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FLASH RAFFLE! Are You Ready for Five Days of Ninja-Approved Giveaways?

Are you feeling lucky, Ninja?

Speed, agility, quickness – you were trained for these raffles. For every day of Admin Week (April 25-29, 2016), three Ninjas will win prizes from one of our generous partners. We announce the prize details, open the raffle, and pick a winner all in one day. So be sure to look out for our morning emails, or just keep open and refresh regularly. There’s no limit to the prizes one person can win (and you will want to win them ALL), so enter every day!

How it Works

1. Subscribe

Subscribe to our newsletter here. Each day during Admin Week you’ll get an email alert the instant a raffle goes live.

2. Enter

Follow the super simple entry instructions in the email alert, but do it ASAP – you only have 24 hours!

3. Win!

We’ll give away three different prizes every day. Check back at to see if you’ve won!

Until then, here’s a sneak peek at the goods. We’ve highlighted the grand prize for each day of the week, but each partner is giving away three separate prizes. That’s right, we’re raffling off 15 prizes total!
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Day 1, April 25 // Delta Air Lines

Delta Flash Raffle

Delta Air Lines sponsored last year’s flash raffle, and they’re back to kick off this year’s week of giveaways. We’re stoked that they offer 15 hourly shuttle flights everyday between Los Angeles and San Francisco, and that we can get Starbucks coffee, Luvo snacks, craft beer, and wine on board. Add that to all the #NinjaLove they show on the regular, and they’re our favorite airline!

Day 2, April 26 // Moshi

Moshi Flash Raffle

Moshi’s team of material scientists, engineers, and designers has essentially revolutionized the dusty, neglected landscape of mobile accessories with a gorgeous line of fashionable computer bags, tailored tablet sleeves, sleek power banks, streamlined cables, stylish audio accessories, and more. Plus, you can brand Moshi’s products with your company’s logo! (Employee appreciation gift issue = solved.)

Day 3, April 27 // OfficeNinjas

OfficeNinjas Flash Raffle

As April 27 is officially Admin Day and we’re throwing a big ol’ bash, we got this one! If there’s one thing we’ve learned about the OfficeNinjas community, it’s that you can NEVER go wrong with a spa gift card. Courtesy of OfficeNinjas HQ, three lucky Ninjas will win spa gift cards that they can use for the massage, facial, or beauty treatment of their choice!

Day 4, April 28 // UKIES

Ukies Flash Raffle

Even if your workplace is super lax on dress code, shouldn’t you at least have the option to wear a cute pair of designer shoes without paying for it in bodily pain and podiatry copays? UKIES has figured out how to combine fashion and comfort with their gorgeous line of high style, affordable, Italian leather shoes. Their patented nanoGel® technology provides two layers of shock absorbing material, which means you can pound the pavement without punishing your feet.

Day 5, April 29 // NatureBox

NatureBox Flash Raffle

It’s been proven that employees that are given free snacks at the office are happier than those left to fight it out with the vending machine. And healthy options are considered a big perk. Perhaps that’s why Office Ninjas LOVE NatureBox. Just like their home delivery service, NatureBox’s office snacks program provides tons of options – over 50, in fact, and new snacks are added regularly. Whether your office is feeling salty, crunchy, chewy, sweet, or all of the above, NatureBox delivers healthy brain food in both single-size and bulk options.

Remember: each one of these incredible raffles happen over the course of less than 24 hours. Get notified the second they go live by subscribing to our email list. For more info, visit our official Flash Raffle website. Good luck, ninjas!

Which flash raffle prize are you most excited about?


  1. I am so excited for Admin week! It’s great to see someone who’s thinking about us :)

  2. Maybe we’ll get a day off for Admin Day. LOL!

  3. Excited for Admin week!

  4. This is such a fun way to improve your workday!

  5. These are great prizes! Very exciting — can’t wait!!

  6. Wow! Can’t wait for next week!!! THIS is what I call special recognition!!! :) Love it!! OfficeNinjas – You totally ROCK!!!

    1. YOU totally rock, Gloria! This is our favorite time of the year and we love celebrating our community! Good luck!

  7. This is awesome! I am so excited about ALL of these give-aways…happy someone appreciates that Administrative world!!

  8. Great giveaways! Thank you for appreciating us all year long, but especially during Admin Week!!

  9. Fantastic prizes! Would love winning any (or all) of these!

  10. So excited to participate again this year! And, to learn about the Office Ninja All-Stars of 2016!

    1. We can’t wait to reveal our Office Ninja All-Stars to you, Jackie! Good luck with the flash raffles! :)

  11. Wonderful prizes. You have the best topics!

    1. I LOVE all of these great prizes! My favorites are the Moshi & Spa Treatments; I am keeping my fingers & toes crossed! I am a career EA/AA/Office Manager & I love what I do & being associated with Office Ninjas! We are all truly the glue that keeps every thing running smoothly! Having a hospitality background the thing I always remember is “Service with a Smile!” I wish all of you the best Admin Week ever!

      1. You hit the nail on the head, Laura! That’s why we LOVE celebrating this community. Be sure to watch out for those morning emails and good luck in the flash raffles!

  12. Ooo Nature Box! I love snacks and it would be great knowing I have my supply taken care of for a whole year

  13. I just found this website, thanks to the Office Dynamics International April Blog-A-Thon. Wow! I am bowled over by how FUN your website is and your attitude about being administrative professionals, i.e., Office Ninjas. That’s a new term I’m going to add to my vocabulary immediately! Can’t wait to explore the website more and tell my colleagues about it.

    1. We’re happy you found us Katherine! Feel free to let us know what content you like best, or would like to see more of! :)

  14. I cannot wait to attend the event!!! All the prizes look amazing!

  15. Love Office Ninjas, your emails brighten my otherwise boring email inbox. *My current boss is awesome with the Admin Week stuff; we always head out to lunch, sometimes flowers but lately we have been working cocktails after work. This year we are heading to a ritzy hotel for a Mani/Pedi with cocktails!

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback Tana! It sounds like your boss has a good handle on showing you love for Admin Week. Enjoy your mani/pedi and cocktails this year!

  16. Great prizes! Would like to have the Delta prize most of all (travel is ALWAYS a good thing!), but any of them would be great. Thanks Office Ninjas for celebrating what we do.

    1. Be sure to watch out for that special flash raffle email Joyce! Good luck :-)

  17. Super exciting!! What a great way to pump up the excitement in the office! Thank you for being so clever & creative.

  18. Winning any prize would be exciting!

  19. It is great to be recognized by others, but true happiness comes from within. We do our best every day because we want to excel. Should other people notice, it is icing on the cake! I’m excited to be a part of Office Ninjas.

  20. They are all wonderful and exciting prizes, I would love any of them

  21. So looking forward to next week’s activities, better than Christmas!! Just wish Office Ninjas were on the east coast

  22. I like the spa gift, the Moshi gift and the designer shoes gift. One can never have enough shoes!

  23. The prizes look awesome. I can’t wait until next week to enter the drawings. Happy Administrative Professionals Week everyone!

  24. All the prizes are great. Looking forward to Admin Week. Hoping that Office Ninjas would come to the Washington DC/Virginia/Maryland area for an event.

    1. Keep your eyes open for expansion updates coming down the pipeline…:-)

      Thanks for being part of this community and good luck next week with the flash raffles, Mary!

  25. I keep trying to get them to add Ninja to my title but they say it can’t be done…. If I can keep pulling a rabbit out of my hat every time they need it, surely they can add ninja to my title, right?!?!

    1. We agree completely – that is the least they can do, Andra! Keep trying :)

      Be sure to watch out for the morning emails and good luck next with the flash raffles!

  26. I am excited to be a part of something that makes me feel positive about my job. Some employers dont really appreciate us until we are gone… thank you!

  27. I get so UBER EXCITED each year when OfficeNinjas does their raffles! Thank you so much for recognizing that the people who do all the sorting/fetching/arranging/caring/etc./etc./etc. occasionally like to be spoiled too!

  28. OMG! I’m
    Absolutely stoked & bursting at the seams with excitement Office Ninjas! It’s super hard to pick which flash raffle prize I would want! Delta love sounds fantastic! Thanks so much for celebrating admins! #NinjaLife!

    1. You’re right, ALL the prizes are awesome, Evelyn! Luckily, you don’t really have to pick just one ;)

      Be sure to watch out for the daily emails and participate every single day if you like! #GoNinja

  29. After a long day at the office, the spa treatment would be my number #1 choice!

  30. how on earth could I choose just one! all are great gifts….. if I had to choose – it would have to be spa or shoes

  31. how on earth could I choose just one! all are great gifts…..

    1. :) Keep your eyes open for event expansion updates later this year, Cindy!

  32. Hope to see future Office Ninja events in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

    1. Hi Dawn! Keep your eyes open event expansion updates coming later this year… ?

  33. I love your emails! They do bring a smile to my face! I vote for Orlando to have a Ninja event!! (No cards or anything here, either….but I do love what I do) Thanks Office Ninjas!

    1. We love that you love our emails ;)

      Keep your eyes peeled for event expansion updates later this year Michelle!

  34. Thank you so much for doing this. It is rough when your not appreciated, can you send a reminder note to my boss.. lol, I am planning to stay glued to my desk to get in on the prizes.

    1. We appreciate you, Barbara! We’re thrilled to have you in our Ninja community and can’t wait for you to join the online festivities next week! #NinjaPride

  35. Sure wish there were other cities hosting additional OfficeNinja Admin Week celebrations – Seattle would be my choice :).

    1. You’ll have to join us for our online #AdminWeek celebrations, Cheryl! And keep your eyes open for event expansion updates coming later this year… ;)

  36. Unrecognized here too! Your emails always make me smile. Thank you Ninjas

    1. Aw, don’t make us Ninja-blush! So glad to have you as part of our community, Addie :)

      Happy almost #AdminWeek!

  37. Wonderful job sourcing these! <3 you ON!

  38. I wish I could be there for the Admin Bash. I will have to live through all of you via the pictures. You have way outdone yourselves this year with the fabulous prizes. Thank you so much for all that you do at ON HQ!!! I am proud to be an OfficeNinja! Happy Admin Week to everyone!!!

    1. Thank you, Lori! We’re proud to have you in our Ninja community :)

      Happy almost #AdminWeek!!

  39. Moshi, Ukies, and spas….oh my! :-) Thank you, OfficeNinjas, and all the sponsors, for making the coming week something to eagerly anticipate! I’ll be celebrating at the bash, but in spirit only. Plan a trip to Michigan!!

    1. We’re so glad to hear you’ll be joining our online celebrations, Karen!

      Keep your eyes open for expansion updates coming later this year… :)

  40. Love you Office Ninja’s! thanks for celebrating US! Wish you would come to San Antonio some time….

    1. Thanks for being a part of the Ninja community, Mary!

      Keep your eyes open for expansion updates coming later this year… :)

  41. I am so excited – although we all know a week of celebrating how awesome we are is not enough, we will take what we can get!!! :)

  42. Even though I’m not celebrated here, I feel it through OfficeNinjas!

  43. Yep, me too, even though I’m not celebrated here, I feel celebrated with OfficeNinjas!

    1. We’re so happy you’ll be joining our online celebrations, Michelle! Happy almost #AdminWeek :)

  44. I wish I lived near this event! I decided to treat myself to a trip to the beach and will toast to all of you amazing Office Ninjas from there! Have an amazing week!!

    1. We’re all kinds of Ninja jealous!

      Send us a pic and have an incredible beachside #AdminWeek :)

  45. Love office ninjas, can’t wait!! :)

  46. I’ll be a first timer, and I’m bring my friend and former admin coworker. We work at different companies now, but still make sure we get together for small things. We’re stoked about the party!

  47. This is my first time attending the Ninja Conference and I can’t wait!

    1. We’re so glad you’ll be joining us, Kristen! What are you most excited for?

  48. Always look forward to this time of the year, love Office Ninjas!!!
    Wish you all would come to Oklahoma!

    1. We LOVE hearing that, Lynette! **Ninja dance**

      Keep your eyes open for expansion updates later this year ;)

    1. Glad to hear it, Ethan! Which raffle are you most excited about?

  49. So awesome. Glad someone is thinking of us Ninjas, even if our offices aren’t!

    1. I’m working in the same environment…not even noticed. No card, no thank you but I love what I do. Thanks Officeningas for looking out for us.

      1. We appreciate you both and we’re so glad you’ll be joining our online celebrations! Happy almost Admin Week :)

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