools That Confirm the Future is Here

Is there any better pick-me-up than a morning coffee, a vitamin infused sparkling water, or an energizing cup of tea? Busy Office Managers, Executive Assistants, and Facilities Managers often rely on these beverages to keep trucking along—we’ve all had those weeks when it feels like coffee is literally coursing through our veins.

So, how do you make your favorite part of the day even better? You add tech, of course. Yup, those techy brains are working on next generation drinks. Check out these beverage-related tools, gadgets, and services, and prepare for a totally new take on these classics. The future is here, Ninjas!



 What is it: Never mess up a coffee order again! Coffeespec allows you to create a helpful (and, OK, adorable) infographic detailing how everyone in your office likes their coffee.

Why it’s awesome: It’s not only efficient and personalized, but it’s also perfect for those meetings when you need to have all of the beverages ready. Plus, it’s not just for coffee drinkers—it also includes tea, soft drinks, and even water. The best part? Now anybody can make the coffee run, without making the excuse that “You’re the only one who knows everything!”

How to use it: Visit the website, sign in, and start creating your office’s infographic.

Cost: Free

Coffee & Power


 What is it: Coffee & Power helps you find coffee shops in a certain city with that extremely rare combination of good coffee, even better WiFi, and charging outlets for all of your devices.

Why it’s awesome: In theory, working in a coffee shop can be fun, but it can often be impractical. The WiFi is impossibly slow, you’re running low on battery and there aren’t any accessible outlets, or the coffee tastes like dirt. Finding a spot that has everything you’re looking for is always a challenge. This is where Coffee & Power comes in. Search the website to find the coffee shop of your dreams.

How to use it: Visit their site and get searchin’!

Cost: Free

Ripple Maker

Ripple Maker

What is it: The Ripple Maker is a machine that prints custom images and text on cups of coffee.

Why it’s awesome: And you thought your Keurig was fancy! The Ripple Maker takes things to a new level by turning mugs of coffee into works of art. With connectivity between the actual machine, the website, and an app, the Ripple Maker is easy to use and totally unique! It’s ideal for branding and very Instagrammable.

How to use it: For now, the Ripple Maker is only available for businesses, and is designed for use by a barista. But, sign up for their newsletter to learn about future product updates.

Cost: The Ripple Maker starts at $1,299, with service plans beginning at $85 per month.


Bevi in Use

What is it: Think that water coolers are just for cooling plain old water? Think again. Bevi is the smart water cooler of tomorrow, providing naturally flavored drinks at the touch of a button.

Why it’s awesome: Sparkling water? No problem. Pomegranate flavor? You got it. Not only is it healthier than soda, it also produces less waste and is a great office perk that employees will love. The folks at Bevi will even proactively restock based on your office’s flavor preferences so your team’s favorite drinks never run out. If you’re hankering to see the Bevi in action, the flavored water will be flowing at the OfficeNinjas 4th Annual Admin Bash—tickets now available!

How to use it: Bevi is currently available in Boston, New York, and launching soon in San Francisco Bay Area. Want one in your city? Contact Bevi and let them know where you are!

Cost: Bevi charges a fixed monthly rate plus a one-time installation, delivery, and plumbing fee. Monthly prices vary depending on the size of the organization and start from around $300. Contact Bevi to get a quote based on the number of people in your office.

Mighty Timer

Mighty Timer

What is it: Mighty Timer makes sure you brew the perfect cup of tea by helping you refine your brew time.

Why it’s awesome: How long should you leave the teabag in? Is it different for loose leaf? How about the difference between black and green? Brewing the perfect tea is an art that not all of us have been able to master, but Mighty Timer allows you to control your brew by making sure you hit the ideal brew length every time you’re making a cup. Available for the Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad, you can modify tea profiles and create custom teas to fit your preferences. Plus, you can set a quirky alarm sound—like a martian gun. This app is sure to be your cup of tea.

How to use it: Download it on the app store, and get ready for tea time!

Cost: Free



What is it: We told you the future is here! teaBOT is a legitimate robot that makes custom blend cups of grab-and-go, loose leaf tea.

Why it’s awesome: First of all, what could be more awesome than a tea-making robot? With teaBOT, you can skip waiting in line and get a fully personalized cup of tea at the touch of a button. Choose everything from your ingredients and caffeine level to your water temperature. It’s guaranteed to be the best cup of tea you’ve ever had.

How to use it: Right now, you can only find teaBOTs in Toronto, but you can suggest a location and even request one for a high traffic location—like your office building!

Cost: Contact teaBOT to learn more.

Which of these products/services do you plan to add to your Ninja toolkit? What other beverage-savvy tools have you come across? Share below!


  1. Love the Coffee and Power site. I’m going to save that for all my staff when they’re traveling. Personally, I want the Teabot in my office. Thanks for the great information.

    1. We’re so glad you loved this list Deborah! Please report back if you try any of them :)

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