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Brace Yourself – National Boss’s Day

It’s that time of year again: National Boss’s Day (October 16th). Deciding what gift to give your boss can be tricky. Spend too much money, and you look like you’re trying too hard. Get something weirdly personal, and things will get awkward quickly. Luckily, we’re here to help you find something your boss will love that’s within your budget. Below are 10 gift ideas under $50 that are sure to win you some brownie points.

the grommet - officeninjas

1. The Grommet – $19.99

How many gadgets does your boss have? No matter what the number, this handy dandy tool will help keep them all organized, and charged. It’s sleek design is great for their desktop, and the lighted feature is excellent for a bedside table (hopefully those two aren’t one and the same.)

dollar shave club - officeninjas

2. Dollar Shave Club – $25+

Did you know that you’re supposed to change your razor blades often? It’s true; dull blades cause more nicks, cuts, razor burn, and ingrown hairs. Dollar Shave Club sends the razors right to you, so you don’t have to remember to swap out that old blade. This is a handy and thoughtful gift that works for any boss, male or female.

bitters club - officeninjas

3. Bitters Making Kit – $24.95

Bitters are an essential for any cocktail lover- they can take any drink from average to excellent with their depths of flavor and variation. Give your boss a chance to try personalizing their cocktails with their own bitters concoctions. If you’re lucky, you’ll get invited to be in the taste test!

dc design studio personalized coasters - officeninjas

4. Personalized Coasters – $50

The folks at DC Design Studio live to create the perfect solution for whatever needs you have; be it stand out business cards, name tags, wall art, or a gift for your boss. Custom engraved coasters are the perfect solution for the boss that has everything. Have them engraved with maps of their home town, the logo of your company, their favorite vacation spot, or even their pets- the possibilities are endless, and it makes you look like the most thoughtful person in the office.

get shit done mug - officeninjas

5. “Motto Mug” – $16

If your boss is anything like our boss their everyday goal is to get…well… things done. So why not let them display it proudly while they get their 3rd or 4th cup of coffee for the day?

12 in 1 multifunctional pen - officeninjas

6. 12 in 1 Multi Function Pen – $12.95

THIS PEN IS AMAZING! Was your boss recently looking for a tweezer? A fork? A wire stripper? A staple remover? A hole punch? A freaking pen?! Well they’ll never have to look again with this neat device, as everything is now in one easy to find tool. It’s like carrying a boy scout around in your pocket, but without the trouble of having to feed them. Just remember not to take it through airport security!

sriracha cookbook - officeninjas

7. The Sriracha Cookbook – $9.95

Your boss probably already puts it on everything. Maybe they keep a bottle in their desk? Well now they can apply their love of “the sauce” to recipes at home. It’s more of a gag gift, but something any boss that loves Sriracha, (or any hot sauce, really) would enjoy!

essential shoe cleaning kit - officeninjas

8. Essential Shoe Cleaning Kit – $16

This is an excellent gift for a boss that is always running to meetings. Whether they wear jeans and t-shirt, suits, or dresses, their shoes get dirty, and having a quick clean kit is something that allows them to always look their best from head to toe. Safe to use on all materials including suede, canvas, leather, cotton mesh, and more. Just add water. And shoes.

retro candy assortment - officeninjas

9. Retro Candy Assortment – $32.95

Are those RAZZLES and ABBA ZABBAS?! Um, excuse us while we turn into a 10 year old at recess for 5 minutes. This gift is amazing for a couple of reasons 1- it’s a blast from the past that reminds you of childhood. 2- it’s freaking candy! On that note, anyone that wants to send one to this writer should feel free to do so (nudge nudge, wink wink).

mutifunctional desk organizer - officeninjas

10. Multi-Function Desk Organizer – $49.99

Is your boss’s desk usually a mess? Well this awesome desk organizer can work wonders: it’s a monitor stand with extra USB ports, a Smartphone stand, and a cup holder. Now their desktop can be clear for important things (like signing your raise paperwork.)

someecards boss's day - officeninjas

Bonus: Thinking a card is all your budget has room for? Let your boss REALLY know how you feel with a card from the always funny (and sarcastic) someecards. Or feeling ambitious? Create your own card using one of these five easy ways to send physical greeting cards.

Did one of these items strike your fancy? Let us know which suggestion was your favorite, or share your ideas for the perfect gift in the comments below!


  1. The heck with the boss, I need that pen! (Although I may send him one of the e-cards :))

    1. Ha! That pen is pretty handy. Maybe you can drop some hints for Christmas :) And we’re sure your boss will appreciate the card!

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