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FLASH RAFFLE! 15 Brag-Worthy Prizes During Admin Week (April 20-24)

How are your reflexes these days, ninjas? We’ve got an incredible week of giveaways coming up – but you’ve got to be quick to win!

For each day of Administrative Professionals Week (April 20-24) we’ll be hosting a different Flash Raffle. Why are we calling them Flash Raffles, you ask? Because we’re announcing the prizes, running the raffle and picking the winner all in one day. If you want to win (and, trust me, you definitely do) you’ve got to be lightning fast!

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Until then, here’s a sneak peek at the goods. We’ve highlighted the grand prize for each day of the week, but each sponsor of the day will actually be giving away 3 separate prizes. That’s right, there’s going to be a total of 15 winners!

Day 1: Love With Food


In addition to hosting our snack wheel at Admin Bash, Love With Food will be kicking off our week of giveaways. One of Monday’s three lucky winners will win a year’s supply of tasty snacks!

Day 2: Sprinkles


You haven’t done cupcakes until you’ve done Sprinkles. They literally invented the cupcake bakery when they opened their first store in Beverly Hills. With endorsements from Barbara Streisand and Oprah, how can you go wrong. If you’re attending Admin Bash, you’ll have the opportunity to decorate your own Sprinkles confection at their cupcake dress-up station. If not, all the more reason to enter to win a $200 gift card to Sprinkles!

Day 3: Uber

Uber-Flash Raffle

We’re giddy about Uber’s new corporate program and know that many of you are too. By entering Day 3’s Flash Raffle, you could win $500 worth of Uber travel for you to travel in style! And, be sure to test your own driving skills at their ridiculously fun Mario Kart station at Admin Bash.

Day 4: Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines Flash Raffle

Delta’s got something special in store for Admin Bash, but they’re keeping the details under wraps… We do know that for Day 4’s flash raffle one of three winners will receive $500 worth of air travel! Sounds like it’s time to plan a vacation!

Day 5: Poppin

Poppin Flash Raffle

Poppin is our favorite makers of inspiring office supplies – and now furniture! Whether or not you attempt to Go For Gold at Admin Bash, you’ll definitely want to enter this raffle. You could win a $500 gift card to use all on yourself!

Remember: each one of these incredible raffles happen over the course of less than 24 hours. Get notified the second they go live by subscribing to our email list. Good luck, ninjas!


Which Flash Raffle prize are you most excited about?


  1. Hey, who doesn’t love Uber? They’re awesome! But if I’d have to choose just one, it would be poppin. I NEED one of everything in every color on that website.

  2. They all look pretty fantastic. Wish I could attend the event, but I’ll be entering the giveaways during Admin Week.

  3. I am excited about all of them. Travel, Cupcakes, Poppin. So just being on the mailing list/have a subscription to Office Ninjas means I am entered?

  4. They all sound pretty great – Delta would be fantastic though! I miss my daughter in Arkansas so much, I could go see her if I won!!

  5. These are pretty sweet giveaways. I’m most excited for the Love With Food, UBER & Poppin :) can’t wait.

  6. The excitement of Admin Week keeps growing and growing. I’m looking forward to being part of the Office Ninja community for the celebration this year.

  7. Day 4’s $500 worth of air travel would be awesome! If I won that, I could go to my family reunion this summer in New York.

  8. So excited for Admin week! And all the cool things you all have planned!

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