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#AdminBash 2016: 15 Reasons Why You’ll Want to Attend

Editor’s Note: We did things a little differently for Admin Day 2019. In addition to throwing our 7th Annual Admin Bash in San Francisco, we hosted OfficeNinjas Con, our first, full-day professional development conference! See highlights from OfficeNinjas Con and Admin Bash 2019.

Here at OfficeNinjas HQ we’ve been living, breathing, and eating one thing and one thing only: ADMIN BASH 2016. The one time of year that Ninjas get the spotlight is Admin Week and we’re determined to throw a party that’s worthy of your awesomeness.

The good news? Our hard work is paying off! We guarantee that you’ll love every single element of this event, from the dramatic venue to the innovative menu. The better news? Tickets are still available, so tell the rest of your ninja posse to snag ‘em before we sell out! And if someone in your crew needs a little convincing, we’ve put together a handy list of some* of what our guests can expect.

*OfficeNinjas reserves the right to surprise and delight every Ninja in attendance.

1. Ninja Networking

Ninja Networking
Meet Channing Hussey [R], event MC and OfficeNinjas volunteer who’s been working tirelessly for months to make Admin Bash 2016 the best one yet.
This is your opportunity to build your professional network! Admin Bash is exclusive to Office Ninjas, which means you’ll meet fellow executive assistants, office managers, operations pros, and other admins from all types of industries and backgrounds—over 350 Ninjas will be in attendance! Swap stories, trade tips, and collect business cards while celebrating the power of the admin community.  Register to attend #AdminBash!

2. A Stunning Space


Admin Bash has a new home at Bespoke in downtown SF! We’ve partied in some pretty swanky spaces, but we think this venue suits OfficeNinjas perfectly. It’s open, airy, modern, and super high tech. Plus, we’ve brought on the wizards at Blueprint Studios and Impact Lighting to create a vibe that complements our Ninjas’ energy and personality.

Always wanted to know the industry secrets for designing an unforgettable event? You’re in luck, because we’ll be documenting the entire process of designing Admin Bash with the pros at Blueprint and Impact. Stay tuned for an in-depth article with tons of ideas for your next company event.  Register to attend #AdminBash!

3. Your Go-To Playlist

At Admin Bash, we don’t do muzak. This is a PARTY. In other words, you will DANCE. Walter Vela of Oye Productions will be manning the ones and twos and playing all your favorite songs, and he’ll be joined by a live percussionist! What’s your go-to dance track? Email us and we’ll add it to the playlist!  Register to attend #AdminBash!

4. Taco/Noodle/Open Bar

Blue Heron
A quick snap from our tasting with Blue Heron Catering—it was unbelievable!

Blue Heron Catering specializes in bold flavors and authentic ethnic foods (we’re all kind of over fusion-everything, right?). Admin Bash will feature Blue Heron Catering’s crowd-pleasing taco bar (don’t miss the chipotle crema shrimp!), noodle bar (the ginger tofu is beyond), and, of course, open bar! Ninjas can enjoy California wines, local beers, and a signature “Ninja Pisco Punch.”  Register to attend #AdminBash!

5. Posh Noshes


Bi-Rite Catering offers only organic, sustainable, farm-direct, ethically harvested “brain food,” a.k.a. the snacks and treats that leave you pumped for your next meeting (vs. napping under your desk). This is why we’re so happy they’re in charge of Admin Bash’s appetizer and dessert stations—you’re going to need energy for everything we have planned. Be sure to snag a balsamic-marinated Portobello and a lemon curd tartlet!

And because snacks are a food group, our friends at NatureBox will be hosting a make-your-own snack station filled with healthy, irresistable treats. Whether you’re feeling salty, crunchy, chewy, or sweet, we’ve got you covered.  Register to attend #AdminBash!

6. Drinks for Everyone!


Pick your poison, because we’ll have every flavor. In addition to their wine selection, local beers, and Ninja Pisco Punch, Blue Heron Catering will be pouring housemade lemonade, cucumber mint water, freshly brewed ice tea, and Izzy natural sodas. Additionally, Bevi will be hosting demos of their innovative beverage machine, which does everything your current office water cooler does, PLUS flavored and sparkling water. You’ll also meet the founders of BREWPUBLIK, a new curated craft beer service for the home or office. (It’s like Netflix for craft beer.)  Register to attend #AdminBash!

7. Badges of Honor

These badges from our OfficeNinjas Dallas Event were practically buzzing with neon energy. What will the badges for #AdminBash look like?

Our name badges change from event to event, but every design is unexpected and keepsake-worthy. Each Ninja will receive an engraved badge (no Sharpies or stickers necessary), making networking even easier.  Register to attend #AdminBash!

8. Massage Lounge


Sure, we like to keep things fresh, but there’s one thing we ALWAYS have at our events: a massage lounge. Why mess with perfection? Stop by the lounge and indulge in 10 stress-free minutes of knot-busting heaven. Our friends from Ahhh Massage will have four of their massage therapy pros on-hand to provide a mini spa experience.  Register to attend #AdminBash!

9. Style On-Demand


You’re gorgeous just the way you are. But if you’ve been thinking about experimenting with a trendy shade of lipstick, a smoky eye, or a new hairstyle, go for it at Admin Bash! Four professional stylists from StyleBee, an on-demand makeup and hair styling service, will be manning the stylebar and serving up pointers, touch-ups, and fun makeup flourishes.  Register to attend #AdminBash!

10. Win a Professional Headshot!

Actual headshots from Blazer Photo Branding Agencys Portfolio.
Professional headshots from Blazer Photo Branding Agency’s portfolio.

If the only thing your LinkedIn photo says about you is “this is the one decent picture of me without a drink in my hand,” maybe you need a new headshot. Enter our raffle, and you could score one at Admin Bash! Our friends from Blazer Photo Branding Agency are giving away professional headshots for 50 lucky Ninjas who are registered to attend Admin Bash! Click here to enter the giveaway.

Even if we don’t pull your name, you could still win some professional snaps. Cheshire Isaacs of Cheshiredave Creative (OfficeNinjas’ official cameraman) will be giving away a headshot session (valued at $450!) via our massive raffle prize drawing.  Register to attend #AdminBash!

11. Limited Edition Admin Bash 2016 Tee

OfficeNinjas Tee

Little-known fun fact: event t-shirts can be good for more than just repainting the bathroom. If your t-shirt is stylish and constructed from quality fabric, you can wear it to happy hour, brunch with friends, the opera… (okay, maybe not the opera). But, fashionable, high-quality event t-shirts that go with more than just a pair of stretched-out yoga pants? Where are you supposed to find those? At #AdminBash!

Not only will you find an OfficeNinjas tee you’ll be proud to wear, you’ll feel good doing so. We’re thrilled to partner with Ashbury Images, a non-profit social enterprise that provides promo goods, screen printing, and embroidery services while empowering at-risk youths with opportunities. Meet the wonderful folks behind Ashbury Images at Admin Bash!

Note: The commemorative Admin Bash tee will be provided to Ninjas who’ve purchase the event + t-shirt admission ticket. Availability is limited, so be sure to reserve yours ASAP!   Register to attend #AdminBash!

12. OfficeNinjas Marketplace


The OfficeNinjas Marketplace is the anti-trade show, if you will. It’s the interactive, no pressure, very chill area of the event where you’ll discover all of your new favorite vendors—without the overwhelming banners, canned pitches, and hard sells. Being picky about who we work with means that you get access to the best products, resources, and customer service experiences.

Our curated group of companies includes Moshi (maker of designer tech accessories), Eden (provider of full-stack solutions for office management), Kruze Consulting (finance and bookkeeping services for startups), Pana (personalized travel concierge services), Office Meet Yoga (on-demand instructors for workplace yoga), Peerspace (an online marketplace that connects businesses to event and meeting spaces), and more!  Register to attend #AdminBash!

13. The ULTIMATE Swag Bag

Swag Bag

We’re known for our legendary, junk-free swag bags (no postcards or logo pens). But this one is guaranteed to be our best swag bag yet! Each tote will be overflowing with carefully chosen, high-quality goods valued at over $200 per bag! You have to be in attendance to get one—don’t miss out!  Register to attend #AdminBash!

14. Raffle Prizes… That you Actually Want

OfficeNinjas Raffle Prizes

These prizes are way better than your standard raffle items, and so are your chances of winning! We’re currently at 30 prizes and counting—a value of over $10,000! Prizes include a gift card for household, health, and beauty products from Boxed ($100), a pair of stylish shoes from UKIES ($239), Amazon Echo from Bevi ($180), designer laptop backpack and headphones from Moshi ($180), an overnight getaway and 5 course tasting dinner for two at the luxury Hotel Healdsburg in Sonoma ($700), and a pair of roundtrip tickets from Delta Air Lines ($1,000).  Register to attend #AdminBash!

15. Oh Snap! Photo Booth

Oh Snap!
Scott Roeder, owner of Oh Snap! Booth Co., lighting things up!

Been in one photo booth, you’ve been in ‘em all, right? Not quite, Ninja. Oh Snap! Booth Co. has raised the bar with their new “light painting” photo booth. The results are stunning and the experience is just as cool. Admin Bash attendees will step into a darkened booth and create a one-of-a-kind neon masterpiece using custom light tools. A high-quality printout will be immediately ready, and you can instantly share your photo on social media.  Register to attend #AdminBash!

Now, if someone asks you for a reason to attend #AdminBash, you can give them 15! Which part of the event are you most excited about?


  1. I can’t wait to meet some amazing fellow Office Ninjas! Coming all the way from Austin, TX tomorrow!! :)

    1. That’s awesome, Ashton! We can’t wait to celebrate with you. There’s also another Austin Ninja attending the Bash. Any chance you’re flying in with her?

  2. Oh wow, this sounds like a great event! I hope that it is something I can participate in next year. :)

  3. Looking forward to seeing all you amazing Ninjas there. Fingers crossed that I’m one of the headshot winners! That’s such a sweet prize! :D

  4. Love the energy we are all able to bring!! Looking forward to mingling with the new ninja faces and reunite with the ladies I met at Santa Cruz Admin Retreat. Such a great group of woman to inspire and motivate you to do you best. Weeeeee

  5. So sad I cannot make it! I will come and represent for Boulder, CO in 2017! Have fun!! XOXO

    1. We can’t wait to have you join us in 2017, Carole! Happy almost #AdminWeek :)

  6. So bummed I can’t make it this year. I’m already planning on being there in 2017.

    1. That’s amazing news, Deborah! Excuse us while we do a little **Ninja dance** :)

  7. #AdminBash 2016 epic! Every year, OfficeNinjas rocks and just more cr8tive with every single detail. From Ashbury Images heart-based business tee-shirts (you know I got that package!) to Blazer Photo Branding Agency giveaway professional headshots to all the above, Bespoke SF will be awesome! 13 day countdown, can’t wait to re-connect and meet new Ninjas! #IRL

    1. Thanks so much for your support and enthusiasm, Jennifer! Now only 12 days ’til Ninja takeoff :D

  8. Bling, glam, and swag…oh my! I cannot wait until April 27th! It’s going to rock!

  9. I am so excited to be attending the Admin Bash for my first time, and an hoping to meet some fellow ninjas/new friends!

    1. We’re so excited that you’ll be joining us, Ashley! #NinjasUnite :)

  10. Looking forward to attending the upcoming SF Event! Will be bringing along 4 new Office Ninjas. Thanks to Maggie, also coming from Los Angeles for the tip on going to this great event. Ready to rumble.

    1. That’s awesome, Marney! We can’t wait to meet you :)

      Did you enter the headshot photoshoot giveaway (under section #10)?

  11. This will be my first time attending and I can’t wait!

  12. Repeat attendee! Attended two years ago and can’t wait to attend this year. So exciting.

    1. Glad to hear you’re coming back for more Ninja fun, Teri! Get your party pants on :)

  13. Last year was super fun, and I’m very excited to get in on all this this year! Luckily, this year I don’t have a show to leave early for, so I can enjoy everything to the full extent. Go ninjas!

    1. That’s what we like to hear, Aeryka! What was your favorite part of the Bash last year?

  14. Will be my first time attending and it sounds exciting. Can’t wait.

    1. We’re excited too, Debbie! What are you most looking forward to?

  15. I only need one reason to come and you gave me 15! I’ve started the countdown and am bringing my empty suitcase for the Swag Bag that’s worth its weight in gold! See you soon!
    (Please excuse the excessive use of exclamation points. My excitement cannot be contained!)

    1. We LOVE your enthusiasm, Melissa!(!!!!!)

      What else, besides the Swag Bag, are you most looking forward to?

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