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Boss Day is Coming! 10 Affordable Gifts Your Boss Will Thank You For

National Boss’ Day is right around the corner, eek! Searching for the right gift for your boss is anything but easy. It can quickly become stressful and time consuming, let alone stretch your wallet thin.  But don’t fret, Office Ninja, maintain your zen-like calmness, sit back and check out these 10 unique, smartly priced Boss’ Day gifts we’ve put together. I’m sure at least one would tickle your boss’ fancy. Good Luck!

1. Grid-it Organization System – $25

grid it

As simple as this product is, it is a godsend for keeping gadgets and accessories organized when traveling. The elastic straps hold everything in place with countless ways to configure the mat. Affordably priced, this highly rated product will be sure to keep your boss in order.

2. Vinnibag: The Inflatable Travel Wine Bag – $25


Is your boss a bit of a wine snob? Does she need her 1980’s Chateau blah blah blah while hiking, traveling or skiing? Introducing the Vinnibag, a reusable travel bag that protects and insulates wine bottles. Problem solved!

3. Innergie PocketCell: USB Portable Battery Pack and Charger – $45


With the new iOS 7 draining the battery of iPhones, staying powered up is becoming even more of a challenge. Which is why we know your boss is going to LOVE this gift. Without being tied down to an outlet, Innergie lets you charge any USB-powered devices on the go, including iPhone and Android smartphones, iPad and Kindle tablets, portable game consoles and more. Its compact size can easily fit into any pocket. How sweeeet is that?

4. Double Walled Glass Mug – $16


Can’t tell if your boss likes beer or wine? Or, maybe he likes both? This rugged, yet classy 2-in-1 drinkware features a wine stem on the inside and a beer mug on the outside. Regardless of what they’re drinking, this mug makes a cool gift!

5. Bar10Der: 10-in-1 Bartending Tool – $38


This handy dandy bartending tool comes in a sleek army knife package ready to prepare any drink. With the holidays right around the corner, this gift is a no-brainer for you or your boss! Drinks will be flying, so use responsibly and use a Breathometer before getting behind the wheel!

6. Nature Box: Healthy Snacks Delivered – $60 for 3 month subscription


Nature Box is a new Silicon Valley startup that produces high quality, yet surprisingly affordable snacks and delivers them straight to your doorstep. We had a chance to try their products and let me tell you, they were delicious and healthy. Seriously. Skip the chocolate and consider giving Nature Box.

7. SquareTrade: Electronic Accident Protection Plan – $100 for 2 year smartphone plan

Now before you groan and say this is just another warranty scam, keep reading. SquareTrade has over 35K reviews on Amazon with a 4.7 average rating! They offer protection plans for nearly all electronics and here’s why they’re a hero in our eyes: 1) every single accident is covered, even if the phone is dropped in the toilet or gets run over by a car  2) 24/7 ridiculously good customer service  3) same day repair service or next-day replacement shipped overnight to you  4) covers up to 4 repairs or replacements. Pretty cool gift, don’t you think?

8. Handcrafted Terrariums and Plants – $45 L / $20 R


We are firm believers that greenery makes for a happier office. And who wouldn’t want to see a happier boss? When we came across Lovely Terrariums on Etsy, we couldn’t resist sharing their beautiful collection of terrariums and plants. Each item is one-of-a-kind and 100% natural. To top it off, no sticker shock! They are based in Chicago but ship anywhere in the US.

9. Powercup: Power Your Devices From a Coffee Cup – $28


This may be the most expensive coffee cup you’ve ever seen, but you’d be smart for buying it. This super-caffeinated Powercup can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously. By the time your boss gets into the office, all her devices would be fully charged and ready to get to work.

10. iArm: The Forearm Mount – $8


FINALLY – just what you’ve been looking for! Right?

Hands-free forearm mount for everything, anything and everywhere!

Not to disappoint you, but the iArm is not for sale — it’s the box that’s for sale! Ha! Prank Pack is a company that makes a line of fake gift boxes that appear to contain ridiculous products. Our favorites are the iArm, the Pet Petter (a contraption that pets your pet so you no longer have to!) and the Dream Griddle (an alarm clock that cooks your eggs so you wake up to breakfast in bread!). Be ready with your camera as you watch your boss do a triple take as he opens his gift!

There you have it – our top 10 picks! Which gift item is your favorite? Are there any innovative items we missed? Share the link in the comment section below!


  1. iarm prank pack! That actually sounds like an okay gift! I NEED one.

  2. LOVE the Prank Pack iArm Box! Fantastic – I use it for all my gifts.

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